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Network Administrator Resume

Detroit, MichigaN


  • 14 + years of IT infrastructure, Automotive Manufacturing, Hospital and Banking experience as a Network Server Administrator, Desktop Support, Computer Operations Analyst specializing in providing extensive customer training, documentation support with Server, PC, Mainframe, IBM iSeries, Plant Floor Support and Batch jobs as well as Dell/IBM/HP PC/ WINDOWS issues.
  • Effective communicator, self - starter, with strong customer service skills.


Hardware Operating Systems Ancillary Skills

  • UPS Windows 3.1,95, 98, NT, 2000 CHECKPOINT VPN
  • IBM iSeries ME, XP, Vista, 7- 32/64 bit
  • Projectors Server 2003/2008
  • Intermec OS 400 PC Anywhere Thin Clients Dame Ware
  • Mobile Devices Remote Desktop
  • Zebra Printers Active Directory
  • Desktop/Laptops Outlook
  • Cisco Phones Lotus Notes
  • IE/Firefox/Crome
  • Mcafee ENT/EPO
  • CAD Software
  • Ghost
  • MS Office 2010/365 Track-it
  • Remedy
  • EDI/Trusted Link
  • Covisint
  • Malwarebytes



Position: System Administrator

Ford Motor Credit, Volvo etc. Stage Windows 2000/2003 servers; Monitor all Symantec backups, IBM tape libraries. Promote programmer jobs from Dev to Production servers; perform disaster recover testing AS400 Administrative Skills. Create and maintain OS/400 user profiles for accessing the system and applications, perform Aldon Change Controls. Create and maintain user security profiles in Support numerous Production/Development iSeries, pSeries partitions, Windows servers for Ford accordance with Client's security standards. Perform routine system maintenance of the iSeries processors, DASD, and object libraries as required. Research, plan, and execute operating system upgrades, PTFs, and third party utility product installs to maintain the system in a current and supported state.

Confidential, Michigan

Position: iSeries Analysts/Desktop Support

Support all help desk users with IT, pc, printer issues, Office 2003, password resets in Active Directory, Monitor six Iseries AS/400 systems including; perform all backups and IPL’s, production jobs, answer messages need reply, DASP, assist users with support issues, work with programmers, administrator to resolve program errors. Configure BRMS for backups on all AS/400’s. Monitor windows backs running on ARC server and IPMointor tool for all network activity or server errors.

Confidential, Detroit, Michigan

Position: Network Administrator/iSeries Administrator/Desktop Support

Configure, upgrade, move new AS/400 to new server room, software running V4R5 OS 400, BRMS, LMS, MMS, JDE, Kronos, Delphi, Minibar, Shif4, POS, Saflok, SynXis, numerous interfaces, date queues, printers, out queues, menu processor, default routes, install IBM Client Access, replace hardware as need on AS/400 IE: RAM, perform all maintenance, purges, full disaster recovery restores for testing, configure new development partition, install all current PTF’s, WebSphere, firmware on LTO4 tape library, AS/400, HMC. Install, configure new BRMS software for daily, write Control Language Programs, operation procedures for full system backups, disaster and recovery testing, off site all media to fire safe and Iron Mountain, perform regular IPL on AS/400, maintain all software, hardware licenses, and order LTO tapes as needed. Provide 2nd and 3rd level support for all users on AS/400, Dell servers, VMware, Windows 2003, 2008 servers, SQL, Unity, Call Manager, Unity, Call Accounting, Exchange 2007,EMC Storage SAN’s, SDS, Symantec Endpoint, Netbackup, SUS, Office 2003/2007, What’s up Gold, CAD software support, create new users in Active Directory, GPO’s, Black Berry BES, Juniper VPN support, create new user profiles on all platforms, train all users and IT on AS/400. Assist Audio Video techs with running CAT5/6, fiber, mounting LCD’s etc.

Confidential, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Position: Network Administrator/iSeries Administrator/Desktop Support

Build, repair, install, support and configure all software on Iseries, Dell laptops, desktops, servers, Cisco POE, Nortel, switches, Cisco 1200 Access Points, Backup Exe, Track-IT, Anti Virus, servers. Support all users in office environment and plant IT support for multiple Iseries AS/400’s, reset profiles, monitor jobs in QSYSOPR, configure, troubleshoot printers and other devices on Iseries. Configure, flash old Intermec scanner to work on Staylined/Iseries. Install, configure, trouble shoot all software, IE; Client Access, Mapics browser, Dame Ware, VNC, Checkpoint/Secure Remote, Matrix, Citrix, Terminal Services, printers, VisView, Office 2003-2007, Lotus Notes 7.02 and 8.0 soon. Documents all new IT procedures purchase all new hardware/software and supply quotes for users. Work with managers, assist EDI analysts with EDI migration and venders to build new Wan and server room, build new Domain Controllers and migrate, create new users in Active directory, deploy new GPO’s, Support CAD software and install patches, Lotus Notes 7.02 email, IBM Sametime and build new file, data, servers and anything else needed to for the new WAN cutover. Build new server for Track-it ticket system and build new Help Desk with 800 numbers. Assist in building new Iseries and loading new software, security and create user profiles. Configure flash firm ware for Intermec scanners at numerous plants. Purchase new Dell NAS, tape drive units for each location and implement new disaster recovery policy. Install new Cisco 7940 VoIP phones, configure Call Manger Express and run new cables for Cisco POE switches. Patch new cables to racks in server room, configure new T-1, routers, switches for the new WAN, patch new Ethernet ports/jacks active for all users. Troubleshoot all network issues with senior LAN staff to resolve all issues. Install new UPS’s and configure AC unit for the new server room.

Confidential Detroit, Michigan

Position: iSeries Administrator/Desktop Support

IT plant production support, Repair, rebuild, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain all Sony, Dell computers, HP, Ricoh, printers, servers running Windows XP Pro, SQL, Server 2003., Blackberry’s Assist all users with hardware/software systems in multiple plants via Track-It. Work with HP pro Curves, 3COM switches, Call Manager, AT&T PBX, Telrad digital phones, Wyse, Cisco IP phone 7940, ET2000, Zebra and open/close all tickets Track-It ticket system. Assist Corp IT with all infrastructure issues, including HP Procurve switch’s 212M, digital phones and other servers as needed. Monitor, maintain, upgrade all Youngstown (PCS) sequenced servers for Dodge Ram150, Ranger, Headrest seat lines and software including BuildTracker, AS400JobTransfer, DBlogger, SQL, iSeries AS/ 400 maintenance, LearPics, JBA, Inventory audits, upgrades, daily, weekly monthly backups via Veritas Backup Exec 10, restores, create user profiles in Active Directory and iSeries GPO’s,, run queries, CLP, Learpics, DBU files, install new software, updates for iSeries security and IPL. Off site all backup tapes, write all disaster and recovery procedures. Monitor all Batch, EDI, Trusted Link, Inovis, Reorgs, DASD jobs, cleanup old spool files, Reclaim storage and work with programmers to resolve vender issues. Monitor all EDI, releases, Covisint portal, trading partners, ANX, FTP jobs, make sure all ASN’s were sent, resend ASN’s, update item master, MRP or anything else materials requires. Maintain, purchase inventory, for all printer toners, pc parts, AS 400 parts, bar code scanners, Zebra printers, ET2000, WYSE, monitor’s, telephones, network cables, Cisco wireless bridges, HP print servers, rebuild, install maintenance kits on printers etc. Obtain quotes and best price for all new hardware, office supplies, RMA’s, purchases and maintain inventory. Create network diagrams via Visio, maintain, and update all infrastructure documentation. Work with IBM, HP, Cisco, Zebra, Wyse, Youngstown, and Lear, SR network administrators, programmers and any other vender needed to resolve advanced network, hardware or software issues. Resend torque data via DDM files. Train, interview and supervise new employees. Write, modify and update all department procedures.

Confidential, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Position: iSeries Analysts/Desktop Support

Take all Help Desk calls from automotive suppliers, for +10, 000 end users, and employees. Monitor all ISeries AS/ 400 systems, Server 2003, SQL, Robot, MRP, EDI, Finance jobs, reset user passwords, answer error messages or contact proper personnel to resolve all hardware/software issues and create help desk tickets. Perform system backups, disaster recover procedures, offsite tapes and system IPLs and recoveries. Monitor all server rooms, UPSs, servers, tape drives, generators, including all Cisco switches, routers, CSU, etc. Take all Cisco Network Infrastructure calls from AT&T and trouble shoot, monitor, open tickets, contact on call WAN support and escalate all problems for Frame Relay circuit issues, etc. VPN in to SQL, 2000, 2003 servers, make sure all Ipremise, NT backups for clients complete, restart failed backups and contact on call support if needed. Manually, run all Server 2003, SQL backups if needed and open tickets via HD Portal. Setup emails accounts via Exchange 2000, Act Dir. Start, trouble, and configure all printers, pc, or any a/s 400 hardware. Support all Applications for end users and open tickets via HD Portal. Perform all network administrator support functions including: monitoring troubleshooting, upgrading, all a/s 400 functions and perform end-user telephone support for +10,000 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mark IV, users. Open tickets via Mark IV Help Desk database, HD Portal. Perform all PTF/patches as needed. Power cycle AT&T hardware as needed.

Confidential Farmington Hills, Michigan

Position: Network Administrator/Desktop Support

Custom build all computers, servers using Windows XP, Server 2000/2003, SQL, IIS, etc. Perform all network administrator support functions including: building, troubleshooting, upgrading, redesigning network, servers, switches routers via Visio, UPSs and firewalls to Gigabit. Perform all backups using NT backup. Including running new CAT5E/CAT6 cables to patch panel. Custom build all Dell servers to rack mounted Web, IIS, DNS, SQL, Mail, servers. Load all computer software and backup via BartPE/Ghost 8.0 and perform all hardware/software upgrades. Build new email server and install Exchange 2003 and migrate old email server. Support all end users via personal 1on1/phone support, add users to Active Directory. Design a Disaster and Recovery procedure and order, setup all needed hardware/software to perform backups. Get quotes, prices on all new hardware for server room.

Confidential Dearborn, Michigan

Position: System Administrator/Desktop Support

Run, monitor, troubleshoot, schedule hospital batch jobs/scripts/message queues, night process jobs, IBM computers, remote in to servers via VNC, LAN Desktop Remote, Remote Desktop, Citrix, VPNs, Telnet/ping and other TCP/IP networking XP/third party tools. Provide National level II phone/desktop support for +10,000 external/internal end users, level I help desk, programmers, administrators, telcom, venders via DK Ticket System, etc. I would normally work with one person or alone. Perform Disaster Recovery procedures for all back ups, load/initialize medium on tape drives including IBM Optical Libraries, 3490/3570/Tivoli/TSM/PTFs and off site the tapes to Iron Mountain. Call IBM for all down tape drives and hardware. Check in all DLT/8mm tapes and load/unload via IBM TSM using Tivoli software and check all backups’ status. Notify each admin/programmer if their backup failed or missed. Perform IPLs, password resets, change controls, create user profiles, print, install and configure Outlook via numerous MS Exchange servers. Run nightly jobs/back ups on numerous 400S, Unix HP6000s, Cerner and fix down Server 2003, databases on SQL, Server as needed, McKesson/A4/Cloverleaf, NT, Web, SQL, and Servers. Monitor, build, repair, update, troubleshoot, and configure routers, pc’s on the network. Create and install images drives via Server 2003 Riz and Ghost, setup scopes, DNS, DHCP and Active Directory. Contact management, senior system administrators, programmers, management, venders to escalate resolution for current issues.

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