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Grants Administrator Resume

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Princeton, NJ


I am a motivated and committed specialist with more than 13 years of experience in the Administrative field. I have developed a strong ability to listen effectively and consistently to make the right decisions. I am proficient with various information systems, data bases and reporting tools. I possess advanced computer skills, working easily with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SAP, CONCUR and Visio and am familiar with Microsoft Access. I enjoy staying active and learning new things. I have excellent written and oral skills, as well as exceptional organizational and time - management skills with the ability to adapt to ever-changing priorities. I am extremely hard working, dedicated to my job, a team player and will be an asset to your company.


Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Grants Administrator


  • Generated investigator check requests and prepare cover letters for investigator payments.
  • Processed and tracked site-related pass through expenses.
  • Communicated with investigator sites on status of payments
  • Coordinated with Project Managers and Accounts Payable relating to site relating to site-related payment issues.
  • Maintained excel spreadsheets utilized for investigator payments.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Clinical Project Administrator


  • Ensured program documents are provided to appropriate EPIC and/or Trial Master File (TMF) representative;
  • Sets up and maintains shared drive or other portal for program documents;
  • Saved files and obtained final versions of program documents according to clinical program requirements.
  • Assisted with the management and maintenance of team contact lists, calendars and organizational charts
  • Managed literature/article search requests
  • Assisted with proofreading, formatting and general document review of clinical program documents and meeting materials (i.e., power point presentations, agendas, newsletters)
  • Extracted and distributed requested documents from EPIC
  • Created spreadsheets and trackers in support of program activities
  • Updated, maintained and distributed program reports (i.e., Enrollment Reports, Medical Monitoring Reports)
  • Scheduled meetings and teleconferences by sending Outlook invitation, reserving conference rooms, ordering catering;
  • Sets up conference room: teleconferencing, Live Meeting access, adjunct equipment. Coordinated with IT to set up appropriate equipment including Video Conferencing.;
  • Planned on and off site clinical program meetings, events and team training
  • Collaborated with clinical team members and meeting planning organization in support of Investigator Meeting planning
  • Prepared meeting related materials (agendas, binders, presentations)
  • Provided program team availability to internal and external customers for participation in program meetings and teleconferences
  • Maintained and distributed program calendar
  • Proactively managed meeting schedule including meeting conflicts
  • Attended required meetings including team, departmental, company meetings
  • Processed program contracts and Confidentiality Agreements utilizing information provided by the Requestor of Service and through obtaining information/forms from vendor/consultant;
  • Utilized Confidential systems to track progress and execution of contracts
  • Liaised with Finance and Legal to execute contracts in a timely manner
  • Obtained necessary signatures, forwards to appropriate individual and maintains copy for records
  • Processed, tracked, verified and coded invoices associated with consultant/vendor contracts
  • Served as liaison with CRO and vendor personnel as required;
  • Clinical Management Contractors: Confirms contract.
  • Completes onboarding and training activities as assigned
  • Assisted with CRO administrative activities and support.
  • Collaborates with CRO’s Clinical Project Administrator to appropriately manage program activities specified in Administrative Plan
  • Set up training and access to Confidential ’s systems (i.e.: EPIC, Hypersend)
  • Managed internal CPA team activities, shared drive, website
  • Participated in corporate and departmental initiatives and work groups
  • Created and maintained program databases and trackers
  • Managed assigned onboarding activities for clinical management contractors

Confidential, Rahway, NJ

Administrative Associate


  • Participated in Early Stage Development at Confidential by personally demonstrating cultural behaviors (primary focus on customer, rapid and disciplined decision-making, courage and candor, collaboration, drive for results) supporting: Senior Medical Directors, Clinical Monitors and Early Clinical Scientists
  • Looked at the calendar as a whole, not just day-to-day--in order to avoid issues, backups and conflicts;
  • Communicated with manager and others affected to confirm events and last-minute updates;
  • Coordinated face-to-face meetings and complex interactive sessions with key stake holders across the globe often requiring >10 sites and >100 participants.
  • Assessed priorities - arranged and reworked my workload accordingly, continued learning new strategies to avoid becoming overextended; stayed focused
  • Used the correct tools and resources needed to do my job successfully
  • Collaborated with business partners as needed to ensure data integrity
  • Ensured all measures were taken to protect and keep sensitive information confidential
  • Followed compliance requirements to ensure correct processes were being followed
  • Ensured understanding of assignments and projects--if unsure, ask
  • Assisted with domestic and international travel arrangements--ensured quality assurance in every detailed step of the trip preparation--reviewed checklists, prepared trip packets and coordinated schedules with U.S. and global colleagues; monitored expenses, prepared and reconciled expense reports through expense reimbursement system
  • Prepared and maintained personnel profiles and job descriptions, responsible for new hire processes, candidate interviews and working with Human Resources to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Assisted with annual budget planning. Act as liaison for department manager, prepare expense reports, disbursement vouchers, and contracts. Ensure good transmission of documentation to customers. Prioritize workload and help to ensure collaboration within the department.
  • Assisted with pre-meeting planning requirements--checked calendars; sent invites; gathered required materials including pre-reads that might be needed; attended meetings if required; assisted with any follow-ups

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