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Oracle Resume

Silver Spring, MD



Oracle Developer - SQL, PL / SQL, SQL* PLUS
B.S Mechanical Engineering

Hardware : IBM PCS, and Compatibles.
Networks : Windows 95/NT Novell, Windows 96, and MS-DOS, Windows 98/ XP
Databases: Oracle 7.3/ 8.0, 9g 10g Databases.
Programming Language : SQL, PL/ SQL, SQL* PLUS
GUI TOOLS : Developer 2000 ( Forms 4.5 Reports 2.5 ) and Desibner 2000 Visual Basic, Microsoft Office
: Word, Excel, and WordPaerfect.


Confidential,Silver Spring, MD
Oracle Software Developer 2007- Present

As a Oracle Developer I implemented application with Oracle PL/SQL
Proven experience of Oracle PL/SQL ( Scripts, Procedure Pacakages, Triggers ) SQL* PLUS,
Application Tunning is also what I work on.
Also designed , developed applications with Oracle PL/ SQL
Development, design and implementation of database application to provide activity-status tracking
mechanism for a building
maintenance and repair business.
. Developed an object base logical entity relation model and physical database design using Windows NT Sever.
. Developed software using Developer 2000 ( Forms 4.5 Reports 2.5, Graphic 2.5 ) as front and GUI TOOLS
and Oracle 7.3, 8.1
environment on the sever side.
. Created sever side objects such as ( tables, indexes, sequences, stored procedures, function,
databases triggers and pakages )
in PL / SQL, using SQL*PLUS to maintain data integerity.
. Designed verious client side forms for electronic data entry with user-frendly objects to access forms,
graphics and reports.
. Participated in on-site site star-up testing of sofware.
. Responsible for analysis or Oracle Relational Databases.
. Strong skills on Microsoft office and other applications.

Confidential,Green Point, Brooklyn NY 1983 - 1998
Mechanical Engineer

Performed professional and technical reviews of the plant.
Investigated hazards and problems in the plant
Operated , maintained and oversee the actvities of teh technicians to adhere to the established
schedules. This includes reviewing
all logs and reports generated by the technicians and administrators.
Adjusted High -pressure boilers.
Prepared the agencies specification reports as required.
Analyzed and developed solution to any problem that

Confidential,1976 - 1981
Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Mechanical Engineer

Accessed flexiblity and usefulness of electronics.
Supervised technicians and tradesman.

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