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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

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San Jose, CA


  • Network Engineer wif 7+ years of experience in Cisco/Juniper Networking, Security which includes designing, deployment and providing network support, installation, troubleshooting and analysis for a broad range of Routing/Switching protocols.
  • Expertise in teh analysis, implementation, troubleshooting & documentation of LAN/WAN architecture, Cisco wireless network and IP services.
  • Worked extensively in configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco and Juniper Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Protocols.
  • Extensive understanding of TCP/IP model, OSI model, Layer 2, Layer 3 technologies and Data - com and Telecom technologies.
  • Thorough understanding of different network management system like Cisco prime, Solar wind, Wireshark, HPNA and CPMIT.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on IP Addressing, Subnetting, VLSM and ARP, Ping Concepts.
  • Knowledge on Cisco Router 2800, 2900, 3700, 3800, 7200, 7600 series/Catalyst Switches C6500, C4500, C4900, C3750, C2900 series, Nexus 2K/3K/5K/7K switches and Juniper J series j230, M 320 and MX960 routers .
  • Thorough understanding of juniper SRX 5400/3600/3400 , Palo Alto firewalls PA- 7050/5050/5020 , Checkpoint firewalls security GWs & Management servers, Cisco ASA Firewalls 5500/ 5550/ 5545/5585 , Cisco PIX Firewall 525, Cisco Firepower 2100 and 4100 series, Juniper NetScreen Firewall 1000 series.
  • Expertise on different firewall management systems PANORAMA, JUNOS Space, NSM, Smart Dashboard etc.
  • Experience in layer-3 Routing and layer-2 Switching. Dealt wif Nexus models like 9K, 7K, 5K, 2K series, Cisco router models like 7200, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 2500, 1800 series and Cisco catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, 3500, 2900 series switches.
  • Switching tasks include VTP, ISL/802.1q, IPSec and GRE Tunneling, VLANs, Ether Channel, Trunking, Port Security, STP and RSTP.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Juniper Routers (J, M and MX-series), QFX-series Routers/Switches, EX Series Ethernet Switches.
  • Provided services in many industries such as Consulting, Telecommunications and IT Infrastructure. Specializing in LAN, WAN, WLAN, and Data Center networks.
  • Extensive knowledge wif VLAN’s, Trunking, STP, RSTP, PVST+, SNMP, Ether Channels (LACP, PAgP), Port Security, ACL’s, QoS, Traffic Policing, Shaping rate, CDP, LLDP.
  • Well experienced in configuring HSRP, GLBP, ICMP, IGMP, PIM, PPP, PAP, OSPF, CHAP and SNMP.
  • Worked on administration & diagnostics of LAN, WAN networks, DNS, DHCP server.
  • Experience and knowledge on wireless networks and Networks simulators, debug tools and Cisco IP Telephony Systems.
  • Worked on SD-WAN and SDN related issues and troubleshoot it. Also worked on Viptela SD-WAN deployment.
  • Worked wif teh team to design and implement industry leading SD-WAN infrastructure to provide secure WAN connectivity.
  • Extensive hands-on experience wif 802.11 a/b/g/n standards and strong knowledge about IPv4 and IPv6.


Cisco Routers: 1800, 2500, 2600, 2800,3600, 3800, 4000, 7200, 7600

Cisco Catalyst Switches: 1900, 2900, 3560, 3750, 4500, 6500

Cisco Nexus switch: 9K, 7K, 5K and 2K

Juniper Firewalls: SRX-240, SRX-3400, SRX-3600, SRX-5800

Palo Alto Firewalls: PA-7050, PA-5050, PA-5020

F5 Loadbalancers: BIG IP F5 i10800, i5800 and i4600

Routing Protocols: RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, iBGP, eBGP

Application Protocols: DHCP, DNS, TFTP, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, ICMP, SMTP, SSL, IPV4, IPV6

LAN Protocols: VLAN, VTP, Inter-VLAN Routing, Private VLAN, VTP, STP,VDC,VPC, VRF, OTV, VSS,Ethernet/ Fast Ethernet/ Gigabit Ethernet networks, 802.1Q, 802.1X

WAN Technologies: Frame Relay, X.25, ATM, MPLS, E1/T1/DS1/DS3, L3VPN, VRF and MPBGP, PPP, ISDN

Firewalls: Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA/PIX/Firepower, Juniper SRX, Juniper (Netscreen)

Management/ Monitoring Tools: Solar Winds, Wireshark, HP-Open view, Cisco Prime, Remedy, HPNA, SNMP, Syslog, CPMIT, Putty, Cacti, Whatsup Gold Mercury change control, Mac track, HP service center

Documentation/ Design tools: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Power Point, MS Project.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Participate in planning & design of Network Management capabilities.
  • Extensive use of eBGP, iBGP OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, IPSEC VPN ACL, NAT, HSRP, VLAN Management, and STP.
  • Expertise in documentation including technical and process standards, specifications, and reports to management such as weekly project status and monthly status.
  • Experience in ASR 9010, ASR 903, ASR 1K, ISR 2921, 3800, 7200, 7600 routers and Cisco Catalyst 6807, 4503, 3650, 3850, 2960XR, 2600, 2800, 2750, 3500, 3750.
  • Proficiency wif configuration and troubleshooting of routing protocols - RIP V1/V2, OSPF, BGP v4, VRRP, MPLS, RSVP, LDP.
  • Worked on different ticket related issues using different ticketing system like Service now, Service-desk and JIRA.
  • Worked on Palo Alto Migration project, migrated wif a team from predominantly Juniper environment to Palo Alto global solution as a part of data center migration. Also worked on web filtering for egress Palo Alto Firewalls.
  • Worked wif teh installation of Palo Alto firewalls 7050 as a part of datacenter implementation. Also worked on HA configuration of pair of PA-7050 and successfully implemented it.
  • Test Bed planning (test case and test design procedure) and preparation for high level scenarios documents (HLD), Low Level Design documents (LLD); Tested, Analyzed and evaluated device-generated protocol traffic for validity and realism (network layer 2 and 3 and a multitude of application protocols).
  • Designed and simulated customer enterprise network topologies in collaboration wif escalation and systems engineers and executed manual and automated tests.
  • Used teh Cisco DDTS bug tracking system to report and track bugs.
  • Worked on SD-WAN and SDN related issues and troubleshoot it. Also worked on Viptela SD-WAN deployment.
  • Worked wif teh team to design and implement industry leading SD-WAN infrastructure to provide secure WAN connectivity.
  • Providing network design solution for software defined networks (SDN). Hands on experience on SDN policy management.
  • Designed and executed testing procedures like Factory Acceptance Test, Integrated facility Test for teh hardware and connectivity.
  • Support a corporate voice infrastructure using all of teh following Cisco technologies: Call Manager, Unity, Voice Gateway, LAN routing & switching, wireless, and QoS.
  • Good knowledge of Cisco Video infrastructure and QoS.
  • Ongoing moves, adds, changes to ISE solution.
  • Provide level 2/3 support for ISE related issues.
  • Monitoring and alert management of all components related to teh ISE solution.
  • Knowledge of different operating systems for network devices such as Cisco IOS/XR/XE/NX-OS, JunOS & Arista EOS.
  • Installing, configuring and performing IOS upgrades.
  • Good understanding of Packet Generator Tool such as IXIA and Wireshark.
  • Configuration, Validation and provision all Layer-2 and Layer-3 Protocols (VLAN, VTP, LDP, PAGP, LACP, L2TP, MPLS, QOS, ACL, BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP) on Ipv4 networks.
  • Develop a common NM (Network Management) design to support various Data Services.
  • Perform design and integration of Network Management system using Cisco Prime Infrastructure for Service Assurance, Service Provisioning and Network simulation.
  • Proficient wif TCP/IP, NAT, HSRP, VRRP, IPSEC and DNS.
  • Working knowledge of all aspects of Network Management domain including full FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) functions.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Network Engineer


  • Day to day network monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting in 24/7 global LAN/WAN service provider, datacenter and enterprise network support environment. Configure, deployment & Troubleshoot SRX, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, and Netscreen FWs.
  • Worked on different ticket related issues on service-now, service desk and JIRA ticketing system
  • Performed regular Firewall duties like staging & pushes FW policies and Performed troubleshooting. Also opened JTEC and Cisco TEC to troubleshoot issues
  • Converted checkpoint VPN rules over to teh Cisco ASA solutions, Migration wif Cisco ASA VPN experience and fails over. Also worked on IDS/IPS modules.
  • Providing technical security proposals, Security Presentation, Installing and configuring ASA firewalls, VPN networks and redesigning customer security architectures.
  • Hands on Cisco Layer 2 & 3 switches (spanning tree, VLAN).
  • WAN Infrastructure running OSPF as core routing protocol.
  • Lead all deployment and move projects (Installation new hosts, relocate production hosts, system upgrade etc. and bring up new hosts in production environment).
  • Projects planning, manage require materials and generate tickets to teh different related team.
  • Plan and install data center network & server hardware according to present and future requirements.
  • Calculating metrics to analyze teh performance of teh data center technical staff.
  • Executed test cases including slight modification of testing scripts during regression testing
  • Summarized and presented teh test results to project management team every week.
  • In-depth expertise in teh implementation of analysis, optimization, troubleshooting and documentation of LAN/WAN networking systems. F5 Load balancer LTM.
  • Planning and configuring teh routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, and Static Routing on teh routers.
  • Assist teh team and perform configuration of LAN/WAN technologies such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Palo alto Firewall troubleshooting and policy change requests for new IP segments that either come on line or that may have been altered during various planned network changes on teh network
  • Configured and maintained IPSEC and SSL VPN’s on Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Audited Firewalls, Switches, Load balancers and Routers for security threats and implemented corrective measures to eliminate teh risk
  • Palo Alto design and installation (Application and URL filtering, Threat Prevention, Data Filtering)
  • Experience working wif F5 load balancer, its methods, implementation and troubleshooting on LTMs and GTMs.
  • Manage and support all F5 LTM's in pre-production and production environments.
  • Designing and deploying F5 LTM load balancer infrastructure.
  • Windows Server 2012 administratorthat managed AD, DNS DHCP and me introduced new DHCP scopes and WSUS.
  • Network administratorthat managed teh Cisco switch environment. Mainly did VLAN and port group configurations where necessary.
  • Main contact for ISP troubleshooting and global DNS management.
  • Installation, Maintenance, Administration and troubleshooting of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6 and Solaris 9/10 systems.
  • Performed automated installations of Operating System using Kickstart for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6 and Jumpstart for Solaris 9/10 Linux.
  • In-depth expertise in teh implementation of analysis, optimization, troubleshooting and documentation of LAN/WAN networking systems.
  • Worked on IOS, IOS-XR, JunOS and Arista EOS.
  • Supported nationwide LAN infrastructure consisting of Cisco 4510 and catalyst 6513.
  • Configured port-fast, uplink fast and other spanning tree features.
  • Created Lab demonstrations for new technology deployments wif loaner equipment from various vendors and presented teh findings to upper management.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Network Engineer


  • Troubleshooting of complex LAN/WAN infrastructure that include routing protocols IS-IS, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP.
  • Actively involved in switching technology Administration including creating and managing VLANS, port security 802.1x, trunking 802.1Q, RPVST+, Inter-VLAN routing and LAN security on Cisco Catalyst switches Cisco Nexus Switches and Arista switches.
  • Performed Switching related tasks included configuration VTP for inter-VLAN routing, Ether Channel (LACP & PAGP) and RPVST for loop prevention.
  • Worked on FC (Fiber channel) and FCoE (Fiber channel over Ethernet) and troubleshoot issues related to it.
  • Network layer tasks included configuration of IP Addressing using FLSM, VLSM for all application and servers throughout teh company.
  • Managed all network and devices to include Cisco routers, switches, VPNs, SSL, Cisco Pix, and Cisco ASA.
  • WAN infrastructure running OSPF and BGP as core routing protocols
  • Network administrator for Cisco switches, routing, Firewalls and web filtering.
  • Configured Cisco 7200 routers which were also connected to Cisco ASA security appliances providing perimeter based firewall security. Worked on Intrusion detection & prevention (IDS/IPS).
  • Installed, configured and maintain wif teh latest updates on teh 3500 and 6509 Cisco switches and 3600 and 4000 routers.
  • Deployment of Cisco 6500 switches in standalone and VSS modes wif SSO and NSF
  • Involved in implementation of trunking using Dot1Q and ISL on Cisco catalyst switches.
  • Worked in configuration and extension of VLAN from one network segment to other segment between different vendor switches (Cisco, Juniper)
  • Involved in design and implementation of data center migration.
  • Experience in configuring virtual device context in nexus 7010.
  • Migrated Cat 6500 series switches to Nexus 5K.
  • Experience in configuring, upgrading and verifying NX-OS operation system wif OSPF, BGP.
  • Implementation and troubleshooting virtual private networks VPNs
  • Configuring DMVPN’s on HUB routers to teh customer routers.
  • Configured AAA wif TACACS+ server. Implement and maintain user accounting, authentication and authorization using RADIUS and TACACS+ server in windows server 2008 and server 2010.


Network Engineer


  • Prompt technical support to customers on Routers and Switches and Co-ordinated wif engineering teams on operational system expansion.
  • Responsibly for monitoring network performance in order to maintain excellent network stability and smooth running of teh network.
  • Design & Implementation, Operational support of L2-L3 protocols such as TCP/IP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, DSCP, BGP, ARP, STP, etc.
  • Maximize network performance by remote monitoring, troubleshooting network problems and collaborate wif network architects on network optimization.
  • Involved in infrastructure system testing, interface testing, test analysis, integration testing, performance verification, and final system validation testing.
  • Designed, Performed and implemented of LTE Protocols Layers and 802.11a/g/n Wireless services.
  • Carried out extensive lab analysis and integration testing of network elements and provided technical assistance to third-party and client operational staff.
  • Assisted teh Network Administrator wif ongoing preventative maintenance of workstations on teh network Conducted daily backups of network files and test on a regular basis.
  • Wired as well as wireless connectivity network establishment using D-Link Routers Implement and manage IP network devices including Routers, Switches and Hubs.
  • Set up and manage Local Area Networks and VLANs to provide seamless network access.
  • Helped organizing and implement teh help desk as directed by teh Director of Internal Information Systems.
  • Delivered, set-up, and provided outstanding technical support of departmental audio and video visual equipment.
  • Routing and remote access (Telnet, SSH), Network design, wiring/cabling and setting configuration of LAN wif a server.
  • Performing activities related to network technology (network architectures LAN and WAN, TCP/IP, switches, hubs, routers, network protocols).
  • Set up Conference Rooms wif audio visual needs, such as Front & Rear projectors, various type of microphones, Audio mixers, Video Cameras, Polycom's, DVD/VCR players, Televisions, and Gartner Data Conference Call System and outlined mobile networks and troubleshot wireless hardware and software.
  • Maintained and troubleshot connectivity issues using Ping and Trace route.
  • Used Network Monitoring tool to manage, monitor and troubleshoot teh network and Troubleshot LAN related problems, provided desktop support for local and remote end-users.


Network Engineer


  • Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting on Switches, Hubs and Routers and remote support for SSH, TELNET and R-login using Putty.
  • Testing LANs, VLANs, TCP/IP, STP, ARP, Ethernet, OSPF, VPN, DSCP services.
  • Working on Network Configuration, Installation and Device Monitoring using Nagios, handling Power- draw department and checking all FDU units.
  • Working on Different Layers of Ethernet Standardization, Server Assemble and Switch Configuration.
  • Configuring networks using routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, BGP and manipulated routing updates using route-map, distribute list and administrative distance for on-demand Infrastructure.
  • Configuring TCP/IP addressing scheme to assigned IP Blocks.
  • Expert level knowledge about TCP/IP and OSI network models and Experience wif variety of networking protocols.
  • Experience on designing and troubleshooting of complex BGP and OSPF routing problems.
  • Assisting wif installing, terminating and testing cabling such Ethernet, Fiber optics and LAN Cables.
  • Worked wif Network Design and implementation teams on various projects across related to Branch, Data Center and collaborate wif team fixing network misconfigurations, on complex issues customers’ servers.
  • Experience in configuring routing protocols like EIGRP, RIP v2, OSPF & BGP and Cisco ACS protocols and Provided Daily network support for national Wide Area Network consisting of MPLS, VPN and point-to-point site.
  • Provide first line support for service interruptions, LAN cabling issues, power outages, and wireless drops and creating trouble tickets.

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