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Oracle Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Profile Summary

  • Long list of projects delivered under time and under budget (see highlights)
  • Ability to reduce complexity in requirements and technology to achieve reduced development/ maintenance time & cost, faster turnaround cycles, drastically increased return on investment
  • 16 years of experience in enterprise architecture and leading teams implementing multimillion dollar projects in financial, telecom & healthcare verticals
  • Hands on Technical expertise includes Enterprise Architecture, Real Time Decisioning (Oracle RTD, Chordiant CDM), workflows / BPM, Rules, CRM, SOA, Oracle, db2, WebSphere, Weblogic, JBoss, JMS, JDBC, Web services, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMX, JTA, XML technologies, AJAX, JQuery, iPhone/Android apps.

Work Experience

Independent Consultant, Sept11 – Current

  • I guided the architecture and implementation for implementing Oracle’s RTD platform on nokia.com
  • The project helps maximize web revenue by dynamically profiling web user and offering up-sell/cross-sell products. The platform self learns to adjust to the market.
  • Working with startups to build mobile technologies and help with business strategies.

Lead Technical Architect, Confidential,South Africa, Oct10 - June11

  • I implemented working POC in 15 days eliminating technology risk. I simplified architecture to reduce development effort by 50% (shortest CDM project done till date). I lead effort to reduce deployment time from 1 week to 1 day resulting in faster development iterations; which helped significantly to improve the stability and flexibility of the application.
  • Our team was also able to absorb delays caused by other teams.
  • Lead effort to squeeze 3x more performance from production hardware than expected
  • Project generated revenue at 3x than expected rate, recovered cost in 1 year instead of 3 years

Senior Technical Advisor for Confidential,Confidential,Richmond VA, May09-Aug10

  • Leading 50 people onshore/offshore team to build $100MM next generation call center solution
  • Architected a clever rule based authorization solution to customize the application for different business units. This solution saved 2 man years of development effort, drastically reduced complexity and eliminated maintenance efforts completely
  • Improved scalability by 13x resulting in multi million dollars in hardware cost saving

Consultant as Enterprise Architect, Confidential,Jacksonville FL, Feb07-Dec08

  • Engaged by client to handle toughest and most complex parts of $200 million project
  • After coming on board, I changed course of 1 month ongoing effort to make the team productive in 2 days
  • Hired, mentored and lead a 10 person team and delivered a 6000 hour project in 3000 hours by simplifying architecture and making changes to increase team productivity. We achieved this while dealing with political headwind and severe resource constraints.
  • Re-architected a project to reduce 2000 hour effort to 500 hours, eliminated ongoing maintenance requirements and reduced change turnaround time from 1 month to 24 hours to drastically increase business agility.
  • I took over a project after 3 teams and 2 months of failed effort, turned it around within 2 days

Various consulting / enterprising roles, Apr06-Feb07

  • Worked on a Dell translation automation project, completed two phases of project within time/budget of one phase.
  • Helped an Indian call center startup with strategic planning and execution
  • Acted as Chief Sales Officer for an Indian software startup and led it to profitability in 2 months

Technical Architect at Confidential,San Antonio TX and Cupertino CA; Jun01-Mar06

  • In addition to fulfilling my day to day duties and delivering many successful projects, I achieved:
  • Part of presales team of new J2EE based product resulting in successful first sale of product to USAA
  • Lead effort to improve performance of complete platform by 450%
  • Architected ‘Chordiant GUI generator’ on client site that reduced GUI development effort by 80%. It was widely adopted by pre-sales and professional services divisions.
  • Conceptualized and architected JXE, a Chordiant JMS integration product. It was quickly adopted by many clients and eventually was incorporated as integral part of the product
  • Successfully pursued management to build next version of BPM suite based on customer needs rather than in-house requirements, thus saving 3 man years of engineering efforts and significant opportunity cost.
  • Played key role in hiring two team members, both of which quickly gained reputation as ‘A level’ employees
  • Received several recognition letters from company and clients including a Chordiant CEO award

Integration Consultant at Confidential,Austin TX; Jul00-Jun-01

  • Worked on IBM sales force web site. Enabled interaction logging and log played to analyze user behavior
  • Lead two people team to automate product builds
  • Implemented a banded pricing module. I improved product performance by 57%.

Senior Software Engineer at Confidential,Cupertino CA; Apr99-Jul00

  • To web enable a VB based application ,we ported it to ASPs. The project involved spending 50% time on researching technologies and considerably improved my knowledge of web technologies.
  • Working with a startup , we designed and developed a content management system (CMS) for online sales and services platform for insurance/annuity industry. I managed offshore team of 7 developers.

Tech Lead at Confidential,India; Jul98-Mar99

  • Worked as tech lead to oversee many ongoing projects and mentoring junior developers.

Java Designer/Developer at Confidential,Singapore; Oct97-Apr98

  • Designed and re-implemented Singapore Telecom prepaid calling cards call center application from Oracle to Java client/server architecture to enhance usability and improve employee productivity.

Developer (MTS) at Confidential,India; Jun96-Oct97

  • Single handedly designed and developed complete windows like desktop inside Java 1.0 applet for a highly critical network management project. It included variety of desktop related features, a big task for Java 1.0
  • Took initiative to enhance company’s intranet, developed a chat and a library management application.

Other Achievements

  • Published an article about upcoming JDK1.4 in JavaWorld magazine, it was most accessed article of that month.
  • Published an article on Log4J in Java Developer’s Journal .
  • Published an article titled “Java: Beyond the Hype” in India’s most popular IT magazine PC Quest in 1997.


Bachelor of Engineering

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