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Sr. Storage And Backup Admin Resume

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Middletown, OH


  • Over 12 years of experience on SAN, System Administration, Backup and Disaster Recovery experience, Linux Administration,StorageArchitecture, NAS and SANStorageAdministration and VMware administration.
  • Enterprise level experience working with NetBackup, Backup Exec, Avamar, Networker on Windows and UNIX (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP - UX) platforms.
  • Profound Experience in Storage Hardware Vendors NetApp, Hitachi, EMC and Brocade & Cisco Fiber Channel Switches.
  • Hands on Experience with NetApp Filers FAS 3140, FAS 3270, FAS 3020, FAS 3070, FAS 6210, FAS 6040, FAS 6080, V6210, FAS 920, E5400, CX3-40, CX3-80, CX-480, Symmetric VMAX - 10K & 20K, series of arrays, HUS 110 and 130 series of arrays, USPV and Data Domain.
  • Experienced on configuring and maintaining complex Symantec NetBackup 7.X/6.X large scale IT Infrastructure including VMware and windows cluster environment. Expertise with upgrade of Symantec NetBackup application from version 5.x to 6.x and also 6.5 to 7.0, 7.5 Installation, configuration, administration, and maintenance of Symantec NetBackup large scale Environments
  • Experienced in Symantec Pure Disk technology, Accelerator, Multi-streaming and Multiplexing and developed and implemented processes and risk controls for backup, onsite/offsite storage, tape inventory management and tape rotations.
  • Hands of experience working on vStorage API, MS-SQL, Oracle RMAN Backups, Exchange Backups, NDMP Backups.
  • Experienced with different vendor Storage Tape Libraries, Data Domain, and VTL's and administered timely resolution of trouble calls where the core issues related to connected storage arrays - EMC, Hitachi, NetApp filers, fiber channel switches, HBA, FA/SA, Backend Disk Adapter and fiber channel tape (NDMP) devices
  • Hands on experience in upgrading drive firmware, Library firmware on Quantum Libraries (i6K, i500 series) and IBM Libraries (TS3500, TS3100) and VTLs and hands on experience working on NetApp SAN, NAS environments on 7-mode and Cluster Data ONTAP Systems.
  • Experienced in NetApp Data ONTAP 7.x, 8.x configurations, SnapManager for SQL server, SnapMirror - VSM, QSM, storage planning, data management, disaster recovery planning best practices and testing.
  • Experienced in Installation, Configuration and integration of NetApp filers with the Windows and UNIX environment and Configured Export Policies, Namespaces, Flash pools, created LIF's
  • Performed Data ONTAP Data protection online Backup and Recovery using SnapMirror, SnapVault, Volume Copy, SyncMirror and disaster recovery using Snap Restore and created aggregates, volumes, Qtrees and LUNS in SAN and NAS environments and provisioned storage to different teams on their requirements
  • Strong working knowledge on different NetApp technologies like Snapshots, Flexvol, Thin provisioning, Deduplication, OSSV, DFM - Operations Manager, Protection Manager and Provisioning Manager, OnCommand Insight Balance, Vfilers and SnapRestore technologies.
  • Experienced in non-disruptive upgrading of the firmware (shelf, disk, BIOS and DATA ONTAP).
  • Worked with Hitachi arrays (USPV) on creating Ldevs and allocated them to different OS platforms and maintenance of HDS arrays.
  • Expertise in building the SAN Networks, Fiber Channel Cabling, installing, configuring, administration of Brocade 200E, 5300 DCX 4S and DCX Back Bone Switches., Cisco MDS 9216 switches.


SAN APPLICATIONS/SOFTWARE'S: Symantec NetBackup, Backup Exec, Networker, AVAMAR, SNAPMIRROR, SNAPVAULT, Volume Transition Wizard, 7-Mode Transition tool, SM SQL, SME, SMVI, Snap Drive, ONCOMMAND System Manager, ONCOMMAND Insight (SANSCREEN), ONCOMMAND Work Flow Automation, ONCOMMAND Unified Manager, SANTRICITY ES storage manager, MPIO, VMware VSphere - VSC, Snap Drive, NetApp Management Console- Performance Advisor, DFM - Operations, Protection, Provisioning Manager, ECC, NAVICLI, Fabric/Device Manager, Storage Scope, Celera Manager, NAVISPHERE Analyzer, VMOTION Technology, Interoperability Matrix tool, Smart Solve and MY ASUP tool. Hitachi Command Suite (HCS), Hitachi Storage Navigator (HSNM), Hitachi Device Manager (HDM)

STORAGE: FAS 270, FAS 3020 and FAS 3070, FAS 3140, FAS 3270, FAS 6210, FAS 6070, V 6210, E5400, NEARSTORE R200's.Vfilers, EMC CLARIION CX300, CX700, CX3/4 series, VNX - 5100, 5300, SYMMETRIX … DMX … Celera … Hitachi USP-V, USP, Data Domain

PLATFORMS: DATAONTAP, Microsoft Windows® operating systems, Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu), VMware ESX, AIX

NETWORKING: Cisco MDS 3541, 9516, 5430 Brocade 3200, 3250, 3800, 5120, 4800 And MCDATA 3232, 6064.

LANGUAGES: UNIX Shell Scripting, Java script, VB script, C#, VB.net, Java, HTML


Sr. Storage and Backup Admin

Confidential, Middletown, OH


  • Day to Day Management of the Backup Systems running Symantec NetBackup 7.6x, Backup Exec 2012 and TSM as well as EMC Networker for both Windows and Red Hat, Unix, Solaris.
  • Upgraded NetBackup from 7.1 to 7.5 and then to 7.6 on both the Unix/Windows Master and Media servers.
  • Worked on licensing VMware backups with VMware team in creating policies and managing them also worked with UNIX, DB Teams and Teams across many platforms to provide backup needs.
  • Managing backup policies, volume pools for daily, weekly & monthly backups including storage life cycle policies and worked on Symantec Pure Disk technology with accelerator license option.
  • Worked IBM, Sun Microsystems StorageTek and Quantum Tape Library maintenance and configurations as well as VTL configuration.
  • Work on vStorage API, BMR, Symantec OST as well as agent backups (Oracle RMAN, NDMP, SQL, Virtual servers etc.)
  • Worked on upgrading library/drive firmware on Quantum libraries and IBM libraries and worked with Iron Mountain on physical Tape Rotation.
  • Migrated Master and Media server disks from Hitachi (HUS 130) to E-series and configured backups accordingly.
  • Performed migrations from 7-mode systems to C-mode systems using VTW & 7-Mode Transition tool and Did ONTAP upgrades from 8.0.2P1 to 8.1.1P1 and 8.1 to 8.2P2 versions
  • Worked on both NetApp SAN & NAS environments, Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees, LUNs, igroups, added CIFS shares to Windows and NFS exports to UNIX hosts as per the requirements.
  • Worked with Hitachi arrays (USPV) on creating Ldevs and allocated them to different OS platforms and maintenance of HDS arrays.
  • Worked on Setting up and decommissioning the NetApp filers as per the KB article, Also troubleshoot CIFS, NFS performance issues of NetApp filers.
  • Added and configured new NetApp disk Shelf's (model DS4243), Hitachi HDU's to expand the Storage Array Capacity.
  • Worked on cabling during storage allocation and also while adding the client to backup network
  • Experience working on Snap Mirror migrations, migrated the data from the source to the destination as per the user requirements, enabling the compression/throttling.
  • Worked on OnCommand Unified Manager - Operations, Protection and Provisioning Manager. Configured the alerts on NetApp filer, collected the performance reports using Operations manager.
  • Proficiently exhibited zoning on Brocade and Cisco SAN switches. Performed weekly zone pushes on Brocade 5000 Series and Cisco 9509 switches.
  • Worked with VMware team in resolving issues and maintaining a good relationship between teams.

Environment: Netbackup, BackupExec, NetApp Filers FAS3270, FAS3140, FAS3240, FAS2050, FAS6080FAS6070, FAS6040, Vseries, NearStore, HDS Array(USPV), Snap Mirror, Snap vault, OSSV, Snap drive, Sync mirror, Snap manager, Snap lock, Snap Restore, Flexvols, Connectrix Manager, Snap View, Mirror View, SanCopy, Symantec, Brocade Silkworm, Cisco MDS, McData 3232, 6064, Windows 2003/2008, Solaris 10.

Sr. Storage and Backup Admin

Confidential, Malvern PA


  • Installed and Configured VERITAS NetBackup 6.5 and Upgraded to VERITAS NetBackup 7.1
  • Configured LTO4, LT05 Tapes, NetBackup Policies, Backup Schedules and Full & Incremental Backups on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis for both Windows and UNIX hosts
  • Thorough experience with Tape Libraries (IBM, HP, Quantum, Spectra Logic) and Handled MS-SQL and RMAN Backups in NetBackup Environment.
  • Troubleshoot all issues that impact the backup environment in order to keep backups running and successful and performed typical roles of a backup administrator such as restoring data, setting up new clients, and troubleshooting failing or slow backups.
  • Installed NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM) for reporting. Also upgraded NOM to OpsCenter
  • Troubleshoot all Networks and Systems related issues related for NetBackup Environment and configuring of NAS devices and NDMP Policies accordingly.
  • Imported tapes from different NetBackup domains and restored data and NAS Installation using NetApp Storage (ONTAP) attached to VMware, including CIFS, NFS, Flex vols, Snapshots and SnapMirror
  • Profound experience working on DFM - Operations, Protection and Provisioning Manager. Configured the alerts on NetApp filer, collected the performance reports using Operations manager and did knowledge sharing with the team resolving the L2, L3 issues.
  • Worked on OnCommand Insight Balance - Created the performance reports and configured alerts as per the instructions and discussed with the internal team members.
  • Created Traditional volumes on NetApp filer and migrated data from traditional volumes to Flex Volumes. Also migrate the data from 32-bit to 64-bit using QSM.
  • Used Robocopy, SecureCopy Software to migrate data between windows servers
  • Performed volume migrations, Qtree cutovers, setup different volume options, snap scheds as per the replication bandwidth discussing with the client.
  • Performed the data migrations across the different NetApp filers (FAS series, V series filers) using Volume SnapMirror and Qtree SnapMirror technologies
  • Allocated Ldevs from AMS2300 and USP-v arrays to different OS platforms and Zoning and troubleshooting of Cisco MDS switches.
  • Performed necessary data migrations and replication on Clariion and DMX using San copy and SRDF.

Environment: NetBackup, Backup Exec, Infrastructure consisting of Windows, SUN (Sol8, Sol9. Sol10) /Linux Servers, NetApp Filers FAS 3020, FAS 2000 series arrays, FAS 960, FAS 940, F840c/820c and near store R200, 2 EMC DMX's, 5 Clariion CX series arrays, USP, USP-V, Cisco MDS Switches.

Sr. Storage and Backup Admin



  • Installed, configured and maintained the NetBackup on windows, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux for development, staging and production environment. And also involved in configuration.
  • Upgrading NetBackup from 5.x to 6.x and also managed backup policies, volume pools for daily, weekly & monthly backups.
  • Configuring robots, tape drives storage units and volumes pools and Installed and configured new clients for data protection and created policy for full/incremental automated backups.
  • Configured NetBackup VMware policies for VSphere 4.0 clients and also NDMP backups as required.
  • Performed backup using Disk Backup and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) and maintained Data Domain and Tape storage for backups.
  • Installed, configured and maintained the NetBackup on windows, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux for development, staging and production environment and also involved in configuration.
  • Created aggregates, volumes, Qtrees and LUNS in SAN and NAS environments and provisioned storage to different teams as per the requests.
  • Troubleshoot NFS, CIFS permission issues and fixed ONTAP bugs. Handled performance issues of NAS filer, ran Perfstat against the filer and worked with NetApp TSEs to analyze the root cause of the issues.
  • Worked on Snap Manager products - SME and SM for SQL (in conjunction with Snap Drive) in taking the consistent backups and restoring the data in the event of any data loss.
  • Worked on Snap Manager for Virtual infrastructure, did backups/restoring of VMs and also did P2P and V2V migrations using VMware Vmotion technology.
  • Created aggregates, volumes, Qtrees, LUNS and provisioned the storage as per the client's requirement.
  • Allocated NFS/CIFS/SAN storage from FAS3070/FAS3020/FAS3140 to different OS platforms.
  • Performed Data ONTAP Data protection online backup and recovery using FlexClone, SnapMirror, SnapVault, NDMP copy, SyncMirror and disaster recovery using Snap Restore.
  • Created vfilers for cifs and NFS. Setup the read/write access permissions for customers.
  • Exhibited knowledge on AIX, HP, SUN, and Linux, Windows, VMware, hardware configuration and server configuration for SAN connectivity.
  • Migrated cifs data using eseutil and robocopy from the host side and installed and configured SAN with EMC Director Switches/Edge switches and zoned all Servers.
  • Worked on Clarion CX3 series and allocated Storage to SP ports for mapping the LUN's.

Environment: NetBackup, Avamar, DMX2, DMX3, CX340f, McData, Connectrix manager, CIFS, NFS, SRDF, CX340, cx380, DMX3, MirrorView, SnapMirror, Netapp Filers FAS 2040, FAS 3170, FAS 3040, Navisphere Manager, SANCopy, EMC PowerPath, Fabric Manager, QLogic HBAs, Brocade switches, McData switches, Cisco MDS switches, SRDF/S, BCV, Windows/Unix/Linux/Solaris servers.

SAN Engineer



  • Worked on creation of aggregates, volumes, qtrees, quota management, Near Store administration, NFS exports and Data Migration administration.
  • Administered tools like Filerview, Data Fabric Manager, NMC, SMVI, SME and SnapDrive for managing the NetApp FAS, V series filers.
  • Administered zoning activities, VSAN setup and trunking on the Cisco MDS 9506 and 9509 Multi-Layer Fabric Switches.
  • Assisted the other storage teams in migrate the storage from EMC Clariion Cx3-60 to NetApp FAS 3240 filers. Used Robocopy and Rsync for host-based migrations.
  • Created NFS, CIFS shares from NetApp filers and allocated shares to UNIX and Windows environments respectively.
  • Handled efficiently issues related to Cabling and connectivity in NetApp SAN environment. Installed and configured Host HBA and Drivers. Resolve the issues related to all aspects of FC SAN
  • Dealt with Storage provisioning (LUN creation, Masking, Mapping) in EMC arrays, Installed NetApp frames.
  • Performed and configured the Fiber Channel components/features into a production SAN and administration of NetBackup and Backup Exec.
  • Managing backup policies, volume pools for daily, weekly & monthly backups and troubleshooting the failed backups.
  • Provide reports for the entire backup and tape media and responsible for tracking the tape media from vaulting site
  • Configuring robots, tape drives storage units and volumes pools and worked with EMC and Brocade Engineers for break fixes, firmware and microcode upgrades.
  • Worked on Performance Manager, Storage Scope to generate reports of CX Arrays and created Snaps on Exchange Server for DBA as needed and trouble-shooting SAN problems and taking care of Fabric Manager.
  • Worked on RM (Replication Manager) to consistently migrate the data using different technologies.
  • Installed Time Finder and configured Symmetrix disk groups for BCV operations

Environment: NetBackup, Backup Exec EMC Clariion/Symmetrix, Navisphere, NaviCLI, Networker, SnapView, MirrorView, Powerpath, BCV, SRDF, Zoning, TimeFinder, McData switches/directors, Brocade Directors, EMC control center, Netapp Filers Emulex, QLogic HBA, Microsoft Windows, Linux, AIX servers.

Windows/SAN Admin



  • Worked with UBI technical support group providing end-user support for users dealing with UNIX administration, system installation/upgrades and implementation, networking.
  • Installed the required patches & packages on both workstation and servers.
  • Allocation of NFS/CIFS/SAN storage from FAS3070/FAS3020 to different OS platforms.
  • Open tickets with Netapp customer support to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Created CIFS, NFS, QTrees for Windows and UNIX environment and used Data ONTAP to manage Filer to utilize the storage.
  • Worked on NetApps Filer Volume, QTrees and Quota Management, near store Administration, NFS exports and Data migration Administration.
  • Created hourly, nightly, weekly and monthly snapshots to maintain online backup to recover from accidental deletions, corruptions or modifications of the data.
  • Created and managed SnapMirror for disaster recovery and created reports for capacity management on Netapp filers.
  • Good Understanding of Zoning/LUN/HBA/Fabric switches of SAN technology.
  • Administered Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) using Hitachi Device Manager and Storage Navigator.
  • Remotely replicated data between Hitachi storage systems using TrueCopy.
  • Monitored system performance and tuned the kernel to enhance the system performance and monitored the performance of Network equipment like Switches, Routers and Firewalls.
  • Domain management functions for Windows based systems including managing the primary and backup domain controllers in (Win NT, 2000, 2003).
  • Backup the domain controllers, and perform Windows Server (NT/2000/2003) functions and provided server and client side installation.

Environment: Windows 2000/2003, SUN Solaris 2.x, SUN OS, Red Hat Linux 6.x/7.x, NFS, NIS, DNS, SQL, Shell Scripting, VERITAS Volume Manager 3.5, VCS 3.5, NetApp FAS 2040, FAS 3140, FAS 3070.

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