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Senior Systems Engineer Resume

Raritan New, JerseY


Seeking a challenging yet rewarding VMware Solutions Architect position that will utilize my high level of knowledge, exposure and expertise in regards to Virtualization solutions and Data Center Consolidations.

TECHNICAL SUMMARYNetworking: DHCP, WINS, DNS, IP Addressing and Subnet Masking, LAN/WAN technologies (routers and switches), Routing protocols (RIP, RIPv2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP), Telnet, VLAN, Frame - Relay, ATM, ISDN, HDLC, T1 RAID and fault-tolerance, communication protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX), Ethernet and Token Ring, hubs, profiles, system policies, NICs, cabling, subneting, Performance Monitor, Task Manger.

Software: Windows Server 2008, VMWare ESX Server 2.x, 3.x, and VSphere 4.x (Clustering, HA, DRS and VWware Converter), EMC MirrorView, Cisco IOS (upgrades), PlateSpin Migrate, Microsoft Clustering, Exchange 2007, WSUS, Windows 2003, Windows 7’, EMC Avamar, Active Directory, vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), VMware ThinApp, VMware View, IIS, FTP, Hyper-V, Veeam Monitor

Hardware: Installed and configured Cisco routers (2500, 2600, 4000) and switches (1900, 2900, 3500). Knowledge of EMC Clarion CX4 and EMC VPLEX; FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet), data deduplication and installation of fiber and HBA’s. Installation and management of HP Proliant servers, HP Blades (including HP BladeSystems C7000 Enclosure) and Dell M1000e and Dell PowerEdge M610 blades.



VMware SME

  • In a pure VMware SME capacity for various Confidential global clients’ datacenters located all across North America and Canada in regards to implementations/upgrades, topology scoping, and technical support direction to Confidential client’s IT sites and teams to effectively plan and discuss or schedule both local (on site) and remote virtual infrastructure changes which also included reprioritizing and/or re-shifting of concurrent project tasks within each Confidential client site environment.
  • Drew up documentation to perform and troubleshoot the different kinds of VMware migration methods available such as P2V, V2V, P2P, P2I, I2V, and V2I migrations using PlateSpin Recon/Migrate and VMware converter.
  • Worked with many different application owners to explain, alleviate, and correct any concerns surrounding the virtualization of in house or commercial applications including RHEL 5 Os using VMware Converter and/or PlateSpin Recon/Migrate.
  • Upgraded vSphere 4 to vSphere 4.1 using VMware’s Update Manager.
  • Implemented 64bit installs of vCenter 4.1 to leverage support of increased number of hosts per installation as well providing a foundation for vCloud Director.
  • Currently researching vCloud Director and vShield for a project to implement IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
  • Corrected several design flaws within current VMware ESX environments regarding HA and DRS depending on each client site configuration which most times included staggered placement of Primary Hosts or changing DRS/HA priorities.
  • Resolved issues with clients that were having “Split Brain” issues as it relates to the “leave powered on” Isolation Response
  • Created virtualized PlateSpin Imagine servers along with their own vSwitch and vmnics to segment the network traffic.
  • Proposed project standardized virtualization processes to include VMware clustering (HA, DRS and isolation response).
  • Setup “N+1” tiered VMware clustered environments when applicable depending on the type of storage in place at each client site.
  • Worked closely with management and operations teams to develop, perfect, and coordinate direction of migration strategies on all new and existing projects.
  • Effectively utilized parallel installs/upgrades of ESX 4.1 to migrate virtual machines off pre-existing ESX 2.0/3.01/3.5 hosts.
  • Upgraded VMware Tools and virtual machine hardware after migrating virtual machines from earlier versions of ESX when applicable.
  • Mentoring and training of on-site personnel with regards to VMware’s “Best Practices”.
  • Designed and implemented vSphere 4.1 environment for use with PlateSpin Migrate 9.
  • Provided training and guidance Confidential team members and clients.
  • Gathered and analyzed the inventories of existing physical and virtual machine server environments utilization statistics (CPU, RAM, Memory, Disk I/O, and networking performance).
  • Developed migration planning/execution docs for the existing physical infrastructure as well as creating physical to virtual migrations tutorials with troubleshooting addendums. This encompassed Proof of concept, Test, then Development and finally Production environments.


VMware Solutions Architect

  • Myriad of implementation responsibilities include architecting a new virtual infrastructure using vSphere 4 and ESXi 4, and creating an Active Directory Windows 2008 environment with DNS and Group policies in parallel.
  • Planned and implemented SRM as a Disaster Recovery solution for the VMware environment.
  • Created Host profiles and virtual templates to make configurations of ESX 4 hosts and virtual machines more uniform.


VMware Solutions Architect

  • Meeting with top level management and other tech areas at least twice a week to give updates on SLAs, target dates and ideas regarding vSphere implementation and configurations.
  • Collaborated with SAN administrator to implement EMC MirrowView (replication) as part of the SRM project.
  • Make decisions in tandem with upper managements’ blessings regarding the purchasing of HP hardware to accommodate the virtual hosts, based on performance analysis from Capacity Planning.
  • Knowledge and experience with EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware used to stabilize and speed up the backup/recovery process.
  • Worked with SAN team to create LUN allocations for newly created vSphere hosts, as well as evaluation of iSCSI storage hardware (NetApp Filer) for the local and remote locations.
  • Working with applications owners to effectively plan, execute, and support 700 physical servers that would be virtualized.
  • Created documentation on best practices for performing P2V (Physical to Virtual) server consolidations and vSphere installations.
  • Provided 3rd level vSphere support and training to onsite Engineers in the Confidential Data Center.
  • Working with the Cisco internetworking teams to plan IP segmenting and allocations.
  • Created the process for performing P2P (Physical to Physical). Over 50 servers were P2P’ed.
  • Performed P2V and V2V migration using VMware Converter.
  • Implemented VMware’s Update Manager to patch and maintain a uniform baseline for all VMware ESX hosts.
  • Testing VMware View (VDI) in lab as a way to increase lifecycle and decrease cost of current desktop environment.
  • Setup and configured vCenter to manage vSphere ESX 4 hosts. This includes setting up the SQL database and the ODBC connection.
  • Implemented HA (High Availability) and DRS using VMware clustering.

Confidential, Bridgewater, New Jersey

Senior VMware Enginee

  • Created VMware Clusters and implemented DRS and HA to minimize issues with down ESX Hosts and virtual machines.
  • Setup a virtual desktop environment using VMware View (VDI) in the Lab for implementation testing of XP desktops.
  • Virtualization of various applications using VMware ThinApp to deploy and integrate within VDI lab topology.
  • Acted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for implementing virtualization solutions for varied I.T. group's to ensure that the current virtualization infrastructure initiative meets extensibility and cost reduction goals.
  • Developed server and application migration plan, test/back-out plan, and recovery plan as per company protocol.
  • Managed team that built and setup Windows Server 2008 Lab environment.
  • Planning and documentation of physical (P2V) migrations of Windows servers and training engineering teams regarding execution of the P2V conversion process.
  • Built and administered VMware ESX 3.x environment (planning, provisioning, and configuring).
  • Built and configured W2k8 domain controllers using Active Directory Integrated Zones for DNS.
  • Setup Sites, Trusts and modified group policies (GPO’s).
  • Used Remedy for change management and trouble tickets to ensure compliance with FDA.
  • Created DHCP scopes, reservations and exclusions, as well as domain level shares using DFS in W2k8.
  • Built W2k3 and W2k8 servers within a FDA regulated environment (21CFR Part 11).
  • Trained and mentored both Senior and Junior level engineers
  • Performed parallel installs of ESX 3.x to migrate existing virtual machines off of ESX 2.5 infrastructure.


VMware Solutions Architect/SME

Confidential, Raritan, New Jersey

VMware Engineer

  • Spear headed project to upgrade to ESX 3.5/VC. 2.5 from the existing ESX 2.0/3.X/Virtual Center 2X virtual infrastructure.
  • Implemented HA and DRS clustering using HP Blades in the VMware ESX environment.
  • Performed capacity planning and application performance analysis during pre-consolidation stage.
  • Knowledge of PlateSpin PowerConvert for P2V, V2P and P2P’s.
  • Managing and planning of P2V, V2V, P2P migrations and forklift server moves from remote satellite U.S. sites to the main Tier1 Datacenters as part of the Datacenter Consolidation project.
  • Lead Virtualization Team given task of identifying and planning virtualization of over 1200 physical servers.
  • Performed Windows 2003 administration using Active Directory and group policies.
  • Experience with VMware ESX 2.x and 3.x (building and configuring) and migrating from VMWare ESX 2.x to ESX 3.5.
  • Provided 24-7 tier 3 global Data Center technical support for over 3500 physical servers within an ITIL v3 FDA regulated environment (21CFR Part 11).
  • Consulted with operating companies and provide technical direction based on client’s business requirements and needs.
  • Used Altiris to create jobs for mass deployment to servers.
  • Setup and install W2k3 Clusters.
  • Installation and configuration of IIS 6.
  • Managed Hardware Refresh project to identify, virtualize or replace all legacy servers and bring them up to current J&J standards.
  • Knowledgeable of Disaster Recovery and Bare Metal recovery processes using NetBackup or TSM
  • Lead project to update Veritas NetbackUp upgrade from 3.4 to 4.5, 4.5 to 5.1 for more than 400 servers.
  • Met with various levels of upper management and application owners locally and remotely to effectively plan (hour by hour meetings to scope and plan various types of global DCC projects to include physical to physical (P2P) or physical to virtual).
  • Setup and configured various models of HP servers including HP Blades and HP BladeSytem c7000 enclosure.
  • Change Control and Helpdesk tickets were tracked, updated and maintained using Remedy/Picasso.
  • Built validated servers and performed IQ/OQ’s.
  • Migrated over 200 W2k servers to W2k3 as part of initiative to have all windows servers running W2k3.
  • Created VBscripts to create groups, users and add into Active Directory.

Confidential ., Morris Plains, New Jersey

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Built and configured VMware ESX 2.x hosts to include installing Emulex HBA’s and fiber.
  • Provisioned VM’s, created templates, and clones using Virtual Center.
  • Maintained and supported over 30 ESX 2.x hosts.
  • Performed P2V’s on over 100 legacy servers using PlateSpin.
  • Troubleshoot DHCP, WINS, DNS, SNMP, TCP/IP, setting up shares and permissions.
  • Created DHCP scopes and reservations.
  • Lead project to identify and migrated old Windows NT 4.0 servers to W2k3.
  • Racked and built servers.
  • Performed Windows 2003\2000 administration using Active Directory and group policies.
  • Experience creating, modifying and monitoring jobs using Veritas Backup.
  • Remote administration and support of field DC’s.
  • Performed virtualization of Linux servers.
  • Experience with HP Management tools, NetIQ and SIM (monitoring).
  • Troubleshoot issues related to servers and network.
  • Installation and configuration of IIS 6.
  • Setup and install Windows 2003 based Clusters.


VMware Solutions Architect/SME

Confidential, Clifton, New Jersey

Systems Engineer

  • Experience administering Windows 2000, 2003 (Active Directory) and Cluster Administration.
  • Installed Active Directory, created group policy’s, global catalogs and sites; assigned and published applications and folders.
  • Created Active Directory Integrated Zones and enabled secure dynamic updates.
  • Installed and configured W2k3, W2k and NT4, Rack builds and other hardware in an enterprise environment.
  • Setup, installation and configuration of DLT tape drives, printers (HP and Tektronix’s), print queues and RIB boards.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting issues related to servers, network (WAN and LAN), DSU/CSU (Loop Backs) and hardware.
  • Performed 1st and 2nd tier trouble shooting on Cisco Routers and switches.
  • Experience with Compaq Management Tools, Insight Manager, NetIQ, and Remedy ticketing system.
  • Experience with troubleshooting DHCP, WINS, DNS, SNMP, TCP/IP, setting up shares and permissions.
  • Monitored and troubleshoot all aspects of an Enterprise network (WAN and LAN, Routers, Switches, Servers, and Circuits).
  • Training and experience with HP OpenView (NNM) for network monitoring.
  • Experience setting up Cisco routers, switches and installing VPN (Alcatel and Entrust) on client machines.
  • Experience with Active Directory (migrations), Windows XP and IIS.
  • Test network connectivity with ping, node polling via SNMP, trace routes
  • Experience with Compaq SANS and Compaq BLADE Servers (building and configuring).
  • Created user mailboxes, public folders and Exchange Administration using Exchange 2000.
  • Experience with VMware ESX 1.x

Confidential, Union, New Jersey

NT Administrator

  • Installed and configured Windows 2000 (Server and Professional), NT Workstation, NT Server and Windows 95.
  • Setup group and user accounts (network additions, permissions and deletions) for new employees.
  • Repaired, tested, upgraded and configured both personal computers and Laptops.
  • Experience with NT Terminal Server and Citrix.
  • Experience with Unix, Sybase SQL and Microsoft SQL 7.0
  • Setup Email accounts using Outlook and Exchange Server 5.5 for new employees.
  • Setup and tested peripheral equipment.
  • Installed modems and setup of necessary RAS connections.
  • Resolved technical issues arising from users and clients (on site and by telephone) and updated help desk tickets accordingly.
  • Resolved LAN/WAN issues (Pinging, TCP/IP addressing, Hubs, NIC Cards)
  • Established baselines using Performance Monitor for the purchase of new servers.
  • Performed tape backups and restorations.
  • A member of Confidential ’s Y2K Team.
  • Trained new staff members.
  • Maintained Facets Tech and Shipping Room computers.
  • Experience with remote administration using PcAnywhere, Telnet, and FTP.
  • Created and installed Images using PQDI.

Confidential, New York, New York

Desktop Support

Installed, upgraded and repaired Confidential personal computers and software. Installed and configured Windows 95. Operated and maintained peripheral computer equipment. Analyzed and resolved computer related problems from staff using available resources. Communicated with managers, programmers and technical support personnel.

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