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Oracle Etl System Analyst Resume Profile

Birmingham, AL


  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000, HP/Solaris UNIX.
  • Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, C, Java, JavaScript, .NET, ASP, JSP, Visual Basics, Cold Fusion, HTML, SAS platform.
  • Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, SQLServer, Access.
  • Application Tools: Oracle Forms Developer Suite 9i, Developer/2000 , SQL Developer,
  • TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Plus. Informatica 9.1, SQL management studio.
  • Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, Business Objects, webFocus, Pentaho Reports, Oracle Reports, Cognos Reports, MicroStrategy.
  • Other Tools: Erwin, CVS, Star team, Clear case, Serena, JIRA.



Oracle ETL System Analyst/Developer

  • Write advanced SQL queries and tuning to enhance ETL performance.
  • Resolve long running processes by developing new retrieving methods.
  • Develop and test PL/SQL procedures, functions and package.
  • Transform long running SAS codes into utilized Oracle procedures/functions.
  • Develop SQL server procedures to enhance reporting purposes.
  • Performa basic informatica mapping to stage tables and measure output for accuracy.
  • Test and resolve ETL processes bottlenecks, schema mapping and data inconsistency.
  • Gather requirements and architecting solutions for PL/SQL project.
  • Track product development issues and tasks with JIRA, interact with Business analysts and QA testers to achieve required fixes/enhancements or new requirements.
  • Provide training, guidance, and assistance to other developers and DBAs if needed.


Oracle System Analyst

  • Oracle application architecture and database design with Mod PL/SQL, XML/Javascript/HTML.
  • Data modeling, SQL, Advanced Queues, PL/SQL development, Development of Stored procedures, Triggers.
  • Work closely with IT manager as well as other team members to produce specifications which can be executed and reviewed and validate the deliverables.
  • Work on application development projects as well as enhancements and maintenance of existing applications.
  • Worked with Pentaho reports and resolved critical bottlenecks which enabled the capability to map state reports to be available on real time forms submission.
  • Work on JIRA tickets promotion, track and resolve issues raised by QA testing and help in promoting codes to various environments i.e. QA, UAT, IMP, CERT and Production .
  • Performance tuning - analyzing query plans and query tuning, partitioning, optimizer hints.


Oracle Database Analyst

  • Implemented data replication using Golden Gate and code replication using materialized views and conversion of ETL processes that masks the business layers which eventually dropped ETL process time more than 100 .
  • Create universe reports using universe designer to utilize BI reporting requirements.
  • Create PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions, and triggers to address key challenges.
  • Troubleshoot and apply corrections for availability and performance of database objects such as views and packages.
  • Tuned PL/SQL packages and views to optimize performance and resolve bottlenecks, problems and space utilizations in acceptable time frame.
  • research and understand issues and specifications.
  • Communicate with developer community, database administrators, and end-users to
  • Create and maintain meta-data repository for version control and definition/maintenance of database code and objects.
  • Participate in peer-based design reviews and technical reviews and Troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Implement and monitor controls, processes and technologies that ensure high availability and reliability for the production database environments for database systems.


Oracle Database Developer/DBA

  • Apply Oracle relational database modeling both logical and physical including reverse
  • engineering to resolve business problems Tools: ERwin .
  • Work collaboratively with project managers adhering to DBA team standards, and contribute to leadership discussions.
  • Work with DBAs to implement UNIX scripts that automate database refresh process for different databases Oracle 11g across different environments.
  • Monitor and plan for database space utilization and growth.
  • Create Databases, tables, table spaces, indexes, FKs, sequences and triggers.
  • Work on SQL PL/SQL tuning, packages, materialized views, PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers and functions.
  • Built and developed reports with Business Objects Universe Designer in multi-dimensional star schema database structures.
  • Worked on oracle packages, procedures, triggers and functions that utilize web focus reports and meet BI requirements.


Oracle DBA

  • Modified and tuned queries running in internal portal application that doctors and nurses heavily use across mayo clinic to get quick access to best practices, procedures and steps they would need to perform when they check in patience with emergency situation that could be life threatening.
  • Modified and tuned queries running to produce Business Objects reports. Some in which were mission critical.
  • Validation and performance tuning of SQL and PL/SQL scripts to enhance system performance and reduce memory clogging, hard disk read/write and efficiency of various transactional system and reporting servers.
  • Install, migrate and upgrade database environments 10g to 11g adhering to DBA standards.
  • changes and menu changes through the development life cycle.
  • Controlled migrations of scripts, stored procedures, schema changes, reference data
  • Worked closely with Java developer to make sure sessions and cursors are managed correctly with minimum impact on database performance.
  • Table loads with Oracle RDBMS using tools like SQL Loader and UNIX shell scripting to automate the process.
  • Extraction of data from different excel files into Oracle Database using SQL Loader and automated the process by using UNIX Shell scripting. Implemented Basic Replication using materialized views.
  • User creation and enforcing security using privileges and roles.
  • Export and import of database objects.
  • Worked closely with data architect to ensure definitions fit within Mayo standards.
  • Created and managed schemas, objects, roles, and privileges and ensured data integrity.
  • Administered all schema objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, synonyms, grants, triggers, packages, functions and procedures.
  • Assisted with impact analysis of any changes made to schema objects.
  • Monitored and optimized the performance of the application within the schema and offered assistance to developers in optimizing their applications, queries, etc. Worked with SysDBA in tuning database/instance.
  • Build, enhance and define Crystal Reports specifications to help BI department be more efficient and solve various issues.
  • Batch loading of data into production tables from approved data files given by development staff of vendors or applications. Ensuredthat data loaded into ORACLE tables is as accurate as the data source.
  • Data exception-handling process and bulk loading, export and import utility.
  • Propagate data from test/development to production in a controlled process.
  • Worked as part of a team and provides 7x24 supports when required.
  • Provided training to junior members of the DBA team on various database aspects.


Database Developer / Administrator

  • Created databases, tables, monitored sessions and locks.
  • Developed and designed technical unit testing and PL/SQL packages to implement Crystal Reports assigned by BI reportingdevelopment objects.
  • Managed user schemas, indexes, table spaces, and triggers.
  • Performed query tuning, index building and gather statistics.
  • Modified, maintained and developed SQL codes to resolve reported problems.
  • Developed and troubleshoot oracle PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers.
  • Worked with Web Applications ASP and IIS to enhance and tune performance.
  • Performed system rules and validation using SQL, XML and file conversion.
  • Performed Data zaps and unit testing promotion to production.
  • Assisted in production data refresh to UAT and Development.
  • Database monitoring for deadlocked process and maintaining logs/Backups using Imp/Exp Utilities.

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