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Senior Network Engineer Resume Profile

Washington D, C

EMPLOYMENT Dovel Technologies

Responsibilities includes the overall system engineering support of the Emergency operations network. Involve network administration of of all EON servers for the FDA. Includes creation of users in Jira and administration of those users. Includes user support and troubleshooting of end-user issues. Performed testing on new eon releases,Responsible for implement EON RFC's and getting them approved. Coordinate with FDA shared services to resolve EON issues in Active Directory. Upgraded all eon systems with customized eon releases both from a client and server perceptive.

Focal Point Technologies

Responsibilities included testing of Disa customized software components for the GCCS system. Testing involved writing test cases and troubleshooting any issues that arise from testing. Tested microsoft service patch releases that have been specially modified for GCCS-J systems. Created reports from the results of the GCCS-J testing and coordinated with other groups to provide analysis of issues in testing .


Senior Network engineer

Responsible for all Heterogeneous storage issues for sun Solaris as they relate to Microsoft and Novell san and nas. Duties include setting up a help desk to respond to client calls and to resolve these issues once in seeds of genius position. Troubleshoot compatibility issues with sun Solaris as it relates to sun Microsystems HBA s and different fiber channel cards. Headed seeds of genius lab that was used to reproduce client issues and later documented those issues. Trained junior engineers use better troubleshoot in a Microsoft environment. Configure Fiber channel switches to facilitate implementation of storage area networks to resolve different sun micro system client problems.


Engineer/computer scientist

Develop testing strategies and subsequent test efforts for the Business Management Modernization Program BMMP and systems that will use the architectures and infrastructures. Support the Joint Interoperability Test Command in their war fighters support mission of assuring interoperability of systems interfaces. Also provides support of system analysis principles, practices and procedures to DOD standards. Develop test plans and reports, Analyze and Reviews requirement documents, conducts tests, analyzes test data/results. Also designs, develops and implements testing methods for system integrations. Plans and arranges equipment required for testing and evaluating standard and special devices. Provides test area with parameters for sample testing and executes tests to be performed. Compiles data and defines changes required in testing equipment, testing procedures, or new testing requirements. Responsible for testing customer samples and for special tests that cannot be performed in the test area. Confidential

Senior Staff Engineer

  • Responsible for performing IT Network Engineering tasks at various government contract sites in the Washington, DC Tri-state region. As Legacy Applications Site Liaison, I was directly responsible for data collection and assessment of all applications. I designed, defined, developed system requirements and lead team in developing a process for testing and proving its performance on NMCI Network. I assessed architecture and hardware limitations and defined and designed complex system specifications, input/output processes, and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility coordinated the design of subsystems and integration of the total system analyzed and resolved difficult and complicated program support deficiencies conducted independent technical investigation in system design coordinated and consolidated design efforts on major projects. My team supported all applications that would be migrating to the new NMCI environment, which encompassed approximately 5,000 applications, both COTS and GOTS. As Pop Manager, I performed tests on legacy applications for all sites in the National Capital Region NCR tested and constantly reconfigured Pop in the box a mobile rack system that consists of a Primary domain controller, backup domain controller, exchange server, a Cisco 1900 switch and a Cisco 2500 router to mimic the future NMCI environment and performed Legacy Application Deployment Readiness Assessment LADRA testing on all applications for the NCR. The testing involved properly functioning claimant applications in the new NMCI network. LADRA entailed testing all Legacy Applications for claimant on a LADRA test seat before it is deployed in the NMCI environment, which involved installing the application, scheduling a user test, and running a network sniffer to document how the application functioned on the NMCI network. Configured, supported, and maintained numerous client server applications. Confidential
  • As Internet Engineer, I was the direct point of contact for field engineers and project managers needing global site change information pertaining to equipment upgrades added, removed or made changes to any routers, switches or placement of devices in a rack made modifications to existing drawings reflecting changes to any global site wrote proposals for equipment being deployed to global sites documented configurations on routers, switches and rack setups. Confidential
  • Technical Manager December As Technical Manager at Environmental Protection Agency EPA contract site, I actively supervised a team of ten engineers and was responsible for help desk efficiency installed and configured Windows NT servers to run lotus notes and DHCP in a mixed Novell, NT environment configured NT server for DNS used HP Openview to monitor various network nodes in a mixed Novell and NT environment migrated six hundred end users email accounts from GroupWise to Lotus Notes 4.5 directed teams of system analysts and general support personnel provided general assistance to the EPA LAN SA certification instructors and onsite technical support and consultation resolved problems for EPA support personnel for NetWare, Token Ring and Ethernet networks administered technical support of Headquarters LAN/ WANs established and configured user accounts, email services, print services, file services and data storage aliases using Active Directory Services and Novell Directory Services and managed day to technical problems. Confidential

Network Engineer

As Network Engineer, I was the primary point of contact for all user and vendor issues concerning the LAN WAN environment configured and supported the hardware/software of internal user s workstation configured Cisco routers 2500, 4500 and Cisco Raptor Firewall and Ascend ISDN routers installed ARC Serve for Novell configured SNMP to monitor network performance installed and configured NT servers as a PDC and a BDC that was integrated into a Novell 4.11 network configured and installed CSC remote access service using NT RAS server installed and configured GroupWise on three hundred end user workstations and configured the servers that supported those users configured DHCP server to manage CSC IP addresses installed an Exchange server that was the primary mail server for CSC emails solution developed and maintained company databases.



Configured and supported the hardware and software of internal users workstations as well as developed and maintained company databases installed Ethernet network cards in a classified unclassified environment on multiple networks 3.12, 4.1 Novell and a OS2 partitioned SCSI and IDE hard-drives to install different operating systems installed single and multiple hard-drives on PC s as well as configured file systems installed CD-ROM s both SCSI and IDE types configured tape backups, Gateway, NMC, HP-3000 systems wrote inventory program in Visual C to assist manager in day-to-day assessments of network software licenses performed diagnostics, repaired and replaced LAN hardware and software and I would troubleshoot over three multiple networks at the Washington Navy Yard in the Naval Tactical Support Activity.


LAN Technician As LAN Technician, I designed a preventative method for hardware and software issues established LAN user accounts to perform across the wire and same server migration installed NetWare 4.X, and installed video/sound card drivers established non-dedicated and dedicated servers optimized work station memory configured net, CFC files, Autoexec, BAT files, config. system files provided LAN support and maintenance on LAN issues troubleshoot component level hardware, software, TCP/IP connectivity, network cable troubleshoot with analyzer for Windows, Data Bases, dbase, oracle, Sybase, DB2 telephone support that included: installation of voice mail systems, dimension systems, cable management systems install hubs using 10 Base-T, twisted pair, coaxial cable and RJ45 s. Confidential

Managed and trained personnel to maintain responsibility and accountability for launch and recovery coordinated the use, service, and storage of 100 naval aircraft supervised staff of eight for maintenance of carrier based snap systems.

TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems Windows XP and subordinates Novell 5.1 and subordinates Citrix Client Server Active Directory DOS UNIX windows 2000 server.

Hardware NIC-Cards, Printers, Modems, Cisco Routers 2500, 2501, 7500 IOS 11.0, 12.0 Tape Backup Units PCMCIA Cards Cisco switches 5000, 4500, 1900. Software Oracle Client Server Application SLDCDA , MS Office 2000 Suite, Auto-CAD all versions , Adobe Illustrator, MS-Exchange 4 , Access, Oracle 9 , Corel WordPerfect 8, Lotus Notes 5.0, Visio 2000, Visual C ver 5.0, HP Openview, RAS, DHCP, WINS DNS , Ether Peek Network Sniffer. BUDGET PLANNING SYSTEM, Standard Procurement System, Workload History and Forecasting System. XEROX CENTREWARE 5.3, Checkpoint Firewall, OSPF, IPX/SPX, BGP, IGRP AND RIP. JIRA, Tomcat 5.xxx.

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