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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Maplewood, MN


  • Around 13 years of experience in IT - Network & Security experience including DC build, migration and expansion. Exposure of IT Service Delivery Functions, Operations Management, Change Management, Incident Management and Problem Management.
  • Hands on experience in managing and configuring Cisco Routers 7206VXR, ASR1002, ASR1006, 3845, 2921 and Cisco Switches 6509E(Sup-2T), 4507RE(Sup7E), 3850, 3750x, 3650, 2960x, Cisco Nexus 9504(Sup-B) NX-OS, 9332PQ NX-OS, 3064PQ, 7010 (Sup2E), 5548UP, 2232PP, 2248TP.
  • Configured Routing Protocols like BGP, OSPF and EIGRP.
  • In the LAN environment, I’ve configured RSTP, MSTP, VTP, Port-channel, VPC, VDC, VSS and Stacking.
  • I’ve also configured Cisco ASA 5545, 5525, 5515 for main and branch offices and worked to maintain Juniper SRX 240, Checkpoint 5100 firewalls.
  • I’ve working knowledge on F5 Viprion 2400 (4 x 2150), BIG IP LTM 3600 and GTM.
  • Maintained and created DHCP scope and DNS settings on Vital QIP, Infoblox product.
  • Added new devices into Solarwinds, Cisco Prime and HPNA for monitoring and management purpose.
  • Studied and Gathered knowledge in Public Cloud Amazon AWS, Network Virtualization VMWare NSX, Cisco ACI.
  • Knowledge of VMWare VCenter 5.5 and Storage concepts.
  • Flexible in nature, results driven and self-learner for any net new technology.


Hardware Platforms: Routers - ASR 1002/1006, 7206 VXR, 3845, 2921 Switches - Cisco 4507RE(Sup7E), 6509E(Sup-2T), 3850, 3750x, 3650, 2960x, Cisco Nexus 9504(Sup-B)NX-OS, 9332PQ NX-OS, 3064PQ, 7010 (Sup2E), 5548UP, 2232PP, 2248TP

Routing Protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, eBGP

Switching Protocols: PVSTP+, Rapid STP, Multiple STP

High Availability: HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, VPC, VSS, Stacking

Monitoring Tools: Cisco Prime, Solar winds, HPNA

DC Technologies: VDC, FabricPath, OTV

Cloud Technology: Amazon AWS

DHCP/DNS Tool: Infoblox, Vital QIP

Ticketing Tool: BMC Remedy, CMDB, ITSM

Wireless: Wireless Controllers 5520, 5508, 2504, LWAP 3602, 2602

Firewall: Cisco ASA 5525, 5515, Juniper SRX 240, Checkpoint 5100

Load Balancer: F5 Viprion 2400 (4x2150), 3600LTM


Confidential, Maplewood, MN

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Complete site survey and gathered inputs from site. Build the AS-IS Logical and Physical Network Diagram on Visio. Document the Future Pre-NAC and Post-NAC Visio logical and physical diagram for the sites.
  • Evaluate the current network devices hardware and software against the compatible hardware and software matrix list. Prepare the BoM if required to change the hardware.
  • Worked on standardizing the US regional sites as per defined standard and deploying the NAC (802.1X) configurations at the Edge Switches (3850, 3750X, 2960X) and Wireless Controllers (WLC5508, WLC2504, LWAP3602, LWAP2602) where the user machines, servers and other end user devices were getting connected.
  • Used Visio for site logical and physical network diagram documentation.
  • Utilized TFTP Client for upgrading the IOS on the network devices.
  • Implemented 802.1X configuration on the edge devices including WLCs.
  • Upgrade the hardware or software for the site to prepare it for the NAC enforcement.
  • Implement 802.1X NAC configuration on the edge devices including Wireless. Perform UAT with the help of testers. Provide Day1 support and then handover to Ops Team.

Environment: Cisco 6509E, 4507RE, 3850, 3750X, 2960X, WLC5508, WLC2504, LWAP3602, and LWAP2602.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Study the old setup of the site and gathered inputs related to hardware and software compatibility. Build a High and Low-Level Design document for the site including BoM for fresh order.
  • Transform and build one of Takeda’s newly acquired site as per defined standards considering Healthcare compliance requirements. In the collapsed core design, I’d implemented VSS on Cisco 4500X-24-ES connecting downstream to stack of six 2960X-48 port switches.
  • Create run book for the Project execution. Advise on the new MPLS circuit order based on the bandwidth utilization report.
  • Implement routing for the new subnets and VLAN configurations on the switches.
  • Configure Cisco ASA 5515X firewall for deployment in between WAN Router and LAN Core. Utilize existing pair of Lab Firewalls (Cisco 5515) to safeguard of the LAN infrastructure of development.
  • Configured a pair of 3845 router for eBGP with Service Provider’s router.
  • Implemented routing for the new subnets and VLAN configurations on the switches.
  • Configured VSS on Cisco 4500X-24-ES for Multi-chassis EtherChannel feature for downstream devices.
  • Configured three stacks of 2960X-48 port switches for Prod environment and three stack of 2960X-48 port switches for Lab environment.
  • Added devices into HPNA and HP NNMi.
  • Configure new SSIDs in the existing pair of Cisco WLC 5508 model and delete the old SSIDs.
  • Help in the migration of users and servers to the new LAN Infrastructure.
  • Create Systems Maintenance Technical Document SMTD for Ops Handover.

Environment: Cisco 4500X, 2960X, Cisco ASA5515X, WLC5508, and LWAP2602.


Sr. Network Consultant


  • Do site survey with the help of local Site IT and gather technical inputs from site.
  • Build the AS-IS Logical and Physical Network Diagram on Visio. Create the proposed logical and physical diagram based on the standards.
  • Evaluate the current network devices hardware for re-use. Prepare BoM if required to replace or upgrade the hardware.
  • Order circuit for new install or bandwidth upgrades. Create a deployment step for PMO tracking.
  • Raise change ticket and provide justification in Change Management meeting.
  • Prepare configuration scripts, cabling, and racking sheet for deployment kit.
  • Configure DC devices Cisco Nexus 9504 (Sup-B), 9332PQ, 3064PQ, Nexus 7010 and Nexus 5548UP for FabricPath and VPC+, FEX 2232PP and FEX 2248TP with dynamic pinning uplink for port expansion.
  • Used BMC Remedy for raising change ticket.
  • Solarwinds for Device Management and Monitoring.
  • Configured WLCs 5508, 5520 for new SSIDs and associate new LWAPs 3602, 2602 for branch sites. Add new WLCs and LWAPs into Cisco Prime.
  • Configured new network devices into Cisco ACS 5.5 for RADIUS/TACACS lockdown.
  • Used Visio to maintain network diagrams and Word to document any changes in Network Infra for DC, DR or any branch sites.
  • Installed, configured and troubleshooted Load balancer F5 LTM 3600, Viprion 2400 (Includes code upgrade, design HA pair, iRules, VIP, pool member, monitor). Configure Geo-DNS Load Balancing for SSO with help of GTM.

Environment: Cisco Nexus 9504 (Sup-B), Nexus 9332PQ in NX-OS 7.0.3 mode, Cisco Nexus 7010 (Sup2E) NX-OS 6.0.x, Nexus 5548UP NX-OS 5.1.x, FEX 2232PP, FEX 2248TP, F5 LTM 3600, Viprion 2400 (4 x 2150 blade), BIG IP 3600, fBlox for DHCP/DNS, Juniper SRX 240.


Network Consultant


  • Attend Project meeting with client and gather technical requirements.
  • Refer Product Sheet and IOS versions to be used to build the network infra and based on the standard design create HLD/LLD for the project.
  • Present the document to the Technical Governance and get the approvals.
  • Help capturing the information on site survey document.
  • Create rack diagram, cabling sheet, network diagram, scripts get them review internally and upload it into Project SharePoint.
  • Peer-Review other team member documents, scripts to avoid any errors during deployment.
  • Configure Router and LAN Core for IGP routing like OSPF. Configure Core and Access for VLAN, VTP, RSTP, Port-channel and HSRP.
  • Configured Cisco ASR1006, ASR1002 for WAN connectivity and LAN/WAN routing of the local site.
  • Configured 6509E, 6506E, 6504E, 4507E, 3850, 3750X, 2960X switches uplinking to the core pair.
  • Configured DHCP/DNS to set up scope for client connectivity.
  • Used HPNA for mapping devices and initiate lockdown script like aaa, snmp, ntp etc
  • Deploy WLCs in Local/Flex mode and associate the LWAPs with it.

Environment: Cisco ASR1006, ASR1002, 2960X, Cisco 6509E, 6506E, 6504E, 4507E, 3850, 3750X, 2960X switches, Cisco ASA5515, Cisco WLC5508 (Local), WLC 7510 (Flex) and LWAP3602, LWAP2602, Cisco NCS 2.0.


Subject Matter Expert - Network


  • Join the Voice Bridge call for Network Outages, understand problematic area from the users and give it a break fix.
  • Take inputs from customer and document it in the reactive incidence ticket.
  • Troubleshoot the problem and keep updating it to the customer and others on the bridge.
  • Document the resolution taken towards fixing the incidence and open a Problem Ticket for it to find the root cause.
  • Configured Cisco Routers ASR1006, 7206VXR, 3945, 2921, 1811 for routing protocols and LAN switches 6509E, 4506E, 3850, 3750, 3560 for Port-Channel, PortFast, RSTP, BPDUGuard and other features.
  • Monitor bandwidth via Vitalnet tool and check for optimization.
  • Find out Top Talkers by enabling NetFlow.
  • Checked for QoS class defined for Voice, Video and other class of traffic at the WAN edge.
  • Configured Port Monitoring to collect logs out of port into Wireshark for deep packet analysis.
  • Configured IPSec point-to-point tunnels from remote branch to DC. And troubleshoot any problem with respect to it.
  • Configure DMVPN over Internet for small to medium branch over to HUB sites.
  • Helped other Level2 Team members for the technical queries and resolving the problems.
  • Advise design team to make improvement in the network design to avoid any human errors.
  • Created SOP, SIP documents to be followed by all technical team members.
  • Conducted and attended technical discussions/forum with other team members.

Environment: Cisco ASR1006, 7206VXR, 2921, 1811, Cisco 6509E, 4506E, 3850, 3750, 3560 switches, Cisco ASA5505, Solarwinds Monitoring, Vitalnet Capacity Planner.


Technical Specialist - Networking


  • Handle Technical queries from Field Engineers for any deployment or maintenance tasks.
  • Plan any router, switch, firewall deployment remotely with the help of the onsite technician.
  • Maintain regular communication with existing customers to bridge any gap in between the support and delivery functions.
  • Deployed 60 WAN routers (Cisco 3825, 2921, 1841) with redundancy for a Retail customer across India.
  • To do network analysis we used PRTG Network mapping tool and customized it as per needs.
  • Used Cisco WebEx, Team Viewer remote desktop tools for remote console login to the network devices.
  • Configured Routers for EIGRP, Switches for HSRP/VRRP and Internet facing firewall to safeguard LAN.
  • Used Solarwinds Bandwidth for capacity planning.
  • Find out top Talkers consuming more bandwidth using NetFlow.
  • Configured Standalone 1252 WAP and LWAP 1142 using WLC 2112.

Environment: Cisco 3825, 2921, 1841, WAP1252 and LWAP 1142 using WLC 2112, Cisco ASA 5510, ASA 5505.


Systems Operations Lead Specialist


  • Maintain IBM Aus/NZ Region LAB infrastructure. Handle change request tickets to allow secure access to the environment.
  • Maintain network devices access by maintaining Cisco ACS TACACS server.
  • Troubleshoot any network related incidence with respect to Router or Switch Hardware.
  • Time to time update the IOS on the devices to mitigate vulnerabilities as per IT security advisories.
  • Act as First point of contact for any escalations on network side.
  • IBM Aus/NZ Lab was a secured infrastructure having limited access. All requests for making any changes was to be authorized by few people in the Lab-IT-Security group.
  • We used to maintain redundant Cisco ASA 5508 firewall and rule base for secure access from outside or other regions.
  • Maintained the Cisco Router for WAN connectivity and Switches for server connectivity.
  • Maintained E1 ISDN channels for Voice connectivity. And QIP servers for DHCP services.
  • Maintain network, telecom and firewall device inventory.

Environment: Cisco ASA 5508, Cisco Router 3800, 2900 series, Router ACLs, Cisco ACS 5.x, QIP for DHCP/DNS, Checkpoint 5100.


Network Control Unit Engineer


  • We used to maintain Orange MPLS Backbone network devices hardware for any fault.
  • Fault resolution may include re-configuring certain parameters on Nortel Passports 15K / 7K, and Nortel DPN - 100. Or may include change of hardware time to time.
  • Performs testing and maintenance of various T1, E1, E3 and OC3 circuits for the network performance and troubleshooting.
  • Responsible to co-ordinate with the Network Planning Team and Network Performance Analysis Team to deliver a stable network.
  • Integration and maintenance of network devices in LAN & WAN comprising high-end switching equipment like NORTEL Passports and DPN100 Switches, Cisco Router Series, High and Low speed modems, Multiplexers (RAD), a wide range of modems like AT&T Paradyne, RAD ASM-20, RAD ASM-31, Expertise in network Designing and Auditing Networks, Implementing Projects (Major Installations) providing Software support, Implementing WAN Connectivity by using Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM, VoIP, X.25, TC/PIP and X.28 protocols
  • Provided operational support for Orange’s MPLS backbone network which is been used to deliver Data, IP, Voice and Application Services. Configuring and troubleshooting of Cisco Routers, Nortel Passports 15K / 7K, and Nortel DPN - 100 as and when required.
  • Perform defined daily checks and record the results in a daily report sent to managers.
  • Achieve 99.99% uptime of Network and Services.

Environment: Nortel Passport15000, 7000, Nortel DPN-100, Cisco GSR10000, AT&T Paradyne, RAD ASM-20, RAD ASM-31.

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