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Oracle Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Sanjay has successful 9-years of Oracle Application implementation experience with small and large size projects. A hands-on implementation background in the areas of the financial as well inventory and purchasing modules gives his the ability to understand and be understood by users, stakeholders, functional, development, and technical support. Because of his understanding of business and technical issues, as well as soft skills, Sanjay keeps the implementation project moving ahead by winning the support of the user community, and leveraging the capabilities of the system.

M.B.A. Finance


ERP: Oracle Financials 10.7 Char, 10.7NCA, 11.03NCA, R11i ,R12i, ebusiness suite.
Database: Oracle 11g,10g, 9i,8i,7.3, SQL 6.5 and Access.
Toolsets: Jdeveloper 10g, 11g., Developer/2000 – Forms 4.5,6i, Reports 2.5,6i and 9i, (OBIEE) XML Publisher, Discoverer 9i,10g, Informatica 6.2,7.1,8.1 SQL*Loader, Workflow 2.6, APEX, Metalink.
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, XML,Visual Basic Scripts, Active Server Pages, Java Scripting.
Environment: Unix, Linux RHEL 4.0, Windows NT, Windows XP, Vista and DOS
Oracle Modules: Oracle R11i and R12i , GL, AR, CM, CRM, AP, HRMS, PY PO, INV, OPM, WIP, BOM ,OE, PA, GMS, OTL, AOL and Sys Admn.
Other Software: MS Office2007, Open Office , SubVersion, Serena Version Manager (PVCS), Kintana, TOAD, SQL-Developer.


08/10-Present Confidential,
Interface Development

Developing Project Accounting, Budgeting and Expenses Interface using flat file form Legacy system using BPEL, XML and XPath functions.
Based on file pattern and user criteria for CSV, Web Service or Flat file and on ad hoc basis, or scheduled basis.
Creating security policies in BPEL.
Created Error Handling Standard Framework across the board to be conistent with all development.
Using subversion for Versioning.
Using Ant Deployment script for Migration for full SDLC cycle.
Perfomance tunning to Weblogic server, maintaing instances based on business rules, undeploying older instances and BPEL processes.
Creating SOA standards for file naming, and activities naming.
Conversion: Development.
Creating conversion using api for creating POETA (Projects, Org, Expenditure, Tasks , Awards, Installment and Project Funding)
Conversion also using API’s for Budget Baseline

06/08 – 07/10 Confidential,Irvine,CA
Oracle:, Database 10g
OA Framework.

Setting up Project property Setting, Java Path ,Java source file and DBC file, to create development environment on PC.
Declaratively tailoring UI look-and-feel, layout and visibility of built-in content to suit a business need and user preference at site level and Responsibility level.
Changing user views ,Re ordering the fields, adding and hiding the fields, changing the prompt name with SPEL expression.
Creating new look and feel with CSS and adding company logo/Branding
Restricting query results on Purchase Order and Expense Report.
Using personalization document manager to import, export and delete MDS repository.
Deploying personalization with xml files
Restricting the data to the user.
• Extending the functionality of iProcurment and iPayment:
• Adding new content and business logic
Creating new quick pick to display POETA in Projects information.

BPEL and Fusion Middleware.
Created web service from pl/sql packages and deploying them to SOA server, to be consumed by BPEL process.
Developing XML Schema, Extracting XML from Oracle DB, Parsing and creation of xml document in db to store Order and Customer related information.
Creation of xsd file and consuming WSDL to be used by BPEL process
Developed, debug and deployed BPEL process in 10g and 11g both Jdeveloper and oc4j and Weblogic.
Embedding simple java program to call Microsoft SQL Server procedures.
Point to point integration between Oracle Ebusiness and web for Customer Creation and Order Creation and Booking..
Calling webservices which are registered in OSR (Oracle Service Registry).
BAM reports creation along with Dataobjects. Creating sensors in bpel process to create alert and resubmission of failed report in BAM.
Created Error Handling Standard Framework across the board to be conistent with all development
Creating web pages using PL/SQL Web Toolkit. Web pages to monitor Order to Cash flow from different warehouses, also across other heterogeneous services.
Customizing the Oracle reports and Forms with Financials, Distributions and Process Manufacturing.
Created various custom forms and report in APEX, replacing oracle forms and reports to subsitute Excel and Access based
Creating and Maintaining Discoverer reports for Datawarehouse as well as for Oracle applications.
Created labels using Loftware software.

10/08-11/08 Confidential,
Oracle 12.0.4, Database 10g

Creating Tax related reports for filing Sales Tax Return purpose, US and Canada.
Conversion and Validation of Customers and AR Invoices using API’s and Interface tables, for US and Canada Org.
Conversion and Validation of Item Master and Categories,

03/08-05/08 Confidential,
City of Burbank, Burbank, CA
Oracle:, Database 10g

Creating various Oracle Reports for Payroll, OTL and HRMS/OAB. Reports in XML Publisher as well as Reports 6i. The reports were in various categories which included, Bonus Pay Reports, Payroll Man Hours, Leave Usage Reports, Tools and Uniform Reports, Provisional and Temp Employees, Vacation/Sick Leave Reports Hours and Balance. Running Explain plan for Performance Tuning for long running OTL report with correct index and hints.

02/08-5/08 Confidential,El Segundo, CA
General Dynamics ATP
Oracle:, Database 10g

Creating User Defined Attributes for Oracle Contract Authorizing Workbench.
Creation of Form Personalization to handle various Auto Calculation, Validation and Versioning based on user defined attributes..
Loaded the data from Excel file to User defined attributes for various Contracts and Lines.

02/07- 01/08 Confidential,Mission Vijeo, CA
Consultant, Technical Lead
Client: TV Guide, Los Angeles, CA
Oracle, Database 10g

Created custom PO Workflow approval process, for the company’s rule based logic for approval between departments and in department, and saving thereby a $50K.
Created custom reports for requisition and purchasing related transactions.
Created and run audit scripts for SOX compliance for internal auditor as well as for external auditors, for GATE tool.
Maintaining and developing an application within Oracle E-Business Suite utilizing General Ledger, Budgeting and Human Resource modules.
Created a workflow based Purchasing Approval Solution for custom solutions.
Extending Oracle applications for Budgeting from Project Accounting and General Ledger.
Integrating Oracle applications with legacy systems using Application Programming Interfaces (API).
Developed XML reports for AR Invoices and Purchase Order as per custom requirement.
Created a Blackberry approval solution for Requisitions, which allows users to approve requisition from Blackberry devices, there by saving a $200K.
Running Explain plan for Performance Tuning for long running jobs.

11/07- 12/07 Confidential,Irvine, CA
Experian, Costa Mesa, CA
Oracle, Database 10g

Creating MD50 and MD70 for Project Accounting related Reports as follow:
Project Accounting to GL Reconciliation.
Project Accounting Events Reconciliation.
Project Accounting Revenue by Order.
Created XML Publisher Reports with Dynamic Columns and totals.

02/06-02/07 Confidential,Los Angeles, CA
Consultant, Technical Lead
Client: Confidential,CA
Oracle, Database 10g implementation.

Gathering requirements for various RICE elements from the Business Users as well as other IT Depts, and creating MD50 and MD70’s.
Creating Interface from Legacy System for AR Customers, Invoices, Sales Tax Intefaces, D&B Interfaces, AP Vendors, Bank Lockbox, Item Interfaces for OPM using API’s
Loading Vendors, Customers, Employees, Employees Address and Assignments, Receivable Invoice, Payables Invoice, Service Contracts and lines.
Uploading Values for Value Sets.
Customizing Oracle Apps using Forms Personalization for attaching notes, populating DFF based on Header information, invoking Bank Account from Supplier form and populating values back to Supplier form, making fields mandatory.
Creating Discoverer Reports and maintaining and creating EUL.
Creating PDF reports using XML Publisher based on requirement for Invoice, Dunning and Statements.
Training and Mentoring clients developer for Forms, Reports, PL/SQL programming and Discoverer tools.
Customizing and debugging existing customization for various clients.
Created GL Exchange Rate Interface with Bank of America for loading various currencies.
Developed various Reports, Forms and Interfaces. for the Modules , Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Oracle Service Contracts etc.,

01/06-02/06 Confidential,CA
Client: Confidential,CA

Upgrade support for Oracle applications from 11.5.7 to 11.5.10, for Spain and France.
Co-coordinating and debugging issue with business process and Oracle applications.

09/05-12/05 Confidential,
Client: Confidential,Cypress, CA
Oracle 11.5.9, Database 9.2

Customizing and Implementing CRM Forms using Java Bean Areas and creating
spread table, based on custom views. and displaying information
Doing implementation documents and implementation plans for new releases.
Adding new user in Sys-Admin, HRMS and in CRM Service module.
Testing the patches after implementation.
Coordinating with Developer on installing reports, forms and interfaces.
Developing Interfaces using Data Stage, Ascential Software.
Gathering schema statistics. Running Explain plan for Performance Tuning for long running
Jobs and applying necessary index hints.

05/05- 08/05 Confidential,
Client Confidential,CA
Oracle 11.5.10, Database 9.2 implementation.

Conversion of Charts of Accounts Value from People Soft to Oracle Financials.
Conversion of PeopleSoft 25,000 Cross Validation Rule to Oracle Cross Validation Rule.
Creating Daily Interface for Chart of Accounts and Cross Validation Rule from PeopleSoft.
Installed Oracle Financials in Red Hat Linux 4.0 environment.
Configuring proper disk space for installation and partioning it.
Applying prerequisite and post requisites patches, also applying necessary rpm’s.
Configuring necessary files, and creating startup and shutdown database scripts for both database and application tier.
Changing necessary profiles and users.
Monitoring database and LINUX operating system.

02/05-05/05 Confidential,Pasadena, CA
Oracle 11.5.9 , Database 9.2 implementation.

Created Customized reports using FSG, for internal as well as External requirement using ADI toolset.
Created Reports using Reports 6i for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger for customize Trial Balance with 7 buckets, with dynamic sort order.
Design and Administered Discoverer for developing views and function to be used by end users.
Creating TAR and fixing month end closing issues, as well as for daily problems.
Created Project Accounting Oracle 11.5.9 following Client Extensions

  • Conversion of Agreement and Funding from Legacy system using API’s and
  • transforming data as per specification.

  • Billing Cost Rate Override Extension, Capped Hourly rate by Contract.
  • Commitment Transactions and its views, excluding Requisition from view.
  • Fee Schedule Extension to calculate fee as a dollar cost per charge hour by
  • Task, expenditure type and expenditure organization. Calculate fee as percent complete of a total project or total billing times total available not to exceed fee amount.

  • Multiple Revenue Recognition & Invoicing Method on a Project.
  • Exempt Employee Rate and Distribution of Labor Extension
  • Creating following task for HRMS and OTL.

  • Creating Customized Fast Formula for OTL validations for NCA, E40 and Salaried Employee.
  • Creating custom library for Timekeeper screen for Validation of Employee.
  • Conversion of Employee and Advance Benefits using API with various validations.
  • Creation of following task for Workflow .

  • Enhancing workflow for AP Invoice, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Receipts, Expense Reports and OTL Notification with POET and Description fields using document type.
  • Customizing Reports and Forms for Project Usage according to Business Requirements.
  • Creating custom queries for Sarbanes Oxley Act from FND tables for the audit report
  • For Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.

    Created Materialized Views for creating reports, which show Draft Invoice,
    Expenditure, Purchase Order, Line, Location and Distribution, Requisition Header and
    Lines, and Events related columns for ease of reporting.


    Oracle Jdeveloper 10g.
    Oracle Fusion Middle Ware Java
    Oracle SOA, BPEL and ESB 10g
    Oracle AppsDBA, 11i Patching, Cloning and Maintaining.
    Oracle Sysadmin..