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Senior Oracle Database Administrator Resume Profile


A creative, resourceful and results-oriented professional with twenty five years of broad-based software development, management and consulting experience with diverse organizations. A decisive, self-starting team player with proven analytical, problem-solving, technical, planning, interpersonal and material resource management skills. Meets people at all levels and effectively motivates others to attain objectives within time and budget constraints. Thrives on challenge and works well under pressure with little or no supervision. Responds to challenges by finding new ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. Career is marked by enhanced cost and operational efficiencies, productivity, client satisfaction and bottom-line profitability.


  • Data Mirror, Microsoft Sync Services, SQL Server Replication Transaction, Merge, Log Shipping , Data Xtend, SQL Server CDC
  • MicroStrategy CDSE Certification , Sagent, Informatica, Cognos, Decision Stream, Data Manager, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Business Objects, OBIEE
  • Hardware
  • Intel x86 x64 based Servers, Sun, HP9x,IBM RS6x, DEC ALPHA, DEC VAX, PDP-11, Apple
  • Disk Technology
  • NAS Network Attached Storage , SAN Storage Area Network , SCSI, RAID 0-5 , iSCSI, Fibre Channel technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 3.51, 4.0 OPEN-VMS, Unix HP/UX, AIX , Sun Solaris, Linux Oracle Linux, Red Hat 4.x, 5.x
  • Languages
  • C .Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net,C .Net, Basic, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Foxpro
  • Web Technologies
  • IIS, CSS, HTML, Windows Media Technologies
  • Datawarehousing/Decision Support Tools
  • Replication Technologies
  • Oracle
  • Version 7.x, 8.x, 9i, 10g, 11g, 11gR2 Designer 2000, Developer 2000, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5 SQL Plus
  • SQL Server
  • Version 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012

Other Database Vendors

  • Sybase, Informix, DB2
  • Layered Products
  • Windows: Access, CA-Superproject, Delphi, Foxpro, Freelance Graphics, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Powerbuilder, Reflection

Data Modeling Tools

ErWin, ERStudio, Enterprise Architect, PowerDesigner, Oracle SQL Developer, Visio, Toad Data Modeler

Business Intelligence

Understand both Inmon and Kimball methodologies using a combination of methodologies to provide complete solutions.


Sr. Database Architect

  • Sr. Database Architect for Enterprise Business Transformation project with two major goals: 1. Implement SAP on MS SQL Server 2012 utilizing Always On Availability Groups for HA and DR solution. 2. Migrate 50 applications from DB2 to Oracle 11g R2
  • Worked with and mentored DBA team new to SQL Server as well as define ongoing policies and procedures related to daily DBA functions and Database Security for both Oracle and SQL Server. Reviewed and implemented CIS Security standards in both Oracle and SQL Server identifying areas that needed to be addressed immediately while pushing others to future implementations allowing for quicker implementation.
  • Responsibilities included working with server and infrastructure teams to define physical infrastructure required for SAP implementation.
  • Responsibilities included working with server and infrastructure teams to define physical infrastructure required for DB2/Z to Oracle migration.
  • Defined enterprise standards for data modeling in PowerDesigner 11.
  • Environments included : SQL Server 2008 R2 2012 SP1, Oracle 11g R2, RHEL 6.2, Windows 2008 R2 2012, Data Guard, Always On Availability Groups, Power Designer 11


Sr. Technical Architect

Responsible for all architecture in Enterprise Enablement program. Created architecture, server requirements through procurement and configuration of physical infrastructure. Once configured, managed software architecture and design as well as support daily activities of development teams. Included oversight and design of Release Management process for all projects. Managed two resources, DBA and Release Management Coordinator. Environments included, SQL Server 2008 R2, Informatica, Cognos, Oracle 11g R2, OBIEE, EBS R12.


Sr. Data Architect

Data Architecture and development in Oracle 11g R2 environment. Responsible for architecture and code maintenance of existing Insurance aggregation warehouse.


Sr. Data Architect/Solution Architect

  • Lead internal setup and configuration to move enterprise to IAAS Infrastructure as a Service . Configured hardware and software for Biztalk, Sharepoint, SQL Server, domain controllers, in setting up servers for customer trials as well as internal POC.
  • SQL Server 2012 POC internal project to review all new aspects of SQL Server 2012 including security and cryptography, new backup features, data quality services, new programming functions, as well as new BI features.
  • Shared Health Chattanooga, TN
  • Solution Architect/Development Lead
  • Lead team of 60 developers 40 in India, 20 in US for SharePoint 2010 based Healthcare Information Exchange HIE system.
  • SharePoint 2010 used as front end with embedded .net coded objects web parts
  • Service Oriented Architecture using BizTalk and WCF objects as enterprise communication methods.
  • BizTalk used as foundation for Enterprise Service Bus and Enterprise Message Bus architecture.
  • Design infrastructure for high availability on Microsoft platform. Included clustering, database mirroring and log shipping.
  • Architect logical and physical data models for health information database.
  • Travel to India to build and lead team of 40 Accenture developers.
  • Train Shared Health database employees on Microsoft architecture and differences between Oracle and SQL Server to smooth transition from Oracle/Java architecture to SQL Server/.net architecture.


Sr. Data Security Architect

BCBS of LA was moving from Sybase to SQL Server 2008R2. Architect and design new security architecture using transparent data encryption along with row and cell level encryption to provide ability to pass HIPPA and Hitech audits. Assisted in resolving performance concerns and issues as they arose during final implementation.


Sr. Oracle Architect/Performance Analyst

Several performance issues preventing new software from going to production. Reviewed architecture and identified areas for code performance improvement. Implemented POC to identify areas of performance improvement including Partitioned Materialized Views and Global Partitioned Indexes. Also made recommendations on architectural changes to nightly load to improve downstream performance. Provided further direction and assistance on BI strategy going forward as long term solution to performance issues within application.


DW Architect/ETL Architect/Developer/DBA

  • Architect enterprise Data Warehouse to monitor revenue and performance for 1800 employees nationwide.
  • Completed initial database design in 30 days with physical implementation of architecture shortly thereafter. ErStudio
  • Presented architecture to executive sponsors as well as team members.
  • Also architected ETL solution in SSIS and OLAP Cubes in SSAS continuing through presentation layer using Sharepoint and Excel services.
  • Worked in SQL Server 2008, SSIS 2008, SSAS 2008 on Windows server 2008.
  • Responsibilities included architecture, development and implementation of database code, SSIS packages and SSAS cubes.
  • Directed team of 4 modelers and 2 developers.


Lead DW Architect/Data Architect/DBA Oracle and SQL Server

  • Architect solutions for validated and non-validated data warehouse application. ErWin
  • Data source analysis to support create/modify of ETL in Decision Stream and Data Manager
  • Support development team of 3 developers and Data Architect to provide performance analysis, recommendations and solutions.
  • Environment included Cognos 7.x, 8.3 on Windows Server 2003, Oracle 10gR2 on HP/UX and DB2 on AS400.
  • Create automated database development and QA process to allow for FDA regulatory compliance.


DBA/Data Architect/Database Security Analyst

  • Perform performance analysis and recommendations on Oracle 10gR2, 11g and SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008
  • Led DSQ team to recommend security architecture for Oracle and SQL Server for compliance to PCI, PII, GLBA, SOX, etc. Would identify data targets that are exposed and recommend appropriate courses of action including but not limited to TDE and other encryption technologies.
  • Performed analysis for Intuit regarding security auditing capabilities of Informix. Provided architectural review of Informix environment and security capabilities.


Sr. Director DMS/ Enterprise Architect/Data Architect

  • Responsible for all database technologies, security and data quality in the enterprise
  • Managed team of 5 people including Oracle DBA's, SQL Server DBA's, Application and Data Security Officer
  • Managed Oracle relationship for enterprise
  • Worked closely with TimeShareWare in investigating long standing issues.
  • Technologies included Oracle 8i,9i,10g,11g, Oracle Applications 11.5.10 GL, AR, AP, HR , SQL Server 2000, 2005, Sybase 11, Linux Red Hat and Oracle
  • Within 30 days identified and replaced existing under-performing team with professional DBA team.
  • Within 30 days improved production performance at front desk TimeShareWare from over 1 hr wait to minutes. Business impact was estimated at 200,000 per day over weekends. Re-architected physical implementation and fixed custom code issues related to TSW implementation.
  • Troubleshoot and repair crystal reports version 10 . Review ongoing improvements and recommend direction change to Business Objects to allow for more user control over adhoc report requests.
  • Completed full audit of Oracle licenses and implementation in order to correctly identify existing and future costs.
  • As part of audit, provided improved e-Business Suite architecture to unify existing licenses while also significantly increasing security by replacing Single Sign On with Oracle Identity Management Suite for both Oracle technology and application implementations. Projected license savings of over 300,000.
  • Re-architected and completed proof of concept for entire enterprise data flow and replication from existing Oracle infrastructure OWB, Materialized views and DTS packages to unified real-time replication using Data Mirror.
  • Re-architected ODS structure to align with Master Data Management strategy to provide one view of customer data and allow for eventual unification of all major data segments in the enterprise. Included reviewing requirements and setting strategy for NCOA subscription and address, PII and telephone contact number cleansing. Worked extensively with Acxiom in understanding their interaction with NCOA and integrating the resulting data into our data warehouse strategy. ErWin
  • Re-architected Oracle infrastructure to go from distributed individual servers to Oracle Grid architecture Oracle RAC ASM . Met with Oracle Grid team to confirm and design architecture for Grid. Also, architected and implemented RMAN server for all Oracle instances.


Database Architect/Enterprise Architect/Database Technical

  • Performed analysis to design global data infrastructure. Assisted in determining interface technology Web Services vs EAI Programs , process flow diagrams to show how and where data would flow as well as model solution.
  • Responsible for central data section for global technology project AWS . Came in to replace existing resource and was able to help make critical deadline in only 6 weeks. Process included interfacing with business users, helping to refine and define use cases as well as modeling the final solution in Embarcadero ERStudio.
  • Assisted security programmers in defining database solution to house complex security infrastructure for both users and the application.
  • Database platforms worked on included SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g and Cloudscape Derby . Extensive analysis on database hosted on Oracle 10g Central Entity Service . Proposed database structure was to be housed on SQL Server 2005. Responsible for logical database implementation, replication strategy between Oracle and SQL Server systems as well as ETL strategies from other disparate systems into both Oracle and SQL Server host systems.


Enterprise Architect

  • Worked in conjunction with PC Connection to coordinate architecture, sales ad installation of SolidCore Systems Enterprise Security and Change Management Software in large healthcare facility.
  • Worked with Greenpages full service technology vendor in design and architecture of unique video system architecture. System would be distributed in retail locations throughout the United States.
  • Served as architect for Pulte Homes in design, build, installation and maintenance of video display architecture to be used in retail locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Responsibilities included installation and configuration of hardware, software, touch screen overlay and coordination with host network infrastructure. Wintel based infrastructure
  • Served as architect for Westfield Malls in Central Florida region. Design, build and install video display kiosk used in multiple locations in Tampa area. Responsibilities included installation and configuration of hardware, software and coordination with host network infrastructure. Wintel based infrastructure


SQL Server DBA/.net architecture

  • Designed, developed and implemented database design. Implementation of database design included writing stored procedures in both T-Sql and PL/SQL for multiple applications. Worked on SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i. Part of critical team in migrating from Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i. Continued production work on Oracle 9i after implementation. Assisted in Business Analysis of source data. Worked with mainframe data analysts to identify and fix data corruption issues. Designed and coded transforms from Oracle to SQL Server in DTS to reflect relational design of new database. Also performed database administration tasks in both Oracle and SQL Server including performance tuning. Worked with team to implement new ODS and Data Warehouse strategy. Platform was on SQL Server using Informatica to bring data from legacy systems into warehouse. Included in responsibilities was working with and coordinating Enterprise Architecture group. While, specifically leading Enterprise Database Architecture discussions, would also leverage web architecture knowledge in all disciplines in the enterprise.
  • Worked on application architecture team to design, code and implement Web based solution on .net 1.x.
  • As Enterprise Data Architect not only was I responsible for enterprise database standards definition and follow through, it also included working with other DBA's and Network Archtiects to scope hardware requirements specifically disk array subsystems and technologies . Again, NAS and SAN technologies became an integral part of the enterprise infrastructure. Moved internal data center to blade server and VMWare technology.
  • Data models included both OLTP and Dimensional models using Cognos for dimensional analysis. ErWin
  • Used Crystal Reports to produce simple business reports.


Director of Engineering/Enterprise Architect/SQL Server DBA/.net

  • Designed, delivered and executed the architecture of entire eBusiness Application. Worked with vendors and team at DiscoverWhy.com to define and implement both the hardware and software solutions. Solution is based on Windows NT/2000, Visual Studio VB, VC , ASP , SQL Server 7.0, IIS 4.0/5.0, and Windows Media Technologies 4.0. Daily responsibility included defining future technical direction , assembling and working with development team on the day-to-day product development and implementation including full responsibility for all database design, implementation, management and T-Sql programming. Began analysis and testing with .net architecture while in beta. Visio for data modeling
  • Responsible for full collocation build out. Final project cost was 10 million. Responsibilities included scoping bandwidth requirements for video streaming over the internet, Cisco security infrastructure to determine what level of security DMZ and what servers would live behind DMZ and which would be exposed . Build out also included n-tier architecture, thus requiring application server farms attached to database servers connected to NAS framework. At the forefront of emerging technologies Fibre Channel and was instrumental in the adoption of these technologies. Responsibilities were accomplished while managing the roles of Database Architect, Project Manager and providing overall technology direction for the future of the product.


Senior Principal Consultant/Oracle DBA

Consulting Projects

  • Colonial Investments Completed database redesign taking existing flat file data structures and architecting a relational database model for implementation. Also, worked closely in designing overall architecture to be used in final implementation. This is a port of a fund accounting application from VAX RMS files to SQL Server 7.0. ErWin
  • Cahners Publishing Completed proof of concept data extraction from several existing sources to SQL Server using the Sagent Suite.
  • The Learning Contract Performed detailed analysis of prototype database and implemented backup and recovery scripts. Also provided detailed business analysis to assist in corporate redirection for improved product delivery in a Sun Solaris/Oracle 8i environment.
  • Providence Journal Performed Database analysis and tuning for Production Oracle 7.3 databases. Reviewed and made recommendations on replication process. Verified basic OS Sun Solaris viability and setup as well as suitability to support multiple Oracle instances.
  • Mass General Troubleshot persistent performance problems with existing Production Oracle 7.3 database on Sun Solaris. Performed detailed analysis and provided specific recommendations to resolve performance issues.
  • Mass Turnpike Authority Performed routine database maintenance including review of cron jobs, refresh development database, and confirm platform stability for production environment. Database is Oracle 7.3 and Operating System is Sun Solaris.


Senior Oracle Database Administrator

  • Served as DBA for Oracle 7.1, 7.2, 7.3.x, and 8.x databases in both production support and development projects. Platforms supported were Windows NT, Unix HP/UX , and Open VMs. Responsibilities included database creation, modification, and performance tuning as well as some system administration and application development work to provide support during mission critical projects. Also responsible for training new DBA's in advanced Oracle skills.
  • Performed several migrations from Oracle 7.x to 8.x on Windows NT and Open VMS platforms.
  • Re-engineered existing databases using Designer 2000 to reverse engineer current database structure and provide prototype for database modifications based upon analysis. PowerDesigner
  • Perform analysis of existing databases providing physical and logical data models using Power Designer and Designer 2000. Based upon analysis would suggest and implement changes to existing production and development databases


Senior Oracle DBA, Network Design,Project Manager, Systems Integration

  • Analyzed existing database, provided and implemented specific recommendations to improve performance. Provided physical and logical data models using Powerdesigner 6.0. Designed new database, also assisted in application design, created a three tier architecture, prepared for development and distribution of custom software for worldwide distribution. Database is based on Oracle 8, making use of spatial data cartridges and the ability to store video content within the database.
  • Analyzed current installation of SAP/R3 for fertilizer manufacturing facility. Based upon analysis, designed and developed Windows based system to provide reports and queries unavailable from existing installation of SAP. Developed solution in Visual Basic 5.0 and MS Access 95.
  • Served as Oracle DBA on RS/6000 running AIX 4.0. Assisted in developing proof-of-concept model. Windows NT client software used and configured was Visual Age for Java 1.0 and SQL Plus. Required ODBC and JDBC configuration. Responsibilities included database model recovery, system setup and configuration, and application of data model through Power Designer.
  • Design, troubleshoot, install Windows NT video servers for entire state of Florida. Support all phases of integration of computer hardware and software. Design, configure, install networks using both Ethernet and Fibre Channel network topologies. Also designed and wrote custom inventory and video library systems using Delphi, Visual Basic and MS Access.
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot Windows NT 3.51 network.
  • Designed and wrote prototype order entry and inventory tracking system. Used Delphi , MS Access. Also designed and wrote alternative solution using Visual Basic and MS Access.
  • Design of nationwide PC network integrating Windows NT with access over the internet for loan processing and approval. Assisted in installation of Windows NT server using Windows 95 for the workstations. Also assisted in installation and configuration of DOS-based loan management software.
  • Trouble-shoot, repair and design standalone PCs for large and real estate investment corporation. Duties include Windows 3.1 training, software installation, hardware design, configuration and installation. Continue to provide telephone and on-site hardware and software support.


Project Manager/Senior Consultant

Design, analysis and programming on VAX/VMS cluster in VAX Basic. Areas of responsibility included on-line transaction system, order entry system, inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, system performance/tuning, production support. Took on project management role in setting up entire development environment on new VAX, while ensuring no downtime for any other developers. Responsibilities included training of new employees in programming principles and proper development life cycle to protect integrity of existing system. Assisted in long term analysis providing groundwork for enterprise wide move to Oracle database from current flat file database system.


Senior Consultant

Took technical and advisory lead in redesign and reorganization of development, quality assurance, and production environments for Pharmacy and Lab Information Management systems. Successfully brought organization into compliance with internal and external audit requirements for impending audits. Wrote DCL interface menus. Trained employees in use of DTM for automated regression testing and how regression testing affects their existing development environment.

Digital Equipment Corporation

Project Manager/Senior Consultant

Project Manager on Q3 sales bonus project. Responsibilities included technical design and documentation, database design, database front end access development. Developed system on VAX/Open VMS using Oracle and BASIC.

JWP/ENTEX Information Services Canton, MA

Project Manager/Senior Consultant

  • Responsible for all inventory software code maintenance as well as procedures regarding month, quarter, and year end processing. Also, assisted in implementing client/server technologies to convert from a VAX-based system to sharing warehouse management tasks with the AS400.
  • Project Manager in project to design and write complete overhaul of allocation system. Changed allocation process from detail oriented to an order based allocation process. The result was three-fold increase in the number of orders that could be allocated.


Project Manager/Senior Consultant

Automated test environment for Clinical Research software using DEC Test Manager DTM . Served as technical lead in determining functions of DTM to be used in project. Once the functions needed were determined, then provided necessary command streams to interface between user and DTM.

Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5. Assisted in instruction of Forms 4.5 class.

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