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Network Engineer Resume Profile

Fairfax, VA

Work Experience:


  • Virginia Data Processing Unit, Virginia Army National Guard Rank: SSG, MOS: 25B
  • Serve as member of the Computer Emergency Response Team
  • Participate in cyber security exercises, such as Cyber Shield 2014 Exercise at Camp Robinson Apr May 2014
  • Present and receive information technology security training, including topics such as security tools, programming, networking, etc.
  • Fulfill duties as the section physical training non-commissioned officer

Network Engineer

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency / CACI Contract
  • Serve as Deputy Lead Senior Analyst for NGA's Cyber Defense Analysis Team aka CIRT
  • Perform Tier 2-level analysis for incidents
  • Coordinate with other internal teams for analysis and mitigation of security events
  • Utilize ArcSight ESM, WireShark, and NetScout to perform analysis and event correlation
  • Prepare daily briefing for presentation to senior agency leadership
  • Research indicators and trends using open sources and intelligence community reporting
  • Assist program manager with team management and administration

Information Security Specialist

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency / CACI Contract
  • Served as an Information Systems Security Officer
  • Facilitated certification accreditation process for multiple NGA systems
  • Reviewed certification accreditation documentation including registration letters and system security authorization agreements to current DCID 6/3 standards
  • Work Experience Continued :

Information Security Specialist

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency / CACI Contract
  • Served as Senior Intrusion Detection Analyst and Site Lead
  • Monitored and analyzed traffic on three NGA networks
  • Prepared and briefed the Intrusion Detection Daily Brief to senior NGA staff
  • Conducted IT security research on emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Used collaboration for analysis of potential threat penetration and vulnerabilities
  • Worked closely with various NGA teams Firewall, CERT, AMAC, CIAD, etc. to support the resolution of security issues
  • Trained and mentored new and experienced analysts on the Intrusion Detection Team
  • Created and disseminated incident reports to various NGA groups

Human Intelligence Collection Sgt

  • Served as acting platoon sergeant as needed
  • Organized HUMINT training for the Platoon
  • Researched external training opportunities and encourages Soldiers' attendance
  • Conducted open-source intelligence collection in a training environment
  • Produced many different types of Intelligence Reports while in training environment
  • Performed hardware and software setup, maintenance and operation on Platoon IT equipment
  • Conducted language training for the Platoon
  • Served as Assistant Information Systems Security Officer for the Company

Network Engineer

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency / NJVC Contract
  • Assisted in the development and maintenance of network communications
  • Used knowledge of LAN/WAN systems to help administer the use of Enterprise Management system tools to monitor and manage the IT infrastructure
  • Tested and evaluated new versions of software to verify functionality and stability
  • Supported the Remedy Atrium Configuration Management Database

System Operations Engineer

  • U.S. Transportation Command / Innolog Contract
  • Monitored / administered the Global Transportation Network GTN operational system
  • Utilized system monitoring tools Unix- and Solaris-based to actively monitor system software, hardware, network, feeder systems system processes for abnormal performance and to ensure availability
  • Assisted with the data retention and restoration processes
  • Contacted data-feed points of contact for troubleshooting data integrity issues
  • Maintained and performed troubleshooting on the guard, which was responsible for the transfer of files from a lower security domain to a higher security domain

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