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Software Programmer Resume


  • I have extensive knowledge of OBIEE 11g and 12c Presentation Services and Repository Administration Tool with familiarity of Fusion Middleware Enterprise Manager (EM) and Console.
  • I have wide compressive understanding of database, data modeling and design.
  • Over the years, I have held positions of System Administrator, Software Engineer/SME, Senior Developer, System Analyst, Business Analyst and Data Analyst.


Business Intelligence: OBIEE 10g,11g & 12c, Publisher 11g, Micro Strategy, Hyperion, Discover, WEBFOCUS Studio and MRE, Tableau

Oracle Application: FMW Weblogic server 11g Enterprise Manager and Web Console, SQL Developer, Oracle MapBuilder, Endeca, ODI, Informatica PowerCenter, VMware Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12g, MSSQL Server

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Unix

Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux

Other Software: ERWIN, Jenkins, SVN, GITHUB, TOAD, SharePoint, JIRA, QC



Software Programmer


  • Supported O&M tier 2 intake request consisting of user’s access and catalog permissions, tier 3 tickets encompassing general inquires of application’s functionality and technical report consulting.
  • Build Dashboard, Reports, Prompts, KPI’s, Dimensional Hierarchies, Action links and custom calculated fields using analytics.
  • Collaborated with product owners and scrum lead to gather business and technical requirements.
  • Performed data integrity, data discovery and data profiling of several USCIS source systems.
  • Design and code SQL for custom reports by using direct database connect.
  • Maintained and developed repository schematic model of star and snowflake schemas.
  • Modernized existing repository by following OBIEE best practices.
  • Applied row level security by user session variables and identity manager.
  • Created application roles using EM, Console, Repository and Analytics.
  • Assisted in streamlining deployment process which entails automation of repository merge and incorporating data encryption repository using DBMS OBFUSCATION toolkit.
  • Supported ETL efforts of source to target of Operation Data Stores (ODS) by using Informatica Power Center.
  • Create DML scripts to support ETL developers and DBA’s.
  • Experience in Agile and Kanban mythology using JIRA.
  • Writes and revised training instructional documentation and Interface Control Agreement (ICA) Technical Specs for the project.
  • Supported training team of teaching OBIEE 11g and 12c.
  • Trained newly hire team members.


System Analyst


  • Prepared local installations for OBIEE 11g, RCU and Oracle Database 11g.
  • Build repositories and maintained metadata.
  • Created and maintained Web Catalogs such as Answers, Dashboard, Dimensional Hierarchies, Action Framework and prompts.
  • Experienced 3 - way merge and in charge of migration of OBIEE RPD and Catalog
  • Administrator to EM and Weblogic Console.
  • Supported in systems design document of ODI from source to staging to target mapping and transformation document and responsibility includes ODI development.
  • Performed performance tuning and maintenance.
  • Supported database security for VPD (FGAC).
  • Maintained and managed access
  • Performed data validation.
  • Prepared technical documents.

Sr. Consultant


  • Created custom reports in Oracle 11g Publisher, Analysis Editor and Dashboard for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) DECC Program
  • Build Repositories
  • Created reports that which contained visual charts, graphs as well as geographic information using MapViewer
  • Monitored and tracked progress of report defect tickets in QC
  • Assisted in Enterprise Service Development team projects such as designing and building repository in Multiple User Development Environment (MUDE)
  • Produced enterprise level reports to demo to the clients
  • Supported functional areas including putting together Deployment Plan documents, Unit Testing documents for Quality Assurance, submitting Change Request for business requirements, System Design documents and conducted Peer Reviews
  • Managed User Access FMW Console.

Sr. Developer


  • OBIEE Frontend Developer of the enhancement of decision support system for the Confidential ARMY.
  • Worked closely with backend developers to create tables and views base on client’s requirement.
  • Created custom reports in Answers/Dashboards application and develop OBIEE publisher reports using Office Word RTF template
  • Modified existing answer reports and dashboard based on new client’s requirement
  • Wrote SQL queries against the Oracle 10G/11G database through OBIEE Direct Request app.
  • Used Web design software to create OBIEE Narrative and Text reports
  • Installed Oracle database 10g/11g along with OBIEE 10g/11g on local sandbox
  • Provided Oracle development support such as execute procedures/packages in TOAD or SQL
  • Developed ETL application, cross trained OBIEE users to build and create reports, backup the OBIEE Repository and Web Catalog
  • Tested applications as required, created user accounts and ensured that all user privileges and password and role based maintenance OBIEE repositories are kept up to date
  • Served as a WEBFOCUS Administrator/Software Developer for the Confidential Army Human Resource Command.
  • Installed and configured WEBFOCUS Developer Studio Client on a Windows environment machine
  • Designed reports, coded FOCUS coding, benchmark testing, debugging and documentation of WEBFOCUS reports
  • Used WEBFOCUS Developer Studio to modify and create report programs, etc. conforming to business requirement.
  • Scheduled WEBFOCUS reports in Managed Report Environment (MRE) Report Caster
  • Crossed trained users to make FOCUS reports in Developer Studio Client and Managed Reporting Environment.
  • Performed System and Integration Testing and data validation for FOCUS reports
  • Wrote shell scripts to parse and load MRE for WEBFOCUS reports data into analysis tables
  • Exposed to writing SQL*Loader scripts to load WEBFOCUS data to Oracle table
  • Converted WEBFOCUS queries to SQL and document generic conversion instructions
  • Converted WEBFOCUS reports to OBIEE reports

Systems Analyst


  • Provided support in data analysis and production level coding using WEBFOCUS application such as MRE Report Assistance and Report Caster Scheduler
  • Modified WEBFOCUS queries process which sources data for Finance group
  • Migrated WEBFOCUS reports from v. 4.3.5 to v.7.6.x
  • Provided production support for Telco Bill Receipt and Payments Database Systems
  • Performed daily loads of mechanized billing invoices via FTP and NDM, email attachments, tape reels and CD’s to the mainframe
  • Created Telco Audit Report for Audit Centers to assist in daily research of missing invoice loads
  • Assisted Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) in setting up NDM transmission and SFTP transfer mechanized invoices
  • Tested, documented and implemented new or enhanced application functionality
  • Served as liaison between Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa and Ashburn Audit Centers and the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC)
  • Implemented System Development Life Cycle to improve business process in automating missing invoice notices
  • Supported accounts payable and disbursement department
  • Reconciled expenses create and generate variance and accrual reports

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