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Oracle Bi Resume

New York, NY

Professional Summary:

  • Excellent 7+ years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle such as Analysis, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance as an OBIEE developer.
  • Highly experienced in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition( OBIEE )/Siebel Analytics, Oracle Discoverer (Desktop Edition, Plus Edition, Viewer Edition and Admin Edition of Versions 4i, 9i and 10g), BI Publisher ( Formerly Known As XML Publisher)
  • Excellent experience in designing OBIEE Dashboards, BI Answers, and Analytics using Administration Tool of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition on Top of Data Marts and Data warehouse.
  • Expert in working with MUD( Multi User Development) environment and Setting up OBIEE Security (groups, access), Metadata Objects and Web Catalog Objects (Dashboards, Delivers, Reports, Folders).
  • Highly experienced in setting up Session Variables and Repository Variables using various Initialization Blocks.
  • Highly experienced in working with OBI Answers, OBI Dashboards, BI Publisher and OBI Delivers.
  • Expert in working with OBI administration tool developing metadata repository consisting of three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model & Presentation Layer).
  • Extensive experience in configuring Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities and using Dashboard and Page Level Prompts and Filters
  • Expert in Complex requirements such as creating Drill Downs, Navigations, Creation of Launch Pads using Narratives and customizing look and feel of OBIEE as per the requirements.
  • Extensively worked on Integration of OBIEE with Informatica MDM Tool in order to show End to End Lineage of Data Elements from Presentation layer and BI Answers of OBIEE to Legacy sources.
  • Highly experienced in Data Modeling using Dimensional Data Modeling, Star and Snowflake Schema modeling, Fact and Dimension tables, and Physical and Logical data modeling.
  • Extensively designed and created high quality MD.050, MD.060 and MD.070 design documents.
  • Hands-on experience in Installing, Configuring and Administration of OBIEE Administration Tool
  • Highly experienced in creating Oracle BI Publisher Report Templates using BI Publisher Desktop Edition.
  • Involved in various Proposals such As: Business Objects to OBIEE Implementation Approach, Discoverer to OBIEE Implementation Approach, ASG Safari to BO Implementation Approach.
  • Highly Experienced in Training Resources in OBIEE, Discoverer and creating BI Delivery Kits, OBIEE Learning Material and user guides for OBIEE Workshops.
  • Excellent Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent client coordination, experience working closely with them in order to understand their requirements, issues and suggesting relevant solutions.
  • Possess effective communication, problem solving, analytical and leadership skills and willingness to learn and master a new technologies quickly.
  • Excellent Analytical, Communication, and Team Working skills.
  • Highly experienced in Effort Estimations, Detailed Analysis of Business requirements and mapping those to technical Requirements.
  • Strong work ethics, good time management skills, establish and maintain productive working relationship with management, Clients and team members.
  • Clear written, Analytical and oral perception of ideas and concepts. Ability to articulate alternative solutions or workarounds. Ability to listen to superiors and absorb new technological advances.
  • Education Qualifications:
    Masters in Science

    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10.1.3.x, Siebel Analytics, Oracle Discoverer (4i, 9i and10g) – Discoverer Desktop Edition, Plus Edition, Viewer Edition and Admin Edition, BI Publisher (Formerly Known as XML Publisher), Oracle 6i Reports, Oracle 10g, OBIEE E-business suite v7.9.6/v7.9.6.1, Oracle BI Application Server & MUD Environment, R12 Oracle Financials, Oracle Application 11i (Oracle HRMS, web logic, e-Recruitments, Time and Labor, Learning and TOAD, SQL*PLUS, Oracle Developer 2000, Erwin, UNIX, C, C++, Java, .net, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.

    Projects Summary:

    Confidential,New York, NY 10/2008 –Present
    Oracle BI Developer:
    Confidential,provides services in Investment and Finance. Morgan Stanley was facing challenges in managing discrete Data sources for its Financial, Human Resource Management, Investment Banking and Accounts. Morgan Stanley started building Enterprise Data Warehouse which sources data from various disparate sources into a single platform with the help of Informatica ETL. In order to validate the Data loaded in the Data Warehouse, Morgan Stanley decided to Implement OBIEE on top of Data warehouse and also started building Data marts on top of data warehouse for its various Lines of businesses.
    Oracle Business Intelligence EE, OBIEE Application v7.9.6/v7.9.6.1, Oracle 9i/10g/11i, PL/SQL, MUD Environment, R12 Oracle Financials, Windows XP, UNIX, Informatica Power Center 8.6.1


  • Responsible for Overall Implementation of the Project starting from Requirement gathering to final deployment of the OBIEE Application in Production and giving OBIEE Demo to the CIO, CFO and other Senior Management officials of Morgan Stanley.
  • Analyzed the Data and came up with Logical Star schema model with the help of Data Modelers and Business Analysts.
  • Configured connection pool for the database connection in the Physical Layer.
  • Designed and Developed EIP ( Enterprise Information Platform) Metadata Repository (.rpd) that consist of physical layer, business model / layers with aggregates, dimensions and Dimension hierarchies, presentation layer with catalogs & folders using Oracle BI Administration tool.
  • Created Analytics star schema and snow flake schema in physical and business model layer.
  • Created new logical columns defining the business logic as per the requirements.
  • Designed and developed many Performance Measurement Dashboards/Reports that are Dynamic & Interactive with intuitive drilldowns such as Location, Navigations for Installments of Loan of a Business, drill-across & drillable charts (bar-charts, pie-charts, radars, and bubble-charts).
  • Responsible for implementing Data-level security and Object-level (Dashboards/Reports) security among users, groups and web-groups.
  • Integrated BI Publisher with OBIEE. Created Templates such as Employee Account Attendance Detail, Reports such as Turn Over/Period/Department , Prompts such as Customer Name in BI Publisher
  • Schedule reports and bursting as per the requirement in BI Publisher and represented them in OBIEE dashboards.
  • Responsible for creating additional Users and maintaining Visibility Privileges using OBIEE Administration on Repository side as well as front end to display OBIEE reports based on the business user for that particular area.
  • Involved in setting up Session such as user session and Repository (Static and Dynamic) variables such as location as static and current day/month/year as dynamic variable using various Initialization blocks.
  • Configured iBots such as Report of equity trading and stock e-purchase to deliver Analytics content based on schedule, automated iBot queries to obtain weekly reports.
  • Performed environment migrations between the Development, Quality Assurance, and Production environments.
  • Responsible for Unit Testing, Integration Testing of the RPD and Web Catalog objects.
  • Confidential,Moorestown, NJ 1/2007 – 9/2008
    Oracle BI Developer
    Confidential,is a leading provider of information, entertainment and communication products and services. It provides services such as High-definition video, High-speed internet, Digital Voice, Wireless High-speed Internet and communication solutions. The aim of the project was to create Data Warehouse from Comcast’s existing database. In addition, Comcast decided to build OBIEE on top of Data Warehouse to create reports to provide business decisions to users.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle 9i/10g, Windows XP, UNIX, TOAD 7, Erwin, Informatica Power Center 6.2, DAC

  • Performed in-depth analysis and documentation of business logic and requirements.
  • Developed high level design documents for reporting and analysis projects.
  • Designed Data Mart using Dimensional Data Modeling using ETL tool.
  • Configured and installed Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC).
  • Designed and implemented Physical and Logical Star Schemas using Facts, Dimensions, Alias, Metrics and Extension tables provided with Foreign and Complex joins.
  • Worked with database administrators to optimize report performance through database tuning.
  • Created Meta Data repositories using OBIEE administration tool.
  • Created OBIEE subject areas based on reporting requirements and built them into the physical layer of the OBIEE repository.
  • Managed ODBC connections with created Meta Data and Repositories according to needed Subject Areas.
  • Designed and built the physical and logical models in Physical and Business Model & Mapping Layer in the OBIEE Administration tool.
  • Created Drill-downs such as Employee Service Level, Narratives, and Aggregations for Salary in BMM layer of OBIEE Administration tool.
  • Created and maintained security within OBIEE using a combination of LDAP integration, data level security, and presentation catalog groups.
  • Designed and developed Dashboards related to needed reports such as Billing Information for business users. Created User Authentication Groups for Dashboard/s access.
  • Designed and built reports such as IP tracking report, New Services Provided, Customer Details per Borough, prompts for city and zip for a report of a state or borough, and dashboards such as Customer Details Page, Service Detail Page and Rate per Service Page in the OBIEE web catalog.
  • Prepared and executed comprehensive test plans for system and quality testing of reports which included writing PL/SQL queries to check and compare the quality of data provided by report.
  • Created Alerts and iBOTs such as Customers with Due payment at the end of the month with prompted Customer ID, Customer Details, Month and Year, Amount Due using BI scheduler, automated iBot queries to obtain reports on required time basis.
  • Performed monitoring and analysis on OBIEE report usage.
  • Established and followed processes for OBIEE access requests, new report requests, report changes, and other ongoing maintenance.
  • Confidential,Houston, Texas 5/2005 – 12/2006
    Oracle BI Developer
    Confidential,a Leading US Based Oil and Exploration Services Company implemented various BI applications Such as: Discoverer 9i and 10g Edition, Web Focus, Hyperion, Siebel Analytics, Business Objects 4.X for various operational Reporting needs. Around 4000 users use Discoverer and web Focus Reporting Applications for its Drilling reports and Financial Reports. Halliburton decided to decommission most of these tools and migrate existing reports to OBIEE for its Enterprise wise reporting needs.
    Oracle Business Intelligence EE, Siebel 7.5, Discoverer 9i and 10g, Web Focus, Oracle 10g, Windows XP/NT.


  • Analyzed Web Focus Reports, designed the Star Schema using ETL tool, Data Modelers and Existing IT Team of Halliburton and Imported the same in OBIEE Admin Tool.
  • Created the Web Focus Accounting Reports analysis template, OBIEE- BI Answers reports analysis and requirement gathering templates, analyzed Web Focus code files and report outputs of Financials Module and came up with the Mapping document in order to show the Halliburton IT Team End to End implementation Approach for the Conversion. The main objective of this exercise was to understand the Existing Financial- Accounting Web Focus reports and code logic from the data files and check whether the same reports can be developed in OBIEE- BI Answers or not.
  • Responsible for building the Repository(RPD) by importing the data, defining keys and joins(Physical Layer), defining the repository logical structure, building fact measures, performing calculations using physical or logical columns, creating dimensional Hierarchies(Business/Logical Layer) and by presenting in the Presentation Catalog/Layer.
  • Created connection pools and various Subjects Areas as per the requirement and created Hierarchies in BMM Layer of OBIEE.
  • Implemented Financials Subject Area in OBIEE Presentation Layers and re-created Web focus Reports in OBIEE with Additional functionality of Drill down, Navigation, Narratives and showcased the data in Tabular and Pivot reports along with Charts and Graphs.
  • Analyzed the existing EUL layer of Discoverer from Discoverer Admin Edition and helped Halliburton IT Team in migrating Discoverer EUL to OBIEE and performed Dimensional modeling in Physical and BMM layer of OBIEE in order to refine the Star and snow flake schema and created Different Subject areas in order to fulfill the Business and Data Security needs.
  • Worked on Expression Builders and Calculation Wizards to generate certain expressions and formulae, created new logical columns based on the requirement
  • Implemented OBI Security (Data Level and Object Level Security in the OBI Repository and Answers) among users and groups using Repository variables, Session variables and Initialization Blocks.
  • Created financial Web Focus reports on top of Star Schema Data Model. The main objective was to understand the Existing set of financial Web Focus Reports, the flow of Data, its granularity and suggest migration approach from Web Focus to OBIEE.
  • Configured & published Delivers / iBots to deliver analytics content based on schedule.
  • Re-Created various Discoverer Reports in OBIEE and aligned them in various Dashboard Pages as per the business requirements.
  • Created Various BI Publisher Reports on top of BI Answers and aligned them on various Dashboards as per the requirement.
  • Dashboards and Reports were assigned to existing Security groups which were already created by the Halliburton IT team in order to give Role based access of the data to users.
  • Created delivery documents for each set of reports/ Subject Areas listing down every possible information for the power users and created user guides and OBIEE training Material for the end users which was shared across the enterprise through SharePoint.
  • Reduced IT Cost, Suggested BICC (Business Intelligence Competency Centre Model) for BO to OBIEE Migration which would lead to efficient distribution of work and efficient utilization of resources at offshore and onsite.
  • Confidential,Dallas, TX 9/2004 – 4/2005
    Data Modeler/Data Analyst
    Confidential,is a leading national provider of anatomic pathology, dermatopathology and molecular diagnostic services to physicians, hospitals, clinical laboratories and surgery centers across the US. It provides medical diagnostic services in outpatient laboratories owned, operated and managed by Ameripath, as well as in hospitals and ambulatory. Ameripath constantly provides innovative ways to enhance patient care and provide value to its customers.
    Erwin Data Modeler, Informatica Power Center, Toad, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000, SQL * Loader, SAS, Windows 2000


  • Analyzed existing logical data model and made appropriate changes to make it compatible with business logic.
  • Created Physical Data Model for the OLTP application using Erwin.
  • Created Data Models using IDEF1X methodology.
  • Extensively worked on data mapping
  • Involved in data model reviews with internal data architect, business analysts, and business users with in depth explanation of the data model to make sure it is in line with business requirements.
  • Worked at conceptual and physical (using IE methodology) database level to implement and build corporate enterprise information strategies.
  • Worked on analyzing source systems and their connectivity
  • Analyzed different options for heterogeneous database connectivity and defined policies for dealing with different source databases with ETL team.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams and prepared detailed design documents for production phase of current customer database application.
  • Confidential,Hyderabad, India 3/2003 – 8/2004
    Database Developer
    Confidential,provides a comprehensive suite of IT services and solutions with professional well versed in various technologies in demand by the current IT industry. The project was to create, update and maintain the database related to Customer details, Solutions or Services provided for big group of customers of ITC for business users and clients.
    Oracle8i, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, SQL*Loader, Java, .net, UNIX


  • Wrote several stored procedures/triggers in Oracle (PL/SQL) for the enterprise portal application and data merge.
  • Involved in daily, weekly and monthly load of data from mainframe data set to Oracle database.
  • Worked on very large database environment in terabytes and tuned queries for performance. Created and maintained parallel queries for very large datasets.
  • Creating temporary tables and indexes for loading and updating data.
  • Worked on queuing for sending XML data to the calling java APIs.
  • Data loading using SQL *Loader.
  • Configured and administered work stations and server using Red Hat Linux.
  • Imported/exported several databases through various environments
  • Designed and developed web applications using Java and .net.
  • Developed and maintained lot of batch scripts in KSH scripts for the production, like scheduled data loading, Create, databases, Tuning and backup and Recovery.
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