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Senior Oracle Bi Consultant Resume

Boston, MA


  • 8+ years of experience in design, implementation and maintenance of Business Intelligence (OBIEE) and ETL using Oracle Data Integration (ODI) and Informatica
  • Design, develop and maintained public facing budget reporting solution for the Confidential using OBIEE. State budget is approx. $25 Billion
  • Revenue recognition project helping executives at Confidential better understand revenue growth and profitability. Developed using OBIEE and ODI
  • Global Spend Management (GSM) project reports all Confidential spending around the globe helping executives and management in all business units to make better decisions
  • Supply chain Management Reporting to understand CRD, CSD lateness and inventory management
  • Excellent Data warehousing knowledge - OLAP/OLTP, Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema modeling, Slowly Changing Dimensions, conformed dimensions, surrogate keys, normalization techniques
  • Worked independently and manage multiple tasks, projects with excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • Always on-time delivery with 100% end user and management satisfaction
  • Helped IT Directors with Project road maps, achievements and deadlines for executive meetings


Reporting Tools: OBIEE 11.1.1.x, 10.1.3.x, OBIA HR Analytics

ETL Tools: ODI, 11.1.1.x, Informatica 8.x, 9.x

RDBMS: Oracle 11g, 10g, SQL Server

ERP: Oracle EBS R12 GL, AP, AR, PO, ONT

Languages: SQL, PLSQL, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, Python

Front End Tool: SQL Developer, PLSQL Developer, SQL*Plus

MS Tools: MS Excel, Power Point, Visio



Senior Oracle BI Consultant, Boston, MA


  • Installation and Configuration of OBIEE on clustered architecture in Dev, Test and Prod
  • Applied patches using opatch utility, Upgrade the environment to using upgrade assistant
  • Held meetings with Business users and gathered requirements
  • Documentation - Functional Design, Requirement Traceability, Specifications
  • Configured MUD, Usage Tracking, Event Polling, Scheduler configuration
  • Modeling metadata in RPD - Dimensional hierarchies, Aggregate Navigation, Level based measures, Time series functions, Dynamic and Session Variables, Implicit fact column
  • Create OBIEE analysis reports with bar, pie, line chart, table, pivot table, narrative, static text, title, view selector, column selector views
  • Created Dashboards with reports, prompts, conditions, action links and static content - images, text
  • Used Action Links with conditions on dashboard sections (Guided Navigation in 10g)
  • Created and scheduled Agents/ibots to Seed Cache and send Alerts about data related issues
  • Materialized Views, Indexes to improve report performance
  • Managed security by creating Users, Groups, Roles and applying data filters
  • Customization of OBIEE user interface - Styles and Skins - banner, logos and images, custom messages, menu bar links, export data links, menu links, error messages, CSS using JavaScript
  • Admin tasks using Catalog Manager - Catalog, RPD migrations
  • Enterprise Manager - Server Monitoring, Restarts and Parameters Setting
  • Write Shell scripts for daily backup of Catalog and RPD and clearing cache and monitoring the server
  • Involved in architecting Data warehouse design and creating staging tables and data warehouse Dimension and Fact tables
  • Created and reverse engineered the models to import the data stores
  • Define business rules and convert them to creating Lookups, joins, filters in Interfaces
  • Imported knowledge modules and created Interfaces, Procedures, Variables, Packages and Scenarios and deployed them into production using import export
  • Used knowledge modules like LKM File to SQL, LKM SQL to Oracle, IKM Oracle Incremental Update, IKM Oracle Incremental Update(MERGE), IKM Oracle Slowly Changing Dimension, CKM Oracle, JKM Oracle Consistent
  • Used ODI Tools to send email, move and zip files
  • Used IKM Incremental Update and IKM Slowly Changing Dimensions and to load the SCD Type 1 and Type 2 Dimensions
  • Setup Journalizing using Oracle Simple and Consistent Set CDC JKM
  • Used Native database sequences to load the surrogate keys in dimensions
  • Used Flow Control and Static Control to perform data checking
  • Version Management of projects using ODI solutions

Environment: OBIEE,, ODI, Oracle Database 11g, SQL Server


Senior Oracle BI Consultant


  • Gathered requirements from business users and created mockup reports and dashboards for review
  • Upgrade OBIEE RPD and Catalog to using upgrade assistant
  • Designed the data warehouse according to OBIEE Dashboard and report requirements
  • Administration of Web Catalog, RPD, BI Server, Weblogic Admin, Managed Servers and HTTP Server
  • Modeled RPD for Aggregation Navigation using materialized views in the database
  • Create, Modify and Format views in Analysis
  • Dashboard pages with action links, prompts, conditions
  • Created Agents/ibots to seed cache and send personalized alerts to users based on requirements
  • Used Time series functions in reports - Ago, To-date, Period Rolling
  • Create indexes to improve the report performance.
  • Develop Test cases for OBIEE Dashboards, reports data testing and Performance testing
  • Wrote SQL code for Report testing - Compare data in staging and data warehouse tables with OBIEE generated SQL Queries
  • Created dynamic repository variables and session variables
  • Used Static Control and Flow Control to enforce data quality in Interfaces

Environment: - OBIEE, Oracle Database 11g, SQL Server


Senior Oracle BI Consultant


  • Involved in the Installation and configuration of OBIEE software on Dev, test and Prod
  • Created reports with filters on requests, and format results in Answers
  • Created Specification document, functional design documents for the project
  • Involved in the design of staging area and data warehouse in oracle database
  • Work with multiple teams and collect reporting requirements
  • Dimensional modeling and design of the Data Warehouse and Staging Tables
  • Used Catalog Manager to migrate the code to test and prod environments
  • Write PLSQL code for dropping indexes, refreshing materialized views as part of the ETL process
  • Write analytic SQL queries to provide data to the clients
  • Created Master and work repositories and set the Topology for the complete project
  • Define business rules and convert them to creating Interfaces using filters, joins, lookups in ODI
  • Created Interfaces, procedures, packages, scenarios using ODI Tools, variables, user defined functions
  • Used Native Sequences to create surrogate keys for dimension tables
  • Generated, Migrated and Scheduled scenarios to different environments using export import features
  • Used Static and Flow Control to enforce data quality in Interfaces

Environment: - OBIEE, ODI, Red Hat Linux 6, Windows Server 2008, Oracle Database 11g, SQL Server


Programmer Analyst


  • Develop SQL code to create reports of company financial figures
  • Create Informatica ETL code to move data from flat files to Oracle database
  • Develop reports with Drill down and dashboards with guided navigation
  • Create ibots to seed cache
  • Develop external table authentication using session variables
  • Developed PLSQL triggers, functions, procedures and packages, sequences
  • Used MERGE statement to load dimensions with new and updated data

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