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Infrastructure Engineer Resume

Houston, TX


  • 8 yrs of IT experience in Windows Migration, Application Migration, Application Virtualization, Software Packaging and Deployment, Software Testing, VDI, Desktop Imaging, Desktop Planning and Support
  • Expertise in re - packaging MSI installs using InstallShield, AdminStudio & Wise Package Studio
  • Application Virtualization using Microsoft APP-V, VMware ThinApp
  • Strong experience in Application/Package models, Collections, Distribution Points and Deployments in SCCM 2016/2012/2007
  • In-depth noledge in SCCM WSUS, SCUP and SUP
  • Good understanding of SCCM infrastructure including Boundaries, Boundary Groups, Site Server Roles, and parent/child relationships in order to troubleshoot SCCM related issues.
  • Experience with VMware Workstation, ESXi, Vsphere Client and Oracle VirtualBox.
  • In-depth understanding of Windows Server 2016/2012/2008R2, Windows 10/7.
  • Experience in Active Directory, Group Policy Management.
  • Experienced in Citrix XenApp and Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS).
  • Strong noledge of Windows File Systems, Windows Registry, Services and ODBC
  • Certified Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Specialist
  • Knowledge of cloud technology services IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Solutions.


Operating Systems: Windows Servers 2016/2012/2008R2, Linux, CentOS, Windows 10/7

Deployment Tools: SCCM 2016/2012/2007, Marimba, Altiris

Application Packaging: AdminStudio 2016, InstallShield, Wise Package Studio 8.0, Orca

Application Virtualization: App-V 5.1/5.0/4.6, VMware ThinApp 5.2/5.0/4.5

Citrix Tools: Citrix XenApp 6.5, Citrix AppCenter 6.0

VMware Tools: VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere Client 6\5.5, VMware View 4.5

Third-party Tools: Process Monitor, Dependency Walker, Beyond Compare, Process Explorer, PS Tools, InCtrl, SetACL, Microsoft Office Deployment Kit for App-V, Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE), App-V Configuration Editor (ACE), App-V Launcher, App-V Commander

Application Compatibility Tools: App-DNA, ChangeBASE, Application Compatibility Tool Kit (ACT)

Scripting Languages: PowerShell, VB Scripts, AutoIT, JSON, OSD, Wise Scripting, Batch Scripts, C, C++, SQL, Java, Microsoft.NET

Microsoft Azure: VNets, Subnets, Availability Sets, Resource Groups, Route Tables, Scale Sets, Load Balancer, Traffic Manager, Application & Network Gateways, Network Interface, Network Security Group, App Services, Azure Monitor, Storage Accounts, Log Activity, Site Recovery and Backup


Confidential, Houston, TX

Infrastructure Engineer


  • Work on handling and implementing internal projects based on business requirements
  • Involved in process improvement by automating repetitive manual tasks
  • Manage process documents in SharePoint
  • Create silent installs for Chevron GIL environment using InstallShield and Admin Studio
  • Virtualize applications using App V 5.1 for Citrix servers & VDI machines
  • Create device/user collections and deploy applications using SCCM 2016 and software updates using WSUS, SUP
  • Work with customer to gather requirements and customize installs using Wise Script, VB Script and PowerShell
  • Script custom dialogs based on customer requirements using XML and Wise Script templates
  • Perform QA, setup and coordinate User and Pilot testing
  • Actively involved in change management process for rolling applications to production
  • Involved in SCCM migration to Azure
  • Perform automated tagging of Azure Resource Groups and Resources using PowerShell and JSON
  • Assist in maintaining cloud cost management and billing reports using Cloudability

Environment: SCCM 2016, Windows Server 2012/2008R2, Azure, VSphere Client 5.1, AdminStudio, InstallShield, Windows 10\7, App-V 5.1, Cloudability

Confidential, Pensacola, FL

Infrastructure Specialist


  • Created applications using InstallShield, AdminStudio, Orca, App-V, ThinApp
  • Handled apps with multiple dependencies, post installs and frequent upgrades in SCCM 2016
  • Collect, organize, and present information about users, hardware and software inventory, software updates, applications, site status, and other Configuration Manager operations using SCCM Reporting
  • Assisted in Windows 10 image deployment using Task Sequence (Boot Image, Driver Packages and Language Packs).
  • Performed application hosting through Citrix XenApp (AppCenter)
  • Responsible for maintaining App-V backend servers and App-V applications for Citrix Servers, Windows 10/7 Desktops, and VDI (persistent and non-persistent)
  • Provided level 3 infrastructure support, assisted in maintenance and troubleshooting of SCCM end clients
  • Virtualized applications using Microsoft App-V 4.6 and 5.1 for Win 7 and Win 10 respectively
  • Published and unpublished application to Win 7 and Win 10 operating systems through Marimba
  • Deployed applications to Citrix servers through SCCM 2012
  • Repackaged applications using AdminStudio 12.02 and InstallShield 2013
  • Tracked application requests through System Center Service Manager
  • Utilized Marimba’s Application packager, Tuner Administrator, Channel Copier, Publisher to package and publish software
  • Set policy through Policy Manager to maintain correct version of application
  • Used App-V Manage to test sequenced packages
  • Packaged and tested applications using Virtual Machine Manager

Environment: App-V Manage 2.5, Windows 7, Windows 10, Admin Studio, InstallShield, App-V 4.6, App-V 5.1, Marimba, SCCM 2012, SCSM, VB Script, Batch Script

Confidential, Houston, TX

Application Packaging Lead


  • Lead all end to end aspects of application packaging and deployment
  • Handled, analyzed and tracked application requests through SCSM and SharePoint
  • Involved in all phases of Packaging including Requirement Gathering, Packaging, UAT, Deployment and Production support
  • Troubleshoot App-V issues on client systems using PowerShell and other 3rd party App-V tools
  • Repackaged applications using InstallShield, Orca and Pace Editor in locked down environment
  • Customized applications using VB, Batch and Auto-It scripts in addition to creating transforms
  • Expertise in distributing and deploying applications via Application and Package models in SCCM 2012
  • Handled apps with multiple Dependencies and Post Installs in SCCM
  • Maintained latest version of applications throughout teh environment using Supersedence in SCCM
  • Handled updates using SCUP
  • Created SCCM reports using SRS
  • Managed, maintained and created standards and process documents

Environment: Windows Server 200R2, SCCM 2007, Altiris, SCCM Report Viewer, SCCM Client Center 2.0, App-V 5.0 SP3, Windows server 2008R2, Windows 7, Wise Package Studio

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior Application Packaging and Deployment Engineer


  • Created MSI Packages/ISS silent installs based on customer requirements using AdminStudio and InstallShield for complex Engineering Applications, Drivers and SQL Database
  • Worked extensively on CAD and other Engineering Applications
  • Created wrappers using AutoIT Scripting Tool, VB Script and Batch Script to install multiple applications
  • Deployed applications using SCCM 2012/2007
  • Injected new network drivers to boot image in SCCM
  • Involved in creating Win 7 image and updating image using OSD and MDT
  • Created Device Affinity by establishing conditions for Primary User for a machine
  • Involved in SCCM migration project from 2007 to 2012 and migration of applications from Altiris to SCCM 2012
  • Used VMware workstation/VDI/ESX machines to package and test applications
  • Set permissions in locked down environment using shims(ACT), CALCS, SetACL tools
  • Re-imaged test machines using software center
  • Created active setup, advertise shortcuts to self-heal applications in multi user environment
  • Created thin MSIs for apps involving frequent changes and requiring quick turn around

Environment: Windows 7/XP, Windows Server 2012, AdminStudio 2010, InstallShield 2013, Tuner, Orca, AutoIT Scripting, Compatibility Solver, vSphere Client, SCCM 2012/2007, OSD, MDT, ACT, AppSense

Confidential, Houston, TX

Systems Integration & Deployment Engineer


  • Repackaged applications using AdminStudio, Wise Package Studio and InstallShield
  • Virtualized applications using App-V 4.6/4.5 and VMware ThinApp 4.5/4.0
  • Converted legacy non-MSI packages to Windows Installer standards
  • Performed Application Compatibility Reports using Citrix App-DNA tool for Windows7 32/64 bit OS
  • Created Collections, Packages and Advertisements in SCCM for automated deployments in test environment.
  • Responsible for tracking and managing teh high-priority applications critical to teh project
  • Utilized ActiveSetup for applications requiring user based keys
  • Used Conflict Solver in AdminStudio to determine any conflicts between Imported applications
  • Used Admin studio Work Flow Manager to track project processes, incoming and outgoing requests and issues
  • Worked with application users during UAT/Pilot/Deployment phase
  • Remediating applications for Windows 7 using various troubleshooting tools.
  • Utilized XME Tracking and Application Rationalization tools to manage teh application status and process flow of network/non-network applications as well as terminal server applications
  • Wrapped applications using Warlock tools - Developer, Tester, Scheduler, OPS Packager and OPS Advertiser tools
  • Scheduled UAT work stations to business testers using Testing Scheduler tool
  • Used SCCM to deploy teh application first to teh UAT environment and then to teh Production environment
  • Managed teh application database using Microsoft SCCM 2007 for Packages and Advertisements in both UAT and production environments
  • Performed QA tests for teh applications in production, worked as a primary interface with teh business users and passed teh application through User Acceptance phase

Environment: Windows 7/ XP, AdminStudio, Tuner, Orca, SCCM, Warlock Tools, Testing Scheduler 5.1.1

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Business Analyst


  • Coordinated tasks between various work groups across business units for successful implementation of applications during IE8 Migration and Java upgrade projects
  • Involved in different stages of Application Packaging Lifecycle and was responsible for Remediation activities as a part of upgrade
  • Facilitated User Acceptance tests for 200+ applications and maintained logs in QuickBase data repository
  • Performed testing in various levels to maintain teh functionality of packages and interacted with application testers to troubleshoot and debug teh applications
  • Maintained Issues log, Status reports, UAT documents, Upgrade documents, and Risk Management logs
  • Implemented applications using Jakarta Struts Framework based on Model View Controller architecture (MVC)
  • Created Design, Development, and Evaluation of Codes as per requirements
  • Used Eclipse 3.1 IDE to code and Integrate Applications
  • Used JDBC to connect to Oracle data tables
  • Used JavaScript to perform teh client-side validation and Struts to perform teh server-side validation
  • Used Ajax to make teh application interactive
  • Created User Interfaces through HTML and JSP
  • Implemented business logic using Java servlets and Java beans
  • Used multithreading concepts to has multiple client-access to teh server

Environment: Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Struts, XML, Oracle, Eclipse 3.1, HTML, Dreamweaver

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