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Fusion Architect Resume Profile



  • Confidential has 15 plus years of combined experience managing highly successful teams working as Solution Architect, Information Systems Architect/Technical Manager, Technical Lead, Systems Analyst, and Consultant in various business domains. 10 years' experience in SOA/Web services based system with around 7 plus years of onsite consulting experience at various client locations in US and European Countries.
  • Action and solution oriented, optimally leveraging staff/resources to get maximum results while responding to changing priorities to drive business success.
  • Excellent understanding of process design and efficiency - oriented towards continual improvement.
  • Designed, developed an SOA architectural system to put Starwood Hotels and Resorts with the industry's most advanced Central Reservation System CRS .
  • Developing effective processes and development methodologies by championing an SDLC program built on RUP to dramatically improve the quality and delivery timelines of software solutions.
  • Experience in leading and developing event-driven architectural solutions and SOA governance using Oracle SOA FMW 11g technology stack.
  • Experience in architecting complex and large applications using the Oracle SOA suite on Oracle Fusion middleware Integration and mediation through Enterprise SOA layer implemented with Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Service Bus OSB , Oracle Data Integrator ODI , Oracle Web Services Manager OWSM , Business Activity Monitoring BAM
  • Experience in governing the policy enforcement, services execution, monitoring business KPI, and tracking transactions within the production environment to manage service performance and SLA metrics using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c /Oracle Business Transaction Management BTM .
  • Ability to provide robust technical design in the areas of Integrating COTS application using Process Integration Packs PIPs with solid understanding of Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
  • Designed and successfully implemented the Financials Image Processing Solution involving workflow configurations using BPEL processes, WebCenter Suite 11g UCM and IPM configurations, Oracle Document Capture ODC /Oracle Forms Recognition Engine OFR and Application Extension Framework AXF configurations along with the E-Business Suite Adapter for ECM to automate the processing of Laclede invoices and expense receipts images.
  • Experience in Security Architecture implementing security solutions for Web Services, Web Applications and other systems. e.g., solutions for - Authentication Authorization, Audit Logging, etc. Experience in designing Security Reference Architecture, standards and guidelines to be followed by the development teams.
  • Experience in Enterprise Architecture design and Enterprise Application Integration Using ESB, MQ .
  • Experience in Web Services Versioning and Governance, IBM DataPower XML Integration Security appliance, Actional SoapStation, Introscope.
  • Proven experience in WebSphere, JBoss WebLogic Application Servers and Web Servers on Unix/Sun Solaris/Windows Platforms.
  • Extensively worked on Messaging Technologies like JMS , WMQI , MDB , Websphere MQ 5.2 and 6.0
  • Designed, developed and implemented several web and enterprise based applications using J2EE various Web technologies
  • Hands on experience in building software solutions with Java, J2EE, XML, XSLT parsers SAX DOM, Java Beans, JavaScript, ICEfaces, AJAX, Spring, JSP, EJB's, Servlets, JDBC, JAXB, SDO, Dozer, JAX-RPC/JAX-WS Web Services, Hibernate/iBATIS , Oracle, SQL Server, XMLDB, Unix, Linux, Windows, Websphere MQ MQSeries , OOP, OOAD and Rational Unified Process RUP .
  • Live experience in handling production scenarios like performance improvement of applications starting from better memory management, failover, live production deployment and validations.
  • Developed applications compliance to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards PCI DSS standard.
  • Experience in implementing high availability systems using XP techniques and scrum/agile software development methodology.
  • Project Management Expertise: Concurrent Full Lifecycle development of multiple applications, Risk Management and software process, Microsoft Project, Tracking and reporting status, Team Building, Resource Acquisition, Quality Assurance, CMM software process, Defect Tracking, Application Deployments and Environment Management.
  • Experience in interfacing with onsite/ offsite teams for business requirements gathering, conducting system analysis and finalizing techno-functional specifications.
  • Excellent communicator capable of achieving exceptional results with internal and external, technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Out Of Box' thinker and planner, bringing outstanding business acumen, skilled in design and execution of business systems.
  • Experience in applying HP Global Method for IT Strategy and Architecture HPGM for ITSA for projects. ITSA is a HP's methodology to define an IT Solution and Architecture based on stakeholder participation to collaboratively define a desired state.
  • Experience in working with client personnel executives to identify functional requirements. Subsequently working with and leading other team members in the identification, justification and design of the client's solution.
  • Experience in PwC's technological solutions and delivery tools, specifically PwC's Transform methodology, Delivery Management Process DMP , and Engagement Management Process EMP , which provide the components of the delivery framework for delivering enterprise significant value through integrated business solutions.



Role Fusion Architect

  • GE Oil Gas is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from exploration production to downstream. It's a leading provider of complete solutions like Drilling Solutions, Subsea Solutions, Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR Solutions and Full Range LNG Solutions.
  • This project is part of Artificial Lift Pascal R12 ERP implementation Customer Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts and General Ledgers generated at legacy ERP Syteline are integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite PASCAL R12 and Dataware House System using Oracle SOA/ODI Fusion Middleware.
  • Data is inserted in open interface tables with the help of LKM Loading Knowledge Module and scheduled Oracle concurrent programs with the help of IKM Integrating Knowledge Module extract all the data of particular operating unit which are then inserted in the Oracle base tables. ODI communicates both Success and Error messages to SOA when records are staged and imported via JMS Queues which exist on both the ODI and SOA clusters. The actual queues reside on the SOA cluster while ODI is configured with SAF Store and Forward allowing ODI to continue to process messages even if the SOA cluster is down.
  • The batch processor component, made up of a sequence of BPEL and mediator components, then breaks down the batch of events into a number of smaller batches for more efficient processing. These events are then either used to create a new instance of the event tracking BPMN process or update existing instances.
  • Each tracking composite also has an associated ADF View project. This project contains the user interface for the human tasks defined in the BPMN processes of that composite. This provides the users an interface to see basic information about the item being processed as well as the errors that occurred during processing. The composite also contain an asynchronous BPEL process with fault policies to accept events and guarantee their delivery to BAM using the BAM adapter.
  • Webcenter Spaces provides the portal interface which leverages the process spaces integration to provide the task list and other portlets to the users to interact with the BPM processes. This also allows other custom taskflows and components to be exposed to the end user in one centralized location.

Role and Responsibilities were:

  • To define end-to-end solutions that implies the utilization of the entire Oracle SOA Suite 11g. As a Solution Architect, responsible for ensuring that the technical solution solves the business problem.
  • Identifying type of assets and provide visibility into all SOA assets and their relationships to eliminate redundancy, promote reuse, and manage impact of change.
  • Monitoring business KPI, and tracking transactions within the production environment to manage service performance and SLA metrics using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c /Oracle Business Transaction Management BTM .
  • To define the baseline process solution for the development teams for any new implementations, identify the fit/gap with the baseline and recommend the resolutions.
  • To identify gaps in SOA governance process, incorporate SOA governance into architecture planning, services development, and implementation processes
  • Managing assets and standardizing process and policies to enable systematized reuse of those assets using OSR/OER.
  • Governing the policy enforcement, services execution, monitoring, and tracking processes within the production environment to manage service performance and service level agreement metrics.

Environment: Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Data Integrator ODI , Oracle Web Services Manager OWSM , Webcenter Spaces, Business Activity Monitoring BAM , Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, Oracle Service Registry. Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, E-Business Suite Adapters.


Role - Architect

  • To define end-to-end solutions that implies the utilization of the entire Oracle SOA Suite 11g. As a Solution Architect, responsible for ensuring that the technical solution solves the business problem.
  • To define and implement the data integration strategy that will be adopted in the integration of Oracle EBS, Maximo, Oracle CC B, PowerPlant, OBIEE, Hyperion and GRC applications as part of the Laclede newBLUE program.
  • Responsible for creating the Technical Design Specifications consistent with the SDC's Oracle Application Implementation Methodology extensions used by the client for their implementation of the newBLUE Globalization program.
  • To implement the Financials Image Processing Solution which involves a set of BPEL processes, I/PM configurations, Oracle Document Capture ODC configurations and Application Extension Framework AXF configurations along with the E-Business Suite Adapter for ECM to automate the processing of Laclede invoices and expense receipts images.
  • To implement the interfaces between Viryanet G4 Workforce Application and Maximo Asset Management System. The integration is developed using Maximo's Integration Framework MIF architecture. Oracle Fusion Middleware as an intermediate integration layer provides the translation, data mapping, error-handling and guaranteed delivery as per Laclede standards Integration Center IC practice.
  • To implement the integration between Oracle Utilities Customer Care Billing CCB and Oracle E-Business EBS for customer refunds using Process Integration Pack PIP to connect CC B and EBS for data flow and mapping.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle Service Bus OSB , Oracle Document Capture ODC , Oracle Forms Recognition Engine OFR , WebCenter Imaging 11g, E-Business Suite Adapters, Oracle Utilities CCB-EBS Integration PIP.


Role- Architect

Role and Responsibilities were:

  • Analyzing Requirements and creating detailed Technical Design Document.
  • Built frameworks to integrate information, people and processes across multiple boundaries.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Liferay Portal 6.0, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, XStream, JSF 2.0, Apache Rich-faces, AJAX, JQuery, Alfresco 3.4, Atlassian Crowd 2.3.2, Atlassian Confluence 3.5.9.


Role- Architect

  • This project enables the customer integration of FedEx UK formerly ANC and a step towards a single 'enterprise' customer master and ultimately a Single Account Number for every customer. Currently, FedEx UK customer data is mastered locally in a UK FOCUS database with cross-reference linkages of '1-to-many' 6-digit UK Accounts to 1 Express account. With this project, UK Account strategy will be aligned with the CI model i.e. only one 6-digit account maps to a 9-digit for as long as local customers are required during the transition to a Single 'Enterprise' Account Number across all FedEx OpCos and Regions.
  • This effort primarily focused on restructuring FedEx UK's current account setup maintenance process, specifically related to re-architecting the existing Dual Account Creation Tool DACT as well as to master in CI all the account maintenance of Enterprise and Region/OpCo customer attributes entered in the FOCUS user interface. DACT currently allows accounts to be established for both FedEx UK 6-digit account and FedEx Express 9-digit account accounts simultaneously.
  • The DACT UI is designed to be a single page web application taking advantage of latest Rich Web user interface techniques where-in each URL may have more than one content flow. This one page design is achieved by leveraging the ICEfaces frameworks Direct-to-DOM D2D rendering technology which allows incremental updates via an AJAX bridge.

Environment: Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 3, Linux RHEL 5.3 , HP Quality Center, SourceForge, Spring, ICEfaces, Facelets, JAX-WS/JAX-RPC Web Services.


Role- Architect, Technical Lead, J2ee Consultant, System Support Specialist

Responsibilities Included:

  • Design, Development, Delivery, Support of the Application system. Responsibilities included project estimations, release management, software delivery, defect tracking, assignment and resource acquisition.
  • Worked with Enterprise Security team to make Valhalla compliance to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards PCI DSS standard.
  • Administering Websphere Application Servers, creating and maintaining WAS profiles for development and integration environments.
  • OO Analysis and Design using UML include development of class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, and State diagrams and implemented, coordinated activities with the Design, and Infrastructure team Constructed, and maintained UML model using Rational Rose, and Rational Software Architect. Created System Flow diagrams, component, system interaction diagrams use case, and design-specific diagrams.
  • Liaising with business team to gather requirements and designed, developed code to meet functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Architecting, Designing, developing and implementing high availability applications Messaging Transformation Gateway MTG and Transaction Sequencer TS .
  • Extensively worked in Property Management System OPERA, GALAXY and PRSNet . Deployed applications on J-boss servers of all 720 active PMS systems of Starwood Hotels Worldwide Inc.
  • Successfully did integration of PRSNet and Starwood Preferred Guest SPG , Toplink Profit Enterprise TLPe download transactions to properties from Valhalla
  • Designing and creating XSD's, Processing XML using SAX/DOM parsing of messages to propagate messages to B2B.
  • Extensively worked on XSD, XML. Used SDO eclipse EMF, JAXB, XML-Beans framework to serialize and de serialize the object.
  • Authoring, consuming web services SOAP/JMS, SOAP/HTTP and publishing to WSRR.
  • Manage Releases with environment promotions, ANT Build Master. Building and deploying the applications.
  • Administering and configuring Websphere Data Power for systems Health Checks, XML acceleration and load balancing the Web service requests.
  • Evaluating tools such as Actional SOAP station, Tango sol, Fortify, Introscope.
  • Used Introscope for error detection and monitoring. Created and defined probe lib directives for introscope monitoring.
  • Analyzing, Trouble shooting system, subsystems in multiple environments Development, Integration, QA, Staging, and Production . Running performance metric analysis using Heap Analyzer, Leakbot, and Leak Hunter of Valhalla application systems.
  • Coordinating with testers and involved in designing test plans, test cases, test scenarios, test data. Worked with enterprise QA team assisting in Functional, regression and performance testing.
  • Creating an easy support front end application system for frequent management and tasks using struts and JMX implementation for run time support console to administer application server objects.
  • Production Support on call 24/7 application support working with on onsite - off shore resources.

Environment: UML, J2EE, XML, Dozer, Ant, SOAP, SAML, SOAP UI , DB2 UDB2 Mainframe , J-Boss, WebSphere Application Server WAS , IRAD , RSA, WSIF, WMQI, Rational Rose 2000, 2003 , Visio, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Requisite Pro 2003, ORACLE, Informix, Toad, UNIX, SDO, JAXB, XMLBeans, XML,XSLT, Altova XMLSpy, Hibernate, iBATIS, Exceed, Reflection, Cygwin, CVS, SVN, Cruise control, Introscope, Actional SOAP Station, Websphere Data Power XI50, HP Service Now.

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