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Applications Engineer Resume

New Jersy, NJ


I am currently working as Applications Engineer with overall 3.3 years of experience, which includes all phases of Software Development Life Cycle. I intend to work in a competitive and creative environment so that I can contribute to the growth of myself as well as the organization.


B.Tech., Information Technology

Technical SKILLSET

  • Languages: JAVA Programming Language
  • Database: ORACLE
  • Application Server: Oracle BEA WebLogic, Oracle Application Server(OC4J)
  • Scripting: Apache ANT, Maven.
  • Tools: Eclipse, SQL Developer
  • Others: XML, VXML, Eclipse RCP
  • Oracle Retail Products: ORPOS (Oracle Retail Point Of Service), ORBO (Oracle Retail BackOffice),

ORCO (Oracle Retail CentralOffice), ORRM (Oracle Retail Returns Management)


Confidential, 18rd March, 2010 – Present
Designation: Applications Engineer

Involved in the Research, Development and latest Releases of Oracle Products ORPOS, ORBO,
ORCO and ORRM over the past 1.5 years.

ORPOS is based on Client-Server Architecture product that handles sales at the register level, in
a retail store using Core Java and Swing technology.

ORCO, ORBO and ORRM are web based Application


  • Encrypting fields

Various fields/attributes related to customers, check etc were encrypted, hashed and masked. Values of these fields were encrypted as soon as user enters the values in UI and then were persisted into DB in encrypted/hashed and masked form. These values are then sent to CO, RM in encrypted form only

Technology: Core Java, SWING, XML
Tools: Eclipse
Roles & Responsibility: Design, Implementation of the complete module.

  • Centralized Customer

This project includes implementing CRUD operation for the customers in Centraloffice.
Other module for this project is to create customer in POS and that customer should go to CO via POS Log.
Technology: Core Java, Struts, EJB
Tools: Eclipse
Roles & Responsibility: Design, Implementation of the complete module.

  • POS-SIM Disposition Code

While making a return of item, there are some reason codes at POS and corresponding disposition code in SIM(store inventory management). The requirement was to develop a mapping between these two codes and send the code which SIM understands via webservice. Based on SIM code, Inventory adjustment was done
Technology: Core Java, XML, WebServices
Tools: Eclipse
Roles & Responsibility: Design, Implementation of the complete module at POS and SIM projects

  • External Pricing Engine

The intent of this project is to build a new open interface which can easily integrate with any pricing system which provides a web service or exposes the API which can apply the pricing rules online in ORPOS. This feature will allow retailer flexibility in creating/designing pricing and promotions.
I have worked in the design part of this project and the plan was to separate the business logic of pricing in the current ORPOS system and then expose it as a service, so that any third-party can make use of this service, including ORPOS.

Technology: Core Java, XML, WebServices, EJB
Tools: Eclipse
Application Server: WebLogic
Roles & Responsibility: Design Lead, Working to get the design approved.

  • POS UI

Complete POS screens were redesigned as a part of this project. Screens include sale screens/ tender screens and all other screens where the status panel was used. Status panel was broken into two parts i.e stacked status panel and tender status panel.

Technology: Core Java, SWING, GridBagLayout etc
Tools: Eclipse
Roles & Responsibility: Design, Implementation of the complete module.

Confidential, 16th June 2008 – 04th Mar 2010

Designation: Software Engineer
Worked as a team member for EAI with responsibilities of design participation, code development, maintenance & unit testing of the application.

Technology: JAVA, XML, Spring, Hibernate for DB persistence, FTL for web based UI, Eclipse RCP, VXML for telephonic UI
Database: mySql
Tools: Eclipse, SVN for version control, maven
Server: JBOSS

PROJECT: Tecnotree NGM(Next Generation Messaging)

The Tecnotree Next Generation Messaging platform is based on an open three-layer architecture(access, application & storage), where all layers are independently scalable and can be physically separated, but are still covered by a single operation and maintenance framework. The operation and maintenance framework provides a single view and manageability to all elements in the system.The system is built on Open Source Technologies like: Spring, Hibernate etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Design Analysis: Participation in the Analyzing and estimating the new CR(Change

Request)/Enhancements from Clients.

  • Code Development & Maintenance: Developing new modules and fixing the critical/major/

minor bugs

  • Unit & System Testing: Creation of Test Cases & implementing the same for System Testing.
  • Performance Tuning: Implemented Java Code tuning as well as DB Tuning to achieve Performance Acceptance Test by Clients.
  • Brief of some of the major developments done:
  • developed IVRS related modules using VXML
  • done a major up gradation in the project which involved identifying all the .ears files and their dependencies on each other and thereby modifying all the POM.xml files accordingly
  • developed view/editors in RCP


  • Got Rising Star award for delivering High performance in Accenture.
  • Got topper award in training program in Accenture.
  • Co-coordinator, AKHET gaming contest organized in TECHNOSEARCH 2007 at MANIT
  • Member of Drishtant-cultural committee of our college

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