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Storage Engineer Resume

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Auburn Hills, MI


  • Over ten years of experience in Storage, SAN, NAS, Open systems administration and Backup and recovery environment.
  • Expertise in implementing multiple tier level storage environment of multiple storage vendors such as EMC, Hitachi, IBM & Confidential .
  • Expertise in EMC Symmetrix storage arrays VMAX, DMX, Clariion storage arrays dat include AX4, CX3 and CX4 series and VNX.
  • Hands on experience in management of EMC storage arrays using Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI), SMC, Unisphere, navicli, EMC Control center (ECC).
  • Expertise in teh management of Hitachi Data Storage (HDS) systems like VSP, USP series, USP - V and AMS series.
  • Expertise in teh management of HDS arrays using Hitachi BOS-V, Device Manager (HDvM), Storage Navigator and Universal volume manager.
  • Expertise in implementing real time Disaster Recovery solutions dat include EMC SRDF, TimeFinder, Snap view, Mirror View and Hitachi Universal replicator, True copy (TC) and Hitachi SI (shadow image).
  • Implementation of HDP (Dynamic Provisioning) to create storage pools in HDS.
  • Experience working on Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) in generating reports for Hitachi storage arrays.
  • Hands on experience in Virtual Provisioning wif Solutions Enabler or SMC.
  • Implementation of Dynamic pools (Combination of SSD, SAS and SATA) for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.
  • Expertise in Brocade DCX and Cisco MDS 9000 series routers and switches (director, core and edge) for teh SAN environment.
  • Expertise in using Cisco Fabric Manager, Brocade DCFM, CLI and Webtools, EFCM manager and EMC Connectrix Manager for management of SAN director, core and edge switches
  • EMC Celerra NAS Administration, Filer Administration, CIFS, NFS, Replication and Check Points configuration.
  • Expertise in configuration and implementation of SAN disk and tape storages on teh Open systems environment such as IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, Confidential -Unix, Linux, VMware and Windows Systems.
  • Expertise in using EMC Powerpath, HDLM and VxVM for teh configuration of dual path SAN solutions and load balancing.
  • Expertise in teh planning and configuration of migration and backups using SAN.
  • Expertise in management and configuration of TSM, Networker and EMC AVAMAR environment.
  • Working experience in different flavors of UNIX like IBM AIX, Confidential -UNIX, SUN SOLARIS.
  • Experience in LPAR, DLPAR and Virtual I/O Server configurations on p4 and p5 Series machines.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning and capacity reporting.
  • Involved in implementation and maintenance of NFS, NIS, TCP/IP and FTP protocols.
  • Experience in writing Shell Scripts using Perl, ksh, bsh and csh to automate various jobs.
  • Possess very good communication skills.


Hardware: EMC VMAX, DMX4/3, 3000/2000/800, Symmetrix 8830 and EMC Clariion CX Series, EMC Connectrix, VNX, RPA, Replication Manager., Hitachi VSP, USP-V and AMS arrays., EMC EDL 4200 and 5200, Data Domain 670 & 890., IBM Tape Drives 3590, 3580, 3592, LTO, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4., IBM 3494/3581/3583/3584 Libraries., STK 9310, 9710, L700e, L180, 9714, L40 Tape Libraries., STK T10K, 9840a/b and 9940b tape drives., IBM Shark / FastT., Brocade DCX-B Directors, B32, F16 switches and Cisco MDS 9513, 9216 SAN switches.

Software: SMC, EMC Control Center (ECC), TimeFinder, SYMCLI, SRDF, Mirrorview, SNAP Shots,SAN Copy, Unisphere, Navisphere, Navicli, Celerra Manager., Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, Legato Networker, Symantec Backup Exec, Avamar 5.x, 6.x., IBM SDD and EMC PowerPath multi-pathing software., Brocade and Cisco switch management software., Configuring TSM and storage devices in a SAN environment., AIX, Solaris, Confidential -UX, Linux and Windows.


Storage Engineer

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI


  • Day-to-day administration of SAN infrastructure using Symcli, SMC, ECC, DCFM, DCNM, NetApp SanScreen, Unisphere, Navisphere Manager to manage storage environment.
  • Implemented and documented best practices for Symmetrix Virtual (Thin) Provisioning on V-Max systems for Open Systems.
  • Implementation of FAST for Auto tearing in VMAX.
  • Migrated Servers from DMX to DMX-4 and Planning for migration to VMAXs using Open Replicator.
  • Consolidate 10 DMXs to 2 DMX-4 by using cascade SRDF and implemented SRDF/A wif composite groups in 5773 code.
  • Implementation and administration of EMC TimeFinder (BCV/Mirror/Clone) for Unix and windows servers.
  • Management and Configuration of Symmetrix Storage Arrays such as VMAX, DMX4 series, DMX3 series, DMX 800, DMX 3000 and DMX 2000.
  • Management and Configuration of RPA and Replication Manager for VMware environment on VNX.
  • EMC VNX, Celerra NAS Administration, Filer Administration, CIFS, NFS,Replication and Check Points configuration.
  • QTree and quota Management, NFS, CIFS support, Snap mirror, Snap shots.
  • Create BIN Request for CE based on information gathered from Sys Admins for carving Hyper Volumes.
  • Management of HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) dat include VSP, USP-V and AMS arrays.
  • Administration of Hitachi (HDS) arrays using Device Manager (HDvM), Universal volume manager and Storage Navigator.
  • Implementation of HDP to create storage pools in HDS.
  • Experience working on Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) in generating reports for Hitachi storage arrays.
  • Implementation of Dynamic pools (Combination of SSD, SAS and SATA Drives) for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.
  • Implementation of HUR (Universal Replicator), Shadow Images and setting up P-vol and S-vol devices for site to site replication in HDS VSP storage arrays.
  • EMC Storagescope & Workload Analyzer is used to study IO activity in EMC Symmetrix Frames.
  • Designed and implemented failovers for Disaster recovery and also planned for necessary zone changes.
  • Experience wif NetApp SANscreen as evaluation SRM tool.
  • Providing Technical leadership to team members.
  • Diagnose and resolve tape issues in SAN and direct-attached environments and coordinated wif vendors as needed.
  • Write detailed documentation of teh implementation procedures as per EDS standards and get approvals from all teh related groups to implement teh projects.
  • Participate in storage and backup environment assessments.
  • Provide strategic architecture for Storage and backup environments.
  • Create tactical solutions for backup and storage environments.
  • Research best practices and how they apply to teh environment.
  • Working wif vendors to evaluate new technology dat will add value to teh environment.
  • Designed and implemented a tape infrastructure dat will span multiple SAN fabrics.
  • Managing Brocade & Cisco SAN to create new zones and adding members to existing zones for host to storage zoning using Cisco’s Fabric Manager, Brocade’s DCFM tool.
  • On-call support for SAN infrastructure and storage services.
  • Storage/TSM Administrator, Confidential Corporation. Benton Harbor, MI. Jul 2005 to Apr 2007.

Storage Administrator



  • Managing Brocade & Mc Data SAN to create new zones and adding members to existing zones for host to storage zoning using Mc Data’s EFC Manager and Brocade’s Zone Admin tools.
  • Experience wif configuring ISLs (Inter Switch Links) and ISL Trunking.
  • Hands on experience in IBM ESS 800, IBM DS4500, DS8300 storage administration.
  • ESS Manager Software LUN Masking Server & Storage Aliasing Backend LUN management.
  • Installation, management and configuration of IBM SVC.
  • Administration of DMX Arrays using EMC Control Centre and Clariions using Navisphere.
  • Installation, configuration and management of TSM Servers.
  • Planning Storage and Backup needs and solution for Enterprise projects.
  • Solving Failed and missed backup problems and to work on root causes.
  • Weekly schedule of new servers to TSM Server - Registration and Association to backup schedules, running test backup and verifying teh test backups.
  • Performance tuning on teh server and clients to optimize TSM capabilities.
  • Implementation of LAN free tape backups using TSM in SAN environment.
  • Working on validating DR requirements for TSM.
  • Enhance DR environment by providing additional solutions to address any short falls.
  • Assist in reporting for capacity planning, growth forecasting, and performance analysis.
  • Monitor on-off site tape rotations and inventory, and monitor procedures for compliance wif Disaster Recovery program.
  • Participated in disaster recovery planning, testing and maintenance for teh enterprise TSM environment.
  • Recovering TSM Server software and database.
  • TSM Operational Reporting including adding new TSM Servers in Operational Reports mmc, configuring Reports and automating Reports, Produce and analyze TSM Reports.
  • Storage/Unix Administrator, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI. Jun 2002 to Jun 2005.

Storage/Unix System Administrator



  • IBM ESS 800, IBM DS4500, DS8300 storage administration.
  • ESS Manager Software LUN Masking Server & Storage Aliasing Backend LUN management.
  • McData 6140 SAN administration, EFC Manager software Host to storage Zoning, Remote administration Command Line interface (CLI).
  • Managing IBM Total Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC).
  • Troubleshooting SAN connectivity issues.
  • Responsible for supporting IBM pSeries servers for production, development and testing environments.
  • Responsible for upgrading OS from AIX 5.1 to AIX5.2 and AIX 5.2 to AIX 5.3.
  • Responsible for building new Servers using NIM, Sysback and alternate disk installation methods.
  • Responsible for LPAR, DLPAR and Virtual I/O Server configurations on p4 and p5 Series machines
  • Administer TSM server environment(s) to monitor and manage enterprise data management processes. Monitor TSM server processes and errors to ensure overall system performance and stability.
  • Administering TSM Server on a daily basis for TSM database statistics, recovery log statistics, drives status, dbvolume status, logvolume status etc.. and taking appropriate action if necessary.
  • Define and manage storage pools in line wif standards.
  • Define and manage retention policies, management classes and copy groups.
  • Performing manual TSM backups Restores and Flash backups and Restores.
  • Migrated TSM Server from S70 to Regatta LPAR and upgraded TSM from TSM 5.2 to TSM 5.3.
  • Manage Tape Library and tape volumes to ensure sufficient number of scratch volumes are available.
  • Work wif technical and business teams to address their backup and support needs.
  • Participate in yearly Disaster Recovery test, to test DR preparedness.
  • Troubleshooting TSM backup issues.
  • Unix Administrator, Northern Trust Bank, Chicago, IL. Feb 2001 to May 2002.

Unix System Administrator



  • Responsible for supporting IBM pSeries servers for production, development, testing environments.
  • Administering TSM Server on a daily basis for reclamation, availability of tapes to check whether backup schedules run properly, managing Tape Library 3494.
  • Installing and Configuring TSM Clients on IBM pSeries Servers, Sun solaris and Windows NT.
  • Deciding changes to be done in Include and Exclude lists for clients as per user requirements.
  • Organizing 3494 Tape Libraries, 3773 DLTs and 3570 Media changers.
  • Using Query commands and Activity logs to check for problems and activities done.
  • Scheduling Off time and Overnight Backup Strategies.
  • Setting up of Policies and Management classes for Backup and archive functionality.
  • Software and Hardware upgrades of Servers installed and worked on Logical Volume Manager and Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Monitoring teh AIX system error reports, log files using Confidential openview and if needed troubleshoot teh AIX system in order to maintain efficient operations. installing PTFs (Program Temporary Fix), and applying APARS to teh systems.
  • Provide assistance to teh team members for escalated problems & contacting vendors like IBM, EMC, SUN and Confidential for support.
  • Performed NFS configuration, remote mounts, remote access of file systems and peripherals.
  • Managing System Performance, Tuning and Upgradation Of Servers.
  • Solaris Administrator, Confidential, India. Nov 1996 to Jan 2001.

Systems Administrator



  • Solaris Administration
  • Installation and configuration of Sun Solaris 7 & Sun Solaris 8 software on Sun Enterprise Servers, Sun Sparc Ultra Servers.
  • Setup, Configuring, Managing NFS Servers & NIS Servers and Users.
  • Administering & Troubleshooting skills of Disks and File Systems.
  • Installing packages & patches.
  • Configuring ODS (Online Disk Suite) and implementation of various RAID levels.
  • Planning & Configuring Disk Management & Implementing fault-tolerance using ODS & Veritas Volume Manager.

Sr. Customer Support Engineer



  • Looking after teh installation and management of LAN based systems.
  • Installation of all softwares in Networking environment.
  • Connecting Novell and Windows NT network through TCP/IP.
  • Installation, Administration and troubleshooting of Novell, Windows NT and UNIX operating systems.
  • Choosing appropriate Network components as per client’s requirement.
  • Giving Networking solutions for LAN.
  • Education BS in Electronics and Communications.
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  • Trainings: Symmetrix Configuration Management VMAX Symmetrix Business Continuity VNX Unified Storage Deployment and Management Confidential XP P9500 and XP 24000 Administration ( Confidential rebranded Hitachi Arrays).
  • EMC Networker and Avamar Administration Data Domain System Administration

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