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Oracle Resume



  • Comprehensive Oracle eBusiness Suite R12/11i installations and upgrades
  • Complex Oracle Application Cloning, Localizations, OATM, Single Sign-on and Heterogeneous Multi-Node Implementations.
  • Oracle 9i/10g/11g Database upgrades
  • 10g/11g RAC implementations, Advanced Database Replication, Data guard.
  • Database Migration, Architecture, design, Implementation and RMAN.
  • Advanced Oracle eBusiness suite and database tuning & optimization


  • 6Yrs of broad experience in R12/11i on all major Operating systems
  • 6 Yrs of exhaustive administration experience in oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g databases.
  • 6 Yrs of experience in oracle products Finance, Manufacturing, CRM, HRMS, OTM etc.
  • 4Yrs in Oracle Application Server 9iAS/10g, Oracle Web Server, Apache server.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems: Linux, IBM-AIX (4.3/5.2), HP-UX (11.11/11.31), Sun Solaris (9,10),
Oracle Applications: Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (12.0.4, 12.1.1,12.1.3 ), 11.5.9/11.5.10
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C,C++, shell scripting, Perl, awk, Html, DHtml, Java, and JSP
Forms Server: Fusion Middleware 10g, Dev2000 (1.6.1) Dev9i/6i (forms and reports).
Oracle Tools: Sqlldr, exp/imp, Discoverer, Enterprise Manager (OEM), OAM, TOAD,
Third party Code migration tools, DBA Studio, Quest Stat (erp patch code
Migration), quest central, Sql*net, Net8
Data Base Servers: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8.xRAC.
Application Servers: Apache Server (1.3.9/1.3.12/1.3.19), 9iAS and 10gAS (portal, SSO, Discoverer, OID)
Application Tools: Workflow Builder, Discover 3.0, ADI, ADE, ad utilities.
Other Tools: Tivoli and Veritas backups


Confidential, WA
Role : Sr. Oracle APPS DBA
Duration : Oct 2011 Till Date

  • Building Clone instances for Development and Test teams.
  • Responsible for cloning and patching the E-Business environment by utilizing tools such as rapid clone, adadmin, adctrl and adpatch.
  • Responsible for the functioning of R12 applications on 11gR2 database
  • Configured, created and Managed Oracle Data Guard in a real Applications Clusters (RAC) Environment.
  • Configured 2 node 10g RAC with PCP for Ebusiness R12 along with DG setup
  • Handling the performance issues at various levels and resolving the issues at ease.
  • Oracle Applications Upgrade from Oracle Applications(E-Business Suite) 12.1.1 to 12.1.3
  • Set and document standards for use of databases to use Data guard in Maximum availability mode.
  • Responsible for testing the behavior of 11gR2 RAC database using Veritas cluster file system.
  • Provide technical assistance to all internal/ external customers and team members during system problems and implementation.
  • Configuration of Workflow Notification Mailer, OAM, OEM10g.
  • Configured workflow notification mailer and worked on the issues related to it.
  • Scheduling daily hot backups and weekly cold backups.
  • Monitoring the concurrent programs consuming high resources and working with the development team to tune them.
  • Coordinating with unix team on issues related to memory, space etc.,
  • Working collaboratively with teammates across the technical teams.
  • Creating the Customized Menus, Responsibilities, Request groups, Request sets and Application Users as part of sysadmin

Confidential, NJ
Role : Sr. Oracle APPS DBA
Duration : Jan 2011- oct 2011

  • Applying patches for enhancement and fixing bugs using Adpatch, Opatch.
  • Supported AR, AP, GL, OM, iProc, Quoting and Service Fulfillment Manager, Order to Cash and Quoting
  • Supported Financials and applied all related patches
  • Working closely with Functional/Developers and helping them in issues
  • Handling Tars
  • Applied R12 RUP6
  • GRID ( installation and configuration for monitoring and performance tuning
  • Production Assessment Tests and maintained to the global standards
  • Stress test worked with Test Engineer and evaluated the performance
  • Tuned the slow running concurrent requests
  • Prepared the documentation for day to day activates as apps dba for post production, architecture details, pre plan for Production Assessment
  • Worked with Functional and Technical engineer and helped them in issues
  • Active member in R12 (12.0.4) new implementation which includes multimode RAC on UNIX and multimode apps servers with PCP.
  • Clone R12 instances for developing and testing purposes.
  • Define New Concurrent Managers
  • Perform SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL.
  • Implementing 10g Data guard with one physical database
  • Continuous Performance monitoring and Database Tuning and application using GRID Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack and STATSPACK
  • Converted a single instance database to Oracle RAC 10g.
  • Involved in developing a disaster recovery (DR) plan.
  • Installation of Multi Node with Shared File System and prepared Clone document
  • Database Export/Import and evaluating the Backup and Recovery Procedures periodically & performing backups using RMAN.
  • Registering the new Forms, Reports, pl/sql scripts as concurrent programs as part of technical.
  • Working knowledge of Quest Stat to migrate Concurrent programs, Responsibilities, Menus
  • Creating and Managing Primary Objects like Custom tables, Procedures, Packages, Triggers, Alerts & Functions. Views, Indexes, user accounts, roles, grants and performing day-to-day operations
  • Provided application support to users and created a log of all the problems with solutions for future reference
  • Planning and Administration of backup and recovery strategies.
  • Raise and Follow up MetaLink Technical Assistance Requests (TARs) to update patches.
  • Expert in monitoring databases and applications using Oracle Enterprise Manager/Oracle Applications manager (OAM)
  • Administering and reviewing logs. Escalate issues to management as appropriate.
  • Provided Production & test environment support.

Environment: UNIX, ERP R12 (12.0.4), Fusion Middleware 10g (10.1.3, 10.1.2), TOAD, Quest StatEtc.

Confidential, NY
Role : Oracle APPS DBA
Duration : Dec 2009- Jan 2011
As an Oracle Apps DBA, Successfully upgraded 11i version 11.5.5 to to R12 and also performed oracle Database from 10g to 11g.


  • 24x7 Production Oracle Applications Administration.
  • Maintaining production, development & test databases and applications.
  • Good knowledge on Oracle applications 11i Rapid Installation.
  • Upgraded Oracle Applications 11i ( Database Version 10g to 11g on Solaris
  • Applied patches using ADPATCH, ADCTRL utilities.
  • Created test environment through cloning production environment for developers to test on live data.
  • Administration of Oracle ERP applications version
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 10g RAC.
  • Good Knowledge in Data Modeling tools like Erwin.
  • Strong Experience in various object migration tools like STAT.
  • Installation and Maintained SOA/BPEL (
  • Implemented AUTOCONFIG in the Apps environment and used ADCONFIG, ADBLDXML commands.
  • Implementation, customization and personalization of Oracle iProcurement.
  • Integrated the 10g AS SSO/OID with ERP with build 6.0 integration patch
  • Experience on various modules such as Financials,ASCP, MFG, CRM, AR, AP, GL, PO, and INV.
  • Applying Oracle Applications patches (Maintenance Pack, Interoperability patch, Family pack).
  • Oracle Applications Systems Administration. RMAN used in scheduled recovery, hot and cold backup of oracle10G database.
  • Installed and configured Single-Sign On and Implemented SSL Security.
  • Registered customized applications, created responsibilities, customized menus, attached menus to responsibilities and assigning to users.
  • Creating Application Users, Profiles, Responsibilities, Menus, Functions for the user.
  • Created new application messages and then generated message file for application.
  • Created new Concurrent managers, Purged concurrent requests table and Implemented PCP.
  • Worked closely with users group to ensure timely implementation of an ERP.
  • Oracle 10g Database Implementation/Upgrade/Support.
  • Oracle 10g Application Server Implementation/Upgrade/Support.
  • Oracle DataGuard Implementation for HA and remote DR site.
  • Development of automated RMAN scripts for both backups and cloning of Oracle Databases.
  • Performance tuning of Oracle Database, applications and queries.

Environment: Red Hat Linux 4/5, SUN Solaris 9, HP-UX 11i v1 (B.11.11), Windows XP, Oracle 8i (8.1.7), 9i (9.2.0) & 10g (10.2.0), Oracle Applications EBS 11i/R12, Oracle 9i & 10g RAC, TOAD, Developer 6i

Confidential, NJ
Role : Oracle APPS DBA
Duration : Mar 2009 Nov 2009
As an Apps DBA was mainly responsible for Maintenance of Oracle Apps 11.5.7 on IBM- AIX 4 and Upgrading Applications to 11.5.10 on AIX 5L.


  • Installation of Application Instances and configuring them according to the client’s requirements
  • Configure the following modules: HRMS family, GL, AP, AR, FA, OM, INV, Supplychain & iprocurement,
  • Upgrade of Oracle Application from 11.5.7 to 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 using the maintenance patches
  • Troubleshoot various HRMS and Oracle Financial module issues and resolve the issues.
  • Involved as a team member for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Installed and Configured RING MASTER Tool for Patch Management.
  • Involved in Upgrade/Migration of the oracle databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.
  • Following up with Oracle support on software related issues, create TARs and TAR Tracking
  • Vertex installation, upgradation, hrglobal administration
  • Cloned the Application Instances as per functional and technical requests using the Autoconfig and build the Context.xml file.
  • Registering the Custom Applications, installing the Custom Docs into Oracle Application.
  • Registered different types of Printers and customized the Style and Drivers to troubleshoot the printing issues for Oracle Application reports.
  • System Administration tasks also includes creating and defining the concurrent programs and executables.
  • Applying Patches as per Oracle support to troubleshoot various errors
  • Establish and Document Backup and Recovery strategies and procedures after evaluating various options including RMAN.
  • Resolved various Problems that occurred while re-linking the application executables and generating report files.
  • Run ADADMIN to compile APPS schema, regenerate forms, reports, generate Jar files.
  • Supporting the databases for different applications like Control M, Application etc
  • Written Shell scripts to move the Tables from one instance to another instance using Import/Export.
  • On-call support for Oracle ERP Applications and databases.

Environment: IBM AIX 5L/4.3. ERP 11.5.10/11.5.9, dev9i/dev6i (patch set 16), IAS (9iAS), TOAD, UNIX scripting.

Confidential, Alabama
Role : Oracle APPS DBA
Duration : Oct 2006 Dec 2008

  • Looking into day-to-day activities of Production database, Monitoring its growth and performance.
  • Monitored the growth of Table spaces to seize the fragmentation and available space for growth. Check for log and trace files.
  • Applying patches for enhancement and fixing bugs using Adpatch, Opatch. Clone 11i instances for developing and testing purposes.
  • Creating the custom Concurrent Managers and its operations like starting, stopping the concurrent managers, re-schedule the requests, purging the concurrent requests historical data, tuning of concurrent managers and monitoring of the concurrent Manager operations.
  • Implemented more effective backup procedures of databases
  • Enrolled users, maintained system security, monitored user access to the database by assigning profiles and roles
  • Administered and supported Oracle Application Manager (OAM).
  • Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting the database
  • Planning for Backup and Recovery of database information and maintaining Hot Backups
  • Experience with Export, Import.
  • Creating the Customized Menus, Responsibilities, Request groups, Request sets and Application Users as part of Sysadmin
  • Registering the new Forms, Reports, sqlloader, Pl/Sql scripts as concurrent programs as part of technical.
  • Trouble shoots the database related issues.

Confidential, Hyderabad
Role : Jr. Oracle Database Administrator / Developer
Duration : March 2006 Sep 2006

  • Installed Oracle databases on LINUX and Windows.
  • Performed activities like applying RDBMS patches, security patches, proactive monitoring of databases
  • Created tables, indexes, table spaces, users, integrity constraints and supported all phases of a development cycle.
  • Analyzed and suggested improvements to SQL queries and statements written by others.
  • Contributed to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning. Perform SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL
  • Wrote Oracle scripts for the SQL and PL/SQL requirements for various applications.
  • Worked with database export & import scripts to backup database structures and automation procedures.
  • Monitored for unusual conditions in database against contention, load throughput and cache utilization.
  • Performed Monthly Cold Backup, Weekly Hot Backup and daily backups using Export. Testing of Backup’s and Documenting backup strategies. Created scripts for automating online daily backup for eight databases and for automating data loading from flat files.
  • Monitored regularly whether primary and standby databases are in sync and clearing the backed up archive log files after confirming that they are applied on the standby database.
  • Bachelors in Electronic and Communications engineering
  • Oracle11g DBA training Oracle Apps system administration training.

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