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Oracle Resume

Denver, CO


  • Around 5 years of extensive experience in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) covering Requirements Management, System Analysis, Architecture and Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of business applications.
  • Strong Data Modeling experience using ER diagram, Dimensional/Hierarchical data modeling, Star Schema modeling, Snowflake modeling using tools like Erwin.
  • Extensive experience writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, PL/SQL routines, Database triggers, Shell-Scripting, unit testing integrity and also involved in complex backend data extraction, transformation and loading operations on oracle using INFORMATICA, SQL Loader and DATA PUMP utilities.
  • Created multiple customized PL/SQL Procedures & Packages for various businesses needs, to transform data before the loading process, and to manipulate and sort data for the Reports specifications.
  • Well experienced in Query Optimization and Tuning using bulk collections, Hints, Explain Plan, SQLTRACE. Experienced in creating External tables, Uploading/Downloading data using SQL*Loader control files.
  • Proficient in Databases including Oracle 10g/9.i/8.i, DB2 & SQL Server.
  • Also performed database administrative functions like installation and configuration of database, creating database, partitioning of database, creating indexes.
  • Performance testing of databases, creation and migration of databases.
  • 24/7 Production support and involved in implementation of coding standards security, attending audits at various levels by using coded security module, database change requests.
  • Self motivated and results oriented person with good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Creative, independent, good team player with and ability to accept responsibilities and meet tough deadlines.


Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, C, and UNIX Shell Programming
RDBMS : Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, SQL server 2005, DB2, and MS Access.
Front-End Tools : Oracle Enterprise Manager, Forms Builder, Schema Builder.
GUI : Oracle Forms 9i/6i/5.0, Oracle Designer2000,SQL*Loader.
Database Tools : SQL Navigator 4.1/5.1, TOAD, SQL worksheet, and SQL developer.
Operating Systems : Windows NT/2000/98/XP, UX-HP, and Linux (Redhat), and Sun Solaris.
Web Applications : JAVA, JSF, JSP, ASP, XML, and HTML.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering


Project : Confidential, Aug ’09 to till date
Client : Confidential,Denver,CO
Role : Oracle Developer/Analyst

Confidential, is subsidiary of Thomson Reuters,provides mutual and hedge funds data.LipperFlexapplication is meant for the delivery of a global feed in XMLand textformat that incorporates all available content in QDB (database) and Lipper analytics from P3.The Optimization project is to improve the overall performance of QDB Oracle and to comply with the clients new Service Level Agreement (SLA). As part of the project, following are the responsibilities:


  • Worked on implementing the data movement strategy using the Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g and Oracle Export/Import process.
  • Worked on enhancements for flat file loading from Mainframe to Oracle database.
  • Responsible for loading multiple forms of data from multiple sources using SQL* loader.
  • Involved in developing a new application architecture framework that is data driven to replace the current process driven.
  • Involved in benchmarking the optimized application on the new server platform.
  • Involved in converting the business requirements into technical design document.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Packages, and Functions using PL/SQL for the batch framework.
  • Involved in tuning the long running PL/SQL queries for maximum efficiency in various business schemas of batch processing.
  • Involved in developing test plans to conduct the Unit and Integration testing for the batch framework and Autosys rescheduling.
  • Worked with Business teams to make sure requirements were converted correctly and the correct logic was implemented in the technical design and code.

Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, UNIX, Shell scripting, PERL, and Windows XP.

Project : Confidential,Aug ’08 to Jun ‘09
Client : Confidential,Michigan
Role : Sr. PL/SQL Developer

Description: Confidential, is an Integrated Collective Investment System for maintaining the information about the hedge funds and mutual funds. It is an internal application which directs its output to Lipper Investment System(LIM). As a part of this, data is synced and also tuning was done.


  • Working with cross-functional teams studying the impact analysis and was involved in converting the business requirements into technical design document.
  • Responsible for design, development & implementation of the database schema, creating Fact Tables and Dimension Tables using Oracle Designer 6i according to design meeting business requirements.
  • Generated DDL Queries for creation of new database objects like tables, views, sequences, functions, synonyms, triggers, packages, stored procedures, roles and granting privileges.
  • Generated server side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation and validation and created various snapshots and materialized views for remote instances.
  • Involved in creating and modifying PLSQL and SQL*Loader scripts for data extractions, conversions(ETL) and Automating data loading, extraction, report generation using UNIX shell scripting.
  • Responsible for loading multiple forms of data from multiple sources using SQL* loader.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, packages, Functions and Db-Triggers using PL/SQL to implement day to day modified business rules into the current system.
  • Fine tuned SQL, PL/SQL, procedures, and functions for the maximum efficiency in various schemas across databases.
  • Responsible for 24/7 Production support during loads.
  • Involved in scheduling the batch jobs using Autosys.
  • As a part of the Ad-hoc Reporting involved in Collecting report requirements from the cross-functional teams and providing the decision supporting reports, performing analysis of the reports and presenting to the managerial staff.
  • Involved in creating crystal reports on demand.
  • Involved in the Error Diagnosis, developing test plans to conduct the Unit and Integration testing.
  • Worked closely with Business Owners to make sure requirements where converted correctly to Functional Specs and the correct logic was implemented in the technical design and code.
  • Documenting the procedures for Requirement definition, Technical application design, migration, new business rules implemented and code developed and modified.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Oracle9i, Oracle Designer 6i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Navigator, Unix shell scripting, PERL, Autosysand Windows XP.

Project : Confidential,Jan 08-Aug 08
Client : Confidential,Hyderabad, India.
Role : Jr. PL/SQL developer

Description: The transaction data is extracted from the various branches across the country, which uses a system called GDAS and developed Reports for the project, which is the most comprehensive, intranet powered information management system ever available to the ATM Transactions financial Services, and isable to efficiently manage and integrate all of Their financial, and administrative data Services. FTP component was developed internally. Providing secure, Intranet based ATM Transaction management system.


  • Participated in analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of various financial Systems using Oracle 8i, Developer 2000 and PL/SQL.
  • This system consists of the various functional modules: Loan approvals, Deposition of Cash/ Withdrawal of Cash, Change of personnel Information, Bank Details, balance Sheet, Customer Information Database.
  • Define database structure, mapping and transformation logic. Creation of External Table scripts for loading the data from source for ETL (Extracting Transforming and Loading) Jobs.
  • Wrote UNIX Shell Scripts to run database jobs on server side.
  • Developed new and modified existing packages, Database triggers, stored procedure and other code modules using PL/SQL in support of business requirements.
  • Worked with various functional experts to implement their functional knowledge into business rules in turn as working code modules like procedures and functions.
  • Used TOAD and SQL navigator extensively.

Environment: Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX.

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