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Linux Administrator Resume

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Austin, TX


Dynamically skilled Linux administrator with over 7 years experience providing support, administration, maintenance and backup expertise to world - renowned organizations. Proven analytic and problem-solving skills; able to assess needs, define requirements and develop value-add solutions. Diverse expertise in a wide-range of technology: server-administration, troubleshooting, configuring specialized applications, information assurance, network and server security, and programming. Willing to travel; willing to relocate.


Hardware: Sun Blade Servers Dell Poweredge Cisco Tape Libraries SUN/HP EMC SAN HP3000

Platforms: Suse 9.3 Professional RHEL 4 Solaris Windows 2003 CentOS Redhat Enterprise Linux Windows 2000 Server Windows 2008 /2003 Linux Redhat 9.0 VMware Citrix

Software: MS Word/Excel Oracle VIM Syngo DICOM libjpeg CommVault MSSQL MySQL Legato Windows / Linux Clustering Filemaker Webmin Tripwire Mailscanner Exim Samba CRON

Programming: PERL PHP BASH Oracle FileMaker CGI

Networking: LAN/ VLAN CISCP IPSEC TCP/IP IPTables Tripwire Subnet


Confidential, Austin, TX

Linux Administrator


  • Configure and troubleshoot EXIM/Postfix mail servers
  • Troubleshoot and resolve DNS issues
  • Configure and troubleshoot various functions of cPanel/Plesk control panel’s
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve common web-site failures (500, 403, Rewrite Rules)
  • Educated customers on various aspects ranging from configuring a WordPress blog to increasing a servers performance by tweaking Apache, PHP, mySQL, and Tomcat.
  • Install/Configure Various Webscripts (RED5, FMS, OpenMeeting).
  • Mitigate large inbound attacks such as DDoS, SYN Floods, and SloLoris

Confidential, Mayfield Heights, OH

Contract Operations Analyst


  • Configured, monitor, and maintain corporate backup infrastructure.
  • Identifies and resolves environment based failures.
  • Worked with global team on migrating to a tape-less backup environment.
  • Improved environment stability by collaborating daily issues with vendor.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Backup Administrator


  • Configures, monitors and maintains all backup clients in a 24 x 7 environment with a 99.9% uptime for this dedicated server and managed hosting provider; installs and configures backup situations.
  • Identifies and resolves backup failures; troubleshoots customer issues; trains and mentors junior employees.
  • Ensures Database and Table integrity; creates and modifies variables for use with CommVault Backup Software.
  • Collaborates with engineers to streamline processes and procedures to deliver FANATICAL support.
  • Worked with the support team in setting up and configuring a RHEL cluster for CommVault backup solutions.
  • Worked inline with the support teams in setting up and mounting NFS file shares from SAN/NAS devices for backups.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Contract Linux Administrator


  • Delivered exceptional customer service and detailed server and Oracle database specifications to systems engineers and developers to ensure continuous operation for hospitals.
  • Updated and re-created databases for gateway servers; migrated software functions utilizing WINE and CYGWIN.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Linux Administrator / Network Engineer


  • Delivered exceptional customer service and 99.8% network uptime: monitored and administered Linux Servers; migrated servers from Windows 2000 Server to Red Hat Linux
  • Configured and supported Windows 2003/2000 Servers, Windows XP Client and 9.x Operating system.
  • Managed backup and security; enabled Windows file-sharing with SAMBA server and intranet database.
  • Cooperated with System Engineers to provide 24 x 7 stability; notified of critical errors including bad memory, bad connection to SAN devices; identified optimal times for maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of problems under Linux and Windows operating systems: IP address conflict, remote desktop connection, cron job seizing, MySQL database corruption and spyware removal.
  • Performed scripting utilizing CGI / PERL and PHP; used remote service including VNC, Windows Terminal Services and command line interfaces.

Confidential, North Olmsted, OH



  • Network administration and implementation projects for Linux-based and Windows operating systems.
  • Programmed custom web-based applications including PDF conversion software to online FTP clients using CGI/PERL, HTML, PHP and C++.

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