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Senior Network Engineer Resume

Bloomington, IL


  • 7+ years of experience in Networking and Security, including hands - on experience in providing network support, installation and analysis for a broad range of LAN / WAN/MAN communication systems.
  • Hands on experience in configuring Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3750, 4500, 6500 and Nexus 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series switches and Cisco 2600, 2800, 3600, 3800, 7200, 7600 series routers, Load Balancers & Cisco Firewalls
  • Experience with various LAN and WAN technologies and protocols like: - TCP/IP, VLAN, VTP, STP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IKE/IPSec VPNs, NAT, DNS, MPLS and access list.
  • Experience in managing Cisco/Juniper Routers and Switches for Data Centers, Corporate Sites, Agent Locations and Branch Office Solutions.
  • Sound knowledge on Virtualization, Servers, Operating Systems & Storage Networks.
  • Worked with various Linux/UNIX Distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience on multi-vendor platforms like Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, F5 Big-ip LTM load balancers, Bluecoat, Riverbed, Citrix, and VMware.
  • Experience in configuring Cisco, Juniper and Nortel routers and working in multi-vendor environment.
  • Knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting complex layer 2 technologies such as VLAN Trunks, VTP, Ether channel, STP, RSTP and MST. Implementation of HSRP, VRRP for Default Gateway Redundancy
  • Experience with convert Checkpoint VPN rules over to the Cisco ASA solution. Migration with both Checkpoint and Cisco ASA VPN experience
  • Worked on Virtualization concepts which is used for virtualizing the SDN-C into numerous VMs and making a clustering environment,Testing and automating test cases using Python for the above features.
  • Good knowledge on VOIP protocols like H.323, SIP, MGCP and SS7 and interfacing of TDM to VOIP system
  • Intrusion Prevention System - IDS/IPS(IBM ISS IPS) Implementation and Upgrade for SiteProtector.
  • Dealt with monitoring tools like ( Solarwinds, Infoblox, Kiwi-cat tool), network packet capture tools like Wire-shark.
  • Expertise in creating groups and pruning traffic flow using VLAN, VTP, ISL, 802.1Q.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in Tier II ISP Routing Policies, Network Architecture, IP Subnetting, VLSM, TCP/IP, NAT, DHCP, DNS, FT1 / T1 / FT3 / T3 SONET POS OCX / GigE circuits, Firewalls.
  • Strong knowledge of TACACS+, RADIUS implementation in Access Control Network.
  • Hands on Knowledge/experience on F5 load balancers, its methods, implementation and trouble shooting on LTMs and GTMs.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Juniper EX Switches (EX2200, EX2500, EX3200, EX4200, EX4500, EX8200 series), Juniper Firewall ( NETSCREEN ISG 2000,SSG5,SSG350M).
  • Experience working with Cisco Nexus2148 Fabric Extender and Nexus5000 series to provide a Flexible Access Solution for datacenter access architecture.
  • Moderate knowledge in configuring and troubleshooting Wireless Network: Net gear, Wireless Security Basics, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, RF spectrum characteristics as well as WAN testing
  • Experience with VOIP and QOS implements and support
  • Experience with handling DNS and DHCP servers
  • Experience in the configuration of Aggregation protocols for Ether Channel i.e. PAgP and LACP
  • Strong hands on experience on Checkpoint, PIX (506, 515, 525, 535), ASA(5505/5510), Juniper SRX series (550, 240, 220, 210) Firewalls.
  • Strong hands on experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting of ASR1K, ASR9K,7600,7200, 3900, 3600, 2900, 2600, 2500 and 1800 series routers, Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, 2950 and 3500XL series switches.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on IP Addressing, Subnetting, VLSM and ARP, reverse & proxy ARP, Ping Concepts.
  • Effective inter-personal skills, adaptive to any environment, keep abreast with the latest technologies and delivering solutions as an individual and as part of a team
  • Well organized, Self-starter, Quick learner, Self-Motivated, Team player with analytical, technical and communication skills.


Cisco Platforms: Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K & 1K, Cisco routers (7600,7200, 3900, 3600, 2800, 2600, 2500, 1800 series) & Cisco Catalyst switches (6500, 4900, 3750, 3500, 4500, 2900 series)

Juniper Platforms: SRX, MX, EX Series Routers and Switches

Networking Concepts: Access-lists, Routing, Switching, Subnetting, Designing, CSU/DSU, IPSec, VLAN, VPN, WEP, WAP, MPLS, VoIP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Firewall: PIX Firewall (506/515/525/535 ), ASA Firewall (5505/5510),Palo Alto, Checkpoint

Network Tools: Solar Winds, SNMP, Cisco Works, Wireshark

Load Balancers: A10 Networks(AX2500),Cisco CSM, F5 Networks (Big-IP)

WAN technologies: Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM, MPLS, leased lines & exposure to PPPDS1,DS3,OC3, T1 /T3 & SONET

LAN technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, & 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Port- channel, VLANS, VTP, STP, RSTP, 802.1Q

Security Protocols: IKE, IPSEC, SSL-VPN


AAA Architecture: TACACS+, RADIUS, Cisco ACS.

Operating System: Windows 10,8,7/XP, MAC OS X, Windows Server 2008/2003, Basic Linux


Confidential, BLOOMINGTON, IL

Senior Network Engineer


  • Working as Sr. Network engineer supporting cisco routers, switches,Netscreen Firewalls,Bluecoat proxy servers and BIGIP load balancers
  • Planning, designing, Installing and Configuring of Cisco Routers (1700, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3200, 3600, 3700, 3800 and 7200, 7609) & Cisco L2 & L3 Switches (2900, 3560, 4500 & 6500)
  • Administration and diagnostics of LAN and WAN with in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP, NAT, PPP, ISDN and associates network protocols and services.
  • Implemented security policies using ACL, Firewall, IPSEC, SSL, VPN, IPS/IDS, AAA(TACACS+ & RADIUS).
  • Actively participated in upgrading fast Ethernet, Layer 3 switched/routed LAN infrastructure from Cisco 3640 to Cisco 2811 ISR routers and switches at access level to 2950, 3550.
  • Worked on Juniper Netscreen Firewall ISG100, 2000, SSG, SRX.
  • Implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting switching tasks such as VLANs, VTP, VLAN Trunking using ISL and 802.1Q, STP, RSTP, PVST+, Etherchannel using LACP and PAGP, Inter-Vlan routing, CEF and DCEF.
  • Configured Cisco Wireless Networks like IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, LWAPP, WLC, WCS, Standalone APs, Roaming, Wireless Security Basics, RF spectrum characteristics.
  • Experience with multi-vendor Load Balancers, WAN accelerators, Proxy Server, Content Filtering and also with automate network administration using applications like HPNA
  • Design, Implementation, ongoing management and troubleshooting of Cisco Unified Communication systems including Call Manager/Unified Communication Manager 6x, 7x.
  • Created IPAM platforms with protocols and networking services.
  • Provided technical support services for DNS and IPAM services.
  • Configuring STP, RSTP, VLAN, VTP, SPAN port and Port binding Configuring Site to Site to VPN connectivity.
  • Implementation of HSRP, IPSec, Static Route, IPSEC over GRE, Dynamic routing, DHCP,DNS,FTP.TFTP,RAS
  • Migration to virtual servers in F5 Load balancer as part of web
  • IP Base software includes advanced quality of service (QoS), rate limiting, access control lists (ACLs), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) for routed access, and IPv6 functionality.
  • Tested QoS infrastructure to provide proper priority and queuing based on traffic type using Ixia and Spirent test sets.
  • Configuration and support of QOS features like CBWFQ,WRED.
  • Design, delivery and implementation of an ITIL compliant, scalable and well-documented IT Service Management solution, leveraging BMC Remedy ITSM applications to support processes, increase efficiency, effectiveness and proper utilization and alignment of resources
  • Oversaw, managed and lead the development and configuration of BMC Remedy ITSM applications and process definitions
  • Troubleshoot the Network Issues onsite and remotely depending on the severity of the issues.
  • Performed Break Fix support through driving to different buildings, identifying the root cause of the hardware issues with switches, routers.
  • Cisco ASA/Checkpoint Firewall troubleshooting and policy change requests for new IP segments that either come on line or that may have been altered during various planned network changes on the network.
  • Configure VRRP & GLBP and VLAN Trunking 802.1Q & ISL, STP, Port Security on Catalyst 6500 switches.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco catalyst 6509, 7613 with supervisor cards.
  • Designed and implemented Cisco VoIP infrastructure for a large enterprise and multi-unit office environment. Met aggressive schedule to ensure a Multi-office reconfiguration project which was successfully delivered
  • Worked on F5 and CSM load balancers deploying many load balancing techniques with multiple components for efficient performance
  • Performed attribute manipulation in BGP multi-homed scenario using attributes like AS-Path, MED, Local Preference and weight.
  • Worked on Riverbed Steelhead Appliance for WAN Optimization
  • Worked on Infoblox DHCP and DNS Servers
  • Implementing, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS inside the core.
  • Configured and installed new IP addresses for new users by using IP Addressing and Subnetting Scheme, and work on CITRIX applications.
  • Performed Network Security Assessment and implemented security features such as network filtering, SSH, AAA, SNMP access lists, VTY access lists and HSRP authentication
  • Implemented WLAN Aruba Wireless Access Points and its Controllers at various corporate sites fort 11n Infrastructure and its legacy technologies.
  • Wrote IOS and CAT OS upgrade procedures and Pre/Post checks for customer production upgrades.

ENVIRONMENT: Cisco Routers (1700, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3200, 3600, 3700, 3800 and 7200, 7609) & Cisco L2 & L3 Switches (2900, 3560, 4500 & 6500), F5 and CSM load balancers, Juniper SRX Firewalls, Cisco catalyst 6509, 7613, Cisco 3640 to Cisco 2811 ISR routers and switches at access level to 2950, 3550, Netscreen SSG5, Netscreen 204, Netscreen SSG 320

Confidential, CHICAGO, IL

Technology Support Specialist


  • Reviewing, analyzing, approving and executing all changes in the network. All Configurations of Cisco Routers and Switches. Participated in a rotating 24x7 support schedule for the Network operation Center.
  • Worked with Network Operations Center (NOC) to troubleshoot various network issues like TCP/IP, VLAN, MPLS, routing issues like RIP,OSPF,BGP
  • Netscreen firewall setup,upgrade and configuring IPSEC VPNs and NSM (Netscreen security manager) management
  • Study the existing architecture and in corporate available equipment and resources into the design.
  • Worked on troubleshooting customer issues related to MPLS VPN related issues involving PE configuration issues, PE-CE link issues such as routing protocol configuration, Layer1 / Layer2 issues, BGP4 address-family related issues, MP-BGP.
  • Configured BMC Remedy ITSM applications to support corresponding business processes and operational requirements
  • Scaled developer infrastructure as project grew and transitioned to OpenStack Foundation
  • Worked on Route-Reflectors to troubleshoot BGP issues related to customer route prefixes, BGP route filtering policy problems, ORF etc.
  • Implemented WAN/Core based on ATM & Frame Relay on Optical SONET infrastructure. Quality of Service Classification and Marking (CoS, ToS), Congestion, Management & Avoidance (CQ, PQ, WFQ, CB-WFQ, RED, WRED, LLQ).
  • In depth understanding of IPV4, implementation of Subletting, VLSM and ARP, reverse & proxy ARP, Ping Concepts.
  • Configuring VLAN, Spanning tree, VSTP, SNMP on Juniper Junos, EX and MX series switches.
  • Working knowledge of leveraging F5 devices for web acceleration and caching.
  • Filtering network traffic by configuring IP access list to comply with Organization network policy.
  • Maintenance of VMware ESXi and KVM hypervisors.
  • Traffic analysis using Wireshark.
  • Monitoring and reporting using Cisco DCNM, Cisco LAN Management Solution.
  • Monitoring traffic at many different points, and provide visibility into the security posture of the network using IDS/IPS tools
  • Signature UpdatesDeployment on the Management Componentsand all the Individual IPS/IDS devices.
  • Configured McAfee EPolicy Server for central deployment of antivirus software and virus updates for entire organization.
  • Utilized SNMP-based network monitoring tools such as Nagios and Solarwinds to manage networks.
  • Build and configure monitoring systems and other network related tools such as Introscope, Splunk, MRTG, Solarwinds, and RANCID on a Linux/Windows 2003 platform.
  • Deployed Palo Alto Firewalls for web filtering and application control
  • Provide post breach firewall analysis on checkpoint R77.10 gain, Palo Alto firewalls to recommend two-factor authentication solution.
  • Implemented Positive Enforcement Model with the help of Palo Alto Networks
  • Innovated with support of Palo Alto for remote and mobile users and for analyzing files for malware in a separate (cloud-based) process that does not impact stream processing.
  • Troubleshooting client and business partner VPN connectivity issues. Responsible for VPN access support for Executive team and data security. Password resets, granting share access and permissions to Enterprise folders for different team, e.g. Finance, HR, Ops Planning.
  • Very good knowledge in scripting languages like TCL/TK, perl and python
  • Certificate upgradation, Load balancing through Citrix Netscaler.
  • Configuration and Monitoring of Citrix Netscaler (Both MPX and VPX )
  • Configuring Load balancing on the sonicwall.
  • Manage SolarWinds Orion NPM and Kiwi CatTools that monitor and backup Network devices
  • Handle daily operations such as assign VLAN, ACL, IP Phone, bandwidth monitoring, alerts, backup and Syslog
  • Support NetScaler load balancer that host the web sites

ENVIRONMENT: Palo alto firewalls, R77.10 gain, linux/Windows 2003, monitoring tools nagios, solarwinds, introscope, splunk, MRTG, RANCHID, Citrix Netscaler, Sonicwall, Cisco WAAS, Cisco IPS


Network Consulting Engineer


  • Configured and installed Cisco 2500, 3640, 7200, and 7940 Routers.
  • Troubleshot network bandwidth performance, mismatched framing and line coding.
  • Coordinated with LAN/WAN engineers the development and implements security policy.
  • Monitored usage of network resources with Cisco works, and using sidewinder in PIX Firewall.
  • Defined policies, NAT and anti-spoofing for internal, external networks as well as Internet gateways.
  • Configured remote users to access corporate LAN with VPN connectivity.
  • Interfaced with various vendors for company products.
  • Configured Frame-Relay, ISDN, ATM, Protocols, & load balancing switches.
  • Coordinated the routing of data for Internet access via diversity, load balancing on MPLS.
  • Versed in proxy servers, web servers, and VPN networks on Windows and Unix OS.
  • Configuration of Routers, switches, CSU/DSU, bridges, multiplexer & server. Troubleshooting of Data communications circuits such as OCX, T3, fractional T3, T1's, fractional T1, DSL, ATM/IMA, Frame Relay and ISDN.
  • Configuration of IP and routing technologies for various protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP for MPLS Network.
  • Troubleshooting network issue for production and disaster recovery using various diagnostic techniques,
  • Troubleshooting equipment, and service providers for successful completion.
  • Created Network documents, tickets and network Visio diagram for various customers.
  • Coordinated with network service providers & Telco to resolve network outages

ENVIRONMENT: Cisco 2500, 3640, 7200, and 7940 Routers, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP for MPLS Network, IPX/SPX, HDLC, PPP, TCP/IP, BGP, EIGRP, RIP, & HSRP, T1, DSL, ATM/IMA, Frame Relay and ISDN

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