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Application Design Nj, New Jersey

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SUMMARY: Senior-Level Software Engineer

Skilled software engineering professional with more than 20 years of application software development experience spanning the entire development lifecycle, including analysis, design, coding, testing, maintenance, and support. Specialties are relational database (Oracle), data architecture, data modeling; analysis, design; coding on Unix and Linux platforms using PL/SQL, Pro*C, C, C++, Korn and Bash shells; and coding on Windows PC platform using Java SE.

Professional Track

Senior Applications Developer….………………………………... September 2005 to November 2008

As a senior consultant, worked on projects at the following Accenture clients:

Used Java SE, applets, Swing, HTML, and a state-table engine to develop numerous interactive user interface screens for the Best Buy Mobile (cell phones) Point-of-Sale (POS) application. The application is built atop the PCMS 100% Java POS system and totally automates the process of setting up and activating cell phone service with all the major cell phone carriers and doing customer credit checks.

Designed and developed CRM-related software in a high volume, very large database (VLDB) back end
environment. Developed/coded a new Unix daemon program in C/C++/Pro*C to process store sales transactions related to the customer loyalty program (Reward Zone). Developed and coded numerous data mining programs in Oracle PL/SQL to extract customer segmentation information from a very large customer transaction historical database.

Technologies Used:
Sun Solaris UNIX | Windows XP | Oracle 10g | Oracle PL/SQL | Oracle Pro*C | C++ | C | Java SE, Swing, HTML | UNIX Korn shell | Toad IDE | PVCS, CVS, and Borland StarTeam code control
Maestro Job Scheduler | PCMS, Retek Retail Systems

  • Oracle Retail, Confidential,

Ported approximately one hundred Oracle Pro*C batch programs from UNIX to Enterprise Linux. Installed, configured, and administered Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle 10gR2 RDBMS, Oracle Application Server, Retek RMS and RWMS products on x86-64 hardware.

Worked on a proof-of-concept project to port the Retek RWMS warehouse product\'s Oracle 6i character-based forms to Oracle 10g web-based forms, running on RF mobile devices with the Microsoft Windows CE/Mobile OS.

Technologies Used:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux | Several Unix variants | Oracle 10gR2 | Oracle Forms
Oracle Application Server | Retek RMS and RWMS | Windows CE/Mobile | Korn and Bash shells | Symbol RF mobile devices

Conducted a study to assess the efficacy of moving the Oracle Applications HRMS module, E-Biz applications, and data warehouse currently running on UNIX and proprietary hardware to the Linux OS on x86-64 hardware. Assembled an extensive notebook containing my recommendations, software and hardware data sheets, case studies, validated configurations, installation and configuration guides, etc.

Technologies Used:
HP Xeon-based quad-core blade servers, Oracle Enterprise Linux (Red Hat), Oracle 10g RDBMS, RAC, and Application Server, Oracle HRMS

Senior Applications Developer ................................................................. March 2001 to July 2005

Participated in key computer system development projects for Target Corporation’s Distribution department in the Technology Systems division.

  • Redesigned a key UNIX-based daemon program that enforces a new, complex set of business rules governing warehouse withdrawal logistics.
  • Served on the pilot project team for the implementation of voice recognition logistics software for warehouse picking. Designed and constructed a daemon program connecting the Target distribution system with the Voxware VoiceLogistics software system. The program continuously listens for store withdrawal requests from a centralized corporate application; interprets, organizes, and bundles the requests; and transmits the bundles in coded form to the voice logistics application.
  • Worked on a team tasked with enhancing Target’s bar code labeling system to improve unpacking and distribution efficiency throughout all stores. Quickly mastered high-speed label printing hardware and related control software. Reformatted information on numerous specialized labels, utilizing both American and European bar code standards.
  • Redesigned and rewrote a Target C/Pro*C program that processes vendor-supplied EDI 856 data and introduced new functionality to process several new data formats.
  • Participated on a one-year project to combine three versions of Target’s paperless picking/packing software system that utilizes specialized dumb terminals and radio frequency (RF) devices to guide employees through the opening, picking, and repackaging of cartons. Merged the versions into a single, common product and implemented several new features to improve the system’s maintainability, stability, productivity, and usability.

Technologies Used:
IBM AIX UNIX Windows NT and XP IBM MQ Series message queuing TCP/IP sockets
Oracle 8.0.5 Oracle PL/SQL Oracle Pro*C C UNIX Korn shell Perl scripts SQL-Station IDE
Voxware VoiceLogistics Microsoft Visual Studio for C/C++ client/server
PVCS source code management utility TestDirector testing management utility EDI standards
character device drivers state table-driven software US and European bar code standards
TEC label printer hardware and control software structured analysis and design methodologies


Senior Software Engineer / Field Services Consultant................................................ 1995 to 2000
Provided broad-based consulting services to customers using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to track documents and engineering data produced by mechanical and electrical CAD software products. Managed project planning, estimating, and reporting for all consulting activities.

  • Assisted customers in implementing Teamcenter by UGS PLM Solutions, a distributed enterprise PLM system with more than a half million users.
  • Installed and configured PLM and Oracle software on UNIX and Windows operating systems at various companies, including General Dynamics and Briggs & Stratton.
  • Customized the PLM system’s database, code, and user interface to meet customer requirements. Integrated application software products and migrated customer data from legacy PLM systems. Provided user training for the new software as well as continuous technical support and customizations.

Technologies Used:
UNIX on Silicon Graphics, HP and Sun hardware Windows NT Oracle C OOP techniques
client/server GUI windowing UNIX C shell Microsoft Visual Studio for C/C++

Software Engineer........................................................................................................ 1994 to 1995
Integrated mechanical CAD software applications into the Metaphase PLM product suite. Metaphase Technology later became UGS PLM Solutions.

  • Participated in the design, coding, testing, and support of a software module to integrate the Parametric Technology Pro/Engineer mechanical CAD application with the Metaphase system.

Technologies Used:
UNIX on IBM, HP, DEC, Sun and Silicon Graphics hardware client/server C
OOP techniques GUI windowing UNIX C shell Windows NT

Software Engineer – Mechanical CAD/CAM Division............................................... 1985 to 1994
Participated in the development of an information management system to manage the data produced by the computer integrated manufacturing division’s CAD/CAM software product suite. Performed C and FORTRAN coding on numerous operating systems and hardware platforms. Performed data modeling, utilizing information analysis methodologies and software tools. Designed and implemented database access APIs. Ported the entire system to additional operating systems and hardware platforms. Composed chapters of the installation, administration, data migration, user, and customization manuals pertaining to database management. Previously served as a Systems Programmer in the operating system programming division.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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