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Oracle Resume



  • More than 6 years of intensive experience in IT industry and almost 4 years of rich experience in Siebel 7x.
  • Sound knowledge of the Business Processes in CRM Siebel Practice.
  • An excellent track record of providing value to clients through technology enabled business transformation.
  • Implemented CRM (Siebel) implementations including all phases of SDLC starting from Requirement Analysis to User Acceptance testing.
  • Experience involves functional understanding, designing, development and testing of business applications in the Siebel environment.
  • Worked on verticals like eFinance, eCommunication with sound knowledge of Order Mgt, Sales and domains like Telecom and Banking.
  • Deft in tapping and analyzing the requirement, rendering the technical guidance to the clients, working with the end users for support and requirements definition.
  • Worked extensively in Siebel Tools, Siebel EAI, Business Services, eScripting and Siebel Database Administration.
  • Conversant in Data Modeling techniques, ETL, Siebel EIM processes and other Data transfer mechanisms supported by Siebel.
  • Experienced in Process areas in Telecom, Banking, IT and OEM Industry.
  • Played various roles as a Lead, Designer and Developer in my career, being a value added consultant.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to perform under pressure with the best outcome.
  • An effective communicator and self-starter with exceptional relationship management and interpersonal skills.
  • Personal Strengths are - Hard Work, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Innovation, Effective Communication, Excellence and Win-Win attitude.

Academic Qualifications

  • Master of Computer Applications.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Honours.

Additional Qualifications / Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Professional – MCP in SQL Server 7.0.
  • Certified in Visual Basic 6.0 & Oracle8i.
  • Cross trained by Siebel Corporation in Siebel 7.7.

Technical Proficiency

  • CRM Tools: Siebel 7.x/ 8.1
  • Siebel Modules: Scripting, Configuration, EAI, Web Services, EIM, Workflow Processes, Data Maps, Order Management, Business Services, DVM, Runtime Event, Deduplication
  • Programming Languages: C/C++, PL/ SQL
  • RAD Tool: Crystal Reports
  • Tools and Methods: Siebel Tools, Mercury Test Director, Visio, SQL* Plus and TOAD, XML Spy
  • Web Technology: VB Script, HTML, XML, XSLT, WSDL, SOAP
  • RDBMS: Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7.0, MS Access 2000
  • GUI: Visual Basic 6.0
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP, UNIX (HP-UX)

Achievements – Academic / Professional

  • Recipient of Team Excellence Award - for the project - Washington Mutual Bank.
  • Recipient of Super Trooper Award – for the project - XM Satellite Radio.
  • Group recipient of III position in All India Technical Contests - 2003 held at IIT, Rudkee University, India for developing "Common Facility Centre Management" (CFCM) for the Govt. of MP State, India.
  • Awarded silver medal for securing II position with 74% in National Talent Search Contest in Mathematics in XII Std.

Experience Summary

Confidential, Michigan, USA Aug 2009 till date

Siebel Consultant

Project Description

CMEC- Child Management and Enforcement Commission is a Non-departmental Public body responsible for the child maintenance system. To achieve its vision, it will have three core functions. First, promoting the financial responsibility that parents have for their children, second providing information and support about the different child maintenance options available to parents and providing an efficient statutory child maintenance service, with effective enforcement.

Environment : Siebel 8.1, Oracle 11g, UNIX Server
Applications : Toad, Siebel Public Sector


  • Responsible for the over all technical deliverables across the streams in the project.
  • Participate in scenario discussion (pre-analyzes) to clearly understand business requirement and functional gaps.
  • Conduct demos and presentation to customers.
  • Assist the requirement gathering team in documenting business requirement/ mapping of business process for implementation and customization.
  • Provides functional inputs and works closely with development teams to make the necessary code changes.
  • Interfaces with the Programmer Analyst to gather specification of new developments/ changes.
  • Manage transitions from implementation to product support and reduce the risk during product releases.
  • Designs and formulates functional use cases (end to end test cases) / test plans.
  • Troubleshooting configuration issues, Bug fixing and reviewing the design before check-in of the project
  • Technical review of deliverables.

Confidential, Michigan, USA Dec 2008 to Aug 2009

Siebel / CRM DM Lead

Project Description

Home and Enterprise BU – Telecommunications services for a major client. It offers an expanding range of wired, wireless, voice and data services and facilities to customers in all major geographical regions. Client is transforming to a new Customer Segmentation Model company wide that will allow Customers to be treated and rewarded according to complexities, requirements and other factors such as prospect status. This represents a major step away from the current customer segmentation which is driven by product/service and Billing platform limitations. This transformational change will be realized though the implementation of a state of the art Customer care and Billing System in conjunction with a Business Process Re-engineering initiative and client has embarked on this journey to fulfil the aspirations of moving to a customer centric model. The Home and Enterprise CRM and Billing Implementation are one of the initiatives in this transformational journey.

Environment : Siebel 7.8, Oracle 10g, UNIX Server
Applications : Toad, Siebel eCommunications


  • Understand the business requirement and prepare functional design document based on Siebel Data Model to ensure successful migration of data from Legacy system to Target system.
  • Perform Gap Analysis with the Siebel Vanilla products for the required functionalities.
  • Prepare Data Dictionary and Technical Design Document based on Functional Design document for the development team to work on.
  • Mentoring team for implementing business requirements and coordinate with business for additional requirement gathering and inputs.
  • Setting up migration environment on UNIX server for new migration activities like verification of directory structure, control files for SQL Loader, IFB files to run EIM tasks etc.
  • Creating delta Target columns, corresponding EIM columns and attribute mapping as per the business requirement in Siebel Tools.
  • Analyzing fields in the existing source system and map to the Siebel system.
  • Using third party tools like SQL Loader to load data from flat files into Siebel Interface Tables.
  • Construction of Data Mapping worksheet that identifies how the external source data maps to the EIM table and to the base table.
  • Writing/modifying Configuration file for data IMPORT, DELETE processes etc.
  • Preparing EIM jobs integrating with the external system for small and bulk import of data and run the EIM Task.
  • Optimizing EIM job by adopting EIM best practices recommended by Siebel.
  • Troubleshooting EIM process by populating the appropriate flags.
  • Creation of functional documents like FDD, TDD and Reconciliation reports etc.
  • Monitoring the migration process to other environments.
  • Prepare metrics and conduct internal and external audits to ensure quality of deliverables.

Confidential, Seattle, USA Nov 2006 to Nov 2008

Siebel - Module Lead

Project Description

UDC Siebel Migration: Confidential, one of the top 10 banks in North America, serves customers on their personal/business online banking needs. Siebel Implementation for WaMu replaced the existing Call (Contact) Centre desktop application TRACM that is used by the "Bankers" to process customer phone calls.
This project involves managing environments between Siebel CRM and other applications like Fidelity, Hogan etc which are communicating through Middleware MQ Series. Siebel provides a User Interface (Siebel Financial Services application) to back office bankers to create various Service Requests based on the requests come from the customers like Account Maintenance, Address Maintenance, Card Maintenance, Funds Transfer, Online Banking, Check Order, Stop Pay and many more.

Environment : Siebel 7.8, Oracle 10g, Windows 2000, UNIX Server
Application : Siebel Financial Services


  • Led the team in preparation of technical documents, business process understanding and requirement mapping for To-Be processes.
  • Responsible for daily status report and client interfacing meetings.
  • Exposure in gathering requirements and mapping them to the Siebel vanilla application.
  • Analysis & preparation of Siebel functional and technical design by extending Siebel vanilla functionality
  • Guiding the development and testing teams in understanding of the proposed functionality, application flow and business rules
  • Develop POC by gathering requirements and analyzing them.
  • Monitor the Migration Process to other environments.
  • Development work like Configuration of Applets, Pick Applets, BCs, Views and Links etc.
  • Creation of Integration Objects, Data maps as part of EAI configuration and generate request/reply XSD and XML accordingly.
  • Writing Business Service Scripts as per business requirement.
  • Create Server Components to Generate DB, Database Extract and EIM task etc as per the business requirement.
  • IFB file creation and execution of EIM tasks to load the data into Siebel database (Import).
  • Troubleshooting configuration issues, Bug fixing and reviewing the design before check-in of the project
  • Prepare metrics and conduct internal and external audits to ensure quality of deliverables.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Responsible for invoice mgt, project revenue and cost budgeting on monthly/Quarterly basis.
  • Prepare proposal and effort estimations for prospective modules and projects.
Confidential, Washington DC, USA Oct 2005 to Nov 2006

Siebel Designer/Developer

Project Description

Red Skin SMS - XM Radio (NASDAQ:XMSR) is a satellite Radio Company based out of Washington DC. XM is a nationwide service provider of audio entertainment and information programming, transmits services by satellite to vehicle, home and portable radios, and offers wide variety of music, news, talk, sports and other specialty programming on 160 distinct channels. This is the post upgrade project of existing Siebel eCommunication application 6.0.3 to Siebel 7.7.1 for XM Radio. The Current Siebel eCommunication implementation contains a significant amount of custom configuration to support the XM Radio business processes.
The company has enlisted Accenture expertise for the solution delivery of its Subscriber Management System, a state of the art CRM product with its front-end in Siebel, middle ware in Vitria and the back-end billing system being Portal. The entire XM Radio team is responsible for the solution delivery of high level design, code, product testing, and production migration of code and production support.
XM is powered by Siebel 7.7 eCommunications Application, eSales as Customer interaction, Vitria as Middleware and Portal for billing purposes.

Environment : Siebel 7.7, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000 (Server)
Application : Siebel eCommunications, eSales


  • Responsible for Configuring Business Objects layer through modify Business Components, Business Objects etc. with extensive customization using Siebel Tools.
  • Involved in development of User Interface Layer like Applets, Views, and Screens and modified certain applets.
  • Worked on initiatives which involve creation of LOV/MLOV, Link, MVG and Business Services etc.
  • Responsible for creating IFB files and executes the EIM tasks to load the data into Siebel database (Import) or clean the date from Siebel database (Delete) as per the business requirement.
  • Run EIM Jobs to load data into Siebel Database.
  • Create Server Components to Generate DB, Database Extract and EIM task etc as per the business requirement.
  • Involved in writing and executing the unit test cases.
  • Worked on Production BDEs (Bug, Defect & Enhancements) and responsible for providing workarounds for live defects as and when required.
  • Delivering the Critical/Emergency Production issues on time.
  • Developing/Enhancing the Stored Procedures as per the requirements.
  • Involved in the Migration Process to other environments.

Confidential, India Sep 2005 to Oct 2005


Project Description
Candidate Recruitment Processing System - This software is developed for Siebel Capability Team of Delivery Centre of Accenture. This "Candidate Recruitment Processing System" maintains all the records of candidates who appear in the Accenture Siebel recruitment programs such as candidate's personal information, skill sets, competency level etc along with the recruiter's information.


  • Study of the Requirement Document.
  • Analysis of Approach and perform the detailed design of application and technical architecture components.
  • Involved in low level design and participated in the design workshops with the business team.
  • Screen Development.
  • Involved in preparing Technical & Functional Design Document.
  • Involved in TD Review, Code Review etc.
  • Prepared test plans for Unit Testing and test the whole build accordingly and defect fixing.

Environment : MS Access 2003 Forms Utility, MS Access 2003

Confidential, India Sep 2004 to Aug 2005

Database Developer

Project Description
Oracle Data Migration - This project involved the data migration and data monitoring activities.


  • Involved in creation and modification of existing Stored Procedures.
  • Monitoring and Migrating the data from the branch office to the main server at the Head Office.
  • Report Generation.
  • Performance Issue analysis.

Environment : Oracle8i

Confidentialt, India Jul 2003 to Aug 2004


Project Description

Confidential is developed for State Govt., India. The objective of this project was to automate the working of all the departments such as Health dept., Arm Licence dept., Land Investigation dept. and Drug Licence dept. etc. This minimizes the paper work which in turn saves revenue and fastens the working process and response time taken by the officers.

Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Report 7.0


  • Analysis of Approach.
  • Designing
  • Report Generation
  • Screen Development (Forms and Report)
  • Performance Issues analysis.
  • Peer Review
  • Unit Testing

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