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Obiee Technical Lead Resume Profile


  • Over 8 years of experience in designing and developing end-to-end BI solutions according to standard OLAP methodologies using Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE :
  • Experience in design, architecture, configuration, development and build of OBIEE Repository .rpd at three layers Physical Layer, Business Model and Presentation Layer .
  • Experience in Designing and developing the OBIEE Dashboard and Reports including Prompts, Table, Pivot, Charts, View Selector/Column Selector, Drill down etc. and advanced Reporting configuration.
  • Experienced in Data Modeling using Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema modeling, Fact and Dimensions tables and Physical and Logical data modeling in the OBI Administration tool.
  • Expertise in Data Warehouse Concepts.
  • Experience with OBIEE Reporting architecture and components OBI Server/Client, OBI Answers and Interactive Dashboards, Oracle BI Presentation Services, iBots Other tools and utilities and Development Process.
  • Experience with installation and configuration of OBIEE application across multiple environments.
  • Experience in implementing Out of the Box OBIEE OBIA and RPD and Dashboard customizations
  • Experience on designing Drill-Down report, Error handling and debugging.
  • Experience in working with GO URL Action links, Master Detail linking and other interactions between multiple reports and dashboard.
  • Experience in implementing Multi-User Development Environment and OBIEE Security Object level and Data level Security .
  • Experience in OBIEE administrative tasks such as OBIEE server installation, migration and user maintenance.
  • Experience in Oracle BI Apps OBIA - Supply Chain Analytics, Order Management Analytics, Financial Analytics, and Procurement Analytics and Spent Analytics.
  • Experience in Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI/Siebel Analytics Dashboards/Reports by implementing Aggregate navigation, cache management and views
  • Experience in Requirement analysis for OBIEE technology projects.
  • Hands on experience on Informatica DAC, OBI scheduler Delivers
  • Experience in Oracle DAC installation and configuration, Tasks creation, synchronization, and execution data warehouse load .
  • Knowledge of Siebel CRM
  • Implemented Incremental Loads/Change Data Capture and Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Train team members on OBIEE and DW concepts, new techniques and methodologies


Business Intelligence:

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition OBIEE 10G 11G -Interactive Dashboards, Answers, OBIA 7963, 7964 Sales/Marketing/Supply Chain and Order Management/ Procurement and Spend Analytics/ Financial Analytics Manufacturing Analytics .

Oracle ERP:

Oracle EBS R12

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 2008, Linux


Oracle 10g /11g, SQL Server 2003/2005, Teradata V2R5,V2R6,MY SQL

ETL Data integration Tools:

Informatica 7.1, 8.6.1 9.0.1, Data warehouse Administration Tool DAC , Data stage.


C,C ,C .Net,VB.Net


MS Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Access ,

SQL Developer, Putty, WinSCP, Unix Shell Scripting



As a Sr OBIEE Consultant

  • Gathered and analyzed requirements from the business users and wrote functional documents and technical specifications
  • Worked closely with the business team to assure all business requirements and application objectives are met
  • Involved in the preparation of ER Diagram for the OLTP System. and creation of Dimensional Data Model for OLAP
  • Translated the business requirements into conceptual and detailed technical design
  • Dimensional data modeling including star schema.
  • Worked on Obiee Administration like, installation, configuration of Obiee Security External Database, LDAP, Aggregate Table Configuration of nqsconfig file and also Instanceconfig.xml files, Setup and Configure Obiee Delivers, Creating Materialized Views, Setup Mude Environment, Repository Merge, Catalog Merge, Deployment from dev to prod.
  • Designing the Physical/Logical Model in OBIEE Repository Physical Layer, Business Model Mapping and Presentation Layer using Admin Tool.
  • Developed different Dashboards and complex dynamic reports for Trends /History/Self Peer group comparison with different view View Selectors, Detailed,Summery,Table,Pivot, Charts, Filters, Navigation using the Presentation services as per requirement
  • Prepare GO URL to incorporate specific Oracle Business Intelligence results into external Java portals with parameters.
  • Involved in Setting up the Multi user development Environment, Merging the Repository with Three-way merge and Patch Merge
  • Implemented dynamic dashboard prompts to zoom into particular segments of the business in a performance-optimized manner.
  • Developed aggregated fact tables using the content tab
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchy, Level based Measures and Aggregate navigation in BMM layer.
  • Configured Repository and session variables to get dynamic reports and dashboards
  • Implemented security by creating roles web groups, External tables

Environment: Oracle 11g, OBIEE, MY SQL, Java


  • As an OBIEE Technical Lead, assigned to GE Oil Gas - Italy, on their Global Quality Metrics Phase 2 Project
  • Understanding the entire business flow of the project form beginning to ending.
  • Understanding the end to end process including customer transactional data and final report requirements
  • Analysis of Data from the Source systems includes tables and constraints.
  • Preparation of ER Diagram from the source systems and creation of Dimensional Data Model
  • Created tables, keys, constraints in the Target DB
  • Translated the business requirements into conceptual and detailed technical design and prepared MD 200 technical design document.
  • Involved in OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11g upgrade
  • Prepared Star Schema Model
  • Responsible for all OBIEE Repository Physical layer, Business Layers and Presentation layers.
  • Creation of calculated metrics for backlog, ageing, cycle time etc. in OBIEE
  • Created calculated metrics for backlog, ageing, cycle time and level based measures, AGO Measures in Business Model
  • Worked closely with Business Analyst in understanding the Analytics requirements and created the business model for generating reports as per the user requirements.
  • Created Dimension hierarchies and assigned levels for each level, established the logical joins/keys required to support drill-down aggregation.
  • Created a number of Dashboard and complex reports including Summery, detail and chart base reports as per client needs.
  • Use appropriate filters, column filters, dashboard prompts, variables and calculations in reports
  • Created Prompts to Filter Interactive Dashboard Data and Configuring Guided Navigation Links.
  • Involved in Setting up the Multi user development Environment, Merging the Repository with Three-way merge and Patch Merge
  • Perform testing sessions for reports and dashboards
  • Design of Informatica Mappings, Sessions and Workflows
  • Configure the DAC Server and Integration Settings
  • Configure Informatica Server and Informatica Repository Server in DAC
  • Customize DAC and add newly developed ETL Mappings.
  • Creation of new Task, Subject Area, Indices, Tables, Configuration tags and Execution plans in DAC.
  • Developing the objects in development environment and moving the objects to UAT for testing and then to Production.
  • Involved with the Testing team to resolve, fixing and testing problems found during the Systems integration test, UAT Phases
  • Completed documentation when implementing changes to the production environments.

Environment: Oracle 11g, OBIEE, Informatica 9.1 hot fix 4, Oracle Data Warehouse Administration console 11g, MAXIMO, Support Central, Java JDK 1.6


As an OBIEE/OBIA Consultant,

  • Worked as OBIEE/BI Apps Architect
  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g,OBIEE,RCU, OBIEE Client Developer Tool
  • Installed and configured OBIA,DAC
  • Involved in Understanding the installation and configuration of the OBIA Modules.
  • Worked for the Integration of OBIEE 11g and the Siebel Campaign Management for the OBIEE part to enable the Segmentation Designer in the Siebel CRM Application.
  • Worked for the RPD Design document by referring the OBIA Pre built RPD and the Requirement document.
  • Worked for the Marketing Segmentation.
  • Worked on OBIEE RPD for Business Model Modifications and Fixes and understood the existing Business Process and Setups of existing Marketing Segmentation.
  • Created new Target level and List catalog in the Prebuilt OBIA RPD for Marketing Segmentation.
  • Understanding the Marketing Analytics dimensions such as Accounts, Contacts etc.
  • Create user and groups in WebLogic console and Application roles in EM
  • Implemented security at the data and object levels.
  • Prepared documentation on OBIEE 11g new features required for the project development like Action Link navigating to Siebel CRM, Marketing segmentation, MUD, Source control ,LDAP etc.
  • Involved in creating and modifying the DAC objects and built the Execution plans.
  • Involved in preparing the OBIEE High level and low level design documents for development communicate them to the end users.

Environment: Windows/Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2 64bit, Oracle 11g database used for DAC Informatica Repository, OBIEE Analytics Applications Data Warehouse, Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics Application V Marketing Analytics, OBIEE,Informatica V 9.1


As an OBIEE Onsite Lead,

  • Worked as OBIEE/BI Apps Architect.
  • Interact with the client and design the system according to the laid out specifications
  • Involved in gathering the functional requirements and the process by meeting up with the end users.
  • Involved in the analysis and functional requirements gathering process by meeting up with the business users, business analyst
  • Involved in daily calls for Offshore support during the project development
  • Led the team in design, development, Testing and migration.
  • Fixed defects in Quality Center raised by user during projects QA and UAT within timelines
  • Involved in go live deployment and checkout strategy
  • Managed and coordinated with onsite/offshore
  • Deal with on-shore and off-shore clients and ensure project delivery on time
  • Used union reports, drilldown, presentation variables and prompts in the creation of answers and dashboard reports
  • Updated and remediate existing Business Intelligence scripts and Teradata applications to reflect changing business data requirements based on user and reporting requirement
  • Developing SQL Scripts for Data Validation after Loading and other data manipulation activities
  • Ensured availability and efficient performance of Teradata environments.
  • Installed Teradata drivers for the Teradata utilities.
  • Creation of new metrics in OBIEE
  • Creation of new Portals
  • Creation of new reports and dashboards as per client needs.
  • Enhancement of existing reports in OBIEE
  • Perform testing sessions for reports and dashboards
  • Gathered and analyzed requirements from the business users and wrote functional documents and technical specifications
  • Supported on-shore and off-shore Development teams and monitored their Analytics Development
  • Developed various reports as per the requirements for user interface design like Drill Down, Pivot, Break down Reports, Narrative and Nested reports in Answers
  • Used appropriate filters, column filters, prompts, dashboard prompts and calculations in reports
  • Created Prompts to Filter Interactive Dashboard Data and Configuring Guided Navigation Links.
  • Created Pivot tables, views, charts.
  • Co-ordinate with the off shore team and taking care of all the deliverables.
  • Gap Analysis and Discussion with client to further modify/customize reports
  • Environment: OBIEE 10g, Teradata R12, Teradata SQL Assistant, Data stage


As an OBIEE/OBIA Consultant

  • Worked as OBIEE/BI Apps Architect.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Administration of OBIA for sales analytics.
  • Done Informatica, DAC and Database integration process.
  • Creating Repository And Integration Services
  • Configure Informatica Server and Informatica Repository Server in DAC.
  • Configure Physical Data Sources OLAP OLTP in DAC.
  • Created the Relational Database Connections in Informatica Workflow Manager.
  • Logged into DAC for the First Time and Importing Metadata into the DAC Repository
  • Created the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Tables
  • Configured the DAC Server and Integration Settings
  • Customized DAC and added newly developed ETL Mappings.
  • Creating new Task, Subject Area, Indices, Tables, Configuration tags and Execution plans in DAC.
  • Design and development of Informatica Mappings and workflows as per Seibel Standards.
  • Create Execution plan, run and Monitor it.
  • Unit testing and Integration testing of DAC and Informatica during the run.
  • Implemented Siebel Analytics security at the data and object levels.
  • Utilized variables and initialization blocks in the repository.
  • Implemented caching to increase performance.

Environment: OBIA, Informatica 8.6,DAC 10g,OBIEE 10g,Oracle 11g


As a Senior Software Engineer, assigned

  • Understanding and analyzing the requirements
  • Provide Level 2 Support for OBIEE Application.
  • Done User Administration job in OBIEE Web Catalog.
  • Interacted with the Business Analyst to collect the requirements.
  • Adhoc data load based on the client requirement.
  • Performing Incremental load in Informatica 8.6. Sourced Data from multiple files and loading data into the Siebel base tables using EIM
  • Doing Production Analysis in Informatica based on the errors in the MDM and EIM Tables.
  • Interface Monitoring.
  • Configured ifb files import, export and delete process.
  • Working on Dashboard Reports and Informatica mappings and workflow and DAC Entities
  • Using Informatica Mappings and Transformations to load data into the Global DWH.
  • Using Look Ups to Identify Data as per the predefined Criteria / Business Rule.
  • Finding Root cause and resolution for OBI application errors.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting existing OBI and Informatica application and correct errors as required for clients
  • Created users, groups, access privileges and query privileges using Security settings in OBIEE Admin Tool
  • Created different Users and User Groups, assigned and managed their roles and granted privileges
  • Administered permissions and privileges for Dashboard visibility and modifications to users based on their groups or responsibilities.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports pivots, charts, tabular using global and local Filters.

Environment: Oracle 11g, Informatica 8.1, Informatica 8.6, OBIEE 10g, Siebel CRM 8.1


As an OBIEE/ETL Developer

  • Worked as an ETL and OLAP Developer
  • Understanding the business requirements and designing and loading the data into data warehouse
  • Used Informatica client tools - Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, and Transformation Developer for defining Source Target definitions and coded the process of data flow from source system to data warehouse.
  • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions - Type I II in different mappings as per the requirements.
  • Developed mappings in Informatica to load the data from various sources into the Data Warehouse.
  • Involved in preparing workflows and scheduled the workflows through Workflow monitor.
  • Created the repositories and user groups using Informatica Repository Manager.
  • Created, scheduled, and monitored the sessions and batches on the basis of run on demand, run on time using Informatica Power Center Workflow Manager.
  • Optimizing the mapping to load the data in slowly changing dimension.
  • Checked the output according to the specifications
  • Involved in writing ETL specification.
  • Created UTC and done Unit Test.
  • Involved in the some part of performance tuning.
  • Analyzed the specifications and identified the source data that needs to be moved to the data warehouse. Involved in Logical and physical database design using ERWIN.
  • Developed various kinds of mappings
  • Dimensional data modeling including star schema.
  • Development of Siebel Analytics targeted at report building.
  • Collected and analyzed user requirements and participated in demo sessions and user training.
  • Created Repositories, Physical Data Layer, Business Model and Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer using Siebel Analytics Administration Tool.
  • Design and development of various Dashboards, reports that are dynamic and interactive with drill-down capabilities and local global filters
  • Provision of dashboard prompts and report navigation features.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Informatica 7.1, Siebel Analytics, SQL, PLSQL.

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