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Oracle Apps Resume Resume

New Jersy, NJ


  • About 7 years of IT experience in design, development, enhancements, customizations, up-gradations, interfaces and conversions using Oracle Applications 11i, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g/9i/8i, Developer 6i/2000, Discoverer 10g/4i, Oracle JDeveloper
  • Expertise in Developing, Customizing and Implementation of various Oracle Application Modules (Order Management (OM), Shipping (WSH), Learning Management (OTA), General Ledger (GL), Account Payables (AP), Account Receivables (AR), Purchase Order (PO), Inventory (INV), Bill of Materials (BOM), Work In Process (WIP), Project Accounting (PA), Human Resources (HR))
  • Extensive experience in Order-to-Cash, Procure-2-Pay Business flows of Oracle Applications 11i
  • Expertise in Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions and ability to work in most of the Oracle Application modules
  • Expertise in Oracle Databases (9i/8i), SQL, PL/SQL, SQL* Loader and Toad
  • Expertise in developing stored procedures, packages, and triggers for oracle
  • Extensive Programming experience in Shell scripting, Perl Scripting, Forms 10g/6i, Reports 10g/6i and Discoverer 10g/4i
  • Experienced in Conversion/Migration of data from Legacy to Oracle System
  • Used Trading Community Architecture (TCA) API’s to create or update parties and relationships
  • Tuned SQL queries and performed refinement of the database design leading to significant improvement in system response time and efficiency using EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF
  • Customized ORACLE workflow process according to the business requirement
  • Experience in customizing reports in PDF, EXCEL and RTF formats using XML Publisher
  • Experience in System Administration such as creating users, menus, assigning responsibilities, and adding forms and functions to menus
  • Familiar with version control tool (PVCS, ITG and RCS)
  • Strong analytical, diagnostic and troubleshooting skills and ability to work in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment
  • Proven ability to work with a wide range of departments and levels of management
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


ERP Modules: Oracle 11i E-Business Suite (Modules: OM, WSH, OTA, GL, AP, AR, PO, INV, PA, HR and AOL)
Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i
GUI: Oracle Forms 10g/6i, Reports 10g/6i, Oracle Discoverer 10g/4i, Oracle Workflow Builder 2.6, XML Publisher, and Oracle JDeveloper
Tools: Toad, SQL* PLUS, SQL* Loader
Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl and Shell scripting
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows XP/NT, MS-DOS


Confidential, Feb 2009 – Till Date
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

Reynolds Packaging Group (formerly Alcoa Inc.) is one complete resource for products, services and solutions. Reynolds offers innovative packaging products in virtually every size and shape, made from one of the widest selections of materials in the industry. This project is a clone-and-clean-process, which involves in checking each and every object to make sure it works without any error.
Environment: Oracle Apps Modules: (OM, SFM, WSH, BOM, WIP, GL, AP, AR, INV, QP, FA, PA, HR), Oracle 9i, Oracle JDeveloper10g, Reports 6i, Forms 6i, Discoverer 10g, XML Publisher, Workflow Builder and Custom Oracle Database for Data warehousing


  • Involved in validating the objects (Reports, Forms, Interfaces and workflow background process) with variety of input parameters
  • Involved in designing GAS using Oracle JDeveloper
  • Designed SOD Tool using OAF
  • Made several changes to the workflow mailer and created custom watchdog process for monitoring concurrent programs
  • Re-designed Certified Inspection Report and Intercompany Invoice Report in BI Publisher (formerly the reports were using JETFORMS)
  • Added new COPY_FROM functionality to Market code Form
  • Worked on Mass price change Interface on weekly basis using Oracle Loader
  • Involved in solving the issues with Oracle Alerts, created an SR and worked with Oracle support team to resolve the issue
  • Designed various discoverer reports using Discoverer Administrator and Discoverer Plus
  • Resolved issues with various reports: shipment recovery report, Inactive Items Report and Purchase Order Print Report
  • Worked with several other team mates to design a custom oracle database for data warehousing (SPARK), created tables, views, PL SQL packages and individual functions.
  • Created custom PL SQL packages in Oracle Applications to load the data into custom tables in Data warehousing.

Confidential, Dec 2007 – Jan 2008
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

SAPA Industrial Extrusions (formerly Alcoa Inc.) is implementing Oracle Applications. This project is involved in migration of custom solutions from Alcoa to SAPA. These objects include reports, forms, interfaces, Discoverer Reports and workflows.

Environment: Oracle Apps Modules: (OM, SFM, WSH, BOM, WIP, GL, AP, AR, INV, QP, FA, PA, HR), Oracle 9i, Reports 6i, Forms 6i, Discoverer 10g, XML Publisher, Workflow Builder, Toad, UNIX, PL/SQL, Shell and Perl Scripting


  • Lead a team of 3 people for solving Discoverer Issues.
  • Involved in analyzing the existing objects in Alcoa, finding the dependencies involved such as PL SQL packages, custom tables and views.
  • Followed AIM methodology to document the analysis work done: MD 65.5 or MD 70.
  • Made necessary changes to the object, migrate it to SAPA instance and unit test.
  • FNDLOAD is extensively used for migrating definitions of concurrent programs, request sets, forms, functions, menus and form personalizations.
  • Migrated various Oracle 6i Reports such as Yearly Summary Data Report, Management Order Status Report, Custom Agreement Report, Custom Open Sales Order Report, Change Order Acknowledgement Custom Report, Payment Register Report, Invoice on Hold Report and Mass Price Update Reports.
  • Designed Custom Purchase Order Report, Change Order Purchase Report, Requisition Approval Report and Custom Check Printing Report using XML Publisher.
  • Implemented Trading Partner Layers and Callouts for specific customers
  • Migrated various forms such as Job Status by Trip, Trip planning, GL Error Correction, Log Completion and price update forms.
  • Created End User Layer for Discoverer Reports, migrated seeded and custom business areas to the new EUL, Analyzed and migrated workbooks needed for SAPA.
  • Involved in migration of GL to PA Interface Receiver, AR Accounting Correction, Journal Import Submitter, FA Reconciliation, Sales Tax Legal Identification
  • Involved in migration of various interfaces such as Mexican Mass Payments, Lock-box Interface, On-guard Interface, and Account Payables Invoice Interface.
  • Implemented Bank Branches and Bank Accounts Conversion, Supplier Conversion, Employees Conversion and PO Receipt Conversion.
  • Migrated Custom workflows: PO Approval Workflow, PO Error Workflow and PO Document Workflow.
  • Used RCS repository for version control and SMT tool to migrate the objects between the instances.

Confidential, Chicago, IL. March 2007- Nov 2007
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant.

Kaplan Professional provides organizations and individuals with training solutions, such as exam prep and continuing education. This project involved in addition of various feature sets and development of custom reports using Report Builder and Discoverer Tool.

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.10 Modules: (OM, WSH, OTA, GL, AR, INV), Oracle 9i, Reports 9i, Forms 9i, Discoverer 4i, XML Publisher, Workflow Builder, Toad, UNIX, PL/SQL


  • Involved in analyzing the user requirements, helping the Business Analysts in preparing the requirement document, designed various feature sets according to the requirements and unit tested.
  • Developed feature set: Reminder Letter Report to send an email to customer those who didn’t pay the amount in time and developed associated Collection Letter Report to provide the list of customers.
  • Involved in integration of Oracle to Microsoft SQL server (Customers, Students, Session Attendance and Classes).
  • Designed a custom report: Deferred Revenue Report to provide the sales amount which is deferred every month.
  • Developed a feature set: Custom Receipt Register to store the payment information in AR table and designed corresponding Custom Receipt Register Report.
  • Developed various reports using Discoverer tools: Classroom Profitability Report, Contact Center Commissions Report, Sales Rep Commission Report, Fixed Lease Report, Special Class ID report, Payroll Verification Report, Class Roster Report, Shared Revenue Report, Daily Sales Report, Oracle to Vega Integration Error Report and Vega to Oracle Integration Error Report.
  • Designed various Sign-In sheet Reports using Reports 6i and provided output in PDF format using XML Publisher.
  • Involved in developing Descriptive Flex Fields, Value sets (Item Classes in Discoverer).
  • Customized the existing quick order organizer search form to include Sales Group name using Forms builder 6i.
  • Prepared documentation of feature sets: SADD, Test Plan and MD-120 (Deployment Document)

Confidential, Petaluma, CA. June 2006-February 2007
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant.

Camelbak is the originator and world leader in hands-free hydration systems. The first Camelbak products proved to be very popular among mountain bikers and motocross riders. Camelbak believes in the performance advantage that proper hydration delivers for just about any activity. This project involved in implementation and customization of Oracle Financials and Manufacturing modules.

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.10 Modules: (OM, WSH, GL, AP, AR, PO, INV), Oracle 9i, Reports 10g, Forms 10g, Discoverer 10g, XML Publisher, Workflow Builder, SQL*Loader, Toad, UNIX, PL/SQL

  • Developed Custom Reports in Inventory and Order Management modules as per the user requirements
  • Developed Move Order Actual Receipts error report to provide error details of move orders in Inbound staging table
  • Customized reports like company income statement, company balance sheet and trial balance reports for GL module
  • Customized many reports such as Recurring Invoice Report, Payment Schedule Report in AP, provided the users with detailed vendor reports on existing vendors
  • Developed summary report to provide details of receipt confirmations in PO and Inter-Org Transfer with XML Publisher
  • Involved in developing new DFF’s, Value Sets and Values for supporting the reports developed
  • Registration of customized reports through creation of concurrent executables, concurrent programs, and assigning to the request group.
  • Involved in development of custom objects for third party integration with Oracle Applications
  • Worked on prevention of Back Order of deliveries based on business rules for an Inbound Interface
  • Worked on Cycle Count Outbound Interface for providing data file for third party application
  • Developed trigger to pull delivery data required to be sent to third party application as ship request
  • Developed an Interface program for Inventory Adjustments
  • Imported data from Legacy systems into temporary tables in account payables and successfully designed and implemented Payables Interface
  • Experience with SQL*Loader, UTL_FILE, Oracle Export and Import utilities.
  • Involved in customization of the Purchase Order workflow, which include addition of events, notifications, and functions
  • Workflow customization for Order Management. Reporting for shipping distribution and order statuses which were used for month-end closing
  • Worked in the support role, performed the responsibility of system administration tasks like creating users, setting up the user profile etc.

Confidential, Columbus, OH Mar 2005 -May 2006
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

The McGraw-Hill Companies is one of the world’s leading providers of financial services, education, and information & media services. They are publishers of educational, business and professional information. Their brands include Standard & Poor’s, McGraw-Hill Education, Business Week and more. This project involved in conversions, interfaces and customization of reports & forms in various Oracle Application Modules. Worked on Order to Cash and Procure to Pay business flows

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.9 Modules: (OM, INV, GL, AP, PO, AR), Oracle 9i, Reports 6i, Discoverer 4i, Forms 6i, XML Publisher, SQL*Loader, Toad, UNIX, PL/SQL


  • Worked on the Journal Conversion and Order Entry Conversion
  • Involved in developing the On-hand Quantities Interface program
  • Worked on Interface program to load supplier invoices data files into Oracle Payables
  • Performed validations on the imported data from legacy system before loading into interface tables using PL/SQL packages.
  • Imported Process and developed Cost Tracking reports in GL using Reports 6i.
  • Customized reports in AR such as: Invoice Print Preview Report, Account Status Report, Credit Hold Report and Disputed Invoice Report.
  • Involved in development of Order To Cash process (credit analysis, customer billing, cash application, collection, GL posting and reporting) and Procure To Pay process (requisition, purchase order, acceptance, goods receiving, invoice, payment and reconcile)
  • Customized existing Material transactions Form and Purchase Order Form
  • Involved in high level design and development of extensions-“Add on Costs” , “Custom Items in Configured Products”
  • Provided additional information on Sales Order and Invoices by creating Descriptive Flex Field.
  • Developed various reports in PO and OM as of the user specifications using Discoverer 4i.
  • Developed new business areas, new folders, conditions and joins according to user requirements by using Discoverer 4i.
  • Converted standard reports to Discoverer reports for more user-friendly access to the data.
  • Used XML Publisher to develop and customize the Invoice Distribution Report, which gives the details of all the invoices sent by the vendors, dates due for payments, cleared Invoice dates and accounts posted.
  • Involved in design of AIM (Application Implementation Methodology) documents for all conversion and reports.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA Sept 2004 -Feb 2005
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

Fujitsu America, Inc. (FAI) is part of the family of companies in North America providing customers in the United States and Canada with comprehensive information technology solutions based on an unparalleled lineup of quality computer, communications, and semiconductor products and services. The project involved the implementation of Oracle Applications 11i that includes implementing OM, AR, GL, AP, PO modules, writing interface programs according to user and business requirements and developing several reports using oracle reports 6i according to the functional specifications provided.

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.9 Modules: (OM, GL, AP, PO and AR), Oracle 9i, Reports 6i, Forms 6i, UNIX, PL/SQL


  • Interfaced legacy system GL data to load data into GL base tables using journal import program.
  • Worked on conversion of the client’s legacy information to Release 11i-Sales Order (OM)
  • Worked on Outbound Sales Order Cancellation Interface based on customer request
  • Developed PL/SQL program to be used to create Ship Confirm with delivery details using shipping API
  • Developed Concurrent Programs and Executables for the SQL*Loader, Package and Report and run them as a request set.
  • Migrated data from legacy systems into the temporary tables in Account Receivables (AR).
  • Successfully designed and implemented the Receivables Open Interface. Activities involved in creation of Loader File, importing data into staging table, perform validations on data, inserting valid data into interface table, and then using Auto Invoice Program to import the data into the Oracle base tables.
  • Worked on Error Handling System in storing all the errors that occur during interfacing and loading
  • Customized various reports in AR related to aging, invoice printing and customer balances
  • Register reports & schedule reports as per requirement on Account Receivables (AR)
  • Customized Reports related to PO: Purchase Order Detail Report, Purchase Summary Report by Category and Open Purchase Order Report.
  • Customized various reports in AP Module including the following: Supplier Payment History Report (AP), Account Payable Trial Balance Report (AP) and Invoice Aging Report (AP)
  • Developed Packages for Complex business logic to retrieve the summary data from various tables

Confidential, Dallas, TX Mar 2003-July 2004
Oracle Apps Technical consultant

Aramark partners with clients around the world, providing a broad range of customized services. Aramark caters to both cultural preferences and needs while achieving and maintaining high standards in Service Providing Industry. As a Technical Consultant, I was involved in conversions and interfaces in GL, AP, AR, and PO modules, developed and modified Reports from scratch as well as customized the existing ones using Reports 6i

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.7 Modules: (GL, AP, AR, PO), Oracle 9i, Reports 6i, Forms 6i, SQL*Loader, TOAD, LINUX, PL/SQL


  • Interacted with functional team and business users for setting up Auto-Lockbox process
  • Defined and created Lockbox, Transmission Format and Control File for Auto-Lockbox process
  • Developed middleware program to format external data to integrate with the transmission format of Auto-Lockbox
  • Customized Reports to change its layout like changing size of the fields, adding some extra field into the display, changing the display of the report.
  • Developed, after Parameters triggers for the Validation of the data in AR, GL, AP modules.
  • Created SQL*Loader control files for moving the data from flat files to staging tables.
  • Created PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages for moving the data from staging area to data-mart.
  • Involved in validating and importing the invoice batches by executing, the Validate Invoice and Invoice Transfer Program to GL, concurrent requests.
  • Worked with Oracle Trading Community Architecture API’s for customer interface and Auto invoice purge program to purge the successfully processed rows from interface tables.
  • Involved in the Customization of some of the standard Oracle 11i reports like AR Invoice, Bank Account Listing, and Employee Listing Report according to the client business requirements.
  • Used to provide customizations to Oracle Application forms that are protected against patches and updates.
  • Dealt with registering / defining of custom applications, tables, forms, reports, concurrent requests, standard report submission etc and also with profile options, defining of application users and responsibilities.

Confidential, Boston, MA July 2002 -Feb 2003
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

Staples are the world\'s leading seller of office products with $14.4 billion in sales in 2004. Headquartered west of Boston in Framingham, Massachusetts, Staples 65,000 associates make it easy for businesses of all sizes to buy the supplies, business machines, technology, and services they need to run their office. This project involved in implementation of oracle applications 11i, and customization of seeded reports.

Environment: Oracle Apps 11.5.4 Modules: (GL, AP, AR, PO), Oracle 9i, Reports 6i, SQL*Loader, TOAD, UNIX, PL/SQL


  • Worked on Journal Import Interface, Receivables auto invoice Interface, Customer Interface and Payables Open Interface and customized several reports.
  • Imported Journal information from legacy systems into the General Ledger tables using Journal Import Interface.
  • Developed SQL scripts to create staging tables and developed SQL*Loader control files to load the legacy data into the staging tables. Performed data validations and mappings at staging table level. Developed PL/SQL validation packages.
  • Involved in design and development of Interface Programs for Importing Invoices.
  • Involved in registration of Concurrent programs and assigning to request sets in System Administration.
  • Involved in the design of a package to create a positive pay file (Flat File) to be sent to the bank periodically using UTL_FILE package.
  • Developed SQL, PL/SQL and SQL*loader scripts to extract, validate and load the historical customer data in to Customer Interface tables in AR.
  • Designed a procedure for loading vendors and vendor sites in Purchase Order (PO).
  • Developed FSG reports according to the client requirements.
  • Customized standard Oracle reports like Journal Batch Summary Report, Transaction Detail Report, Trial Balance Detail Report, and Account Analysis Report as per the business requirements.
  • Created concurrent executables and concurrent programs for PL/SQL and Report executions.
  • Involved in defining the Set of Books (Chart of Account, Accounting Calendar) and also defined descriptive flex fields.
  • Involved in the development of technical documents using AIM methodology

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