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Sr.programmer Resume


  • Senior IT Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.
  • Areas of specialization include Data Modeling, SOA Modeling,and ORACLE PL/SQL.
  • Possesses 14+ years of strong Oracle back-end experience using SQL and PL/SQL techniques from version 8.0 to 10g. During the PL/SQL coding in different projects, used different features ailable in 9i/10g like object oriented techniques and also dynamic SQLs to facilitate the latest features.While writing the SQL inside the PL/SQL blocks, also used latest analytical query techniques. I have considerable knowledge in Oracle stream to sync old & new Data.
  • Possesses 6+ years of experience in Crystal Reports development. Have done approximately 400+ different types of reports under an Oracle environment. Have created rious types viz. Standard Reports, Label Reports, Sub Reports, and Cross Tab Reports which uses a temporary table data populated from the stored procedures during execution.
  • Application tuning: Tuned both front-end and back-end which involves SQL and PL/SQL using the Oracle tuning methodology like Partition, Index, clustering and Parallel query techniques for CPUs; have also used SQL tuning tools like stat pack, auto trace and explain table.
  • Database administration: Experience with data modeling, PL/SQL and SQL tuning, tuning the SGA and ETL type of works except the backup and restore techniques of RMAN. Have also done Unix automation process Scripts using KSH scripting and also Windows scripting.
  • Data modeling: Have done schema re-engineering as well as new schema modeling using Erwin. Possesses strong data modeling knowledge in star and snow-flex schema. Have also re-engineered existing schema and plugged in many new process model using Erwin tool and also have strong normalization techniques which can be used for old or new process models.


Period:December 2008-April 15th 2011
Project:Cru-Support Application

Responsibilities involved:

  • Analysis and design of VB6.0 application enhancement for Crux application
  • Enhancement or existing application using VB6.0 code and Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Performance tuning of existing SQL and PL/SQL modules.

Tools: Oracle (9.X/10G) PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, Crystal Reports, VB6.0.

Period:July 2007-October 2008
Role:On-site Coordinator

Responsibilities involved:

  • Supported and monitored payment processing system using ad hoc PL/SQL and SQL queries.
  • Designed User Manual Documentation for the Apps.
  • Modified existing Crystal Reports and Oracle procedures for Bug Fixing and added new functionalities.
  • Performance tuned existing SQL and PL/SQL modules.
  • Automation Tools for Unix and Oracle processes using Ksh script and Windows scripting.

Tools: Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, Erwin, UNIX, KSH scripting, Crystal Reports, TOAD, Visio, VBA/WSC script.

Client: Confidential,
Period:November 2006-May 2007
Project: Online Telecom Trading
Role:Sr. Developer

Responsibilities involved:

  • Maintenance, development, and bug fixing of Arbinet Web based Application using ASP, ASP.NET,C# Oracle (PL/SQL)
  • Modified existing Oracle procedures for Bug Fixing and added new functionalities.

Tools: Windows XP, Oracle PL/SQL and ASP.NET, C#, COM+, ASP, IIS, TOAD. Erwin

Client: Confidential,
Period:March 2006-November 2006
Role:Oracle/Access/AB Initio Developer

Responsibilities involved:

  • Set up and designed EUC Access database for the different Loan Categories viz. TDR, REO, Securities and other.
  • Designed and developed Ab Initio graphs using ORACLE and Unix
  • Extracted and Transformed Oracle Legacy systems Data Into Oracle server using PL/SQL and Ab Initio.
  • Analyzed and wrote SQL queries based on the Requirement EUC computing.
  • Created and generated the ADHOC queries using ORACLE and Access databases.
  • Scheduled Jobs in Unix using JIL Scripts

Tools: Windows 2000, Unix, Oracle PL/SQL, Access 2000, SQL*Loader, VBS Scripts, Abinitio Graphs (ETL tool 2.x)), Unix Shell scripts, Access Reports, Erwin, Scheduler Autosys.

Client: Confidential,
Period:October 2004-March 2006
Project:Cogent Communications Intranet applications
Role:Sr. Developer

Responsibilities involved:

  • Maintenance, development and Bug Fixing of (BOB) Building and tenant Application using ASP2.0/SQL Server 2000/T-SQL.
  • Developed dynamic and static Web Reports using ASP2.0/T-SQL.
  • Maintained and developed Billing System using ASP.NET (C#)/SQL Server 2000.
  • Developed new ASP.NET C# front-ends.
  • Maintained VB.NET application for Monthly usage billing data (Meter maid).
  • Extracted and transformed Oracle Legacy systems data into SQL Server using PL/SQL/T-SQL.
  • Created and modified web based Crystal Report application using IIS and Crystal Report 8.5 and 10.0.
  • Created Adnced Procedures and Functions using SQL Server T-SQL for ASP, ASP.NET & Crystal Reports.
  • Troubleshot SQL Server procedures, Functions for the above Applications using T-SQL.
  • Performance and Optimization Techniques in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000.
  • Database Re-Engineering for the existing modules using Erwin.
  • Wrote WSC scripts for Extracting Legacy and External Data for Reporting.
  • SOX compliance – CMR procedures.

Tools: Windows 2000, T-SQL, Unix, Oracle PL/SQL, Erwin SQL Server, ASP.NET, ASP 2.0, IIS and Crystal Reports 8.5/10 in WEB.WSC scripts, VB scripts, Ja Scripts, JA & Apache Tomcat server.

Client: Confidential,
Period:August 2004-October 2004
Project:PMW Consolidated Reporting
Role:Data Analyst

Responsibilities involved:

  • Downloading of PMW data spreadsheet from Common Folder using using Documentum script from Access database.
  • Extracting the Data from the downloaded worksheet to staging Table.
  • Testing the existing module for the correctness of the system Data.
  • Preparation of GUI using VB6.x for a Macros in Excel and Access/2002 for an additional functionality to the system.
  • Testing and Remediation of the existing application
  • Troubleshooting Database and Application.

Tools: Windows/2000Professional, VisualBasic 6.x, Excel Macros, Erwin, Access/2002, Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release, Documentum.

Client: Confidential, Period:October 2003-February 2004
Project:CBRD (Chemical-Biological-Radiological Defense) is a Fund Tracking System

Responsibilities involved:

  • Analysis and Design: Preparation of detailed design to explain the Functional, structural and GUI Requirement for each transaction in the original Excel file
  • and how this is to be handled in the current system.
  • ETL: Migrate Excel spreadsheet data into the Access Database staging Table.
  • Development: Preparation of GUI using VB6.0 based on the requirement.
  • Testing: Creating a test plan and data for the unit and integration Testing for the Back-end and GUI modules.
  • Troubleshooting Database and Applications.

Tools: Windows NT, Visual Basic 6.0 (MSDAC 2.x ADO, ActiveX Control, Dll’s etc.), Erwin, Access, Crystal Reports 9.0.


Bachelor of Science Degree


Post Graduate Diploma in Systems Management

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