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Network Security Analyst Resume



  • Manage the delivery of a team of talented professionals providing enterprise scanning, Blue Team, compliance monitoring & reporting, POA&M management, web application security, forensics and a security research capability.
  • Maintain compliance with all requirements and directives for a CND - SP and personally maintain proficiency as a CND-SPM.
  • Provide SME support for all facets of Confidential and Cyber Security
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to team personnel with emphasis on following Coast Guard, DoD and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) standards and processes.
  • Interface with all levels of leadership at the Coast Guard and CG Cyber Command.
  • Further define, develop and implement the web security program and forensic capabilities of IAD.
  • Established quality controls and process improvements to assure standards are followed and that work is performed consistently and professionally.
  • Administrative support including drafting ROMs, approving sub-contractor invoices, approving employee timecards & performance reviews.

Confidential, VA

  • Confidential Engineer IV - Deputy Project Manager
  • Lead the delivery efforts for the USMC C4 CY support contract to include Certification & Accreditation, White Team and Web Application Security.
  • Provide SME support for all facets of Confidential and Cyber Security.
  • Assist with the development of strategy and policies for USMC C4.
  • Direct support to the USMC Authorizing Official and Certifier.
  • Review C&A packages and make risk recommendations to the Certifier.

Confidential, VA

Managing Consultant

  • Manage a matrixed team of 6 IA and SA employees.
  • Provide SME support for all facets of Confidential and Cyber Security.
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to team personnel with an emphasis on following Marine Corps and Marine Corps Systems Command standards and processes.
  • Interface with all levels of leadership at HQMC C4CY and MCSC.
  • Maintain program compliance and accreditation status for all Confidential USMC and Navy systems.
  • Establish quality controls and process improvements to maintain our reputation within the Marine Corps IA community.
  • Implement IAVM process to comply with USCC or MCNOSC operational directives.
  • Manage the Incident Response process for 12 projects and coordinate actions with MARCERT as required.
  • Marine Corps and Fully Qualified Navy Validator.

Confidential, VA

Network Security Analyst

  • Was assigned to USMC HQMC C4/CY C&A branch to perform review of Certification and Accreditation packages on behalf of the DAA.
  • Primary POC for aviation and aviation-related systems.
  • Primary POC for review of Joint Strike Fighter program.
  • Developed training material for the aviation community to assist them in achieving certification.


Network Security Engineer

  • Managed and provide oversight to the Vulnerability Assessment Process for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security.
  • Scheduled vulnerability scans and coordinated SOC activities with ISSO/ISSM and components.
  • Provided SME services in regards to vulnerability assessment services.
  • Provided security expertise and support in relation to other SOC security activities.

Confidential, VA

Network Security Engineer

  • Managed a team of engineers performing analytical support in response to malicious logic threats, disassembly of malicious logic, and identification of patient-zero, vulnerability trending and vulnerability forecasting.
  • Provided Subject Matter Expert assistance in the fields of Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment and Incident Response.
  • Performed vulnerability assessments and penetration tests on client networks utilizing an internal methodology and ‘Rules of Engagement’ approach.
  • Assessed and provide Confidential regarding new internet threats and vulnerabilities. Provide a threat rating based on knowledge of client environment and then provide input into the incident response and patch management systems.
  • Provided for pre-sales presentations and post-engagement briefings.
  • Acted as a client facing SME to all levels of management.
  • Developed a training course for a Federal Law Enforcement client to provide field agents with knowledge of computer crime, incident response and basic forensics.
  • Assisted a Federal Law Enforcement client with a forensic examination leading to the prosecution of more than 20 individuals.
  • Managed the GSOC Analytics team which was comprised of multiple teams; Analytical Integration, Incident Response and our Forensics offerings.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

Network Security Engineer

  • Coordinated security efforts with a team of Security Engineers (AFPCA/OAC) to create, maintain and enforce a C&A Package developed for USAFNet and to insure compliance with AFSSI.
  • Provided ongoing technical support in the context of security to projects requiring preliminary authorization or accreditation so as to be in compliance with AFPCA policy and AF regulations.

Confidential Washington, DC

Network Administrator

  • Supported and maintained mission critical servers in our Washington DC facility.
  • Developed and maintained computer security policy; to include physical systems security, threat assessments, firewalls, system hardening, and user policies.
  • Developed software policy to include cost justifications for software and hardware use.

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