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Sr. Linux & Vmware System Administration Resume

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Overland Park, KansaS


  • 8+ years of experience working on Infrastructure as a System Administrator in Development, test and Production servers.
  • Worked on various flavors of Linux and Unix Servers (RHEL, CENTOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Suse, Ubuntu, AIX) which included but not limited to Installation, configuration, Maintenance, Patching and Support of those servers.
  • Automating Dev/QA/Prod environment using ansible.
  • Create jobs in Jenkins on pre - deployment process (DB execution environment configuration changes, etc on QA and pre-production environments.
  • Experience as a VMware engineer in Data Center Environment using ESX server.
  • Build and troubleshooting experience with ESX and ESXi 5.1/5/5/6.0 Servers, vSphere and vCenter manager.
  • Worked with VMware features: High Availability, V motion, Storage Vmotion and Fault Tolerance.
  • Resource Management Configuring VMware HA, VMware DRS Clusters for VMotion migrations between ESX Servers.
  • Experienced with continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring.
  • Experienced management to establish workflow and document configuration and deployment instructions.
  • Configured Networking Concepts DNS, NIS, NFS and DHCP, troubleshooting network problems such as TCP/IP, providing support for users in solving their problems.
  • Worked on Performance Monitoring, resolving network issues & Tuning the system using tools such as - top, iostat, vmstat, netstat, nfsstat, truss, sar, ndd, ithtool, Dtrace, Strace.
  • Worked on LinuxUtilities: KICKSTART, SSH, FTP, AUTOFS, Quota Management, wrappers, User Management, Process Management, Memory Management, and Text processing tools, Log Management, Package Management, Disk Management and Swap Partition/Files Management.
  • Extensive experience in support of AIX Operating System, Problem Determination and solution.
  • Experience in Capacity planning & Performance Analysis, Uptime & Response time analysis, implementation and maintenance of NFS, & Apache SMTP.
  • Administering Storage Foundation Cluster File System and its components.
  • Created RAID 0+1 and RAID 1 Storage Systems on physicals using Oracle Virtual Machine 2.2.1 Operating System.
  • Managing the in-house monitoring tool VCMS, hands on experience with Splunk, Zabbix and icinga for Resource Monitoring/Network Monitoring/Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Handle work requests from multiple customers and deliver in a timely manner.
  • Installation and Deploying Windows Servers 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012R2 in Physical and Virtual Environment.
  • Experience in implementing and administering VMware vSphere, Permissions, HA settings, DRS settings, Cluster groups, Resource Pools, Host Profiles, Licensing, Templates, Thin App, Data Stores, and Networking
  • Experience in Active Directory Services, GPOs, DNS, AD Trusts & Routing, DHCP, File & Print Server, IIS (Web Server), FTP, Terminal Server, RIS, RRAS, NAT, WSUS, Microsoft Clustering, Exchange Mail Server, ISA Server and FSMO roles
  • Implement virtualization solutions based on VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5/5.1/5.0/4.1 , ESX 4.1/4.0/3.5/3.0 platform, V Center 5.5/5.1/5.0/4.0/2.5 and V Block 100/200/300/700 series.
  • Experience in P2V, V2V MIGRATION using VMware Converter / Plate Spin 6.8.x. Creating host and client VM templates and cloning.
  • Extensive knowledge on VSphere /VCenter /VMotion operations in VMWare environments.
  • Experience in managing Hardware issues, Migration and Data Center Operations.
  • Familiarity with SAN technologies; Experience in iSCSI SAN, NAS, NFS/VMFS storage strategies for performance and optimization and RAID concept.
  • Good presentation, customer support and trouble shooting skills & experience in providing 24x7 supports.


Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Centos OS 4.X, 5.X, 6.X, AIX 5.x, 6.X, Ubuntu 10.X Solaris 9,10, 11, Windows 2003, 2008 R2, 2012.

Scripting Tools: bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell

Tools: Autosys, Crontab, Solstice Disk Suite, VERITAS Volume Manager, Open Migrator, Rsync, VERITAS Net backup 5.1, TSM 5.5, Redhat Cluster Server 2.0, Veritas Cluster server 3.5 & 4.1, Sun Cluster 2.x & 3.x,Nagios

Application servers: WAS 7.X, 8.X JBoss AS 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and JBoss EAP 5.x, 6.x

Web Servers: Apache(httpd), apache-tomcat, and Apache http server

E-Mail servers: Sendmail, Postfix, Zimbra

Monitoring: Nagios, ZABBIX, Splunk


Third Party Tools: Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins.

Virtualization tools: VMWarevSphere, ESX/ESXi 4.x, 5.x/6.0

Hardware: IBM, HP Blade Servers, Dell, Cisco UCS.


Confidential, Overland Park, Kansas

Sr. Linux & VMware System Administration


  • Installed, managed and deployed Linux RedHat Enterprise, Ubuntu, CentOS and installation of packages and patches for Red Hat Linux Servers.
  • Installation Red hat Linux 5.x, 6.2 and 6.3, upgrade of and Linux operating system. Configuring DNS, DHCP, NIS, NFS in Sun Solaris 8/10/11& other Network Services.
  • Management and monitoring of various services using Service Management Facility and Service Administration.
  • Implementation and administration of VMware ESXi 4.x, 5.x, vCenter for running Redhat Linux, windows Servers on Production and Development.
  • Working with Apache, HTTP, ngnix Server including proxy and caching configurations
  • Experience with application servers such as Tomcat or Web Sphere Application Server Community Edition
  • Working on different blades and different clusters in vCenter.
  • Configured the NIS, NIS+ and DNS on Red Hat Linux 5.1 and update NIS maps and Organize the RHN Satellite Servers in combination with RHN Proxy Server.
  • Installing RedHat Linux using kickstart and applying security polices for hardening the server based on the company policies.
  • Experience in configuring Kick Start servers to initiate installation of RedHat Linux on several machines at once.
  • Create status reports, project plans and attend team meetings to coordinate activities.
  • Expertise in Volume management, Disk Management, software RAID solutions using Veritas Volume manager. File system Tuning and growing using Veritas File System (VxFS).
  • Created Bash, shell & python scripts for various Systems Administration tasks to automate repeated processes.
  • Working with the hardware vendors and application team for the faulty replacement and planning the downtimes accordingly
  • Proficient in configuring Kickstart servers to initiate installation of Redhat Linux on several machines at once.
  • Applied patches every quarter regularly to meet audit requirements using Oracle Ops Center, Red Hat Satellite server, Up2Date, YUM, RPM tools.
  • Giving Customer support for DB2 and WebSphere Users on AIX and Linux servers Performance Tuning and Management for Linux/AIX server.
  • Configured NFS Servers, NIS+ Servers, NIS+ Clients, Diskless clients and Auto clients and auto mounted the file systems using direct and indirect maps. Also setup entries in /etc/dfs/dfstab in Solaris share file systems and mounted the disks onto the client systems
  • Installation of Redhat Linux, Suse and Sun Solaris, kick start & Jump start.
  • Installation through Satellite Server.
  • Worked on Installation/Configuration/Administrated VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5 & 6.0 and migrated existing servers into Vmware Infrastructure
  • Creating the file systems using Red Hat volume manager and performing the health check on regular basis for all Linux servers.
  • Scanning the newly assigned LUNs to the serves and assigning them to volume group and increasing the file system using Red Hat volume manager
  • Mounting & un-mounting the NetAPP, EMC storage LUNs to the Red Hat Linux servers and troubleshooting the issues encountered
  • Planned and performed the upgrades on Linux operating systems and hardware maintenance on HP and POWER servers like increasing memory, disk, replacing failed hardware.
  • Doing capacity Assessment for new requests of servers i.e. calculating CPU and Memory for new servers according to the current/future Applications running on the system.
  • Configuring DRS, HA & Resource Pools in ESXi 5.5.
  • Updating and patching ESXi servers, Virtual Center servers using VMware Update manager.
  • Installing VCenter server on Win 2008 Server to maintain all the ESXi hosts and VMs.
  • Creating and Configuring Clusters, Resource Pools inside the VCenter.
  • Configuring ESXi 5.5 servers to use iSCSI & NAS storage.
  • Backup & Restore management of the Virtual Machines.
  • Responsible for Active directory, GPO, Domain users, Administrating users & groups & given appropriate permissions & privilege to access our LAN & Domain environment.
  • Provided P1, P2 and P3 escalation incident management support for problem resolution using various tools in a Microsoft and VMware windows environment.

Environment: RHEL 6.x/5.x, CentOS 6.x, LVM, Kickstart, YUM, RHN, Veritas cluster, Windows 2008 R2, 2012, HP C7000, Dell, Cisco UCS servers, Monitoring, Zabbix, Solarwinds, Ticketing, Support, Troubleshooting, VMware ESXi 5.x, vcenter, VMware update manager, HA, DRS, VCops.

Confidential, California

System Admin (Linux, VMware)


  • Installation, Configuration and Upgrade of Redhat Linux 5.x, 6.x Operating systems.
  • Daily Administration of RHEL 5.x and 6.x.
  • Implemented and administered VMware ESX 3.5, 4.x for running the Redhat Linux servers on development ant test servers.
  • Installed software packages and configured File systems as per specifications of client.
  • Involved in configuration and support of production environment hosted in a 24x7 setup.
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolutions on Linux servers.
  • Troubleshooting application issues on Apache web servers an also database servers running on Redhat Linux.
  • Monitored the servers and linux scripts regularly and performed troubleshooting steps.
  • Maintained necessary back-up of the important files and documented linux scripts for future reference.
  • Expertise in Linux backup/restore with tar, gunzip, including disk partitioning and formatting.
  • Deployed latest patches for Linux and Application servers.
  • Administered Linux servers for several functions including managing users, Groups, and permission for each groups and users.
  • Managed shared NFS files system, mounting and unmounting NFS server, NFS client on remote machine, sharing remote file folder, starting and stopping the NFS services.
  • Responsible for daily tasks such as user setup, group setup, install and upgrading new machines on Solaris, RHEL.
  • Patch Management, Package management, RPM, User administration.
  • Supported development groups, application support and various external groups to resolve the production issues.
  • Worked with legato networker tool to backup/retrieve the logs and transfer to FTP server at the request of the development to further investigate the incident.
  • Tuning the kernel parameters based on the application/database requirement. Also regularly monitored system performance with the help of system utilities like vmstat, iostat, prstat etc. and other utilities like sar, top etc.
  • Package management using RPM, YUM and UP2DATE in Red hat Linux.
  • Associated with DBAs for installation of Oracle Database on Linux servers and for tuning, backup and restore.
  • Configured Oracle RAC Cluster.
  • Scheduling the jobs by creating Crontabs /Cronjob on Linux servers.
  • Monitor the performance and availability of key middleware components in production and test environments.
  • Worked on firewall implementation & Load balancer between various Linux Servers.
  • Experience managing multipathing using Linux and also EMC Powerpath on SAN devices.
  • Experience working EMC SAN storage Arrays like EMC DMX, VMAX and configured RAID groups and created LUN’s on them.
  • Responsible for providing technical support and providing production support for internally developed applications.
  • Installation and configuration of VMware VSphere 4.0, ESX 3.5 on a Dell 2950 Power Edge M1000, VMware
  • Infrastructure Client, VMware Virtual Center, License Server and VCB Setup.
  • Monitored the Dell 2950 Power Edge M1000 Servers using the Dell Insight manager and provided the maintenance in case of power failures, and performed the device mapping.
  • Designed the Infrastructure and administered the environment running over 20 ESX Hosts and 500 Virtual Machines. Also, designed the performance monitoring processes and improved disaster recovery processes to utilize virtualization benefits.
  • Supported and engaged in multiple infrastructure enhancement projects.
  • Troubleshooting AD group login failures, Citrix access issues, and disk replication problems.
  • Management and support of Windows 2003/2008 R2 Active Directory.
  • Tested the system manually to check Networking applications, protocols and products involve TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6; also Carried out Configuration testing including Multi-path I/O.
  • Monitored systems for performance and capacity issues and recommends remedies as necessary; Implemented vMotion, Virtualized Windows servers using VMware Converter P2V and setup Lab Manager.

Environment: RHEL 6.x/5.x, CentOS 6.x, LVM, RHN, YUM, RHN, Veritas cluster, Windows 2008 R2, VMware ESXi 5.x, vcenter, VMware update manager, HA, DRS, VCops.

Confidential, Florida

Linux, VMware and Windows System Administrator


  • Provided support in fixing issues related to Linux, Solaris, HP-UX Installation and Maintenance of Hardware in Production and development Environment as an integral part of the Unix/Linux Support team.
  • Worked on installing and configuring VMware/ESX Servers for virtualizations.
  • Supported Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) Servers running on Linux with GFS and Solaris with SFRAC.
  • Setup of full networking services and protocols on UNIX, including NIS/NFS, DNS, SSH, DHCP, NIDS, FTP, TCP/IP, ARP, Applications and print servers to insure optimal networking and printing functionality.
  • Worked on FTP servers for sending and receiving files between local and remote servers.
  • Systems log management, Data backup and restoration with UNIX native tools.
  • Administration responsibilities included user, group, disk, printer, security management, incident troubleshooting, file system maintenance, backup scripting and automation, file sharing permissions, software maintenance, file sets, program fixes and keeping the system software releases up-to-date.
  • Experience in maintaining/tuning/upgrading Web logic/Web sphere/JBoss and Web based applications like Java & Tomcat/Apache.
  • Implemented Backup and Restore by using procedures like Ufs dump, Ufs restore, Tar” and “Cpio”.
  • Help in the process of installing and setting up the software to monitor the customer's server environment.
  • Used monitoring tool Zabbix for administration and maintenance operations on day-to-day basis for company network and systems working on Linux and Solaris Systems.
  • Used YUM Software manager for installing and configuring the RPM Packages.
  • Configured logical volumes using logical volume manager (LVM) and also configured mirroring.
  • Production support for installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of applications like Apache, PHP, My SQL and Tomcat.
  • Automated jobs by developing custom scripts using Shell (bash, ksh)
  • Networking communication skills and protocols such as TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, NDM, SSH, rlogin.
  • Deploying Veritas Clusters and Oracle test databases to implement disaster recovery strategies, ensuring uninterrupted availability of the global systems.
  • Configured Logical Storage Manager (LSM) for root disk encapsulation and implemented root disk mirroring for fault tolerance.
  • Administering windows 2003 and 2008 servers
  • Installing and Decommissioning windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 servers
  • Configuring server using role based configuration and server manager
  • Troubleshooting backup issues.
  • NIS, NFS, AUTOFS, NTP Configuration and Administration.
  • Support of Apache and JBoss including installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting. Installation and monitoring of Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas NetBackup and Veritas Cluster Server on SAN Environment.
  • Extensive experience in Security Patching.
  • Responsible for Virtual Server building usingVMWare.
  • Virtual Center Server & License Server Installation and Configuration.
  • Configured HA, DRS, Resource Pool and Managed the Cluster Level.
  • Configured VMotion, Alerts, Alarms, NTP.
  • Managing Configuration and managing HA Settings and Customizing HA for Virtual Machines plus
  • Configuring DRS in a Cluster. And the DRS Automation Level Using DRS Affinity Rules.
  • VM Ware Infrastructure Client configuration and managing the VM's through VI Client.
  • Migrate Physical Servers to Virtual Server usingVMwareConverter (P2V Converter)
  • Creation & Configuration of Virtual Switches, Ports, Port Groups and setting up layer 2 Security Policies for Virtual Networks.
  • Performing Snapshots, Cloning, Cold Migrations and Hot Migrations.
  • Creating templates from VM's, deploy VM's from templates and allocate resources.
  • Creating duplicate VMs using Cloning feature.
  • Troubleshooting issues relating to VMotion such as compatibility issues.
  • Analyzing the VM-support logs for ESX servers and Virtual Center logs to diagnose the root cause for the problem and troubleshooting them.
  • Implemented and Configured VM Ware Infrastructure cluster running on IBM Blade servers.
  • Taking care of Patch Management in ESX Server through Update Manager & Accessing the ESX Server using Putty.
  • Responsible for Virtual Provisioning and Monitoring.
  • Also coordinating with storage team and networking teams.

Environment: RHEL 6.x/5.x, CentOS 5.x, 6.x, AIX, LVM, Tomcat, Apache, RPM, Logical &Veritas Volume Manager, VMware ESX 4.x/ESXi 5.x, HP, Dell, Cisco UCS, Monitoring, Windows 2008 R2, Active Directory.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Linux, VMware & Windows System Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of Solaris 9/10, Redhat Linux 3/4/5, SUSE 10, HP-UX 11i, AIX 5.3 operating systems.
  • Allocating necessary space requirements for oracle database.
  • Server Virtualization using VMware for Red Hat Linux.
  • Installing, configuring and administering DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, FTP, SFTP, VPN and NIS.
  • Installing and supporting SQL server and Oracle database.
  • Worked with Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to create file systems, volumes in efficient manner and troubleshoot. partitioning according to requirements, creating new file systems or growing existing one over the hard drives and managing file systems in SAN switch.
  • Configured and installed Solaris, HP-UX and Redhat Linux Servers using jumpstart, Ignite, and Kickstart.
  • Configuration and administration of DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS, NIS+ and Sendmail on RedHat Linux.
  • Used Disk Management Utility daily for file system creation and file system management.
  • Managed Patching and worked on Firmware Updates for Blades and Enclosures.
  • Installing and configuring servers.
  • Creating and maintaining user accounts.
  • Handling DNS, DHCP, Storage Server, ADS Servers.
  • Install new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
  • Worked with Dell servers, SCSI devices, HP, Xerox and Cannon Network Printers, D-Link print Server
  • Administered Windows Server 2003/08/2000 Active Directory, including Group Policy, creation and deletion of user accounts, managing access controls, and domain structure configuration.
  • Package management using RPM, YUM and UP2DATE in Red Hat Linux.
  • User, Group management for all the UNIX servers.
  • Implemented, administered and monitored NAT server/firewall providing Internet access to client computers through the corporate LAN.
  • Administered and maintained Microsoft Exchange Server and mailboxes.
  • Provided end user application software and operating system software support.
  • Day to day Backup of file server with windows backup tool.
  • Provided Hardware support, troubleshooting and diagnosis.
  • Created the user accounts and profiles, assign permissions using Active Directory.
  • Administered the Group Policy, to upgrade and repair software installations.
  • Respond to and address any tickets/ work requests in the Remedy Queue.
  • Provided Support for DNS/DHCP/WINS services.

Environment: RHEL 5.x, CentOS 5.x, Windows 2003, 2008 R2, User, Groups, Active Directory, Data Center, Logical Volume Manager, monitoring, VMware ESX 4.x, Vcenter, HP, NetApp.

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