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Oracle Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • Proven success in leading and motivating project teams, coordinating their efforts and resolving complex technical and management issues through all project phases.
  • Solutions-oriented IT professional with experience in system analysis, design, development, implementation, and management of a full project lifecycle.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Hands on experience in Technical Management, Data Architecture, Software Dev. Life Cycle (SDLC) and client management.
  • Over 10 years programming experience using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x.
  • 3 years experience as Project Team Lead.
  • Expertise in Data Modeling, performance tuning.
  • Team player and ability to work on concurrent projects.
  • In depth knowledge on Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX, Erwin.
  • Extensive experience in gathering requirements.
  • Highly competent in C, Java programming, EJB, Web Sphere, Oracle Web Server.

Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8.x, Oracle 7.x, Microsoft Access
Oracle Tools: PL/SQL, SQL, SQL*Plus, Export, Import, TKPROF, Explain Plan, TOAD,
SQL Navigator, SQL*Loader, Oracle Web Server
Operating Systems: HP-Unix, Solaris, MS-Windows
UNIX utilities: ksh (shell scripting), awk, sed, cron, ftp, RCS
Internet Tools: HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript
Tools: PVCS 5.3, ERWIN, Microsoft Visio, MS Access, MS Project, Excel, Word, Lotus Notes
Misc: EDI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Computer Systems Validation (CFR Part 11),LDAP


Confidential, 09/2006 – 08/2009

Team Lead
Earnings Estimates Application – Application to review financial data of companies and predict their earnings per share on a quarterly, annual basis and publish consensus estimate.

  • Attended meetings with the business users to gather requirements.
  • Worked on detailed Requirements document and System Design Document.
  • Created and maintained the Data Model using ERWIN and generated scripts to create database tables, indexes, constraints.
  • Used Oracle tools like SQL Developer and TOAD for development.
  • Wrote Unix Shell scripts for loading data into tables using SQL LOADER.
  • Extensively worked on Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Triggers.
  • Used Oracle objects and Varrays.
  • Wrote Oracle Stored Procedures to return result set to Java front end using Ref cursors.
  • Tuned the Application for effective performance using Explain Plan command.
  • Used Altova XMLSpy to generate procedures for insertion of records.
  • Wrote interfaces to move data into datamart.
  • Maintained project schedules to ensure work was delivered on time and all deadlines were met.
  • Extensively involved in system and unit testing of the application and addressing performance issues.

Tools: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, Windows NT, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, SQL Developer, HTML, ER-Win, PVCS 7.5, Altova XMLSpy.

Confidential, 07/2004 – 09/2006

Lead Developer
Rebate Evaluation and Contract Tracking system (REACT$) – The system interfaces with the CARS/IS system to get contract information and calculates rebates on contracts that are setup with BMS customers.

  • Gathered requirements from the business users and worked on detailed data analysis.
  • Worked on Requirements document, High level architecture, and System Design document.
  • Created ER model based on user requirements and delegated development work to different members of the team.
  • Developed stored procedures, packages to return data to the front end application.
  • Wrote UNIX Shell scripts, awk scripts to validate and load data from flat files.
  • Used Autosys for job scheduling.
  • Used SQL Loader for Inbound and Outbound data for REACT$ application.
  • Managed a team of Oracle developers to work on adhoc requests and enhancements to the application.
  • Prepare and maintain project schedules.
  • Co-ordinate with clients for REACT$ application.
  • Work with QA team to ensure software quality, reliability, adhoc requests and adherence to SOX compliance
  • Co-coordinated activities with QA and infrastructure teams during testing and rollout of the system.
  • Setup meetings with Java and Business Object teams to discuss best practices for the application.

Tools: Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, Windows NT, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, SQL Navigator, HTML, ER-Win, PVCS 7.5, Remedy Change Control / Change Management, Remedy Work Request,Autosys

Lead Developer
BMS Yellowpages – This website is an internal search engine for all products that BMS procures. BMS Yellowpages is linked to the One BMS portal and all BMS desktops via an application object. The system is built using ASP and Oracle 9i database.

  • Gathered requirements from business users and prepared business proposal document for client sign off.
  • Worked on System Requirements and Functional Specification document.
  • Used ERwin to create Physical and Logical Data model and generate scripts for creation of tables.
  • Worked on stored procedures, packages, triggers and functions to return data to the front end application and delegated work to various developers.
  • Used UTL_SMTP packages for automatic email generation.
  • Created Database links and materialized views for replication.
  • Used PVCS for version control.
  • Prepared and maintained project schedules.
  • Managed a team of Java and Oracle developers.
  • Co-coordinated with QA team and business for UAT.

Tools: Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, Windows NT, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, SQL Navigator, HTML, ER-Win, PVCS 7.5, Remedy Change Control / Change Management, Remedy Work Request

Lead Database Developer
Royalty Application for Confidential,Sales Royalty expense system is a SOX compliant, web based application for financial agreements between BMS and various licensors. The system is built using Java technology and Oracle 9i database. The application calculates monthly, quarterly and semi annual sales units by SRC and brand.

  • Worked as a Lead Database Developer/Data Modeler. Created E-R data model for the application using ERwin.
  • Used SQL Loader for loading Oracle tables from flat files.
  • Worked extensively on the Database developing Packages, Functions, Procedures to calculate the Accruals, Planned Payments,
  • Scheduled jobs using Cron utility to automate accrual processing, loading of data etc.
  • Used PVCS for Version Control
  • Used Remedy Change Control, Change Management and Remedy Work Requests to promote changes to Production.

Tools: Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, Windows NT, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, TOAD, SQL Navigator, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance, HTML, ER-Win, PVCS 7.5, Remedy Change Control / Change Management, Remedy Work Request

Confidential, 10//2000 – 07/2004

Database Programmer Specialist
Application used by the shipping industry to track and trace movement of equipment and vessels. The application has 5 modules: Shipment, EDI, Equipment Tracking, Quotes, and Vessel/Voyage schedules.

  • Worked as a Lead Developer in EDI Team, created EDI layouts, mapping and conversion routines, wrote stored procedures and packages related to booking confirmation. Wrote several EDI Standard messages like CODECO, IFTMIN, IFTMBC etc.
  • Worked extensively in the Vessel/Voyage schedule area, generated complex reports that display daily ship movements and sailing schedules using Oracle object types and nested tables
  • Worked in the equipment control area to track the movement of equipment, and shipping area to create bookings, confirm the bookings and then dispatch them to the customers.
  • Interacted with customers worldwide to gather business and reporting requirements and provided application support using laplink.
  • Used SQL Loader for data loads.
  • Used UTL file packages to store reports in shared drive for others users to view.
  • Extensively used replication to keep the databases in sync.
  • Used Oracle job queues in addition to Jetform server for job scheduling.
  • Attended conferences and training sessions and was included in the technical support group for weekly compiles and nighttime support.
  • Used PVCS for Version Control.

Oracle 9i, Oracle 8.0.x, Oracle 8i, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, SQL Optimization, TOAD, SQL Navigator, PowerBuilder, HTML, PVCS.

Confidential, 04/1999 – 10/2000

Developer for a Single Item Master (SIM) System that maintains the Bill of Material Information. SIM uses Corporate Intranet to collect and feed data to and from the manufacturing plants and distribution centers around the world. The System is developed using Oracle Web Server Technology and Netscape Browser. Data is fed to SIM from SAP.

  • Worked closely with the database designers on creating the Data Model.
  • Created Tables, Constraints and Indexes on columns.
  • Wrote UNIX Shell script, awk scripts and SQL Loader to validate and load data from SAP.
  • Developed Oracle Stored Procedures to maintain the Supply Chain Information, Tolling and Re-invoicing Procedures. Used File I/O, “Connect By” Clause for establishing Manufacturing chain and, ref. cursors to pass multiple result sets to PowerBuilder.
  • Interacted with the DBA on archive log problems and other Tuning Issues.
  • Scheduled Cron Jobs that run on a nightly basis.
  • Created PowerBuilder Reports that call Oracle Stored Procedures. Used Datawindows, Inheritance, functions, Structures etc.
  • Heavily used PVCS for version control.

Oracle 7.3.4, HP-UX, Web Server, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Awk, Shell scripts, Cron, PowerBuilder, HTML, PVCS

Confidential, 06/1998 – 03/1999

Involved in the development and migration of an Electronic Time Card System. The system is an Intranet web based application that interfaces an Oracle 7.3 database running on Sun E3000 UNIX.

  • Developed PL/SQL Stored Procedures to verify, accept and process input data. The verification process checks for number of hours worked and valid shop order numbers. The time charge processing involves determining the wages for regular and overtime hours worked.
  • Generated SQL reports to track the total hours worked per week and invalid entries into the system.
  • Wrote Shell scripts (ksh, awk) to migrate data from an old system to the current system, generate control files for loading tables using SQL*Loader and to execute stored procedures.
  • Set up batch jobs using Cron to handle the daily and weekly interfaces.
  • Tuned stored procedures using Explain Plan and assisted DBA in maintaining indexes and tablespaces.

Oracle 7.3, Sun Solaris, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Awk, Shell scripts, Crontab, Microsoft Access



Attended a short-term course in Oracle 7.3 programming.
PMP certification in progress.

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