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Network Engineer Resume Profile

Network Engineer

A results-driven IT professional with extensive experience in the engineering, administration, and support of information systems. Strong hands-on technical knowledge with CCNP, Security , A , and Network certifications. In-depth expertise in the implementation, analysis, optimization, troubleshooting and documentation of LAN/WAN network systems. Maintains technical expertise in all areas of network and computer hardware and software interconnection and interfacing, such as routers, multiplexers, firewalls, hubs, bridges, gateways, etc.




Provides remote Tier 1 and Tier 2 sustainment/operational support for large, complex network systems in a virtualized environment comprised of OEM hardware platforms. Able to design and plan sustainable network communications systems. Provides specifications and detailed schematics for network architecture. Provides specific detailed information for hardware and software selection, implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to meet business needs, including present and future capacity requirements. Works closely with System Security team to maintain the security posture of systems. Able to test and troubleshoot network designs and perform root cause analysis. Assist in customer support using an in-house ticketing system.

  • Evaluated numerous system network requirements and made appropriate technical recommendations based on system and security standards.
  • Proficient with CISCO Catalyst and Nexus switches to include: updating the IOS on CISCO devices, configuring Network Address Translation NAT tables, and configuring layer 2 and 3 routing, perform basic to in-depth troubleshooting on local and remote systems, create and maintain Access Control Lists ACLs , update network device configurations, perform backups using TFTP, VTP, VPNs, system hardening, etherchannel configurations, system installation
  • Assist IA personnel regarding network security and SSP maintenance. Ensure that the network configuration meets all IA requirements through system hardening and vulnerability patches
  • Support/maintain/administer more than 20 program networks and over 450 servers.
  • Monitor network performance using an in-house ticketing queue system. Successfully resolved over 500 various ticket requests.
  • Performed 5 system installation and deployments for local and remote sites.
  • Ability to set up, administrator and service accounts, maintain system support documentation, performance tuning, install system software and allocate mass storage.
  • Interacts with users to coordinate system maintenance when needed.


  • System Engineer who is part of a deployment team, deploying Intrusion Detection systems to various sites around the world.
  • Successfully constructed 7 Intrusion Detection Systems and deployed 4 IDSs to various sites. Systems included DELL servers, Cisco ASA 5510 Firewalls, Cisco 2960 Switches, IBM Provent a Intrusion Detection hardware, HP serial console switches.
  • Properly configured 7 IDSs with appropriate IP configurations, switch configurations, and firewall configurations that included roughly 80 different hardware items. Systems were installed with Windows 2003 Server Red Hat Linux 5.4 . System hardening was also done on all Red Hat Linux 5.4 operating systems.
  • Created custom documentation of 4 IDSs deployed. Documentation contained rack elevations, a numbered cable/wire list, wiring diagram, inventory, IP/name scheme. Documentation was created using Microsoft Visio, Excel, and Word


  • System Engineer who is responsible for the installation, transportation, coordination, equipment support, and equipment inventory within a site lab.
  • Experienced in the installation of various networking equipment type to include: Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cyclades switches, Hitachi storage devices, Sun servers, Sun storage devices, Brocade fiber channels, power supplies and power strips, Wrightline Racks, Pentair Racks, KVMs, consoles and monitors, IBM servers and storage devices
  • Completed a build of over 100 racks containing various routers, switches, power supplies, cables, storage devices and servers. Equipment was installed based on the system design created with Microsoft Visio
  • Promptly completed over 75 rack and server installations and de-installations at various off-site locations within the Ft. Meade, MD area.
  • Currently responsible for the documentation of equipment layout, rack elevations, network diagrams, network wire lists, and equipment naming convention from over 15 different networking systems, including the local CSC lab.


  • Performed maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on over 100 Multi-functional devices MFDs throughout the Washington D.C., Ft. Meade and Baltimore area.
  • Responsible for the networking, configuration, setup and installation, repair and relocation of over 700 MFDs in the Washington D.C., Ft. Meade and Baltimore area
  • Resolved over 150 REMEDY tickets in response to trouble calls concerning more than 30 different errors with the MFDs

Network and System Administratorv

  • Responsible for coordinating the Navy's computer network and system defenses within the Defense Information Infrastructure through intrusion detection monitoring, information assurance management, and network vulnerability assessments.
  • LAN Technician and System Administrator for the Naval Computer Incident Response Team NAVCIRT in Norfolk, VA for both unclassified and classified networks
  • Experienced in installing and troubleshooting various hardware and components and adjoining them to their necessary domains
  • Efficient with various services to include: Active Directory, Domain Naming System DNS , and Dynamic Host Control Protocol DHCP
  • Experienced with various Windows software to include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows 2000 Professional / Server, Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Windows NT, Windows XP
  • Knowledgeable with databases: Oracle, Remedy, Sentinel E-Security


  • Performed as lead technician and system engineer for a UHF global satellite communications network at NSA Ft. Meade, MD. Implemented over 10 installations in various fixed sites and commands located around the globe.
  • Achieved proficiency with the Promina 400 multiplexing system, including diagnostic testing, administration and troubleshooting.
  • Experienced with multiple types of medium to include: coaxial, heliax, fiber optics, CAT5, BNC, and DB-connectors
  • Experienced at locating and acquiring geo-synchronous satellite signals.
  • Provided over 150 man hours as the on-call duty technician during off duty hours

Technology Summary

  • Hardware:
  • DELL servers/ blade servers/ desktops SUN servers/ laptops HP servers/ blades/ modems IBM Intrusion Detection Systems Cisco ASR 1000 / 6500 / 4900 / 2811 routers Cisco Nexus Switches Cisco 2960 / 3750E switches Cisco ASA 5510 firewall network cards printers scanners Spirent Test Center
  • Systems:
  • Windows 2003 Server / XP / Vista / 7 Microsoft Exchange Server SUN Solaris Linux Red Hat 4.6 and above
  • Protocols and Services:
  • Software
  • Microsoft Office Symantec Ghost Remedy Sentinel E-security Oracle Java Cisco IOS

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