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Sccm Lead Administrator/ Sr. Application Packager Resume

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  • Experienced in SCCM CB (2012, 1802/1810), MDT, WSUS, Windows Server 2008 R2 \, Active Directory App - v Deployment, DNS, Application Deployment, SQL 2016 \ PowerShell Script Execution on Production Environment.
  • Worked as an End user computing administrator for 8 years to various domain clients and been as SME for my current and previous projects.
  • Administer Microsoft SCCM 2012 environment, including creating or editing security groups, application deployments (query-based collections, advertisements, task sequences, Global Conditions and PowerShell scripts), patch management wif SUG and ADR concept, remediation on production, Server and Client log analysis, upgrade and Project recommendations on current infrastructure.
  • Managed Microsoft SCCM deployments in a large-scale global environment and oversaw deployments of large and complex applications targeted for more clients.
  • Global Administrator and Technical Lead (SME) for corporate SCCM asset management project dat managed software delivery, security updates, application tracking and OS Deployment (Windows 10 \ 7) on Windows systems.
  • Design and implement software packaging, Monthly patching strategies using ADR for windows desktops \ laptops and Tablets.
  • Built Software packaging using SCCM.
  • Experience wif Office 365 deployments and support for cloud services.
  • Managed software distribution projects including Microsoft Security upgrades and Application Deployments.
  • OS deployment of Windows 10 \ 7 utilizing teh Config Mgr 2012/MDT 2012 integration process.
  • Strong experience in package migration from win 10 to win 11 using SCCM 2012&CB, SCCM 2007.
  • 6 years of Software/Application Packaging experience creating, testing and making software and applications available to users using SCCM 2012R2/SCCM 2016/1802& CB.
  • Worked on create teh Windows 10 task sequence using MDT and also update teh drivers and application in added to teh task sequence
  • Extensive experience wif Flexera AdminStudio - repackagedlots of applications using AdminStudio and customized teh applications based on customerrequirementsusing Install shield and Orca .
  • Experience in understanding end user computing environment and providing guidance and recommendations to customer based on industry best practices for Windows OS management, including software deployments, patch management, and OS Deployment
  • System administration tasks in Microsoft Active Directory
  • Assist in teh maintenance and inventory of all equipment, consisting of but not limited to PCs, monitors, laptops, printers and other components;
  • Administer Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange User Accounts, Computers, Resource Rooms, and Cisco phone users.
  • Experience in creating teh setup capture of teh installation and building teh Windows Installer (MSIs) package usingWISE Package StudioandInstall Shield AdminStudio.


Packaging and Virtualization Tools: Wise Packager Studio v 8.0/7.0, Flexera AdminStudio Suite 2012,2016, Microsoft APP-V 4.6SP2, Microsoft APP-V 5.0, Cloudpaging Studio,1E Tachyon, TechPulse, ThinApp, VM Ware.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003

Scripting Languages: Batch Scripting, Wise Scripting, VB Scripting, PowerShell

Management and Deployment: SCCM 2002/1906/1802/1710/2012 , SCCM 2007, Altiris 7.1.



SCCM Lead Administrator/ Sr. Application Packager


  • Managing SCCM Current Brach sites wif 1 CAS and 6 Primary servers, 750 Site systems wif 210K endpoints. Designed and enhanced teh infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting Patching errors, manually fixing failed patches, and performing RCA in collaboration wif Microsoft.
  • Application Packaging experience and in-depth noledge of Flexera Admin Studio in repackaging Legacy setups and customizing 3rd party Vendor MSI's.
  • Experience wif Microsoft Intune/Autopilot environment including device enrolment, implementing, and configuring auto provisioning scenarios, configuring profiles, managing device access and compliance, application management, managing security.
  • Developed Queries/Reports and provided Business Requirement Data (Hardware/Software Inventory) to Process Owners
  • Handling Primary, 75 Distribution points in SCCM CB 1706 Sites wif 10k Client.
  • Win 32 app migration from SCCM to intune including packaging teh old applications.
  • Experience in Repackaging applications, automating package installations and app, package migrations from MECM to Intune environments.
  • Experience in auto pilot/ intune implementation wif nearly 20000 clients.
  • Worked wif CMG (Cloud Management Gateway)
  • Involved in-console upgrade to latest versions (MECM 2002, 2010 HF & 2107).
  • Experience wif RBA conrtrols(RBAC) for end user performance settings and categorize users rights to teh organization.
  • Sustaining defined compliance SLA in windows Patching continuously.
  • Monitor teh SCCM servers WSUS and troubleshoot teh Sync failures
  • Troubleshooting Patching errors, manually fixing failed patches, and performing RCA in collaboration wif Microsoft.
  • Monitoring Problem ticket for Windows and SMS client problem technical area through Remedy supervisor access. Solving teh problem wifin teh SLA.

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

SCCM Admin/ Sr. Application Packager


  • Upgrade Configuration Manager infrastructure from ; .
  • Installation of endpoint config manager 2010, configuration of Primary Site server, Distribution points, Management point and manage and monitor servers in teh infrastructure.
  • Created User and Device Collections, experienced in selection of when to use User Vs. Device Collections.
  • Created Software Groups in SCCM 2012 for Specific Products, Classifications for Windows 2008R2 and Scheduled deployments.
  • Design and implement software packaging, Monthly patching strategies using ADR for windows 2008/ 2012/ 2016 servers.
  • Experienced in Packaging and deployed various 3rd party vendor applications for servers and workstation .
  • Generated monthly reports for Client Heath and Patch compliance.
  • End to end provisioning processes through MS Intune\MECM including images, software deployment, and patching.
  • Install, configure, test and maintain new MDM (Microsoft Intune) application software and system management tools.
  • Worked wif Co-Management feature wifin SCCM including setting up teh compliance policies, Microsoft Intune to manage, configure and deploy applications for various operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.
  • Implemented Unified endpoint management solution for windows and mobile devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MECM, Intune, Autopilot).
  • Worked on Windows server’s issues, failures and resolving accordingly by analyzing teh OSD Log's using CMTrace.
  • Enabled MDM & MAM Auto enrollment for Intune, configured configuration & compliance policies.
  • Provided professional customer service on MDM device enrollment and deployment methods.
  • Appication and image virtualization using cloudpaging studio and AppsAnyWhere for differents windows workstations.(Includes Windows 7/10 desktops)
  • Acquired good skill in vulnerability management program in all teh clients, servers/ workstations.
  • Troubleshot OS, Application, encryption deployment failures; provided root cause analysis and solutions.
  • Hands on wif 1E - Tachyon(Endpoint remediation tool), Advanced version of TechPulse, proactive device monitoring, and setup policies.
  • Vulnerability investigation and remediation wif IT operations security endpoint devices(Windows desktops servers, Mobile devices) using tools like 1E's Tachyon, Brinqa STMP.
  • Migrated and worked on cloudpaging studio for packaging and virtualizing nearly 20+ applications and its upgrades.
  • Migrated SCCM infrastructure workloads to azure platform and experience in cloud based windows machines.
  • Experience in packaging office 365 using cloudpaging studio like add-ins and few special options as requested by client.
  • CreatedWindows Installersetup packages(MSIs) on Windowsserver platform and modified theMSIsusingWise Package Studio 6.0
  • Created Transforms (MST) Using Admin Studio Tuner.
  • Using PowerShell Scripts for application custom installations/uninstallations through PsADK toolkit.
  • Software compliance reports using SQL database and Power BI for service review presentations.
  • Worked proficiently on VB Scripts, Wise Scripts, power shell and Batch Script for customizing applications, Windows Registry, File System, Services, Devices, Hardware Drivers, Security, Active directory, SCCM, App-V and windows.
  • Used VMware Workstation to package teh application on a clean virtual image.
  • Create and manage VMware Snapshot to facilitate teh packaging process.

Environment: SCCM 2007/2012, CB, Flexera Admin Studio, Cloudpaging Studio, Azure, Windows 2008/2012/2016 servers, PowerShell, VBScript, MDT 2012, Power BI

Confidential, GA

SCCM Admin/ Sr. Application Packager


  • Designed, built, tested, configured and implemented SCCM 1802.
  • Primary responsibilities included operating system deployment (OSD), Software distribution using CM 1810 and administrating Active Directory
  • Created and tested SCCM 2012 automated applications for SCCM 2012 deployment.
  • Created Customized reports for deployment status for Applications and Software updates in SCCM 2012.
  • Managed different co-management workloads of device management for SCCM & Intune clients.
  • Created and experienced in selection of when to use User Vs. Device Collections.
  • Worked on monthly reports for checking Client Heath and Patch compliance.
  • Troubleshooted Distribution Points and WMI related issues and its configurations.
  • Worked on Windows 10 OSD issues, failures and resolving accordingly by analyzing teh OSD Log's using CMTrace.
  • Windows update deployment through WSUS/SCM on client workstations and servers.
  • CreatedWindows Installersetup packages(MSIs) on WindowsXP/Win 7platform and modified theMSIsusingWise Package Studio 6.0
  • Used Wise Package Studio Setup Capture tool to take teh snapshot of teh pre-install and post-install and capture teh changes
  • CreatedMSTs for both teh in-house applications and vendorMSIsto modify and package them as per teh organizations packaging procedure manual
  • BuiltUpgrades and Patches (MSP)according to teh package requirement
  • Worked wif App-v Sequencer and Client for sequencing, streaming, testing and troubleshooting virtual applications.
  • Successfully published teh App-V Packages using App-vManagement Console in Production environment.
  • Tested and launched teh published applications in App-v client workstations using App-V Client.
  • Troubleshooting teh application using ORCA to resolve teh Internal Consistency Errors (ICEs)
  • Created USMT task sequence to capture and restore user specific data for remote users
  • Captured windows 7 x64 images using SCCM OSD build and capture reference method.
  • Package applications for Configuration Manager 2012 to migrate from SCCM 2007/HPCA environment.
  • Created Applications, Deployment types and Collections for Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Using PowerShell Scripts for application custom installations/uninstallations.
  • Perform UAT for applications packaged for CM12.
  • Troubleshoot application issues.

Environment: Flexera, AdminStudio, Windows 7/10, SCCM 2007/2012,CB,Intune,Office 365 Products, RCT Community, SQL 2016, Active Directory 2012,, PowerShell, VBScript, MDT 2012, AppsAnyWhere.


SCCM Admin/Application Packager


  • Enterprise application upgrades, support, troubleshoot deployment and settings of new and old software.
  • Extensive experience wif installing/troubleshooting and configuring windows 2008, windows 2003 servers
  • Repackaging of teh legacy applications to create windows installer packages using Flexera's Install Shield AdminStudio.
  • Installing hot fixes, security updates using SCCM and WSUS.
  • Patch deployment using SCCM.
  • Used SCCM 2012 for Software Distribution for traditional applications and App-V streaming.
  • Created basic query based collections in SCCM 2012.
  • Sequenced Applications using Microsoft Sequencer 5 and 4.6. Converted over 150 applications to Virtualized applications using App-V 5.0.
  • Created documentation templates for APP-V Sequence recipes, Repacked applications in AdminStudio and for general troubleshooting sequences.
  • Package applications using Wise Package Studio, Install Shield, VBScript.
  • Package, test and configure applications for Citrix Terminal Server Repackaged applications in MSI format for Windows XP and Win 7.
  • Created Snapshots using AdminStudio Repackager for various vendor setups.
  • Created Transforms (MST), Merge Modules (MSM) and Patches (MSP) according to teh package requirement.
  • Created Transforms (MST) Using Install Tailor, Orca.
  • Involved in gathering Software, Hardware Inventory and preparing summery for discovered Software and Hardware Components.
  • Communicating wif internal Discovery Team and Deploy team to collect requirements related to Packaging and Software Distribution.
  • Communicating wif users from different Business Units to gather technical and general requirements for packaging.
  • Write Documentation for packages (.MSI application)
  • Responsible for building SCCM server
  • Trouble shoot MSI packages deployed to users.
  • Used various VB scripts to apply custom actions for teh packages requiring special needs.
  • Packaged teh applications to follow teh Client standards to make sure teh permission issues and shortcut issues.
  • Worked on SCCM 2007 for advertising and distribution of packages.
  • Created reference Images and deployed to workstations using SCCM OSD.

Environment: Windows 7, Windows Xp,Wise Package Studio 8.0, AdminStudio 10.0,, AppV 5.0/4.6, InstallShield, AdminStudio 11.5, SCCM 2007/2012,WMI

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