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Sr. It Voice Network Engineer Resume Profile

North Canton, OH


I am a professional Sr. IT Voice Network Engineer interacting professionally with a diverse group of executives, managers and subject matter experts. I have strong analytical skills and an excellent understanding of how to interpret customer business needs, translate them into applicational and operational requirements and ensure the customer is always well informed and consulted. I am also highly skilled at identifying and providing cost saving strategies for my employer. A current employee at Diebold, I am looking to expand and grow my career.

Key Skills:

  • - LAN/WAN/CAN operations
  • - Program Avaya systems
  • - Perform break/fix operations on software/equipment
  • - PBX phone/voicemail systems
  • - Administer/troubleshoot Windows 2000, Server 2000, Server 2003, RIS server, Windows XPsp2-Sp3 system software, IER 577 printers 512 K4100, Zebra printer support, Waps, Okidata printers, HP 400 series printers, print servers and wireless routers
  • - Printeck printers 800 series
  • - Tape backup systems DLT, SDLT, Overland and HP
  • - Setting up Black Berries for customers and trouble shoot issues for clients
  • - Setting up mobile services for customers
  • - X Mobil services for remote customers


Sr. IT Voice Network Engineer


  • Part of the Global IT Voice, Data, and Mobile NW Team
  • - Providing network design, security, architecture and administration of the various voice hardware/software components on the Diebold global network.
  • - Participating in global telephony system design, using Avaya and Cisco platforms and HW for a world-wide network including call centers, alarm monitoring systems, rollover systems, messaging systems and Diebold client systems.
  • Closely working with groups in IT Operations, Physical and Logical Security, Diebold clients and telecommunication and networking vendors
  • - Providing architecture, installation, configuration, support and procurement of voice switch/voice mail, router and switch operation and firewall architecture.
  • Managing 90 Sites
  • - Essential functions include:
  • - Implement as designed, installation/maintenance of several local and remote telephony/voice mail related hardware/software systems supporting corporate and branch office users on Avaya and Cisco.
  • - Monitoring voice networks, servers, desktop systems and applications on a regular basis using both manual and automated network management/analysis tools in order to identify potential problem areas, ensuring prompt corrective action is initiated.
  • - Developing detailed technical documentation for voice network and research systems to obtain solutions.
  • - Evaluate, select and apply proven techniques, procedures and criteria in making enhancements/modifications to the corporate voice network infrastructure. Including: telephony/data circuits and systems hardware/software. Organizing and tracking hardware/software modifications to the network infrastructure.
  • - Utilizing criteria for evaluation and selection of vendor hardware/software to determine adherence to corporate guidelines.
  • Participating in specialized projects with other functional groups and participating in short/long term corporate voice network planning.
  • Maintaining a detailed technical expertise of voice communications, network operations, hardware/software supporting corporate voice networks, servers and desktop systems.

Telecommunications IT Specialist

  • Managing vendors
  • LAN/WAN/CAN support
  • - Install, maintain, configure and troubleshoot: 100 Mbps, T3 networks and Wireless access points within equipment.
  • - Maintain and troubleshoot Cisco equipment.
  • - Avaya voice-over IP telephony: G700 Avaya series servers, G350, and G650 media gateways.
  • - Set up mobile services for customers, remote customers and sales office: Black Berry, IPhone and Xmobile.
  • - RJ45 cabling connections.
  • - Laptop network connectivity both locally and via VPN.
  • - Assisting with cost saving strategies: eliminating unnecessary trunks, locating/eliminating lines no longer in use and saving money.
  • - Desktop computer functionality: maintaining printers, peripherals and system/application software. Troubleshoot issues back to server, limit server troubleshooting and virus elimination support.
  • Biometric clock functionality

G3R PBX system

Avaya Skills:

  • - Programming, voicemail box creation/maintenance, help schedule maintenance, vendor/project management, phone installation/maintenance, troubleshoot problems with voice servers and run conference calls for trouble issues.
  • - Set up, run and analyze trunk groups/reports.
  • - Set up cover paths, manage vectors and VDN's
  • - Analyze alarms. AES, ESS and Aura servers.
  • - Provide after hour maintenance.
  • - Manage 90 locations.

Technical Support Specialist

  • Responsible for administering a Definity PBX Switch.
  • Assistant Administrator for NT Servers.
  • Desktop computer functionality for 200 users
  • - Maintaining printers, terminals and keyboards.
  • - Installation and break/fix of software applications.
  • - Migration of desktops from Windows 3.1 98 to Windows NT
  • LAN/WAN support
  • - 10MB Ethernet to 100MB network migration.
  • - Cabling/wiring with RJ45 connections.


  • Responsible for installing cable services in residential homes and commercial businesses
  • - Copper cabling, cable jacks RJ45 and phone jacks RJ11 .
  • Customer service
  • - Troubleshooting and diagnosing/repairing equipment, cabling and hardware using ohm and signal meters.
  • Microsoft skills
  • - Microsoft Advanced Server 2000 and 2003.
  • - Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro.
  • - Microsoft XP.
  • - Windows 7, Vista and 98.
  • -Supporting Microsoft Windows 95 Vol. 1 and 2.
  • - Updating support skills with Windows NT and 2000.
  • - Active directory.
  • - Blackberry and IPhone.

Avaya Skills

  • - Definity ESC Expert BTC124H.
  • - Definity ECS G3 Admin upgrading and advanced G3R troubleshooting.
  • - Integrating Management.
  • - Overview NTE10081E.
  • - Install and Initialize S8700 series, S8500B, S8300 and S8400:
  • Media server solutions NTE30027E, NTE30026E, NTE30025E and NTE30024E.
  • - Communication Managing: Trunk and routing administration.
  • - Set up Avaya Inuity Audix voicemail stations and manage systems on other site locations.
  • - AES and IVR servers.
  • - Managing Voip phones.

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