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Sr. Network Engineer Resume Profile

Overview: Today's business world is dependent on technology. This technology based business environment requires that business executives understand technology and that technology professionals understand business. Experience, training and commitment have produced expertise in business and technology in both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial environments. I am a Business Technology Expert who can help a company achieve the transformation into total enterprise e-business enablement based on the value technology can bring to business performance and profitability.

Area of Expertise

Business Technology Status Assessment:

Today's businesses need to know how to determine their status in the use of technology to drive their business goals. I have been involved in the development of a total business status assessment methodology as a foundation for identifying technology priorities based on ROI criteria, selecting technology to be added to the business structure based on standards and scalability, and the deployment of technology based on MBO and ROI to minimize risk and optimize value to business performance.

Business Transformation Management:

I have been the Chief Technologist in the design of a e-business enablement transformation methodology. As the Senior Project Manager for multiple clients I have had primary responsibility for conducting the gap analysis to define client e-business status, create the plan to integrate technology into the strategic business plan and establish project priorities, based on ROI criteria to ensure goal attainment.

Technology Problem Solving and Performance Improvement:

  • Companies must escalate technology from a tactical technical issue to a strategic business priority. Most companies face the challenge of having to assess weaknesses in legacy technology, identify risks to their business operations based on aged technology and correct problems made in the past regarding the use of technology.
  • I have gained the reputation as a Trouble Shooter in being able to quickly identify areas of risk and loss for companies misusing technology and find cost effective ways to quickly resolve the problem s . The risk to many companies has been in the millions of dollars and threatened the survival of the business. The solutions I created not only eliminate the risks but also produced a dramatic increase in the company's competitive position, operating performance and profitability.

Current Employment Experience


Technical Infrastructure Solutions Architect

Responsibilities: High level design, Solution design, Network design, Datacenter layout, Infrastructure verification, Deployment automation, Monitoring layout, Performance testing, Support Training handoff for Thomson Reuters Flagship Product: Eikon

Responsibility Highlights:

  • Establishing Maintaining solid relationships with stakeholders at all levels
  • Successfully launched over 11 globally located products with a high level of complexity, start > finish
  • Integrating applications into infrastructure systems
  • Hands on Manager in a Matrix Management environment
  • Proactively reviewing, optimizing and enhancing systems on a Monthly basis
  • Open Source Deployment Automation Engineering for all Eikon America's Products
  • Design, Setup, Implementation, Support of Puppet, Jenkins, Sensu, Nxlogging, Logstash
  • Coordination point for Product, Networking, DBA's, Operations, QA, Support 1st, 2nd , and Architecture
  • Monthly Review of products for automation deployment enhancements
  • Scripting requirements to include installation, configuration, maintenance of packages
  • Implementation Support of Cloud, Dev, Alpha, Beta, Production Puppet Jenkins Servers
  • Kanban Leader for continuously improving our delivery cycles
  • Architecting and re-engineering systems based on industry standards best practices
  • Creating Updating the Process Flows of our FlagShip product in America
  • Following ITIL FMEA processes and procedures for compliancy
  • Risk analysis, identifying inefficiencies and concerns with current systems
  • Develop and Shepherd projects that Reduce Time To Market Reduce Customer Pain Index
  • Design automated build scripts to shorten build cycles to reduce Customer Pain Index
  • Decreased time to market of our product line by enabling internal compliance to dates
  • Team Leader for ISO audits, Service Improvement Plans SIP Training/Mentoring
  • Translate business requirements into detailed architecture and design documents
  • Develop solution cost structure by identifying all cost points including labor, software, and hardware
  • Keeping current with Emerging Technologies, Industry Standards Best Practices
  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills

Technologies Used: Kanban, Agile Methodology, Jira Project Management, Puppet Packaging Deployment, Jenkins, Nagios Zabbix Monitoring, Sensu Monitoring, Netcool Monitoring, Network Network Flows, Cisco Load Balancers, Firewall Expert, Search FAST, Elastic, Big Data Architect, Splunk Logging Mining, Usage Tracking, Nolio Packaging deployment, Elastic Search, HBase, Streams, Redis, Apache Hadoop, Mongo DB, High Availability Database Sys., Oracle Red Had Enterprise, Suse Linux Enterprise, Abinitio, ETL, FAST, GMI, Tivoli, TPM, Bigfix, EPO, DNS, Eikon Views, Collabnet sub versioning, Splunk, .NET app support, Web Cache hardware/software, Reverse Proxy, Usage Tracking, Windows 2008 R SE 64Bit, Windows 2008 EE 64bit, Solaris 8, 10 Virtualization Zones VM , MySQL, NOSQL, HP Management Software, SQL, 2010, SQL 2008, Microsoft Sharepoint , Abinitio, Tibco, Tibco RV, Tibco EMS, VPN, Terminal Server, Disaster recovery, SAN EMC Clarion SAN,NetAPP SAN, HP SAN, IBM SAN , Group policies, SSL, Secure FTP SSH, SFTP , Power Shell, Bash Scripting, Python, JSON, SVN, GIT, , Subversioning, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Office, Veritas Storage Manager, Veritas Cluster Manager, Flash Drives, Server hardware HP, IBM, Dell , PS tools, Network monitor, Process monitor, Wireshark, Ethereal, Fiddler, HP Service Manager, HP Asset Manager, HP Openview, Computer Associates, Peregrine, Cisco, IBM, Checkpoint, Nortel, LDAP, Siebel, Cisco Webex Connect, Cisco Webex, VMWARE, Clarity, Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Virtualization technologies, Storage Solutions, HP Openview, HP Service Manager, Tivoli suite of products GMI, TPM, Webtop , Mcafee EPO, Wiki, Wiki Coding,

Abbreviated Work Experience:


Enterprise Architect

Responsibilities: As Enterprise Architect for Medidata Solutions Inc Assigned to the Production Support group we maintained over 200 production ready IIS SQL servers as well as various System Management Systems. Responsibility for Business Requirement gathering up to the Building of diagrams supporting documentation for all infrastructure projects.


Partner / VP of IT / Infrastructure Architect

Responsibilities: As Architect, Sr. Engineer Sr. Project manager for IND's clients, over 35 organizations ranging from 50 workstations up to over 2000 workstations with global offices, it was my responsibility to manage all projects at each client location from new technology implementations, upgrades, and break fix projects as well as all engineer onsite work based upon industry standards, best practices client expectations.


Remote Access Security Architect

Responsibilities: Joined Schering as an Internal Consultant to Project Manage, Discover, Design, Build, Validate, and bring to market a remote access security concept that would reduce the time to market of any product they were designing or purchasing. This would enable Remote Laboratories to securely upload data based on Strict H21 Hippa


Sr. Systems Engineer

Responsibilities: As 2nd level engineer I provided support for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 related issues including desktop support, installation and the configuration of networking system components. Managed all in house Servers for Ortho Biotech employee's including SQL, Domino, IIS and other crucial servers.


Manager IT Cardiology / Sr. Network Engineer

Responsibilities: As Sr. Network Engineer, I administrated, upgraded and fine-tuned Microsoft Servers, Novell Servers, and Sun MicroSystems Servers. Responsible for all kiosk stations in hospital, remote offices, as well as over 2500 pc's. Managed all Network switches, routers, firewalls designs documentation as well as Managed business requirements

Confidential Implementation Support Manager / Sr. Unix Engineer

Responsibilities: The daily configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of the primary revenue of MovieFone, which consisted of 45 network locations throughout the states, accounting for 150 Unix Servers with DigiBoard technology to answer the 100,000's of phone calls received by MovieFone assisting it's customers with movie show time information.

Business Technologist Expertise

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Product Development
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Business Process Automation
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Technology Strategy, Direction, and Roadmap
  • Program and Project Management
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Problem Resolution
  • Client Customer Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • ETL
  • Data Warehouse Mining
  • Data Forensics
  • Continuous Integration
  • P L Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • ISO 9001/27001 Audits
  • ITIL
  • Off shore dev management
  • Data Network Security
  • Network Monitoring
  • Intrusion and Virus Detection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Telephony / VoIP
  • Network Design Management
  • SAN's, NAS, Data Storage
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Mentoring Training
  • Account Management
  • Deployment Automation

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