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Network Analyst Resume Profile

Dahlgren, VA

Objective: Obtain a senior network security analyst/engineer and incident response position including vulnerability research and penetration testing in the pursuit of secure networks and systems.

Professional Experience

Network Analyst,


  • Predominately performs analysis to identify computer network/cyber target vulnerabilities and predict cyber weapon effects in order to provide solutions for warfare planning options.
  • TS/SCI security clearance obtained June 2011
  • Developed virtualization lab in support of network analysis VMWare, KVM/QEMU
  • Developed vulnerability analysis and penetration testing skillset working with various tools such as nmap, python/perl scripting, netcat, proxys burp suite, proxychains , manual/automated fuzzing, and exploit development for a range of approaches including buffer overlows, SQL injection, XSS/CSFR, LFI/RFI, etc.
  • Organized and led Cyber Community Of Interest meetings
  • Provided network knowledge insight toward the development of network models
  • Developed network environment rule building utility in JAVA to be used in network models

Senior Network Security Engineer,

  • Engineer, implement, and maintain company and customer network security infrastructure to include all firewalls, IDSs, IPSs, and VPN capabilities. Provide expert analysis toward development of future capabilities.
  • Researched and assisted the development of the company cloud networking solution.
  • Performed customer provisioning of customer firewalls and switches both stand-alone and virtual.
  • Led project to consolidate network segments and convert configurations from EOL platforms.
  • Coordinated and completed infrastructure maintenance events to restructure the network.
  • Led evaluation of products to meet PCI certification as a company and for our customers.
  • Provided 24/7 top tier support for all network security issues for both infrastructure and customer equipment.
  • Investigated and resolved many network and system anomalies using tools including capture analysis Wireshark, Splunk, tcpdump, syslog .
  • Performed pre-audit reviews and provided support and documentation to auditors
  • Authored several company policies approved by the review board for adoption.

Senior Network Security Engineer

  • Lead engineer on team responsible for administration and management of the network security infrastructure for the company world-wide. Research, design and implement solutions improving network performance and security.
  • Led project redesigning the company's Internet edge to integrate application layer firewalls with IPS technology, dynamic routing OSPF , and active-active configurations minimizing customer impact in the event of a problem.
  • Project lead for system migrations to firewall protected networks to meet VISA and PCI audit requirements
  • Performed day-to-day monitoring, and administration of all security and network devices of the company
  • Integrated security devices with SIM solution providing event correlation for security events across the network
  • Investigated and resolved many network and system anomalies
  • Performed pre-audit reviews and provided support and documentation to auditors
  • Edited and authored several sections of the company's network security policy.
  • Developed utilities and scripts including a configuration management system providing quick notification of any configuration modification
  • Provided 24/7 top tier support for all network and network security related issues.
  • Mentored and managed junior network engineers

Network Security Engineer,

  • Provide network security engineering expertise and support to the command's network infrastructure. Develop technology roadmaps, implement new network solutions, maintain current infrastructure, and troubleshoot issues as needed.
  • TS/SCI security clearance obtained September 2002.
  • Network Security and Network Team Technical Lead overseeing four enterprise-level classified networks
  • Engineered, implemented, and maintained a standardized network design
  • Team representative on directorate level IT Contingency and IT Forum consortiums
  • Performed day-to-day monitoring, and administration of all network equipment and network security devices
  • Site expert for firewall, IDS, IPS, web monitoring, and email security technologies
  • Performed network analysis for security review and compliance testing, and worked with auditors to complete official reports
  • Performed penetration tests including detailed scans, and password strength tests
  • Traced down and resolved difficult network problems and anomalies affecting system and/or network performance
  • Maintained network change documentation, implemented security change approval process, and authored SOPs
  • Coded scripts and programs to speed daily operations
  • Provided on-call upper tier support to internal and external customers
  • Division Employee of the Year 2005, Letter of Commendation from site Commander, outstanding service awards

Lead Programmer/Software Developer

  • Develop video game software in accordance with the company's release schedule, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Developed Chess and Poker simulations integrating 3rd party databases into the simulation AI
  • Engineered solution for automated software updating across the internet
  • Lead Programmer for a 3D Robin Hood real time strategy game
  • Developer for Mascot University, a children's title released in August 2001
  • Develop knowledge of network security issues and approaches in support of project efforts.
  • Configured network architecture for lab and setup hardware and software
  • Researched/designed system creating a virtual customer network on which to test hacker attacks
  • Developed software allowing quick reconfiguration of network and hardware resources
  • Improved technical writing skills by revising the overall system design document
  • Perform various network administration tasks for the hospital's intranet.
  • Worked to improve batch processing of patient records for off-site data backup

Software Systems Engineer,

  • Develop an understanding of computer networks and the company's computer network technologies.
  • Created a network technology migration model for several large phone companies
  • Helped to secure a major contract with a large phone company for network migration

IT Technician,

  • Learned how to build computers from components, and to troubleshoot/fix various computer issues
  • Performed network administration tasks with local school systems
  • Setup and had to reprogram library bar code readers to parse bar codes correctly

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