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Network Engineer Resume



Information Security Professional with over 10 years experience performing various Operational Security tasks and a strong understanding of information security and defense in depth. Excellent customer service skills, Exceptional written and verbal skills including presentation skills, Time management and project management skills, capable of managing customer expectations and working with vendors, responsible and self motivating, confident and able to interface with internal and external customers and users.


Information Security Engineer


Created and implemented the information and computer security policies. Adjusted and changed Vlan ports on Cisco switches as needed for security. Monitored network with Cisco ASA 8550 and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). Troubleshoot network and security problems. Worked closely with contractors, vendors, and internet service providers.


IT Specialist II / IT Security Manager 12/2012 to 3/2014

Provide good-practice guidance on the design of IT services and processes. Make recommendations to the IT Director on personnel and equipment needs. Maintain Symantec Endpoint Protection & Backup exec, Watchguard firewalls and routers. Ensures backup, security, system redundancy, and user help systems are fully operable and maintained. Assist with evaluating the Agency’s technology use and needs and responsible for the adherence to established IT standards and policies. Monitor and review of the levels of IT services specified in the Service-level agreements. Make recommendations for improvements, such as hardware and software upgrades. Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data, software, and hardware. Availability management allowing 4C to sustain the IT service-availability needed to support the business at a justifiable cost. Monitor network performance. Responsible for change management that aims to ensure standardize methods and procedures. Assist with disaster recovery operations and prioritizing the activities to be recovered by conducting a business impact analysis. Participate in the Agency’s Quality Improvement Program using ITIL principles using the continual service improvement plan to realign IT services to changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements to the IT services that support the business processes. Utilize formal problem-solving and classic root cause analysis as part of our problem management process. Supervise work assignments to ensure quality of IT projects and conduct training to staff as needed.

Network Engineer

Build, configure, harden, and release Unix Red Hat Enterprise Servers 5.8 and Windows 2008 R2 Servers. Utilize VMware and VSphere 5 to create virtual servers based on predefined scripts and documented processes. Install, configure and release application and middleware packages based on predefined scripts and documented processes. Respond to service tickets. Perform patching of the infrastructure servers and related packages middleware products. Assist in the installation of the software products by following provided documentation. Assist in security changes to access authentication & authorization for the environment. Utilize BIGFIX and IBM’s Tivoli Endpoint Manager Console.


Sr. IT Systems Administrator/ Network Security Engineer

  • Implement, support and monitor security configuration of network infrastructure
  • Install, configure, maintain and upgrade Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers configured and implemented Active Directory Group Policies for all organizational units.
  • Configured the use of complex passwords and trained users how to create and use complex passwords.
  • Applied security permissions to new user accounts and implemented the security policy of least privilege to access objects to do their job functions.
  • Experience in Configure and monitor security audit logs and compliance assurance.
  • Implement administrative controls including all corporate policies and procedures to ensure security
  • Configure Preventive technical controls including smart cards, and access control lists
  • Maintained Detective physical controls including IP video cameras, DVR’s, and environmental controls
  • Operations Security
  • Over ten years experience in network security design, integration and operations
  • Excellent technical support and troubleshooting skills. Expert in Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Active Directory configuration
  • Experienced with cyber attacks. Responsible for the installation, configuration, and updates of virus signatures on two McAfee enterprise product orchestrator servers. Monitor and update antivirus software.
  • Responsible for server security, Operating system hardening, desktop antivirus, software upgrades and service patches
  • Extensive experience in a large server environment including HP/Compaq servers and HP Proliant servers
  • Responsible for Microsoft Exchange servers, Blackberry Enterprise servers, Websence Servers, Point of sales Servers, and Backup services
  • Used Network management control software such as the Big Fix software to monitor and update clients
  • Designed Disaster Recovery plan and Incident reporting procedures for two facilities in Orlando Fl
  • Installed and configured E-Tokens on all company laptops to ensure the encryption of all data.
  • Utilize Symantec Ghost to image workstation


Telecommunication and Network Security

  • Project management duties include installing, configuring and managing a new Cisco Voice over IP phone system complete with new Cisco switches, and troubleshoot communication issues of over 200 users
  • Installed and configured new Aruba wireless LANS and access points then trained users how to configure their laptops security to be able to connect and use the new wireless systems
  • Implement, support and monitor security configuration of network infrastructure Installed and configured Cisco Switches, firewalls, and Secure VLANS
  • Install and configure Cisco’s VPN client on Upper Managements Laptops for remote access to resources
  • Support the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and auditing to all network access
  • Ability to analyze, design and collaborate with multiple layer architectures and protocols
  • Expert knowledge of network protocols, able to diagnose and troubleshoot all types of network failures Experienced at troubleshooting and repairing network problems with LANS, WANS, wireless networks and Telecommunication equipment
  • Able to pull terminate and trouble network wiring systems including Cat 5 and fiber optic cables

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