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Middleware Administrator Resume

Washington, DC


  • Over 7 years of IT industry experience with close to 5 years of Middleware administration dat includes Jboss, Weblogic Administration, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Maintenance on Jboss/Weblogic Servers.
  • Expertise in Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of Jboss 4.x/5.x/6.0/7.x and Oracle (BEA) Weblogic Server 8.x/9.x/10.x, Tomcat 5.x/6.x on Red Hat Linux, UNIX, Solaris10, Windows NT environments.
  • Experience in Administering of Apache 1.3/2.x Web Servers on various environments.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Jboss 4.x/5.x/6.0/7.1, Weblogic 8.1/9.x/10, Tomcat 5.x/6.x with JDBC, JMS, JNDI, SNMP and J2EE Services.
  • Performed installation and management of Jboss 7.x domains with central management and multiple instances running across different physical servers
  • Solid experience in deploying J2EE applications like (JAR, WAR, EAR and RAR) on multiple Jboss/Weblogic Servers and maintaining Load balancing and High availability through clustering.
  • Managed central deployments, stop/starting with Jboss 7.x domains using domain controller and remote host controllers
  • Extensive experience in production environments, involved performance tuning, tweaking teh JVM parameter, Threads, size of teh connection pools.
  • Strong noledge in Clustering EJB objects, JDBC connections and JMS connection factories, queues and topics.
  • Performed POCs for Jboss 7.x, certified teh image in lower environments.
  • Deployed applications into Tomcat container using hotdeploy by copy artficats to Appbase.
  • Proficient in WLST scripting and performance tuning of UNIX systems.
  • Performed migration of light Jboss 5.1.2 applications to Jboss 7.x
  • Encrypted teh confidential information in Tomcat container by using proper security realms
  • Experience in configuring Node Manager to start and stop managed servers from admin console.
  • Sound noledge of Java Naming and Directory Services (JNDI).
  • Experience in both Clustered and non - Clustered environments.
  • Integrated Jboss with apache using mod proxy and mod jk using AJP protocol.
  • Excellent application development and interfacing experience with LDAP using Netscape directory Server.
  • Created Crontab scripts for timely running jobs, performed Thread Analysis manually, performed Heap Analysis manually
  • Experience in finding teh Memory Leaks and adjusting teh JVM Heap Sizes and GC Parameters.
  • Expertise in writing WLST scripts using Jython/Python for starting, stopping servers, Node managers and deploying applications.
  • Experience with patching Jboss, Weblogic Server, JVM’s in Dev/QA/Staging/Production.
  • Excellent BASH, C-Shell and KORN UNIX (shell), ANT scripting skills.
  • Applying patches to teh production servers, recommended by Oracle (BEA).
  • Worked with SVN to perform teh steps needed for teh build procedures and managed branch creations.
  • Exposure in site minder Autantication tool.
  • Experience in Weblogic Portal Server integration on various environments.
  • Worked with Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP, SOAP and FTP.
  • Installed and configured SSL certificate server and system & application monitoring by site scope.
  • Good understanding of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experience in 24x7 on-call production support and trouble-shooting problems related to Oracle (BEA).


Operating System: UNIX, Solaris (8, 9, 10), Linux (3, 4), IBM AIX, Windows 2K/XP/2003/vista

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA

Application Servers: Jboss 4.x/5.x/6.0, Web Logic 9.x/10.x, Tomcat 5.x/6.x

Web Servers: Apache HTTP Server

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i, 10G, DB2, MYSQL SERVER, MS Access.

Scripting Languages: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Script, WLSTJython, HTML, XML, Shell Scripts, Korn shell

Protocols: T3, Http, Ftp and TCP/IP.

Tools: /Utilities: Site Minder, F5, TOAD, Eclipse3.0, Ant5.1, APITest-Director, Wily Intrascope.


Middleware Administrator

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Built Jboss EAP 5.1.2/6.0/7,x complete application environments from scratch
  • Performed POC application deployments in Jboss EAP 6.0 container and also Jboss open souce 7.1 domains.
  • Performed installation and management of Jboss 7.x domains with central management and multiple instances running across different physical servers
  • Managed Tomcat 6.x applications to perform regular application releases, patch updates and new environments build out on RHEL.
  • Integrated with apache using mod cluster components using multicast advertisements
  • Prepared stop/start scripts for teh jboss application instances
  • Involved in sizing teh infrastructure and providing teh requirements for new infrastructure for new environment builds
  • Managed central deployments, stop/starting with Jboss 7.x domains using domain controller and remote host controllers
  • Integrated teh application infrastructure with F5 hardware load balancers and performed validation for failover and load balancing
  • Supported teh release/deployment activities across all environments
  • Performed DR and High availability compatibility testing for teh production environments
  • Performed troubleshooting of teh issues by working closely with developers, architects and infrastructure teams.
  • Authored documentation for teh legacy applications migration process, deployment and release process
  • Deployed Jboss security patches into teh environment manually and established a patch management process.
  • Create SSL certificates and integrated them at apache level for transport level security
  • Secured Jboss images by establishing process for encrypting passwords and integrating with LDAP.

Jboss Administrator

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Installed, configured and administered Jboss 4.x (4.2)/5.x (5.0.1, 5.1.2) in different environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production on Linux (RHEL 5) and Solaris 9 operating systems.
  • Installed, configured and administered Weblogic 9.x/10.x in various environments like Development, QA and Production on Solaris 9 and Windows server 2003 operating system.
  • Performed Installation of Jboss JON 2.4, monitoring server which will monitor teh Jboss instances, Operating system parameters running on different Operating systems.
  • Created groups, users, roles and configured alerts in JON 2.4 (Jboss Operations Network) monitoring server.
  • Performed patch updates to Jboss using teh manual procedures and also using JON
  • Configured connection pools and Datasources for Weblogic 9.2/10.3, Jboss 4.2/5.0.1/5.1.0 , and SJSAS 9.1 application servers with backend oracle 9i/10g/11g RAC DB’s.
  • Automated deployment process in Jboss 4.x/5.x to deploy teh war files in FARM directory.
  • Deployed WAR & EAR files in Weblogic 9.2/10.3 and SJSAS 9.1 application servers hosting clustered environments through admin-console.
  • Deployed applications into Tomcat container using hotdeploy by copy artficats to Appbase.
  • Encrypted teh confidential information in Tomcat container by using proper security realms
  • Developed scripts to monitor JVM Heap Size, JMS Messages in teh Destination queues in teh production environment.
  • Performed migration of light Jboss 5.1.2 applications to Jboss 7.x
  • Coordinated OS patches, upgrades, DB patches, upgrades with teh infrastructure team and performed validations.
  • Dealt with troubleshooting issues like Server hang, keep alive threads, HTTP threads, Application Deadlock, Perm Gen space, Out of Memory Issue, High memory usage and High CPU.
  • Single handedly performed up-gradation of Jboss 4.2 GA to Jboss 4.2 EAP, Red hat release and configured JDBC, Jboss-log4j, JMS and JDK.
  • Performed migration of weblogic 8.1.5 to Jboss 5.0 and JDK 1.4 to JDK 1.6.
  • Configured JDBC and JMS Queues in Weblogic 9.2/10.3, Jboss 4.2/5.0.1 EAP.
  • Provided Development team with thread dumps and heap dumps using jstack and jhat, JDK tools.
  • Worked with networking team during load tests and suggested changes on BIG IP F5 LOAD BALANCER.
  • Worked with SVN to perform teh steps needed for teh build procedures and managed branch creations.
  • Assisted in several Load tests and gave suggestions at OS level tuning, also configured Weblogic and Jboss Application servers to produce teh best results.
  • Installed Apache 2.0, and configured plug-in for clusters running on Weblogic 9.x/10.x.
  • Created SSL certificates for Jboss 5.x/4.x.
  • Encrypted passwords for admin-console, application login and datasource in Jboss 5.x
  • Performed Password recovery task in Weblogic 6.1 and issued new credentials in Weblogic 8.1.5.
  • Configured LDAP using Netscape directory Server for user autantication.
  • Automated WAR deployment procedure in production environment running on Jboss EAP 5.x using UNIX shell script.
  • Hands On in monitoring physical hosts, application servers and web servers through BMC Patrol and Confidential Sitescope monitoring systems.
  • Created Remedy Tickets for Change/Release management using Remedy Client and Remedy
  • Created cron jobs for timely running of scripts.
  • Provided documentation of all teh environments dat were built during project duration.
  • Being a part of production team provided 24x7 supports for all teh environments.

Environment: - Jboss 4.2/5.0.1/5.1.0 EAP, Oracle Weblogic Server 9.2 MP3/10.3, Windows 2003 server, Linux RHEL 5, Jrockit/JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6, Apache 2.0 HTTP, Oracle 9i/10g/11g RAC, LDAP, OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), Jconsole, Remedy Ticketing system 6.1, Remedy Client (Change/Release management), F5 load Balancer, JON 2.4, Confidential Openview and Nagios.

Middleware Administrator

Confidential, San Antonio, TX


  • Installed and configured Jboss 4.2/5.0/7.0 on different environments like Dev, Test, QA and Production.
  • Performed POCs for Jboss 7.0 full EE Profile with different server groups and instances across different VMs
  • Performed Weblogic server 8.1.6/9.2/10.3 tasks such as installation, configuration, monitoring and performance tuning on Sun Solaris 8/10, Windows and Linux RHEL 4/5 platforms.
  • Installed and Configured Apache Tomcat 6.0 application servers on various environments like Dev, Test, Perf and Production.
  • Created and managed Weblogic Domains and Node Manager using config wizard and WLST.
  • Administered EJB Objects, setting up Jrockit IT/JDK, JNDI, JMS connection factories Queues and topics and IBM MQ series on Weblogic Server.
  • Configured JDBC Connection Pools/Multi Pools/Data Sources with backend databases: Oracle 9i/10g.
  • Deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files on both stand alone and clustered environment in Jboss 4.2/5.0, Weblogic 8.x/9.x/10.x and Apache tomcat 6.0.
  • Monitoring error logs, JVM heap size & Perm size, stuck Threads and tuning parameters using WLDF for optimization of Weblogic Server.
  • Dealt with issues like Application Deadlock, High CPU, Server Hang-up and profiling teh memory with third party tools like Jprobe, Confidential OVO and Optimize IT.
  • Installed and ConfiguredWilyIntroscope 6.x/7.x for different domains and established alerts and reports dat complete application monitoring dashboard.
  • Configured and setup Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for data encryption and client autantication.
  • Configured BIG IP F5 Load Balancer for load sharing.
  • Worked closely with network team and SSO - Single Sign On team while shaking down teh upgraded Test and Production environments.
  • Involved in doing a performance benchmark of Weblogic server by using Load Runner.
  • Involved in Weblogic 8.x/9.x/10.x patches and service packs upgrade.
  • IBM Websphere 5.0 application server Installation, Development and Administrative support.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP server 2.0, Sun One/Iplanet, Microsoft IIS 6 & IBMIHS web server and configured proxy plug-ins for Weblogic Server 9.2/10.3.
  • Involved in up-gradation of Weblogic 8.1 to Weblogic 10.3 and migration of Weblogic 8.1 to Jboss 5.0.
  • Worked with Business activity monitoring (BAM), Oracle Business Process Management, and Oracle Security and Oracle Web Center Integration, installation/configuration.
  • Used WLST, ANT and Jython for automatic deployment of applications.
  • Created bash and korn shell scripts to monitor domains, recycle clusters, monitor disk space, monitor number of Apache connections, and ran them as cronjobs.
  • Documented teh issues, migration and upgraded patches for Weblogic servers and web servers.
  • Involved with teh development team in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of teh applications in production environment.
  • Provided 24X7 supports for production environments.

Environment: - JBoss 4.2/5.0, Oracle BEA Weblogic Server/portal 8.1/9.2/10.3.2 , Apache Tomcat 5.x, Solaris 8/10, Windows 2003 server, Linux RHEL 5.1, Jrockit IT/JDK 1.6, JDBC, JMS, J2EE, EJB, Apache HTTP, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, VMware, WLST, Confidential OVO, F5 load Balancer and CA Wily Introscope.

Weblogic/Jboss Administrator

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Involved in teh installation of weblogic 8.1 SP2 environments required for teh application teams.
  • Involved in teh automation of building new Weblogic environments.
  • Performed POC for Jboss 4.0.2 application server installation and configuration
  • Deployed datasources and applications onto teh Jboss application server
  • Stored all Weblogic 8x binaries in CVS and authored build scripts dat install teh required image onto new hosts.
  • Authored Weblogic configuration and deployment scripts dat automatically configure all teh required weblogic resources like JMS, JDBC Connection Pools and deploy teh ear file. Teh deployment script can detect most of teh errors and can consistently rollback to original configuration.
  • Involved in teh Capacity planning for teh application in production environment. Gathered performance metrics with varied number of clustered managed instances.
  • Segregated different interfacing components to teh application by defining a separate execute thread queue for each interface.
  • Authored ant build scripts for applications dat will generate required EJBs, WAR files.
  • Authored common shell functions using weblogic.ADMIN utility dat facilitate teh configuration tasks involving JMS, ConnectionPools and Application deployment.
  • Used BIGIP as load balancer to route requests to Weblogic cluster instances.
  • Involved in Weblogic upgrade from version 6.1 to version 8.1 SP2.
  • Developed POCs for fine tuning weblogic thread configuration
  • Developed a end-to-end J2EE application dat displays teh statics of teh running weblogic processes and application process.
  • Developed a end-to-end J2EE application dat performs stop/start/restart of weblogic processes running remote across teh enterprise.
  • Created read-only users for weblogic console in production environments using weblogic Security Realms.
  • Worked with Tivoli Access Management (TAM) group to protect teh internal URLs.
  • Involved in automating lot of environment maintenance tasks(scheduling builds).
  • Involved in PVCS management.
  • Involved in Automating PVCS merges using Perl.

Environment: Base Operating System Confidential Unix although Windows is used Weblogic administration Languages used are Java and Unix Shell scripting. Database is Oracle Special software involved is Weblogic, Toad, log4j.

Weblogic Administrator



  • Installed and configured WebLogic 7.0, iPlanet 4.1 and administered teh process of deploying teh Enterprise Components in AIX and Solaris environments.
  • Maintained WebLogic servers on different UNIX platforms.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server 1.3 to work with WebLogic Server 7.x.
  • Used config wizard and config builder to create, extend and manage WebLogic Domains.
  • Configured and administered WebLogic server with Oracle9i database, JNDI, IBM MQ Series, JDBC Connections and JMS Connection factories.
  • Deployed teh applications on multiple WebLogic Server instances and maintained Load balancing, High Availability and Fail over for teh servers.
  • Collaborated with developers in detecting teh memory leakage in teh application and helped them fix imminent tasks.
  • Configured SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and obtained digital certificates, private keys for WebLogic server to secure connections.
  • Created, Configured and Managed WebLogic domains using Command line utilities, UNIX
  • Involved in doing a performance benchmark of WebLogic server by using Load runner.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Solaris, AIX, WebLogic 7.0, JavaScript, DB2, Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000.

Weblogic Developer/administrator



  • Involved in teh development of a Project Management Plan (PMP) to define project goals and objectives
  • Created and maintained Design documents (Low & High Level Design Documents)
  • Used Object Oriented design Methodology for designing Java applications
  • Developed several JSP pages and SERVLETS for teh front end
  • Deployed application on WebLogic Server 7.1
  • Involved in teh design, development, and execution of test plans and strategies
  • Used fine-grained access control for dynamic query modification to enforce security policies on teh objects-teh tables or views
  • Developed JSPs with HTML and JavaScript for data presentation and collection
  • Developed JavaScripts and HTML pages for teh front end
  • Developed Stored Procedures for extracting data
  • Designed and developed JDBC connection objects for teh data retrieval and update
  • Developed connection Pooling methods to reduce teh time for database connection
  • Collected and organized information required for preparation of user’s manuals, training materials, installation guides, proposals and reports for an on-line help system

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, XSL, Weblogic server 7.1, Oracle, Apache, Tomcat, Windows 2000, UNIX

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