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Oracle Adf Resume

Sunnyvale, CA

Professional Summary:

  • Over 7+ years of experience in development using Java technologies: Java/J2EE/JSF/ADF.
  • More than 2 years of experience in Oracle ADF 11g Framework.
  • 7+ years of experience in using Technologies like Core Java, JSP, Struts, JSF, EJBs, Web Services(WSDL/SOAP/UDDI), JavaScript, HTML, XML.
  • Experience with EJB& JPA Framework and expertise with using them with ADF as ADF Web Service Data controls.
  • 6+ years of experience on Object Oriented paradigm such as OOAD using UML, Rational Rose and J2EE design patterns.
  • Good working knowledge in database like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL.
  • Proficiency in deploying n-tier Enterprise / web applications under Oracle Web logic, IBM Websphere 10.1.3, OC4J and Tomcat 5.0.24.
  • Worked on different phases of SDLC like Project Planning and Estimation, Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, User Acceptance and Support.
  • An easy going, hardworking, reliable and a good communicator who can translate complex information, in real easy to understand ways.

Technical Skills:


Java, C++ and C.

Java Technologies:

J2EE, Swings, JDBC, EJB

Web Development:

HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, EJB, CSS style guides,

Frame Works:

Oracle ADF Faces, ADF Business Components (BC4J), Struts, JSF (2.0), Spring and Hibernate.

Web Services:



Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse, Netbeans

Application Servers:

Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere 5.1, OC4J 10.1.3, Tomcat


Oracle 8i/9i 10g 11g, PL/SQL, MS-SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2

Operating Systems:

Windows 95/98/NT/2000, UNIX.

Tools & Technologies:

OOAD, Rational Rose, UML, CVS, Microsoft VSS

Professional Experience:

Company: Confidential, Client: Confidential, June 11 – Till Date
Project: EVEREST
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Role: Oracle ADF Consultant

  • Worked on developing following modules in EVEREST: Pricing, Promotions, Discounts, Policy Variance Request (PVR), and Request Information (RFI).
  • Worked on custom validations for ADF input components on Pricing and PVR modules.
  • Worked on Locale change logic across the EVEREST portal.
  • Involved in creating MD-70 Technical documentation from MD-50 Functional documentation.
  • Worked on code quality and enforce standards across EVEREST portal by integrating PMD with JDeveloper 11g.
  • Used AM-Pooling to ensure robustness of application related to passivation/re-activation of business component layer. (ADF/BC)
  • Worked on various ADF layout components to design Pricing and PVR Modules
  • Worked on integrating PVR Inbox Module with SFDC Portal.
  • Handling response from the PL/SQL procedures and controlling actions accordingly.
  • Handling visibility and NPS functionality based on the user role i.e., Tier1, Distributor, or Internal NetApp role.

Environment: ADF BC 11g, ADF UI 11g ,Java 1.6, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle 11g Database, Tortoise SVN, Javascript.

Company: Confidential, Client: Confidential, Jan 10 – May 11
Project: EASE
Location: Alexandria, VA
Role: Oracle ADF Consultant

  • Involved in User requirement gathering, Analysis, Design and Implementation of the project.
  • Created custom JDBC business-component framework methods to retrieve collections of structured data (database types/objects) from packaged procedure/function calls. Used ViewObjects with SQL table function to achieve similar results.
  • Worked with different ADF layout components to design various contract forms
  • Worked with EJB3.0/JPA framework to code business logic for various modules.
  • Integrated web services with the ADF application using ADF Web Service and Proxy Data controls.
  • Worked on exposing various application modules as web services using service interfaces
  • Integrated disparate UI component: standard JSF core/html, ADF core& ADF Layout components
  • Worked with iText in generating PDF documents for various contract documents.
  • Worked on integrating different DOD systems (Clause Logic System, FPDS System, and EDA System) with the EASE system.
  • Worked on the following modules of the EASE: Vendor Management, Customer Management, and Standard Forms.
  • Built a framework using ADF Business components to support versioning of the contract documents.

Environment: ADF BC 11g, ADF UI 11g ,Java 1.6, Oracle JDeveloper, MVC using JSF, Ajax-enabled Oracle ADF Faces , XMLJDBC, Oracle 11g Database, Java Mail API, CVS.

Confidential,Grove Village Sep 08 - Dec 09
Role: Programmer Analyst

  • Worked alongside technical lead in order to rewrite existing Forms application in ADF/JSF (n-tier app). End-users were looking for additional features and speed increases.
  • Implemented integrated, drag-and-drop, AJAX solution in JDev
  • Used SSO/VPD; got external user name in session bean, and passed it to business component level, also.
  • Tested application by shutting off application module pooling.
  • Worked on drop-down lists in a table and refresh using PPR on return from a dialog using JavaScript and f: selectOneMenu.
  • Implemented a dialog edit page, where the FK link to the parent could be changed, with a screen refresh.
  • Worked on implementing logger and log handlers.
  • Cascading, in-af:table, drop-down lists using session bean.
  • Afc:cache implemented, along with jsp:includes.
  • Implemented custom profile to display only the columns users wanted in tables.
  • Based drop-down list on a business-component level List.
  • Reused same view object with binding parameters as both master, detail, and drop-down usages.
  • Implemented horizontal master list using nested af:forEach’s, with highlighted links to show current record.
  • Used own extended Lifecycle to run backing bean level code.
  • Custom error handling and menu hierarchy.
  • Created all layers of this system: interface, domain logic, database, etc.

Environment: ADF BC/JSF(10g) (Java/JSP/EL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM/DHTML) on JDeveloper and Web Service calls, MVC Design Pattern, AJAX calls, SQL-PL/SQL, Oracle Forms/Oracle Reports/Designer, VNC on Solaris motif and command line, PL-SQL Developer, SQL*Navigator. Used SSO/OID and VPD.

Confidential,Delray Beach, FL Oct 07 – July 08
Project: BSD
Role: Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Work with business team to analyze and understand the requirements. Create UML diagrams including Class, Sequence and Use Case diagrams as a part of developing the business process.
  • Involved in technical design and interface design using the Struts (MVC) framework for web applications.
  • Develop Unit and System test cases for testing various flows. Also developed automated test scripts for the same.
  • Designing and developing user interfaces using JSP, Java Script, XML, XSL, XSLT and HTML.
  • Involved in developing Use Case Diagrams, Sequence diagrams and Class diagrams usingUMLnotation.
  • Develop unit and system test cases, automated test scripts and worked on fixing any defects. Work with the QA and customer facing teams to fix any defects in pre-prod and Production environments.

Environment: Oracle 9i Database, Java/J2EE 1.4, Struts, Hibernate, JBOSS Application server, XML, XSLT, EJBs, CVS
Confidential,Hyderabad, India Aug06 - Sep 07
Role: Program Analyst

  • Worked as Applications Developer creating infrastructure to do ADF development, such as custom login module, CSS3 skins, exception handling, gui standards, developing training, lots of home-grown Java code and code adaptation from SRDemo Oracle code, as well as code from TechnetJDev forum, internet and other sources.
  • Developed n-tier, enterprise-wide ADF Day Page, Red Alert, and other critical pages in the same application, which were central to the ePages project;
  • Implemented functionality such as Custom database login module based on schema login and table containing child table drop-down lists.
  • Worked on Af:tables based on child tables within rows in parent tables without using a tree model. Also child drop-down lists.
  • Many features taken from SRDemo like custom error handling (have studied all 1160 pages of Oracle ADF Developer’s Guide manual for 4GL programmers)
  • Implemented secure calls between ADF, Forms, APEX without using SSO without requiring re-login.
  • Pages with 4 drop-down lists on them using multi-part key.
  • Involved in-memory query filtering.
  • Created all layers of this system: interface, domain logic, database, etc.
  • Utilized formalized software lifecycle (waterfall) with analysis and design documents, test-plan documents, and many other kinds of formalized documentation.

Environment: ADFBC/JSF(10g) (Java/JSP/EL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM/DHTML) and Web Service calls, MVC Design Pattern, SQL-PL/SQL, LOADJAVA for encryption global encryption classes in the database, Oracle Forms/Oracle Reports/Designer, Merrant/PVCS (source control), VNC on Solaris motif and command line, PL-SQL Developer, Oracle 10g RDBMS.

Confidential,Hyderabad, India Aug 04 - July 06
Product: GE Workstation
Modules: Customer Authentication, Disputes, Promotions, Collections.
Description: Workstation is a user-friendly, “self-help” enabled; web based front-end System that was designed to be accessible from both Collection and Customer Service Call Centers and via the internet. The software is accessed by GECF-A employees on their desktops upon initiation of outbound collection calls and inbound customer service calls. Additionally, the application supports 3rd party vendors. The application initiates various transactions that cascade to logical monetary and non-monetary transactions impacting cardholder accounts and receivables enhancing operator usability and productivity. Workstation has been designed to support GE’s major initiative (Six Sigma, Digitization, Globalization and Services) and GECF-A strategic initiatives: be completely e-enabled, digitize process management, implement universal agent, expand cross-sell opportunities and enable shared services.
Role: Software Engineer


  • Own WRs (Work Requests) and implement them on existing code base using Html, Javascript JSP, EJBs.
  • Do unit testing and solve IT and ST bugs.

Environment: Java,J2EE(JSPs, Servlets, Javabeans),SCS,Oracle9i, Weblogic 8.0, Linux ,HTML,XML, OOP,JDBC, MS Access, MS Visual Source Safe, Windows 2000, JavaScript.

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