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Sr. Technical Support Engineer Resume

Plano, TexaS


Over thirty years experience in networking, operating and maintaining enterprise communication systems, testing/support of carrier class networks. Experience in optical transmission equipment, including Nortel OC-48, OC-12, and OC-3, Fujitsu ADM’s, in addition to digital switching equipment. Solid knowledge base in the operation, administration, maintenance, provisioning, and planning of multi vendor networks and facilities. Extensive knowledge of SS7, ISDN, and CAS protocols.

Product knowledge includes: Sun Servers running Sun Solaris, Veraz soft switches, Tekelec STP’s, Media Gateways, Juniper M10, Juniper M7i, Foundry Fast Iron Ethernet switches, Cisco 6500’s, ACME SBC/SBC Transcoder, Convedia Media Servers, Tellabs Titan 5500 and 530 DACS, Fujitsu Flashwave 4300 ADM’s, DMS 250/500/GSP, DMS 250/300’s, SL-1 / Meridian PBX’s, and SL-10, DPN-50 x.25 packet data switches. Tektronics Geoprobe and Spectra SS7 test systems. In addition expertise in the Pre and Post paid calling card platforms and voice mail systems running on the following platforms: SCO Unix, SUN Solaris and IBM OS2. NOC monitoring systems worked on include Netcool, Netsmart, OpenNMS, Remedy, OTRS, TransNav, and TN-Xpert. Also, test and turn-up and maintenance of DS0, DS1, DS3, and Sonet facilities.

CCNA Certification in Process

Confidential, January 2012- Present
NOC Support

Responsible for monitoring the various Transport Systems which include ( Fujitsu, Norte,l Cisco, Ciena, and Tellabs) . The monitoring systems used are NetCool NMS and Tellabs 7194, Nortel Preside, Cisco CTM, Ciena MTM , and Fujitsu Netsmart, EMS’s .

Confidential, September 2010 –January 2012
Tier II / Provisioning Engineer

Responsible for trunk building, test and turn up in a Sonus soft switching network. Troubleshooting of customer problems escalated to the Tier 2 level. Also responsible for provisioning the transport network for the carrier facilities onto a Cisco 15454 network.

Confidential, February 2010 – August 2010

Responsible for the test and turn up of additional bandwidth required for the iPhone/iPad deployments including the verification of configurations in the Ericsson NodeB/Tellabs MSN/Ericsson RNC. Also, performed trunk building in the Nortel ATCA devices which were needed for switch to switch handoff.

Confidential, June 2009 – January 2010

Responsible for the implementation of a commercial NOC offering for Force10 Networks. The NOC utilized Netcool, TransNav, TN-Xpert, Netsmart, and CTC for their monitoring platforms.


Confidential, Dallas Texas June 2001- March 2009
Senior Engineer

Responsible for maintaining network integrity and second level support of Excels network which consisted of Sun Servers, Veraz soft switches, Media Gateways, Juniper M10, Juniper M7i, Foundry Fast Iron Ethernet switches, Cisco 6500’s, ACME SBC/SBC Transcoder, Convedia Media Servers, Tellabs Titan 5500 and 530 DACS, Fujitsu Flashwave 4300 ADM’s , DMS 250/500/GSP and DMS 250/300’s

  • Lead support engineer for customer trouble escalation from the customer service organization.
  • Technical lead for the migration of the legacy network to the next generation VOIP network utilizing Veraz Soft switches.
  • Lead engineer for front end processor hardware upgrades for DMS 250’s and SPM upgrades network wide 9 DMS-250/500 switches
  • Responsible for investigating ISDN, SS7 and other issues related to customer equipment issues.
  • Assisted the planning and provisioning of the circuits in the cutover to the voice over IP switch.

Confidential, Texas 1999- 2001
Engineer-Member of Scientific Staff

Responsible for technical support for the AT&T account supporting the entire suite of Nortel products deployed within AT&T’s network.

  • Member of tiger team for the new SPM product line which included supporting all customers for technical assistance until the other support teams came up to speed.
  • Supported the XA Core hardware conversions/upgrades for entire AT&T network consisting of 80 DMS-250/500 switches
  • Responsible for maintaining the software integrity of the switches and adding newly release patches and hot fixes as necessary.
  • Extensive troubleshooting of AT&T’s TCP/IP switch connectivity.
  • Conducted log traces to monitor problem areas.

Confidential, Texas 1997-1999
Staff Engineer

Responsible for first line support/troubleshooting of Voice Response software issues for the Premier Telco customer base (revenues of $1 million plus). Major customers included Verizon and US West.

  • Responsible for the verification testing and implementation of software patches
  • Lead support engineer for LCI’s 5 Pre and Post paid calling card platforms
  • Lead engineer for the lab and field platform configuration and software loading for LCI’s network.
  • Backup engineer on GTE voice mail platforms

Confidential, Texas 1994-1997
Engineer III

Responsible for the network hardware configurations (including LAN connectivity) for all of MCI’s testing and verification labs to certify incoming software applications.

  • Prime support for call processing for SS7, ISDN, and inband call testing.
  • Lead on call processing testing for major application releases
  • Test case writing and analysis for application releases
  • Documentation of billing templates for product testing

Confidential, Texas 1990-1994
TAC Maintenance Engineer

Confidential, Texas 1985-1990
ESN Node Engineer

Confidential, 1981-1985
Technical Controller

Maintained, SAC and Headquarters USAFE, communications systems Held a Top Secret Security Clearance.

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