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Linux / Tools / Automation Engineer Resume

Boston, MA


Over ten years experience in the field of Information Technology, supporting computer hardware and software, systems architecture, software development, release engineering, network management and engineering. Expertise with Intel based hardware, Linux & Windows Operating Systems, Java & PHP Software Engineering and Cisco networking gear. Exceptional troubleshooting, training and documentation skills.


Operating Environments: Linux (RHEL / CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu Desktop), All Windows OS and Active Directory, Mac OS X, Cisco IOS, VMware ESX, Citrix Xen. Also familiar with MacOS/9, IBM Z/OS, Sun OS 4, Solaris 6,7,8,9 Free BSD, AIX

Hardware: Dell PowerEdge Servers, HP Proliant Servers, Cisco PIX / ASA, Cisco Catalyst Core Switches, SonicWall Firewalls, Juniper Redline Loadballancers, Juniper Netscreen Firewalls, workstation class hardware from Dell, HP, NEC, IBM.

Datastores: MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 8i & 9i, and Access Also familiar with IBM DB2

Hosting / Cloud Experience: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace Cloud, Register.com Hosting, MediaTemple Dedicated Virtual Linux, cPanel control panel, Plesk control panel, GoDaddy Hosting

Software: Docker, VMware, SolarWinds IP Monitor and Orion, Servers Alive, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Hadoop (MapR/Cloudera/Apache Classic), Photoshop, Symantec Anti - Virus / Endpoint, Sophos, Emacs, IIS, Apache httpd Server and Tomcat, Jenkins, Installshield, Quickbooks, Gomez web performance tools, FreeRadius, ISC BIND, ProBIND, Wireshark & tcpdump / pcap library, nmap, rsynch, Exchange 2000 / 2003 / 2007 , eRoom, SalesLogix, BlackBerry Enterprise Svr, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Symantec Anti-Virus, Sophos Anti-virus, Nagios, curl, wget, winexe Also familiar with memcached, Zabbix, Cacti, Load Runner

SDLC Experience: Jenkins, Git, Github, Stash, SVN, Capistrano, Ansible


Programming Languages: Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, C#.Net. Also familiar with C++, VBA, Basic, Visual Basic, C.

Scripting Languages: vbscript, Perl, bash, korn, dos batch scripts, Powershell Also familiar with Tcl, KiX

Web Programming Experience: HTML, PHP, css, JavaScript (with JQuery), Java Servlets, JSP, ASP on IIS and LAMP environments. Also familiar with Adobe Flash 9 & Active Script 3.0, AJAX techniques, Apache Lucene + API (Java version)

Programming IDEs/Tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, gcc, gdb, emacs, Dreamweaver, Homesite, TextPad, JBuilder, firebug


Confidential, Boston, MA

Consultant (Contract)

  • Working as a DevOps engineer supporting the MindTap product running in a heterogeneous environment consisting of virtual and bare metal servers in preparation for a move to AWS.
  • Swept 6 environments fixing various puppet errors and imperfections
  • Helping Developers create and troubleshoot Jenkins jobs
  • Planning and re-architecture of puppet environment to utilize hiera, facts, and continuous integration testing and deployment
  • Spearheading the Ops team to work with branching, pull requests and code reviews
  • Writing deployment and orchestration scripts in Ansible
  • Monitoring with Icinga, AppNeta, and Ganglia

Confidential, Boston, MA

DevOps / Software Engineer (Contract)

  • Working within a software development organization on a team responsible for spearheading DevOps culture within the organization.
  • Redesigned Puppet architecture to for hiera and catalog delivery based on Facter custom facts
  • Built unit tests and integration tests in Vagrant run as Jenkins jobs for testing puppet changes
  • Writing deployment scripts in bash and ruby utilizing aws cli and ruby aws-sdk and fog
  • Application stack and AWS instance troubleshooting
  • Monitorring with Zabbix, AppDynamics and Cloudwatch

Confidential, Boston, MA

Linux / Tools / Automation Engineer

Working closely with the development team in an agile / DevOps enviornment, acted as primary Linux Operations Engineer in a large project to convert over 1000 servers from Windows to Linux. Other duties include building tools, automating manual tasks and training peer Systems Engineers on Linux and DevOps best practices.

  • Constructed Database Schema (MySQL) to store information for over 1000 servers spread across 3 datacenters, populated and updated primarily by automated scripts.
  • Architected Chef Server, wrote cookbooks and recipes for Operational Linux configuration.
  • Set up Cobbler for automated Linux kickstart build automation.
  • Worked with Security Architect to implement a company wide standard for Red Hat Linux 6 hardening. Wrote Chef cookbooks/recipes to implement hardening on production machines.
  • Worked closely with development team in an agile / DevOps environment
  • Trained Senior and Junior engineers in Linux concepts such as troubleshooting, best practices.
  • Assisted and Trained junior engineers with quick and dirty tasks, scripting, SQL queries

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Linux / Hadoop Architect (Contract)

This is a short contract to setup the Linux and Hadoop production environment using automation and train Windows Admins on Linux best practices.

Confidential, Bedford, NH

Production Engineer (Contract)

This role was to assist in operational systems tasks for a rolling migration to a rearchitected production environment for the Confidential Buzz SaaS product, working closely with local developers in NH and an Operations team in NH. This role was also to assist a build out of an operational team in NH.

  • Team member involved with migration from a 100+ Linux node of Apache Hadoop indexed by Katta Lucene to a 100+ Linux node MapR Hadoop indexed by Elastic Search
  • Set up monitoring systems for the Buzz product with Nagios and monit.
  • Worked with remote hands datacenter personal to provide support for hardware level alerts and maintenances.
  • Proactively and reactively monitored the product for health and availability.
  • MySQL tuning, SQL query tuning, Linux OS tuning
  • Wrote puppet recipes for config management
  • Set standards on operational documentation for the Buzz product.
  • Led the search and hiring of a full-time Operations team lead in the NH office

Confidential Cambridge, MA

Lab Automation Engineer (Contract)

A software and systems engineer within the Lab IT group providing automated solutions for specialized tasks for scientists.

  • Built custom alerting software in C# to extend the capabilities of the existing shrink-wrapped solution
  • Architected Linux “jump” server to connect to each scientific Linux workstation
  • Lab IT representative for company wide Centrify deployment project tasked with deployment, user training, and automated installation of Centrify client to scientific Linux workstations and servers.
  • Architected 3-step database backed method to change UID ownership of over 1,000,000 inodes across 8 storage devices using PHP-cli and MySQL.

Confidential Burlington, MA

Senior Linux Engineer (Contract)

A Linux Engineer within Confidential Services DataOS Application Operations team working directly with software engineers supporting 3 products in a high availability SaaS infrastructure containing Hadoop and Voldemort / MySQL clusters.

  • Writing and Deploying Puppet recipes to automate administration tasks across multiple machines
  • Writing and Deploying custom nagios checks to alert on known problems.
  • Supporting multiple product environments working directly with software engineers with release engineering and application support.
  • Using monitoring and trending tools such as Nagios, Munin, Ganglia, and Cloudera
  • Providing Tier 3 support working with teams in India and England.

Confidential, Lexington, MA


Working with a team of generalists, Engineer responsible for the stability and uptime of the client facing operating environment, both hardware and software of the Confidential product suite in a complex network of over 300 Co-Locations worldwide in a mixed Linux and Windows environment. Diverse set of projects, systems engineering, software development and network engineering.

  • Writing, debugging and assisting other engineers with “quick and dirty” scripts in vbs, perl, bash, powershell and Windows batch
  • Primary Systems Engineer for all Linux related tickets and projects.
  • Tool Development to automate administrative tasks in Java and PHP
  • Assisting and mentoring Windows Engineers and junior engineers with Linux tasks
  • Primary Engineer involved in migration of Linux/ISC BIND DNS to InfoBlox devices.
  • Working with technologies: Cisco 5510 Firewalls, HP Proliant Servers, RHEL 4.x, 5.x; Windows Server family, Clustered SQL Servers 2005, IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, VMware ESX 2.x, 3.x, Workstation, Server, Citrix XenServer 5.5
  • Responsible for maintenance, monitoring, reporting, software engineering and task automation of customer facing FTP feed system.
  • Assisting Engineering in China office with Cisco firewall deployments and other IT tasks
  • Monitoring software and hardware both proactively and reactively in a complex environment consisting of over 300 co-locations worldwide.
  • Assisted Marketing Department working with an off-shore consultant with www.gomez.com setup and maintenance of MediaTemple Dedicated VM with LAMP stack
  • Working with network engineers and “remote hands” engineers at co-located sites to troubleshoot equipment and network performance
  • Provide support in Spanish to support in Latin American co-locations

Confidential Concord, MA

Network Engineer

Field Network Engineer responsible for the entire technical operating environment of multiple corporate networks.

  • Consultation of IT expertise to non-technical management.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day computing needs of multiple small businesses.
  • Working with the client company to define IT standards, deal with access control, and introduction to new technologies that would apply to their firm.
  • Researching and working with the latest technologies, such as IP Telephony, Windows 2008, Exchange 2007, Red Hat Enterprise Server 5, Cisco networking solutions

Confidential Lexington, MA

Systems Administrator

Responsible for the stability and uptime of the www. Confidential .com eCommerce production environment composed of 30+ physical servers and 200+ VMware servers mostly running Windows 2003 and 10 database servers running SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

  • Monitoring eCommerce portal and responding to arising problems.
  • Performing system upgrades, and troubleshooting and off-hour maintenance on systems.
  • Active member of the code release process, deploying patches and full releases to the production environment
  • Off hours end user IT support for remote offices in Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Developing tools in Java, PHP and VBS to support IT Systems Administration
  • Developed and managed a DB backed web application (Java/SQL Server) for IT task management and change logs
  • Troubleshooting Exchange 2003 / Blackberry issues

Confidential, Boston, MA

IT Manager / Systems Engineer

Managed all aspects of IT infrastructure for the Boston and New York offices (legacy company Confidential Word Inc) including all servers and client machines, LAN, security, email system, databases, development environments, storage/quota management, web servers, backup, wireless, telephony communications, VPN, firewall, upgrades, new systems deployment, equipment purchase & leasing, vendor relations and contractor management.

  • Managed Windows 2003 & 2000 Servers including upgrades, backups, break/fix
  • Introduced VMware to the Boston and NY community and pushed it into the development culture, conducted training sessions, built and maintained a library of pre-built VMware workstation environments
  • Upgraded Exchange Email system from 2000 to 2003 and all clients to Outlook 2003
  • Installed SUS management system to ensure all machines were patched up to date
  • Worked with Palladium consultants to come up with creative solutions to meet their IT needs at client sites, including working with a client to establish a site to site VPN
  • Installed Hyperion development environments
  • Responsible for Avaya phone system with Intuity Audix and upgrades such as call forwarding and POP3 Message Manager
  • Architected and set up the IT infrastructure at the new office in New York, NY
  • Created and maintained IT Helpdesk website to answer some basic FAQs, information on development server environment

Confidential, Cambridge MA

PC Support Technician

  • Supporting, troubleshooting and maintaining desktop and PC's in a heterogeneous Windows 98/NT/2000/XP environment managed with Active Directory (mixed mode)
  • Installing software, hardware and peripherals on PC’s and laptops
  • Using Symantec Ghost loading Windows Operating system configurations, creation and maintenance of scripts for bootable ghost CD/disks
  • VPN client support including setup and troubleshooting connectivity and permissions issues of 200 off site employees
  • Systems backup, LAN support, printer support
  • Inventory control of all PCs, laptops, peripherals using in-house application created with ASP/SQL Server
  • Documentation contributor of on-going online IT Best Practices manual and Knowledge Base
  • Experience with virus detection, troubleshooting, eliminating and documentation aided by Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition
  • Assisted with IIS web programming writing ASP code front-end to Oracle back-end.
  • sendmail troubleshooting

Software Engineer

  • part of team to design and implement an internal application using Java Servlets, JSP, HTML with PL/SQL and Java stored procedures creating a user friendly environment interfacing with 2 different external systems
  • Oracle chief programmer and database administrator for 2 existing internal applications
  • Built and Maintained Installers for new and existing products using Installshield Multiplatform (Java version), and Korn Shell for Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows and RedHat Linux
  • Tested product Installations on various platforms and documented recommended adjustments
  • Automated manual FTP and compression procedures for media delivery process and notification using Java
  • Designed a complex user-friendly application in VBA/Access to monitor media shipments, dates, versioning that became a primary tool for development, shipping and finance departments.
  • Researched and tested Java Stored Procedures for Oracle for the company

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