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Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Over 14 + years of experience in Oracle Applications E - Business Suite as a Techno- Functional Consultant in design, development, data conversion, implementation and upgrading of Oracle Applications. Experienced in version upgrade from 11i to R12.
  • Experience in Purchasing (PO), Order Management (OM), Payables(AP), Receivables (AR), General Ledger (GL), Advanced Pricing, iSupplier, Service Contracts, SLA and Inventory (INV) modules in Multi-Org Environments(MOAC)
  • Hands on experience in Development, Customization of RICEW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions, and Workflow,) Objects and creation of Functional/Technical Design Documents.
  • Expertise in using Oracle 9i, 10g,11g and, 12c databases and Proficient in PL/SQL programming using Procedures/Packages, Database Triggers, Cursor variables, Custom Exceptions, Exception Handling, Conditional Control Statements, Loop Statements and Dynamic SQL.
  • Experienced in design and development of Interface/Conversion programs to import data from legacy systems and integrate into Oracle Applications using open interfaces and APIs , and worked on Interface/Conversions like GL Interface, Supplier Invoice Interface and Customer Invoice Interface.
  • Excellent Perspective on Converting the Functional Specifications into technical design and Development
  • Extensive end user support and involved in root cause analysis, coordination with users, fixing, testing, user approval and migration to production
  • Good Experience in business flows like Procure to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (O2C), Configure to Order, Quote to Cash, and Drop Ship Cycles.
  • Experience in UNIX Shell Scripting and Command Line Utility. Developed/ Used scripts to generate .ldt files for concurrent programs, value sets, request sets, profile options and upload them in other environments.
  • Extensive experience in Implementation, Customization, and Support for Oracle Applications using Oracle development and reporting tools like SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, JDeveloper, Workflow Builder, TOAD, SQL*Plus, Reports 6i/9i/10g and Discoverer 4i/9i/10g.
  • Experience in writing design documents (AIMS) MD50s and MD70s
  • Proven hands on experience in customizing and development of forms, reports, Alerts, PLSQL API’s, interfaces, workflows, OA framework pages and customizing/extending Oracle Discoverer.
  • Extensively worked on design and development of data conversions including master data and transactional data (Supplier, Customers and AP/AR transactions, GL Balances and Assets) as part of various r12 re-implementation and implementations
  • Strong experience in SQL and PLSQL. Proficient in using Developer2000, Forms 6i/10g and Reports 6i/10g for both development and customization of forms and reports as per client specifications.
  • Strong knowledge in Multi-Org Architecture and Trading Community Architecture (TCA).
  • Good understanding and ability to troubleshootvarious issues faced during the development lifecycle including coding, debugging, testing and final roll-out.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Self-motivated, Hardworking with an ability to perform under pressure and work in a team environment.


ERP: Oracle Applications 11i(11.5.9,11.5.10,, R12(12.0.4,12.0.6,12.1.3,12.2.4, 12.2.5,12.2.6)

Data Bases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 12c Exadata

Oracle Applications: GL, AP, PO, AR, INV, OM, AOL, I-Expenses, I-Procurement, iSupplier, SLA, Shipping, Advanced Pricing, Service Contracts, and others

Oracle Tools

: Oracle Forms 10g/6i

Reports: Oracle Reports 10g/6i, XML Publisher

Discoverer: Discoverer Administrator 4i/10g, Discoverer Desktop and Plus 4i/10g

Work Flow: Work Flow Builder 2.5

Other Tools: FND Load, Data Loader, Putty, HP Quality Center, HP ALM, MS-Office, WinSCP, WebADI

Documentation: Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), MD70, MD50, CV40

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus 9.0, SQL*Loader, C, C++

Development Tools: TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, JDeveloper

Integrations: Oracle EBS to RevPro (Revenue Recognition Tool) Integration


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant


  • Worked for Integration team in Confidential . As a part of Integrations, I am supposed to work with confidential WebServices team and Client during various stages of the Implementations.
  • Initial phase of the project Implementation involves identifying the data with respective table/columns across OM, AR and GL modules.
  • Designed the process to stage the data in client’s environment that is identified as required by confidential. Once the data is staged in the staging area, work with confidential WebServices team to pull the data from Oracle EBS staging area to confidential staging area.
  • Worked on customizations and added validations to product related stored procedures to perform data validations before and after Revenue Recognition.
  • Co-ordinated with the WebServices team to pull the data as required once the data is staged in EBS and validate the data that is pulled into RevPro staging tables.
  • Worked on Acknowledgement services process design to trigger emails from confidential to users to identify the issues in Data Collection process.
  • Performed Data Collection process in confidential to create Revenue contracts as required during the implementation and Validate the data flow across various tables in the RevPro.
  • Worked with clients to update the data issues that were raised during the Data collection process to correct the staged data.
  • Designed Outbound GL Data feed push from confidential  to Oracle confidential environment of the client once the Revenue is Recognized.
  • Worked with WebServices team and Functional team during the whole CRP, UAT testing to validate the data as pulled from EBS.
  • Worked on Scheduling process of Data Pull and Data Collection processes in production to completely automate the process.

Environment: Oracle EBS 12.2.5 (OM, INV, AR, GL), SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, TOAD, RevPro, Inbound and Outbound Data Pull and Data Push, Dell Boomi Websevices.

Confidential, Charlotte, North Carolina

Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant


  • Worked on 2 projects to implement FAH in Oracle confidential to process 60 Million transactions and production support of General Ledger in Oracle EBS as another application.
  • Designed and authored Technical Design (MD70) based on Functional Requirements (MD50) and walk through the technical design of the components for FAH project.
  • Addressed enhancement requests for General Ledger project as a part of production support.
  • Design and develop custom database objects like packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers, anonymous blocks, shell script to meet the business needs.
  • Created Responsibilities, Users, Profile Options, Value Sets, Menus, Form Functions, Alerts.
  • Made use of oracle’s API’s and built custom logic to perform data validations, addition or update of new/existing SEGMENTS in oracle EBS to create/modify the new/existing Code Combinations.
  • Design and develop custom OAF forms to meet business requirements to support the business users to Modify/Delete/Search records.
  • Designed and developed Posting Wrapper jobs to run 10 to 12 parallel posting jobs at a time.
  • Worked with Oracle to customize GLPPOSS executable for posting to handle huge volume of transactions.
  • Worked with Oracle to support the systems by raising SR’s, engaging oracle in testing sessions to replicating the issues, attended calls via WebEx sessions to explain issues and to get solutions.
  • Worked on performance tuning, implemented Parallel Processing for long running and huge data load queries.
  • Modified many packages to drop and recreate N(X) indexes before and insert and after an Insert to reduce the processing time.
  • Design implementation plans for monthly releases and coordinate with deployment engineers during the production deployments.
  • Involved in production support, proactively identifying potential issues and offer solutions based on existing code.
  • Debug and perform root cause analysis on issues raised by business teams.
  • Design alerts using shell scripts and integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Work with DBAs on various data clean-up activities in higher environments in case of any job failures for various reasons in higher environments.
  • Authored Implementation plans for project releases, led the code deployments for 2 SOR integrations.

Environment: Oracle EBS R12.2.6 (Financial Accounting hub (FAH), XLA, General Ledger, System Admin, AOL), SQL, PL/SQL, JDeveloper, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*loader, Forms Builder 10g, UNIX shell script, HP ALM, OAF, ADF, Putty, WinSCP, GitHub,uDeploy.

Confidential, Charlotte, North Carolina

Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant


  • Extensively worked on 2 different projects related to General Ledger(GL), O2C cycle.
  • As part of the re-implementation team involved in requirement gathering sessions, designing and authored Technical Specifications (MD070) based on Functional Specification documents (MD050) for various customizations.
  • Worked on production support for other exisiting project which involved heavily customized O2C.
  • Made modifications for existing outbound processes to populate data from OM, INV, AR to stage in custom staging tables for other processes to perform Revenue Recognition and generate Inventory reports.
  • Migrated various 11i RICE objects to r12 which involved in re-engineering of all the 11i custom objects including re-developing based on r12 functionality and new business changes
  • Created Packages, Stored procedures and created concurrent programs, request sets on them and assigned to various responsibilities based on requirements.
  • Created new Responsibilities, Users, Profile Options, Value Sets, Menus, Form Functions in DEV environment. LDT files were generated for Concurrent Programs, Value Sets and deployed in other environments later.
  • Developed SQL*Loader scripts to load data from legacy system into Inventory( INV ), OM , Receivables and GL interface tables after validating data through a custom built Concurrent Programs.
  • Worked on AuditTrial setups on some custom tables to generate reports on regular basis as a part of complete cycle.
  • Raised SR’s with Oracle to perform third party integrations and developed Technical documentation for DBAs to apply patches and handle the integration
  • Worked on integrating Oracle ADF with Oracle EBS 12.2.4 and implemented successfully.
  • Designed and developed scripts to perform completely custom processes in GL module for Prevalidation, Suspense Lines, Unpostables and Eliminations.
  • Developed PL/SQL Scripts to load data from external system to GL Interface tables and GL Base tables after performing prevalidation (custom process).
  • Worked on Oracle Application Framework (OAF) to develop custom forms for re-implementation. Created form functions for the same and took care of deployment process in various environments.
  • Co-ordinated with DBA’s to run adadmin scripts and bounce of apps tier when needed.
  • Actively involved in production support by solving issues in INV,OM,AR, GL modules.
  • Extensively developed PL/SQL scripts to perform validations, archive and purge records according to business rules.
  • Developed PL/SQL scripts for validating the data and storing it into GL INTERFACE, MTL SYSTEM ITEMS INTERFACE tables and then populating it into GL and INV base tables.
  • Worked on Profile Option changes to make sure multiple journal imports does not post various ledgers to same batch and made sure separate Group IDs are populated for each posting.
  • Documented all the work done for future reference. Also created various reference manuals for functional testers and users.
  • Imported the data from legacy systems into the temporary tables in Account Receivables (AR).
  • Customized Pack Slip report, Shipping , Back Order Report and Freight Carrier Listing Report in OM
  • Processed data coming from third party XLA accounts and loaded data into separate Financial Accounting module which later posted to consolidated GL module.
  • Created Indexes on tables and worked on procedures to change SQL scripts to improve the performance of packages thereby decreasing the time consumed by concurrent programs
  • Involved in Registration/Migration of concurrent programs, executables, Creation of Responsibilities, Request Groups, Menus, value sets, Request Sets, Forms, Functions in System Administration & AOL.

Environment: Oracle EBS 11i/R12.2.4 (GL, INV, OM, AR), SQL, PL/SQL, JDeveloper, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*loader, Forms Builder 10g, UNIX shell script, HP ALM, CA SCM Harvest (Code Repository), OAF, ADF, Putty, WinSCP.

Confidential . Dallas, Texas

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Worked with the end users and gather requirements for developing the detailed process flows and there by developing the requirements matching the custom code.
  • Responsible for Delivering Design Requirements for Pick Release component notification, meeting with Business for CR Sign-off, peer-review meetings, requirement gathering in Shop floor and solution design.
  • Worked on processing of ASN (Advances ship notifications) coming from supplier to capture the shipment details in oracle EBS and provide out bound notifications to supplier.
  • Involved in developing pick ship notifications that are triggered to warehouse in case of orders that are pick released based on quantity available.
  • Involved in developing part setup form that is used by end users to setup the part across all organizations assigned to corresponding specific customer operating unit.
  • Designed and developed inventory synchronization report that involves getting the data from third party system and gets loaded in to custom interface table to have data compared to existing source system.
  • Involved in full cycle of production support which includes gathering detail requirements of the day to day EBS issues, documenting, root cause analysis, fixing and testing of the issue and preparing migration scripts to move to production.
  • Designed custom interfaces from R12 that involves capturing of various transactions coming as flat file basis from third party systems in to custom interface tables and sending necessary transactions to custom outbound table.
  • Worked on different interfaces like importing AR invoices from one of third party legacy system which validates and submits standard interface program and also determines the Revenue Recognition.
  • Worked on service contracts to integrate orders, subscriptions with OM to create guaranteed service by creating service contracts associated to Sales Orders.
  • Worked on creating contracts by adding ship to and bill to addresses of customers and their subscriptions under the contracts.
  • Responsible in developing XML BI publisher reports with respect to printing of repair order information that is send to supplier
  • Design the entire unit test documentation like test plan, test scenarios, detailed test cases and test results and responsible for Integration Testing, Unit testing.

Environment: Oracle EBS R12.1.3 (OM, INV, AP, AR,PO, Install Base,iSupplier, Service Contracts,SLA and GL), TOAD 9.1, Workflow 2.6, Forms and Reports10g,JDeveloper9iand10

Confidential, Madison, Wisconsin

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Involved in reviewing key elements in 11.5.10 production systems such as patch levels, profile options, system configurations, security, and schedule purge activities.
  • Using Panaya tool, I was involved in determining the effort required for necessary code issues and identifying and managing the test plans to support upgrade activity.
  • Retrofitted various custom components for R12 upgrade which invoices PL/SQL packages, views, Triggers, Value sets, AOL components.
  • Involved in working with issues related to AP Invoices where tax amount was reflecting when invoices are cancelled, this was identified as an issue as a part of 11i to R12.
  • Involved in working with issues related to charge accounts on distributions of Planned Purchase Order releases, thereby suggesting appropriate patches for R12 upgrade.
  • Involved in working on the error messages that displayed when attempting to run OM reports which is caused by changing necessary settings in the concurrent program settings.
  • Worked on issue with reports displaying XML tags when no xml template is assigned to the report. Developed notes on how to apply the patches to fix the issue.
  • Developed custom reports from R12 reports same as 11i reports.
  • Customized forms to make changes related to R12 for MOAC changes and tables changes.
  • Customized standard Sales order form using personalization. Personalization includes adding custom menus to submit reports.
  • Involved in analyzing the system stability after upgrade and identified the enhancements that can be infused in the new system improve the business process.
  • Developed and customized various custom forms as per new MD50 requirements and R12 changes.
  • Developed various custom PL/SQL components as per business requirements which mainly include interfaces and custom validation program units.

Environment: Oracle Applications R12 (OM, AR, AP, PO, GL, TCA), Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Forms 10g, Reports 10g.

Confidential, Columbus, Georgia

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Worked on data conversions in various modules like OM, AP, AR, GL, PO, and customization of reports in all these modules.
  • Generated custom reports using different tools like BI Publisher, Discoverer.
  • Used XML Publisher to develop Sales order Report, Purchase order report, Purchase Order Arrival.
  • Developed, implemented and unit tested AP Invoice interfaces in order to import data from the legacy system through a flat file into staging tables using SQL*Loader, validate the data using PL/SQL procedures, insert data into interface tables and running the invoice import concurrent program to load the data into oracle AP tables.
  • Developed many PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages and Triggers to implement business rules into the application.
  • Performed customization of the various PO and Sales Order reports.
  • Developed and Created new concurrent request set and scheduled the Order Import interface program to run periodically.
  • Used the above scheduled standard Order Import interface program to load the Open Orders from the interface tables to the standard OM tables.
  • Developed an Inbound Interface between web based Order management systems to Order Management for Sales Orders import.
  • Worked on some enhancements to custom ship confirmation process which takes ship confirmations from the vendor’s warehouse management system and load them into interface tables to make the data populated into OE/OM modules.

Environment: Oracle Applications 11i (AP, AR, OE/OM, GL, PO), TOAD, PL/SQL, SQL*LOADER, Reports 6i, forms 6i


Oracle Applications Technical Consultant


  • New implementation of Oracle Applications, modules include AP, AR, INV,PO, OM,GL
  • Hugely involved in the data mapping and conversion of modules PO, OM, AP, and AR.
  • Written several scripts to validate data in to staging tables and developed SQL*Loader control files to load data from flat files in to the staging tables.
  • Developed Custom Interfaces to import vendor’s information from legacy system to Oracle Application.
  • Responsible for developing and customizing complex Reports (6i) as per the client requirements in INV and OM modules.
  • Registration of customized Reports through creation of concurrent executables, concurrent programs, assigning to Request Group.
  • Worked with Oracle Discoverer Administrator, Desktop in creating new business areas, custom views and ad hoc reports for end users.
  • Involved in analysis, design and coding of data extraction and loading the data in table.
  • Worked with Oracle Workflow Builder to develop new processes and customized the existing workflow process.
  • Performed SQL tuning using Explain plan and tuning database with appropriate indexes.

Environment: Oracle Applications (OM, INV, AP, AR, PO) Oracle, Reports 6i, Forms 6i, Discoverer, Toad, SQL* Loader, SQL*Plus, Workflow Builder

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