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Database Analyst Resume Profile


  • Database and Software Analyst with over 15 years experience. Areas of expertise include database design, database administration, systems analysis, software development, data migration, systems administration and documentation. Adaptable, creative with strong technical, problem solving, communication and team skills.
  • Database: Oracle DB, SQL Server, Oracle DEC Rdb, CONNX for OpenVMS, DBMS
  • System Applications: SAP, Microsoft IIS, FTP, Tuxedo, TOAD for Oracle, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos Report Net, Cognos Powerplay, Actuate, Word, Access, Excel, Visio
  • Languages: Visual Basic 6.0 and .Net , PL/SQL, SQL, Crystal Reports, SAP ABAP, Cognos Powerhouse, Basic, C, DEC C , COBOL, FORTRAN, DEC PL/I, Pascal, Clarify Clear Basic, Intermec IRL
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, XP, 2000 , OpenVMS, MKS Toolkit for Windows MKS Korn Shell , Novel Netware 5.1, MAC OS, MS-DOS



Worked for Pinnacle Development Group for 3 Weeks Optimizing their SQL Server 2000 DB's and determining where indexes were missing to improve performance issues. Also, reviewed the 20 Databases to determine differences in structure, which could be causing performance issues.


Database Analyst

  • Implemented servlet functionality with VB.NET on IIS to support the outsourcing of the production of Digital Images, this involved producing XML files which were HTTP posted to the vendor's web site.
  • Designed and implemented a VB.NET application to retrieve Oracle Rdb stored data and load it into the SAP SQL Server DB for use in SAP.
  • Implemented a .NET web application to review internet photo order data, utilizing VB.NET and an Oracle DB backend.
  • Key member of corporate SAP implementation team comprised of a group of people from Konica, Minolta, and SAP Consultants implementing SAP R/3 for the integration of the Konica and Minolta Photo Imaging merger. This nine month project was completed on time and within budget. Project included mapping and integrating Konica's legacy customer, vendor, material, and G/L accounts systems into SAP.
  • Designed and implemented SAP R/3 Customer, Material, and Sales Data extracts to feed into Konica Minolta's home grown Oracle Rdb Data warehouse prior to implementing SAP R/3. This project allowed Konica Minolta to produce consolidated Sales Reports from their AS/400, Photo Processing system, and Minolta's SAP system prior to implementing SAP R/3 company wide. Project involved creating multiple tables in SAP to support the interfaces.
  • Project Leader of a small team to implement the Clarify CRM package with a backend Test Oracle DB on Windows NT Server and a Production Oracle DB running on an Alpha/OpenVMS Cluster, to support Konica's 90 Users who work on the 1 hour minilab Helpdesk for supporting 2500 customers nationwide and an inventory of 50,000 Parts.
  • Upgraded the Clarify CRM package from version 9.1 to 11.5 in 3 tier mode utilizing Tuxedo on Windows 2000 Server along with the upgrade of the backend Oracle DB from 8i to 9i Release 2 with Real Application Clusters completed on time in 4 months.
  • Implemented Cognos Impromptu to support adhoc reporting of the Clarify CRM system. Created the Impromptu catalog for more than 100 database tables and all relationships between the tables.
  • Created and mapped all Photofinishing related A/R to Interface to an outside company.
  • Implemented a Billing Interface from the Clarify CRM system to the AS/400 Billing System.
  • Support the Photofinishing Divisions MCBA Finance system, which utilizes the G/L, A/P, A/R, Inventory, and P/O modules. This is a DEC COBOL and RMS based system.
  • Consolidated six databases to allow for maintenance from one location.
  • Support a home grown Time Keeping System for tracking hourly employee's hours. This is an Oracle Rdb based system utilizing SQL, DEC C, and Powerhouse running on multiple OpenVMS Clusters at multiple locations.


  • Implemented a client server based Pattern Design system which utilized an Oracle 8.0 DB as a backend.
  • Maintained PRAXA MRP-II system on VAX/OpenVMS utilizing COBOL. They utilized the Inventory, Factory Order, Purchase Order, and Shop Floor Control modules of this system.
  • Created interfaces to Corp. G/L and A/P Finance systems.
  • Maintained interfaces and created warehouse inventory transaction programs for Intermec handheld devices utilizing Intermec's IRL programming language.
  • Saved Company more than 6,000 a year by proposing and implementing a change from a none redundant disk subsystem to a RAID 5 disk subsystem, this paid for itself in 2 years and saved Bean's more than 6,000 a year. It also resulted in the MRP run time being cut by 66 , utilizing the same VAX computer system.
  • Proposed and installed a Windows 95 based EDI software system and set up advanced ship notice documents with L.L. Bean Corp.
  • Trained two Junior programmers on all facets of the PRAXA system and COBOL programming on VAX/OpenVMS
  • Managed multiple VAX/OpenVMS systems and coordinated all software upgrades including the OS. Other management activities: included keeping all hardware and software service contracts with DEC/Compaq up to date and system sizing and tuning


Senior Programmer Analyst

Programmer Analyst

  • Together with a team of five, designed and implemented a centralized photo pricing system in six months, which distributed customer and pricing data to Konica's five photo processing labs on the East Coast.
  • Designed and implemented an interface between proprietary photo processing equipment and VAX/OpenVMS photo pricing and receiving systems utilizing DEC C and DEC Basic.
  • With a Team of 4 people designed and implemented a DEC Oracle Rdb Data Warehouse for Customer Sales reporting, which is still running today and produces more that 1000 reports a month.
  • Designed and Implemented a Time Keeping system utilizing DEC Oracle Rdb, SQL, DEC C, and Powerhouse. This included Employee data interfaces from an ADP Payroll system and employee hourly data back to ADP.
  • Assisted with the merger and consolidation of Fotomat and Bicknell Photo Photofinishing systems.

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