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Reston, VA


Seeking Penetration Tester consulting position in a network security field with exposure to: penetration testing, manual and automated testing of: operating system, network, web application, source code, mobile devices, database, wireless, and social engineering, and also exposure to: website security, security testing, network audit, vulnerability scanning and assessments, cyber security of Industrial Control System ICS / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA , Secure Software Development Life Cycle SSDLC , mitigation strategies and solutions, hardening, enterprise patch management, Continuous Monitoring CM , U.S. federal government IT security FISMA compliance, Certification and Accreditation C A , DoD DISA STIG compliance, financial and secure banking compliance PCI DSS 2.0, SOX, Basel II .


Offering a unique mixture of penetration testing, web application / computer / network security, auditing, network system engineering, operational security, management, and government consulting skills, experience,and knowledge.Offering for clients the usage of the best commercial penetration testing tools available on the market. many expensive pentesting tools' licenses are already owned . It previously resulted in winning government contract bids.Experience consists of 26 years of exposure in computers and networks, 19 years in information security / assurance, 13 years in project management, 13 years in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, 13 years in application security, 13 years supporting government clients DoD/ANGB, DSS, DISA, DHHS/FDA, PSC, DoL/ESA, DoS/CA, DHS/FEMA, TSA, DoED, FHFA, LOC, USAID , and 5 years in supporting commercial companies in telecommunication and banking industry. Education includes 40 IT certifications, 100 courses, a Master Degree in Geography 1990 , and a second Master Degree in Information Security 2004 .

Information security and audit skills:

support the secure development of systems by discovering information protection needs, defining system security requirements, designing systems security architecture, implementing system security, and finally assessing information protection effectiveness to ensure that they support the business mission and provide assurance. Ensure that all practical steps have been taken to protect the information system itself, as well as the data it contains from violations of policy, laws or customer expectations of availability, confidentiality and integrity. Writing security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, best practices, Project Management Plans PMP , System Security Plans SSP , Contingency Plans CP , Security Controls Assessment Plan SCAP , Security Categorization Report SCR , Security Requirements Traceability Matrix SRTM , Incident Response Plans IRP , Disaster Recovery Plans DRP , Business Continuity Plans BCP , Plan of Action and Milestones POA M for General Support Systems GSS and Major Applications MA performing Privacy Impact Assessment PIA , Business Impact Analysis BIA , Framework Self-Assessment FSA , Risk Assessment RA , conducting Certification and Accreditation C A activities in accordance with DITSCAP and NIACAP, preparing Authority To Operate ATO documents, developing Security Test and Evaluation ST E and Certification Test and Evaluation CT E plans and procedures, Continuous Monitoring CM , security test reporting, and other associated deliverables for system accreditation exposure to Sarbanes-Oxley Act SOX compliance, The Institute of Internal Auditors IIA professional standards, Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation OCTAVE , Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology COBIT , Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual FISCAM , System Development Life Cycle SDLC , Systems Assurance SA , Quality Assurance QA , Information Assurance IA policies, GISRA/FISMA compliance reporting and enforcement, developing of Information Systems Security ISS solutions, Configuration Management CM , Continuity of Operations Planning COOP , Secure Software Development Life Cycle SSDLC , Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessments IAVA , penetration testing, Identity and Access Management, detection and mitigation weaknesses to prevent unauthorized access, protecting from hackers, incident reporting and handling, cybercrime responding, analyzing Intrusion Detection System IDS , performing computer forensic, security auditing and assessment, regulatory compliance analysis, testing, and remediation consulting, securing Personally Identifiable Information PII and Sensitive Security Information SSI , creating a security review program, architecting and implementing customer security solutions, developing a security training and awareness program, anti-virus scanning, security patch management, testing hardware/software for security, hardening/auditing Windows, UNIX, VMS, SQL, Oracle, Web, and network devices, providing recommendations for secure network architecture, firewalls, and VPN.

Network system engineering and operational skills:

extensive experience in the full life cycle network development routers, switches, and firewalls , network requirement analysis, architecture, design, drawing, specification, configuration, test, simulation, implementation, development, integration, operation, maintenance, system administration, system performance optimization, software and hardware troubleshooting, and product research and evaluation.

Management and organizational skills:

write winning proposals for federal government IT security contract solicitations, provide leadership, motivation, and direction to the staff, successfully managing day-to-day operations, tasks within schedule and budgetary constraints, responsible leader, manager, evaluator and decision-maker, thinking independently, identifying project scope, analyzing and solving complex problems, quickly learning and applying new methods, adapting well to changing environment, requirements and circumstances, excellent collaborating with corporate and government customers and technology stakeholders, excellent writing, oral, communication, negotiation, interviewing, and investigative skills, performing well in teams as well as independently, working effectively under pressure and stress, dealing successfully with critical deadlines, implementing activities identified in statements of work SOW , detail orienting, managing team resources efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize team utilization and effectiveness Information Resources Manager IRM , utilizing time management, and project management methodology.


  • IAT Information Assurance Technical Level III DoD Directive 8570
  • ISACA member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association www.isaca.org
  • IIA member of the Institute of Internal Auditors www.theiia.org
  • IEEE member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers www.ieee.org
  • CSI member of the Computer Security Institute www.gocsi.com
  • CFEI member of the American College of Forensic Examiners International www.acfei.com
  • CND-AU Computer Network Defense-Service Provider CND-SP Auditor DoD Directive 8570
  • IAM Information Assurance Manager Level II DoD Directive 8570
  • ISSA member of the Information Systems Security Association www.issa.org
  • NBISE OST member of the National Board of Information Security Examiners' Operational Security Testing Panel https://www.nbise.org/home/about-us/governance/ostp
  • NoVaH member of the Northern Virginia Hackers, DC InfoSec Group http://novahackers.blogspot.com
  • OWASP member of the Open Web Application Security Project OWASP Northern Virginia Chapter
  • https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Virginia and Washington DC Chapter https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Washington DC







Cisco Routers, Catalyst Switches, PIX Firewalls, Cisco VPN Concentrators, Cisco Intrusion Detection System Appliance Sensors NetRanger , Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Point Juniper Routers Foundry Networks Routers and Switches Intrusion.com with Check Point Firewall CSU-DSU SUN, HP, Dell, Compaq servers.

Penetration Testing tools:

CORE Security CORE Impact OS, web, and wireless modules , Rapid7 Metasploit Framework with Armitage , Pro, and Express, SAINT Corporation SAINTExploit, NGSSQuirreL for SQL/Oracle/Informix/DB2 database pentesting tools, Application Security AppDetective Pro database pentesting tool, Offensive Security BackTrack, w3af, sqlmap, Havij, Portcullis Labs BSQL Hacker, SCRT Mini MySqlat0r, NTOSQLInvider, SqlInjector.

Operating System scanners:

Lumension PatchLink Scan formerly Harris STAT Guardian vulnerability scanner and PatchLink Remediation module, Rapid7 Nexpose, ISS Internet and System Scanner , GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner, Tenable Nessus Security Scanner, Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative SCCVI eEye Retina Digital Scanner, Foundstone FoundScan scanner and SuperScan, Shavlik NetChk, Shadow Security Scanner SSS , Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer MBSA , Center for Internet Security CIS Security Configuration Benchmarks, QualysGuard, ManTech Baseline Tool Kit BTK configuration scanner, Gold Disk, Anomaly Detection Tool ADT , Router Audit Tool RAT , Cisco Secure Scanner NetSonar , nmap.

Oracle/SQL Database scanners, audit scripts, and audit checklists:

Application Security Inc.'s AppDetective Pro database audit tool NGSSQuirreL for SQL, NGSSQuirreL for Oracle, NGSSquirreL for Informix, NGSSQuirreL for DB2 database audit tool Shadow Database Scanner SDS CIS Oracle audit script Ecora audit software for Oracle State Dept Oracle 8i / 9i R2 RDBMS / SQL 2000 audit script State Dept Oracle 8i / 9i / 10g / SQL 7 / 2000 / 2005 security hardening guides and audit checklists Homeland Security Dept, DoD DISA STIGs, and CIS security guides and checklists for Oracle and SQL.

Web application scanners and tools:

HP WebInspect, IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner WVS , Cenzic Hailstorm Pro, Mavituna Security Netsparker, N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner, Syhunt Dynamic Sandcat Pro , Subgraph Vega, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy ZAP , CORE Security CORE Impact Pro web module, SAINTExploit Scanner, IronWASP, Foundstone SiteDigger, Samurai Web Testing Framework WTF , PortSwigger Burp Suite Pro Scanner, Parosproxy Paros, SensePost Wikto, NTO Spider, CIRT nikto2, BeEF, Web Application Attack and Audit Framework w3af , OWASP WebScarab, wget, Absinthe, HTTPrint, DirBuster, Grendel-Scan, RatProxy, SprAJAX, Flare, SoapUI, Durzosploit, TamperIE, Firefox plug-ins: Web Developer Extension, Live HTTP Headers Extension, TamperData, Security Compass Exploit-Me SQL Inject Me and XSS Me .

Application source code scanners:

IBM Rational AppScan Source Edition , HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer SCA , JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Armorize Technologies CodeSecure, Klocwork Solo for Java. Scanning, and analyzing following languages and technologies: C, C , JavaScript, Java, Adobe ColdFusion, ASP, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, SQL, COBOL, REST, JSON.

Mobile tools, emulators, and scanners:

Android Virtual Device AVD , Apple Xcode, BlackBerry Ripple Emulator, Windows Phone Emulator, Opera Mobile, Android Debug Bridge ADB , Apktool, Androwarn, Drozer, Snoop-it, iBeacon, iAuditor, iBackup Viewer, Apple Configurator for MDM solution.

Programming Languages different level of knowledge :

Java, JavaScript, PHP, Shell, Python, Objective-C, .NET C and Visual Basic .

Wireless scanners:

CORE Security CORE Impact wireless module, Fluke OptiView Network Analyzer, NetStumbler wireless detector, Kismet, Airsnort, aircrack-ng, inSSIDer, AirPcap.

Forensics Tools:

EnCase, SafeBack, FTK Forensic Toolkit, TCT The Coroner's Toolkit, nc, md5, and dd.

Miscellaneous programs and services:

McAfee HBSS 2.0, 3.0 ePO Orchestrator 3.6.1, 4.0 , McAfee Hercules, VMWare, BlackICE, ZoneAlarm, Snort NIDS, Tripwire HIDS, NetIQ Security Manager, Checkpoint Firewall, Cisco Secure IDS Host Sensor CSIDSHS, Cisco Secure Policy Manager CSPM Symantec security products AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall, IDS , Wireshark Ethereal sniffer, tcpdump, MS Office, MS IIS 4/5/6, MS SQL 7/2000/2005, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, whois, nslookup, DIG, Netcraft, Geoiptool, Dnsstuff, FOCA, Paterva's Maltego, ServerSniff, Google Hacking DataBase GHDB , Robtex, Foundstone SSLDigger, THCSSLCheck, SSLScan, openssl, netcat, p0f, Fierce DNS Scanner, L0phtcrack, John the Ripper, Custom Word List Generator CeWL , Sam Spade, NTFSDOS, Pwdump2, Solarwinds, Pwnie Express Pwn Plug Elite and Pwn Pad.

Operating Systems:

Windows DOS/3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 , UNIX Sun Solaris, Linux Red Hat, Knoppix , Cisco IOS.


  • Hacking Methodology: footprinting, scanning, enumeration, penetration, and root access privilege escalation.
  • Hacking Techniques: cracking, sweeping, SYN flooding, audit log manipulation, DNS Zone transfer, DDoS, IP spoofing, sniffing, brute force, buffer overflows, keystroke logging, trojans, and backdoors.
  • Countermeasures: patching, honey pots, firewalls, intrusion detection, packet filtering, auditing, and alerting.
  • Application vulnerabilities: inadequate input validation, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting XSS , Cross-Site Request Forgery CSRF , buffer overflow, security misconfiguration, cookie manipulation, insecure cipher.


  • Conducted remote web application security vulnerability and penetration testing automated and manual against huge Internet commercial applications 10,000 web pages based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Analyzed scans results, manually verified each security vulnerability to avoid reporting false positive issues.
  • Wrote very detail reports of findings and suggested remediation step-by-step procedures.
  • Presented to executives/developers web applications security vulnerabilities as defined by OWASP Top 10.
  • Co-wrote a successful winning proposal for Penetration Testing contract with Library of Congress.
  • Served as the Penetration Testing Leader / Security Advisor Engineer SAE / Subject Matter Expert SME supporting an effort performing:
  • penetration tests network, OS, web, and mobile application, source code, database and wireless approach ,
  • provided close hands-on mitigation assistance to System, Web, DB Administrators, and Code Developers,- provided innovative approach and solutions to the mitigation process of the IT security findings,
  • advised changes needed to penetration testing policies and procedures,
  • took initiative on various new IT security projects on top of existing ones in multi-tasking approach,
  • created hardening guides and providing guidance to address vulnerabilities found in systems,
  • -provided security consulting services to other application, Service Units, and IT teams SOC, NOC, FO .
  • provided IT security support for Certification and Accreditation C A of IT systems,
  • provided after-hours evenings, nights, and weekends IT security support for many urgent projects.
  • Wrote penetration testing Rules of Engagements RoE , Test Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, and Memos.
  • Conducted remote external and local internal penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of web application and web services SOAP, RESTful using tools: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, HP WebInspect, IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition, Mavituna Security Netsparker, N-Stalker, Subgraph Vega, Syhunt Dynamic Sandcat Pro , Foundstone SiteDigger, CORE Impact Pro web pentesting module, SAINTExploit Scanner, Web Application Attack and Audit Framework w3af , sqlmap, Security Compass Exploit-Me SQL Inject Me and XSS Me , Burp Suite Pro, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy ZAP , N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner.
  • Conducted remote external and local internal penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of servers and workstations operating systems using tools: CORE Impact Pro, SAINTExploit Scanner, Nessus, GFI LANguard, BackTrack5, Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit with Armitage, nmap, netcat, Foundstone SuperScan.
  • Scanned SSL Servers using tools: Foundstone SSLDigger, SSLScan, The Hacker's Choice THCSSLCheck.
  • Scanned, analyzed, assisted web developers in configuration and security findings mitigation in web servers, web applications, and web software development platforms: Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, IBM HTTP Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS , Jetty, Nginx, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Business Intelligence BI Publisher, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware OFM . And Oracle Application Express APEX .
  • Created and implemented security configuration guidelines for Oracle Fusion Middleware OFM and Oracle Application Express APEX .
  • Successfully identified, manually exploited, and compromised operating systems, web application, databases.
  • Manually verified all OS and web application vulnerability findings from automated scanning tools reports, often using own written JavaScript scripts, to avoid listing false positive issues on the final Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment Reports.
  • Conducted manual automated static source code auditing of desktop, web, Amazon AWS cloud, and mobile applications C, C , JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl, SQL, REST, JSON using tools: IBM Rational AppScan Source Edition, HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer SCA , JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Armorize Technologies CodeSecure, Klocwork Solo for Java analyzed results and provided source code security and reliability solution for app developers.
  • Performed application black box testing vulnerability assessment, DAST - Dynamic Analysis Software Testing and white box testing source code review, SAST - Static Analysis Software Testing as part of application Secure Software Development Life-Cycle SSDLC .
  • Examined results of web/OS scanners, conducted hands-on static source code analysis, found vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and compliance issues, wrote final reports, defended findings during meetings with developers, and provided security recommendation for government executives, developers and web/system administrators.
  • Recommended for Java Developers the implementation of an OWASP J2EE Stinger filter Security Validation Description Language SVDL XML file for Stinger with validation rules for the regex, cookies, and parameters of an HTTP request for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition J2EE platform, which has not validation features.
  • Ensured current application security controls are sufficient and detect those that need improvement.
  • Created and executed Agency-wide Web Developers Security Training Program, educated the client on the secure web coding and inherent risks, and provided significant hardening and mitigation strategies.
  • Created findings reports for various groups: CISO, Branch Chiefs, System Owners, IT Architects, OS System Administrators, Web Server Administrators, Application Developers, DBAs, third-party vendors, defended explained security issues during meetings, described risk level, and assisted in vulnerabilities mitigation process.
  • Conducted wireless war-walking within Agency buildings to identifying rogue Wi-Fi devices, such as an employee plugging in to the Corporate Network unauthorized wireless routers, iPhones, iPads, kindle, etc.
  • Created JavaScript checks for Acunetix scanner used it for Personally Identifiable Information PII searches.
  • Reported vulnerabilities identified during security assessments utilizing standard CWE, CVE, CVSS, WASC, CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors, and OWASP Top 10 classifications, as well as compliance standards: FISMA NIST SP 800-53, PCI DSS 2.0, SOX, Basel II, and DISA STIG.
  • Submitted discovered vendor's vulnerabilities to Mitre CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database.
  • Researched Web Application Firewall WAF vendors and suggested their deployment to Network Architects.
  • Conducted remote penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of networks and banking web applications.
  • Conducted security reviews, technical research, and provided reporting to increase security defense mechanisms.
  • Performed black-box, grey-box, and white-box testing with security vulnerabilities exploitation.
  • Provided customized SOX, BASE II, PCI DSS banking compliance reports and suggested solutions techniques.
  • Explained to web developers and executives common web security vulnerabilities as defined by OWASP Top 10.
  • Conducted penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of web application of the e-commerce sites.
  • Conducted manual source code audit ColdFusion, JavaScript and automated scans with AppScan Source.
  • Reviewed scans results, analyzed security vulnerability issues to identify potential false positives, created risk-based security dynamic static code reviews, and provided source code fix recommendation for web developers for changing security architecture of the commercial website
  • Conducted penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of public web applications.

Security Engineer


  • Performed application security penetration and vulnerability testing against high risk Internet applications.
  • Conducted manual and automated, non-authenticated and authenticated tests of users' web portals.
  • Provided for UK client with world-class consulting services and reports, concentrating on the performance of security assessments, application penetration testing, testing methodologies, and enterprise environments.


  • Conducted remote external, local internal, wireless, physical, and social engineering penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of networks, web application, and XML web services with SOAP.
  • Scanned and assessed network vulnerabilities for 2,000 servers/workstations and 200 web applications.
  • Provided reports of findings and suggested counter-measures and remediation techniques.


  • Served as the Principal Cyber Security Engineer / Subject Matter Expert SME / Red Team Penetration Testing Leader supporting an effort conducting a double-blind penetration testing assessment against more than thousand devices to determine the security effectiveness of federal government customer's applications, networks, systems, tools, security defense processes, and personnel.
  • Performed security testing activities using manual methods and tools and ethical hacking techniques simulating those used by the full spectrum of hackers in order to discover potential vulnerabilities in client's IT systems.
  • Conducted and completed following security Assessments: External Remote Access Security, External Application, Social Engineering Testing, Internal Security, Internal Application, and Wireless.
  • Performed discovery activities, attack planning, test execution, and detailed reporting on test scenarios, findings.
  • Reported and presented to government officials the security findings and provided recommendation to fix them.
  • Phase 7 Wireless Assessment: NetStumbler, Kismet, inSSIDer, aircrack-ng, BackTrack4, CORE Impact.
  • Phase 6 Social Engineering Testing Assessment: setup fake website with malicious code for the purpose of host fingerprinting, setup fake website with malicious code to steal login credentials, send via phishing e-mail malicious form requests which bypass firewalls/IDS , create and mail CDs with malicious documents.
  • Phase 5 Internal Security Assessment: Wireshark, tcpdump, nmap, netcat, SuperScan, fierce, CORE Impact Pro, SAINTExploit Scanner, Nessus, GFI LANguard, BackTrack4, Metasploit with Armitage.
  • Phase 4 External Remote Access Exploitation: CORE Impact Pro, SAINTExploit Scanner, w3af, sqlmap, SQL Inject-Me, BackTrack4, Metasploit with Armitage.
  • Phase 3 External Application Assessment: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner WVS , HP SPI Dynamics WebInspect, IBM Rational Watchfire AppScan, Foundstone's SiteDigger, PortSwigger Burp Suite Pro, SensePost Wikto, CIRT Nikto2, Paros, OWASP WebScarab.
  • Phase 2 External Remote Access Enumeration and Vulnerability Mapping: nmap, p0f, Netcat, Fierce DNS Scanner, Foundstone SuperScan, SAINT Scanner, Nessus, Metasploit with Armitage.
  • Phase 1 External Remote Access Reconnaissance, Discovery, and Footprint Identification: whois, nslookup, DIG, Netcraft, Geoiptool, Dnsstuff, FOCA, Paterva's Maltego, ServerSniff, Google Hacking DataBase GHDB , Robtex, Foundstone SSLDigger, THCSSLCheck, wget.
  • Used following tools, services, and techniques in security assessments:
  • Lead, supervised, trained, and mentored lower-level penetration testing analysts.


Security Analyst

  • Served as the Principal Security Engineer / Subject Matter Expert SME / Pentesting Team Leader / Cyber Security Analyst and lead Security Test and Evaluation ST E / Independent Verification and Validation IV V efforts supporting the Certification and Accreditation C A .
  • Performed network and web application penetration testing and simulating hackers' attacks against public networks External Tests from the Internet from potential outside hacker point-of-view black-box test and internal networks Internal Tests within HHS network, from insider point-of-view white/grey-box test .
  • Conducted OS vulnerability scanning several hundred servers, workstations, network devices , logical security audits, security assessments, mitigation and reporting activities on Internet/intranet facing applications and databases, and wireless networks.
  • Scanned, pentested successful break-in , manually reviewed, and audited web applications: IBM WebSphere Application Server WAS V7.0, MS IIS 5.0 6.0, ASP .NET, Apache 1.3.x, 2.x, Apache Tomcat 5.x, 6.x, Oracle HTTP Server 10g, 11g, Oracle BEA WebLogic Server 10.x with web scanners: HP WebInspect v.8.0.905, IBM AppScan Standard Edition v.7.9, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner v.6.5, Cenzic Hailstorm Pro v.6.0, CORE Security CORE Impact Pro v.10.0 web pentesting module Foundstone SiteDigger v3.0, PortSwigger Burp Scanner v1.3, Parosproxy Paros v.3.2.13, SensePost Wikto v., CIRT Nikto2 v.2.1.1.
  • Created customized web application scanning reports for managers, web administrators, and web developers.
  • Presented mitigation solution, assisted and trained web administrators and web developer in source code review and in fixing web application vulnerabilities related to OWASP Open Web Application Security Project Top 10: SQL Injection, Cross Site scripting XSS , Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF , malicious file execution, broken authentication and session management, error vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, and others educated web developers in Secure Software Development Life-Cycle SSDLC process.
  • Initiated information security incident process as a result of successful compromisation of the Internet/intranet websites, to mitigate critical web vulnerabilities as soon as possible.
  • Scanned, pentested with successful break-in and audited databases: Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g, MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008, IBM Informix 9.40.UC2, Informix 11.5.UC5, and IBM DB2 with database penetration testing scanners and DB audit tools: NGSSoftware's NGSSQuirreL for SQL v., NGSSQuirreL for Oracle v., NGSSQuirreL for Informix v., NGSSQuirreL for DB2 v., and Application Security AppDetective Pro v.6.4.
  • Assisted database administrators DBAs in fixing database vulnerabilities, track remediation, and communicate configuration recommendations to the responsible parties.
  • Scanned, pentested with successful break-in and audited operating systems configuration: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003/2008, Linux Redhat, Suse, Solaris 10, HP-UX 11-v1, and VMWARE ESX 4.x with operating system penetration testing tools: CORE Security CORE Impact Pro v.10.0 SAINT Corporation SAINTExploit Scanner v.7.1.6, Immunity CANVAS v.6.55.1, and Metasploit Framework v.3.3.3.
  • Assisted system administrators in fixing vulnerabilities, patching and securely configuring operating systems.
  • Scanned and pentested wireless networks with CORE Security CORE Impact v.10 wireless pentesting module.
  • Assisted system administrators to correctly configure wireless access points and their configuration.
  • Scanned and created network map with network and port scanners: Foundstone SuperScan v3.0, 4.0, Tenable Network Security Nessus v.4.2.1, Insecure.org nmap 5.21.
  • Used multiple scanning tools in each scanning category operating system, database, web application, and wireless and presented scan results in special crafted scanning tools comparison tables, allowed the reduction of false negative and verification of false positive findings.
  • Recommended security controls to system designs, databases, and applications in line with security policies.
  • Clearly documented and communicated security findings, risk description, risk level, and recommended solutions to stakeholders: CISO, ISSM, ISSO, IT Security Directors, System Owners, SysAdmins, webmasters, DBAs.
  • Conducted complete ST Es following the framework detailed in FISMA and NIST SP 800-53 Version 2 .
  • Reviewed existing current IT Security procedures, and certification and accreditation C A documents: System Security Plans SSP , Risk Assessments RA , IT Contingency Plans CP , Configuration Management Plans CMP , Incident Response Plan IRPs , Security Test and Evaluation ST E , Privacy Impact Assessments PIA , Rules of Behavior RoB , System Security Accreditation Package SSAP and archived scans results.
  • Assisted IT Security Staff to assess and recommend to the System Owners the implementation of more stringent IT security policies and operational procedures to ensure consistency with laws, regulations and best practices.
  • Conducted independent research on the latest malware and vulnerabilities, identified issues, formulated options and solutions, proactively closed security loop-holes, and made conclusions and recommendations.


Team Leader

  • Served as the Sr. Security Engineer / Subject Matter Expert / Team Leader on the efforts supporting deployment process of the thousands McAfee Host Based Security System HBSS suites at DoD sites across the world.
  • Lead deployment team with a McAfee engineers and government staff to assist with the installation, configuration, and facilitation of knowledge transfer to HBSS System Administrators SAs across DoD's Services, Combatant Commands COCOMs , and Agencies on their Secure Internet Protocol Router Network SIPRNet and Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network NIPRNet per DoD Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations JTF-GNO FRAGO 13 mandate traveled up to 50 of time.
  • Being member of DISA Global Information Grid GIG Operations Directorate GO , Field Security Operations FSO Division GO4 , collaborated with other engineering teams and government staff from DISA Information Assurance/NetOps Program Executive Office PEO/IAN , DISA Computing Services Directorate CSD , and with McAfee architects on HBSS global software deployments.
  • Worked in a government lab with the HBSS baseline, troubleshoot existing HBSS instances, and provided technical support to the government through Remedy Action Request System ARS trouble tickets system.
  • Troubleshoot McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator ePO version 3.6.1 and upgraded/installed ePO version 4.0 and its products/modules: McAfee Agent MA v.3.6, 4.0, Host Intrusion Protection Service HIPS v.6.1, 7.0, VirusScan Enterprise VSE v.8.5, 8.7, AntiSpyware Enterprise ASE v.8.5, 8.7, Policy Auditor PA v.5.0, 5.1, Asset Baseline Module ABM , v2.0, 3.0, Data Loss Prevention DLP v.2.0, 2.2, Device Control Module DCM v.2.2, 3.0, Rogue System Sensor RSD v.2.0, and System Compliance Profiler SCP v.1.0, 2.0.
  • Reviewed and updated DISA HBSS installation guides.
  • Implemented DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guides STIG's for Windows and HBSS as part of the Information Assurance IA Certification and Accreditation C A with Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process DIACAP .
  • Troubleshoot and secured network devices routers and firewalls , Windows operating system, and SQL database as part of the successful HBSS implementation.
  • Trained and mentored new engineers on the HBSS deployment process and DoD IA policies.
  • Completed several DoD IA online training courses.


Security Engineer

  • Served as the Principal Security Engineer, Subject Matter Expert, Certification Agent, and lead Security Test and Evaluation ST E efforts supporting the successful FISMA Certification and Accreditation C A of one of the NOAA's government IT system resided on commercial IIC network.
  • Co-wrote the C A contract proposal, which successfully won IIC C A contract bidding.
  • Wrote and edited C A-related documents: System Security Plan SSP , Security Categorization SC , IT Contingency Plan IT CP , Risk Assessment Report RAR , Security Test and Evaluation Report ST E , and Plan of Actions and Milestones PO M .
  • Conducted network penetration testing, ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, and security audits.
  • Provided security advice, mitigated findings, and implemented changes to host network security architecture.
  • Applied government NIST, DOC and NOAA IT security guidelines to the commercial IIC network.
  • Conducted vulnerability scanning, assessment, and mitigated findings.
  • Obtained IIC senior management commitment to information security.
  • Defined IT security roles and responsibilities for information security throughout the IIC organization.
  • Ensured that threat and vulnerability evaluations are performed on an ongoing basis.
  • Provided information security guidance, IT security awareness, training and education to stakeholders.


  • Served as the Certification Agent and lead Security Test and Evaluation ST E / Independent Verification and Validation IV V efforts supporting the Certification and Accreditation C A of multiple DSS site locations.
  • Lead the site assessment team, performed in-briefs / out-brief, conducted interviews of site personnel, conducted physical security inspections, completed security control validation checklists based on the Defense Information Systems Agency DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides STIGs , mitigated security vulnerabilities on several hundreds computers, and assembled site C A package.
  • Ran, reviewed, and analyzed results from automated vulnerability scanning tools: Lumension PatchLink Scan, Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative SCCVI eEye Retina Digital Scanner, Anomaly Detection Tool ADT , and Gold Disk and also analyzing results from McAfee Hercules and ePO Orchestrator.
  • Offered basic training regarding the safeguarding of Controlled Cryptographic Items CCI to be provided to the site at a future date in order to provide access to the SIPRNET.


  • Developed and executed Security Test and Evaluation ST E and Information Security Assessment Plan as part of the Certification and Accreditation C A process.
  • Developed and implemented vulnerability scanning and penetration testing plans and procedures.
  • Evaluated, tested, and implemented scanning and penetration testing tools.
  • Lead and mentored a team of security testers performing penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Developed security hardening and mitigation strategies according to Department's Security Guidelines.


  • Edited technical aspects of the contract proposal for Certification and Accreditation C A activities and IT security audit for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


security Analyst

  • Developed an integrated and comprehensive approach to improve all aspects of security - including Information Security architecture - for the whole TSA agency.
  • Reviewed internal program office assessments on physical security program, information technology security program, privacy program and Sensitive Security Information SSI program.
  • Reviewed federal government requirements established by law, regulation, executive order, and OMB policy.
  • Created a benchmark of best practices from industry NIST SP 800-53, COBIT, ISO 17799/2700, and PCI .
  • Identified security gaps between current TSA and DHS policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Provide detailed guidance in the remediation of compliance gaps.
  • Established an Independent Advisory Board IAB , consisting of privacy and security experts from academic, banking, government and consulting establishments.
  • Provided technical support for the internal Information Protection Commission IPC and external IAB efforts.
  • Reported directly to the TSA Office of the Acting Deputy Administrator Deputy Assistant Secretary .


  • Conducted the full life cycle of a security audit process including technical security, physical security and computer user security on systems at TSA HQ and US airports.
  • Developed, implemented and executed of a robust technical audit program as part of the Certification and Accreditation C A process.
  • Acted as a principal subject matter expert SME and advised on any security-related issue.
  • Completed vulnerability scanning, performance testing, penetration testing and ethical hacking on hundreds devices according to Rules of Engagement RoE document using COTS security tools including ISS System Scanner, Harris STAT Guardian, MBSA, Nessus, nmap, WebInspect, NetStumbler, Fluke, CIS scoring tools .
  • Conducted Vulnerability Assessments VA and IT audit on various types of networks, topologies, OS, and applications, such as: Windows XP/2000/2003, Cisco IOS 12.x, SQL 2000, Oracle8i/9i/10g, and Wireless AP.
  • Created and customized vulnerability scanners codes and audit scripts to verify security policy compliance.
  • Performed system reviews to ensure group policies are working within compliance with DHS security guidelines.
  • Briefed the customer, wrote audit reports, suggested mitigation recommendation, and POA M.
  • Reported audits results to TSA Branch Chiefs, Executive Management, and CISO.


Security Tester / Auditor

  • Supported the full cycle of the Certification and Accreditation C A process as a principal security tester.
  • Acted as a principal subject matter expert SME and advised on any security-related issue.
  • Developed and conducted Security Testing and Evaluation ST E plan, which included the identification of system boundaries, the system requirements, test objectives, testing methods, the test scenario, the test procedures, and the expected results.
  • Reviewed the minimum security checklist with Security Requirements Traceability Matrix SRTM .
  • Performed scanning, penetration testing and ethical hacking on hundreds devices according to Rules of Engagement document using a variety of COTS and open source security tools.
  • Conducted Vulnerability Assessments VA and IT audit on various types of networks, systems, applications and OS, such as Windows XP/2000/2003, Sun Solaris 9, Linux Slackware, Cisco IOS 12.x, SQL 2000, Oracle8i/9i, Apache 1.3, Exchange 2000, and Linksys WAP, using CIS, Harris STAT, Nessus, and WebInspect tools.
  • Examined output from vulnerability assessments and translated its technical jargon into plain language of concepts and suggested remediation strategies.
  • Conducted IT Risk Assessments RA , described risk sources and provided recommended countermeasures to reduce risk to an acceptable and manageable level.
  • Presented advice and implemented changes in network and host architecture within enterprise.
  • Worked closely with the system, web, and database administrators to assist them with the security mitigation.
  • Completed system reviews to ensure group-level policies are in compliance with Security Best Practices.
  • Assisted with development of the IT security policies and procedures for conducting certifications.
  • Helped with translation of government directives into client's policy and procedural documentation.
  • Assisted in designing and implementing security products such as intrusion detection systems IDS , patch management systems, firewalls, and antivirus using cost effective and quality approach.
  • Reviewed security plans and procedures concerning all aspects of LAN and WAN.
  • Supported in development and implementation of a technical audit program.
  • Developed and presented finding analysis reports to all levels within client's enterprise.


Security Engineer

  • Performed as a principal information security engineer and an INFOSEC principal subject matter expert to the CA ISSO in a multidisciplinary team environment.
  • Served as Certification and Accreditation C A certifier for Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • Leveraged security consultation expertise and findings to design, and deliver new IT services of customized CA business systems so as to ensure that they exceed DoS security requirements in a cost-effective manner.
  • Served as lead engineer for NG's CA Risk Management ST3 and System Security Integration Support ST6 sub-tasks contract with primary responsibility for all aspects of project planning and management.
  • Supervised the security engineering team in daily security tasks such as vulnerability assessment and patch discovery, testing, implementation, and monitoring in the entire State Dept. Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • Created additional technical positions in his security engineering team, billable to the federal contract.
  • Performed hands-on laboratory analyses, security assessments, penetration testing, document evaluation findings, and provided recommendations to government management, team members, and contractors.
  • Developed and coordinated related project lifecycle security engineering processes and documentation.
  • Completed vulnerability assessment analysis of CA's Major Applications and General Support Systems.
  • Defined information security strategy, briefed CA management and system administrators about the vulnerability assessment reports, presented and prioritized options for risk mitigation.
  • Completed the vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, IT audit, and risk assessment framework on thousands computers, using a variety of automated tools BTK, MBSA, Harris STAT, Nessus, and AppDetective as well as manual review and testing of security configurations that include, but are not limited to Windows 2003/2000/NT Server, Windows XP/2000Pro/NT workstation, IIS 6/5/4, SQL Server 2005/2000/7, and Oracle 8i/9i R2/10g RDBMS.
  • Advised DoS and CA Patch Management groups to enhance methodology and procedures of implementing Microsoft and other vendors' security patches.
  • Provided technical services for network security monitoring support focusing on server and workstation security.
  • Reported weekly to the CA ISSO about vulnerability assessment and mitigation activities.
  • Reviewed information security controls to help provide effective, efficient and secure access to information within operating systems, databases, and applications.
  • Worked independently on new business development opportunities and on the scope of prospective engagements, wrote, developed and delivered proposals.
  • Lead technical efforts to research and evaluate new security-related technologies, security vendor offerings, and integrated any appropriate products aimed at reducing the risk to CA's network environment it resulted in several new products being added to CA's software baseline that are currently in use.
  • Analyzed and decomposed government customer needs and requirements to identify appropriate solutions.
  • Lead analysis and planning for standing up new Harris STAT vulnerability assessment and monitoring security architecture and compliance with the Department's and Bureau's information security policies and procedures.
  • Analyzed existing network infrastructures and provide recommendations to government managers to ensure secure communication of sensitive data and to reduce threats to the DoS SBU network.
  • Evaluated DoS Diplomatic Security DS Windows and Database Security Configuration guides.
  • Interfaced with the various customers, government management, and projects stakeholders within Consular Affairs and DoS in order to successfully integrate recommended solutions into the existing infrastructure.


  • Served as a senior security consultant, subject matter expert, and lead advisor for agency's executives and ISSOs for developing and managing a project of the new architecture of IT security policies, standards and procedures.
  • Managed Certification and Accreditation C A and information assurance activities.
  • Managed information resources in realization of Plan of Action and Milestones POA M tasks, represent General Support Systems GSS on IT security issues, consulted other Major Applications MA programs' owners and ensured that budget was allocated priorities and deadlines were met for the Inspector General IG auditors and reached the desired level of risk mitigation de facto took over responsibilities from the retired Information Systems Security Officer ISSO .
  • Managed project, initiated, architected, described, and applied new standards of security documentation.
  • Reviewed, interpreted and developed independently security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and best security practices based on government guidelines like: NIST SP 800-26 and 800-18, OMB A-130 App. III, A-11 Exhibits 300, FISMA reports and Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual FISCAM .
  • Implement agency-wide strategic security information planning and analysis updated Security Programs.
  • Evaluated and advised in developing IT security Certification and Accreditation documentation: Systems Security Plans SSP , Risk Assessments RA , Disaster Recovery Plans DRP , Privacy Impact Assessment PIA , Security Test and Evaluation ST E , and Authority To Operate ATO package for General Support Systems GSS and Major Applications MA .
  • Examined and developed systems security requirements, engineering standards and specifications based on Federal and Agency principles for networks, servers, databases, desktop systems, OSs, IDSs, firewalls, etc.
  • Advised, recommended, and provided support to government higher management, IT security executives, ISSMs, ISSOs and SMEs for developing, assessing, implementing, and maintaining security good practices.
  • Supervised security auditing and reviewed the work performed to ensure all audit work is completed in accordance with department policies and the professional standards.
  • Led security assessment activities based on NIST Special Publications and other government best practices.
  • Performed and documented risk assessments RA , conducted and evaluated security information assurance vulnerability assessments IAVA , and the metrics to measure the risks associated with those vulnerabilities.
  • Acted as a principal subject matter expert SME in identifying and solving IT security problems, recommended proper IT security architecture solutions, and implemented security policies to ensure compliance.
  • Supervised engineers to prepare maintenance plans and procedures to validate security requirements.
  • Researched independently government and departmental security documents.
  • Presented in written and oral form reports to government executives and managers adequate IT security strategy recommendations, alternatives, measures and solutions.


  • Acted as a principal subject matter expert SME and senior security consultant for agency's CIO and ISSOs to write security policies, standards, procedures, system security plans, programs, compliance reports, mitigation strategies, Certification and Accreditation C A testing.
  • Prepared the Agency for Inspector General IG audits. Conducted security audits including a review of the agency's security policies to ensure that information systems are being operated in a secure, accessible, and reliable way, and computer security policies and procedures are being implemented as defined in security plans.
  • Developed and managed a new project for conducting mitigation strategies against security vulnerabilities.
  • Wrote security documents and reports based on NIST SP 800 series, NSA, GISRA, FISMA, OMB A-130, A-11 federal government guidelines and requirements to address compliance with Agency security initiatives.
  • Conducted risk assessments, network vulnerability assessments ISS Scanner, nmap, LANguard and penetration tests on hundreds devices, described risk sources and provided recommended countermeasures to reduce risk.
  • Solved security problems, provided technical advice, helped, trained government clients, and applied new methods of performing security mitigation steps on UNIX, VMS, Windows, network devices, IDSs, firewalls, and Oracle platforms and recommend solutions for implementing security program policies.
  • Was responsible for assessing project risk, defining security requirements, research, and testing.
  • Managed security mitigation and C A team throughout priorities, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Utilized project management PM principles to led, advised, coached, and developed junior staff.
  • Acted as the lead advisor for the agency's top management on issues relating to secure network architecture design, network element configuration, and best-practice configuration according to policies and procedures.
  • Investigated security incidents, determined impact and implemented response and corrective actions.
  • Conducted security briefings for the federal clients' audiences to present the strategic design process of the translation security measures into technical designs.
  • Developed and managed security education, training, and awareness programs.


  • Acted as a principal subject matter expert SME , senior security consultant, lead advisor, IT security architect, and IR manager for assessing physical security infrastructure needs, made recommendations for changes to the network, designed these changes, and applied new security practices.
  • Managed a project of implementation security good practices, wrote security policies and strategic programs.
  • Managed human, operation, support, training, technological, security, investments, and financial resources.
  • Advised executive management on security budget needs, technical issues, training, and IR investments.
  • Audited, tested, scanned ISS Scanner , and monitored systems to identify vulnerabilities to known mean of hacker's attack and penetration, and suggested a risk response method.
  • Conducted forensics analysis, determine impact, and incident handling after client's websites were hacked.
  • Recommended security countermeasures to defend against unauthorized access to websites and network.
  • Performed security audit, review, risk, and intrusion detection analysis for client websites and servers.
  • Designed architecture, advised, implemented and configured Cisco IDS 4210 Appliance Sensor.
  • Updated and filtered Signatures on Cisco Secure Policy Manager CSPM monitored logs and alarms.
  • Installed and monitored Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System Host Sensor CSIDSHS on Web Servers.
  • Installed, configured, advised, recommended solutions and troubleshot Cisco PIX firewall.


  • Managed project of designing a secured architecture and deploying IPSEC VPN using Cisco PIX firewall.
  • Wrote secure VPN policy access-lists, ISAKMP, IKE and crypto maps for ISPs.
  • Installed Cisco PIX 520 firewall for ISPs belong to OneMain.com.


  • Managed project of designing WAN TCP/IP OSPF network architecture and infrastructure.
  • Implemented redundant web hosting data center based on Foundry Networks routers / switches and Sun Servers.
  • Installed and hardened secured servers, routers, and switches in web hosting data center in San Francisco.
  • Installed secured remote access RSA ACE/Server - Identity and Access Management solutions.


  • Determined methodology for accuracy and security of network access facilities capacity planning function.
  • Developed and tested web-based layout for reporting frame relay, T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48 services.
  • Acted as a subject matter expert SME and consultant, trained employees and maintained awareness
  • Conducted audits for ports availability for clients and telecommunication CLECs in: Cisco Routers, Juniper Routers, Fore ATM Switches, Lucent ATM / FR Switches and SONET Concentrators.


  • Migrated 1000 users' accounts from hubs and Cisco Catalyst 2900 switches to VLAN Cisco Catalyst 4000 switches through new security access solution.
  • Instructed and trained users about security threats, vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies.


  • Installed UFMU and SCM cards in Cisco IGX 8420 WAN switch and modules in Cisco 3640 router.


  • Installed and configured ATM LAN / WAN secured network and multimedia equipment for Department of Defense DoD Army National Guard Bureau's Distance Learning Network at several nationwide locations.
  • Configured and installed Cisco Routers, FVC, and Fore ATM LAN Emulation Switches, Windows NT servers, CSU / DSU for T1 and audio / video equipment: FVC V-Switch, V-Caster, V-Cache, and V-Gate.
  • Conducted nationwide video teleconferencing over T1 and ISDN PRI as fault tolerance .
  • Conducted security audit, hardened, and optimized Windows servers and workstations.
  • Solved network, audio / video, and security problems, and provided technical advice and suggested solutions.
  • Conducted employee security training and awareness program.
  • Presented to DoD Army National Guard Bureau representatives reports and scenarios of functionality, technical features of multimedia networks, and conducting nationwide WAN video teleconferencing calls.


  • Ran day-to-day operations of real-time stocks and futures trading applications, and interfaced with brokers.
  • Designed, installed and hardened NT servers, Win 95/98/NT workstations, Cisco routers and Catalyst switches.
  • Applied security countermeasures in Windows hosts according to security best practice recommendations.
  • Coordinated installation of digital WAN circuits, DCE/DTE equipment, ISDN and analog telephone lines.

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