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Tsm Consultant Resume

Westborough Ma -, UsA


  • More than 11 years of experience in IT and 7+ yrs a storage specialist in Tivoli Storage Manager and Veritas NetBackup 6.0, IBM tape libraries, Data Domain and related storage hardware. Technical specialist who can support multiple platforms and applications. Self-motivated with a high degree of attention to detail, a good team player committed to results with sound leadership qualities
  • Working Knowledge and experience in tape libraries - IBM TotalStorge 3494 and IBM SystemStorage TS 3500,3584 tape libraries for operation using 3590, 3592-J1A,E05, E06,LTO’s and TS1130 drives and 360x 3592-JB tapes.
  • Working knowledge and experience in Virtual Tape Library (TS7520) and DD-880,890. Define virtual drives, storage disk and allocate to different TSM instances.
  • Working Knowledge and experience in Server Graph to configure report for missed backup, drives failure, db alerts, and storage pool and migration termination due to any reason and so on.
  • Working knowledge and Experience in NDMP operation to back up and restore of NAS filer through Tivoli Storage Manager with different retention policy period.
  • Working Knowledge and experience in IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux and MS Windows servers, troubleshooting all related TSM issues.
  • Working Knowledge and experience in API, TDP for Oracle, db2, MS sql and TWS.
  • Enhanced TSM Administration task, such as balancing Policy domain, management class, storage pools, mount points, migration, reclamations and expiration.
  • Working knowledge and experience in TSM client migration of UNIX, Oracle, UDB and Wintel client and also schedule backup jobs through TSM and TWS, remove expire client and deleting file space from tape.
  • Working knowledge and experience in IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, Linux, wintel, and also Active directory services & LDAP Server.
  • Knowledge and experience in working on TSM and library plan maintenance outage.
  • Working knowledge and experience in Disaster Recovery setup and pre activity work to make successful disaster recovery test.


Operating Systems

IBM AIX (4.x, 5.x & 6.x), Sun Solaris 9 & 10, Windows 2000, Windows 2003


IBM Blade Center MT-8677, IBM P-series, SUN E 250, Ultra10, COMPAQ, ACER Servers/Workstations, IBM TS3310, TS3494 and TS3584 library IBM Data domain, Intel based Servers / workstations. Managed Cisco Switches and routers, Directors, IBM ESS-800, SHARK, SAN devices, NAS devices and DLT, SDLT, LTO Drives and 359x.


Oracle 9i,10 and 11g, MS-SQL and DB2 9.x,10.x

Application and System Management Servers

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.2, 5.3, 5.5,6.1 Oracle 8.1.5, 9i,10 and 11g, MS Exchange server, TDP for ORACLE,DB2, lotus Domino and SAP.




Confidential,Westborough, MA - USA
TSM Consultant Feb 2011/ – As of now

  • Plan and coordinate upgrade of TSM V6.2 from TSM V5.5 on IBM P-640 AIX V6.1 in a standalone TSM instances with Data Domain deduplication and replication on disaster recovery site.
  • Installed TSM V6.2 server code, device driver, license on AIX V6.1 (IBM P-740) and configure server instances for using administrative command line and ISC.
  • Define disk class for TSM db, active log, archive log and storage pools.
  • Setup and configure IBM 3584 SCSI library on AIX with LTO5 tape drives and then define in TSM instance.
  • Migrate all 820 TSM client nodes including Oracle db, sql and SAP into new TSM 6.2 instances.
  • Support and trouble shoot all TSM production related issue on daily basis including new builds, migration and reclamation, also health check of TSM and tape library.
  • Maintained documentation throughout the upgrade and new installation of TSM Server/client.
  • Participate in weekly on call job rotation (24x7).

Confidential,Windsor, CT - USA
Sr.TSM Admin Sept 2008 – Feb 2011

  • Managed the Tivoli Storage Manager architecture, which consisted of 12 AIX TSM servers, 28 TSM Instances and more than 12000 clients (wintel, AIX, Solaris and Linux).
  • Built, supported and administration of TSM Enterprise environment and take responsibility of all TSM application servers and libraries within the enterprise environment.
  • Installed and configure of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager backup/Archive Client on AIX 5L, Solaris 10 and Wintel machine and also Installation and Configuration of TDP, API for MS-SQL, DB2 and oracle databases.
  • Managed and supported IBM Tape Library IBM-3494, TS-3500, 3584 SCSI with tape drives 3590, 3592, and LTO’s.
  • Defining and managed Tivoli storage Manager storage pools on VTL, Disk and Tape - Primary disk storage pool - Sequential storage pool and copy storage pools for on & off site.
  • Managed and support all Client configurations like, managing client node, different Databases and also configure and schedule automate backup through TWS Automate, updating client node, policy domain for further restriction, share access, backup and restore using tsm client of wintel (System state, system services and ASR).
  • Migration of TSM server and all client nodes UNIX, Wintel, Oracle, UDB and MS sql including sweeps jobs and then schedule with TWS.
  • Working with DBA’s and UNIX team on every OS and db upgrades including RAC database upgrade, setup and configure API for cross backup and restore for Oracle and db2.
  • Managed, support, monitor and troubleshoot all tws schedule jobs including DR Process every night for off site tape schedule, mksysb, migration, reclamation, and client node and database backups.
  • Managed and support a UNIX environment, consisting of AIX, Solaris and Linux servers. Very clear concept on SUN global and local zone while configuring TSM tdp/api.
  • Managed and support NDMP environment with NAS Filer, configuring different storage pool for short term and long term in TSM server also work on restore request from NAS and TSM Server.
  • Knowledge and experience in working on TSM outage, getting down all TSM instances and AIX servers. Hold all schedules and crontab during maintenance window.
  • Worked and support Disaster Recovery setup and pre activity like checking occupancy, global zone opt file for all local zone auto backup, move data if it’s not in proper pool, making sure monthly selectively is schedule and runs.
  • Help troubleshoot and resolve issues within the infrastructure.

Chicago, Illinois - USAFeb 2007- Aug 2008
Tivoli Consultant-Storage & Backup

  • Performing Tivoli and NetBackup installations on MS Windows and IBM AIX platforms. Setting up policy domains, management classes, HSM, disaster recovery plans and initiating daily off-site storage to further secure data.
  • Installed and configuration of Tivoli Storage Manager Server 5.3 on Windows 2003 Server and IBM AIX V5.3 P-Series Server.
  • Installed and configuration of Tivoli Storage Manager backup/Archive Client on both AIX 5L and MS windows. Installation and Configuration of TDP for MS-SQL server and MS Exchange Server.
  • Installed and configuration of IBM TotalStorage 3494 and IBM TS3100 Tape Library directly connected with Tivoli storage manager server.
  • Defining Tivoli storage Manager Server storage pools – Primary disk storage pool - Sequential storage pool – tape and copy storage pool – tape for onsite and offsite data.
  • Defining policies to keep the number of versions of the databases and client Files.
  • Defining schedules for automatic backup of Oracle databases and logs at Exchange, File server’s data predefined intervals.
  • Defining administrative schedules, backup storage pools, TSM database and run expire inventory process.
  • Knowledge and Experience of NDMP to backup and restore of NAS file server through Tivoli Storage manager for Windows and AIX.
  • Managed Tivoli storage manager in an active directory environment for MS windows and LDAP for IBM AIX.
  • Using TSM B/A client, backing up and restoring of Windows 2003, XP system objects, system state, system services and ASR files.
  • Responsible for all Client configurations like, managing client node across firewall, locking & unlocking client node, updating client node for further restriction, configure and managed client nodes share access, backup and restore of backup sets using B/A client.

Confidential,Edmonton, Alberta Apr 2005- Jan 2007
Systems Administrator and Tivoli Specialist:

  • Software: IBM AIX 5L, Tivoli Storage Manager 5.X, Windows 2000, XP, Exchange Server. Active directory and NIS.
  • Installed of Tivoli Storage Manager Server 5.x on AIX 5L and Windows 2003 Server.
  • Installed of TSM B/A, API and Web clients on Windows 2000, windows NT 4.0, and Windows XP.
  • Installed and Configuration of IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express Model with its single Ultriumtape drive.
  • Configuration and checking status of Database, Recovery log and storage pools.
  • Define and setup the Storage pools and configure the hierarchy between storage pools.
  • Define and Configure the Policy domain, Policy Set, Management class, Backup copy group, Archive copy group as per Customers requirement
  • Configuring TSM operations like expiration, migration, reclamation, collocation etc.
  • Define and configure the TSM client schedules and administrative schedules.
  • Provoiding support and administration for backup, recovery and vaulting through Tivoli Storage Manager and making sure all of the service level agreements are in accordance with legal and business obligations
  • TSM Monitoring daily backups for failures and potential problems. Resolving these issues and keeping the TSM and storage queue under control.
  • Working on archiving data, maximizing media use and architecting data management solutions.
  • Providing operational and management reporting on the backup/recovery environment
  • Involved in forecasting and capacity planning. Devising solutions based on departmental requirements and priorities of critical business processes.
  • Monitoring backups, performing system restores and setting up TSM policies for backups and restores.
  • Responsible for performing complex analysis, design for specifications and solutions.
  • Creating operational Reporting including report generation and automation of processes through mainframe scheduling applications.
  • Managing support of p-series IBM AIX 5.2, 5.3 server and windows 2003 Production Servers.
  • Performed administrative tasks such as System Startup/shutdown, Backup strategy, Printing, Documentation, User Management, Security, Network management, dumb terminals and devices.
  • Configured volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands.
  • Responsible for performance tuning of IBM AIX systems, with conventional tools such as sar, iostat & netstat. All servers are running 5.3 upgraded their ML from ML00 to ML09 and fix / Patch updates.
  • Setup and maintained NIS network and worked on NFS configured DNS.
  • Configured backup/archive policies using AIX Backup utility, mksysb images of root volume group to meet data archiving requirements and disaster recovery readiness.
  • Maintained availability; increased capacity & performance of production machines by upgrading their hardware (disks, CPU, memory, I/O board, power cooling unit, mother board etc) & firmware.

Confidential,Toronto ON. Aug 2002 – Apr 2005
System / Network and Software support Analyst

  • Administrating, support UNIX and Windows NT / 2000 enterprise servers.
  • Implement and support business software Automate2 for Enterprise Rent a Car. .
  • Troubleshooting user’s problems related to network drives and data.
  • Configured security groups and giving permissions to user and data is added to my job
  • Looking after all the IBM xSeries 330,335, and 220 servers Bios and Firmware updates
  • Installed, Configuration and Administration of MS-Exchange Servers
  • Migration of Novell 4.x servers to Windows 2000 servers.
  • Managing backup of WIN2K file server and Exchange2000 servers

Confidential,Hyderabad (AP) India. May 2001 – June 2002
Customer Support Engineer


Bachelor’s Degree in Computers science

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