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Sr Oracle Informatica Developer V Resume Profile

Professional Summary

Oracle certified Associate OCA with 10 years of experience in DB Designing, application analysis, customization, PL/SQL development Procedure, function, packages, triggers etc. , testing, and implementation preferably using Oracle Tool Sets. Hands on experience in designing ETL through Oracle PL/SQL, Informatica power center 9.1 and SSIS. Experience of Data warehousing concepts like Dimensional modeling like SCD-1,SCD-2 etc., different schemas Star, Snowflakes etc. , Demoralization etc. In addition to technical skills, having good exposure on handling a team, project planning, estimation and project methodology like Agile and waterfall.

  • Having 10 year of Information technology experience including all aspects of application life cycles.
  • Having 3 years of ETL experience using Informatica and SSIS.
  • Having Good knowledge of Data base development objects like Procedure, Package, Function, triggers etc. Using Toad and SQL developer.
  • Having experience of UNIX Shall programing using KSH ,AWK .
  • Proficient in Data analysis, Data modeling Physical and logical , That Include ER digrams ,DFD data flow diagrams and Database designing .
  • Experience in Data warehousing concepts like Facts and dimensions tables, slowly changing dimensions and Dimensional Modeling Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema .
  • Having good knowledge of Complex SQL queries In-line view, co-related sub queries etc. , DDL and DML statements.
  • Experience in developing customized ETL tool in Oracle PL/SQL without using any ETL product.
  • Worked on SQL Loader to load the data from data files into ORACLE database.
  • To Schedule Jobs through CA workload data center.
  • Having good experience in Performance tuning concepts using Explain Plan, Partition, index, Hints, Pipelined Functions, Bulk Bindings etc.
  • Analysis, Design development of software in Oracle PL/SQL Developer 2000 Forms 6i Reports 6i .
  • Domain knowledge :- HR applications , Manufacturing Customize ERP application
  • Having Experience to work on Production support project consist of Ticket investigations, tracking the regular data loading jobs, resolve the tickets etc.


  • Domain Worked HR, Finance Credit Card Application and Loan Manufacturing
  • Database Oracle 8i, 9i, 10G, 11G
  • Language PL/SQL, T-SQL, UNIX Shell scripting
  • Tools Toad, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL loader, Power center 9.1, Power center 8.x
  • SSIS 2008
  • UI Form 6i,
  • Reporting Tool Oracle Report 6i
  • QA Tool HP Quality Center.
  • Version Management Tool PVCS, SVN.
  • Job Monitoring and Scheduling CA workload center,Autosys.

Professional Experience


Role Sr Oracle Informatica Developer

Confidential is a flexible and extensible framework that extract data from various sources, integrates and provide data to various downstream applications for strategic initiatives, operations and business analytics. There are various business purpose of this project like Retiring legacy data systems, reducing cost, and facilities data demand through less complex data architecture. It will integrate data from future systems like Loan Delivery, Common securitization platform and loan accounting.

  • EDI loan design involves extracting data from variety of interfaces like Queues, Legacy files, Databases etc., new sources are being added to the projects in a phases.
  • To involve in sprint planning session, analyze user stories, provide inputs and work estimates.
  • Imports data sources and Targets in various format like Flat Files, Oracle Tables for mapping designing.
  • To follow STTM document and design mappings using multiple transformation like Expressions, Unions, Joiner, Filter for various data source using Informatics powercenter.Also create corresponding session and workflows.
  • Using CDC for identify new/updated records.
  • To create parameter and data source files for unit testing.
  • To create JIL scripts for job scheduling in Autosys.
  • To involve in integration testing End to end through Autosys and fix the issues if comes.
  • Implemented oracle exchange partition, Bulk Update, Bulk insert using stored procedure transformation for performance improvement for very huge data set.
  • Created a generic procedure using Dynamic SQL for data load from staging to Target table.
  • To create huge data set through PL/SQL programs for performance testing.
  • Created package, function, procedures and Dynamic queries. Also Involve in PL/SQL and SQL tuning.
  • Used PRAGMA AUTONOMUOS TRANSACTION for auditing in batch processing. Also used exception.
  • Used Index by table, Nested table, Dynamic SQL for BULK binding. Also used Exception handling using LOG ERRORS and SAVE Exceptions clauses.


Role Sr Oracle ETL Developer

Confidential is a state-mandated data collection that helps determine funding allocations and accountability ratings, and facilitates data reporting for state and federal initiatives. Confidential.

  • Initiate, monitor and manage loading of PDM data from the ODS Operational Data Store .
  • Review results of PDM loading processes Validation and Verification reports.
  • Access the PEIMS reports in addition to the Validation and Verification reports through the application.
  • Capture all approvals and monitor the approval and submission processes etc.
  • To involve in project planning calls and provide estimates to Business Analyst and Project managers.
  • To Involve in Database architecture design and make changes in Database as per requirements.
  • To involve in daily scrum call with TEA for project tracking.
  • To Design logical ER diagrams, DFD and physical data table, Constraints etc. model as per requirements.
  • Developed SQL scripts, packages, procedures, cursors, tables, views, materialized views and functions as per the business requirements.
  • Used STM Source target Mapping document for ETL designing that include One to One and One to many mappings and implemented BULK Binding, dbms parallel for performance improvement in large Database .
  • Implemented different kind of exceptions handling.
  • Involved in maintaining batch processing PL/SQL procedures for data extraction for feed creation.
  • Developed Test Scripts, Test Cases, and SQL QA Scripts to perform Unit Testing, System Testing and Load Testing.
  • Improved Query performance using EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, indexing, Hints, re-writing etc.
  • Implemented Range and List partition in performance improvement for very large DB.
  • To create/customize SSIS package to load ODS date into Different SQL Server DBs for Student metrics.
  • Fixed performance issues in SSIS, SQL server 2008 and Oracle DB.
  • Involved in Code development/customization and take care production and UAT bugs.
  • To write test cases for development / customization.


Role Tech Lead

Confidential Each product contain same row data for their rating derivation. This project will change the system architecture and will keep all row data in single place and a dissemination hub will send it to different product.

  • To involve in project planning with Client manager and Business Analyst.
  • Working as Oracle developer and coordinate with offshore people for design, development and test cases.
  • Created /customize procedures with pl/sql utility dbms parallel for Fast DML operations.
  • Used PRAGMA AUTONOMUOS TRANSACTION for auditing in batch processing.
  • Implemented pl/sql pipeline functions for performance improvements. Also implemented table partitioning / sub partition in very large table for performance improvement.
  • Used EXPLAN PLAN and different Oracle hints for performance improvement.
  • Troubleshoot of UAT and Prod bugs.


Role Senior Tech Lead

Confidential global HR application for entire Citi's employee that manages Salary, Bonus, and Rating etc. This is connected with global data warehousing and take feeds through daily Jobs , process and keep data and then passes to payroll department with different recommendation where there actual financial activity to be done. Confidential uses wide technologies like Java, Oracle, UNIX Crystal Reports, WEBI reports.

  • To Involve in Project planning calls and Involve in resource planning.
  • FRD Functional requirement document review and provide work estimation.
  • Developed/Modified Oracle Objects like Tables, Package, Function, Procedure etc using Toad and SQL developer.
  • To identify DB development from requirement which includes table designing, view creating, business constraints and DB constraints, Indexing etc. and dependencies among them.
  • Fine-tuned source Query using Hints, different kind of indexes like B-Tree, Bit map indexes.
  • Created procedures for Full and Incremental load in PL/SQL .
  • Used Explain plan, ADDM, Analytical function, Hints, Indexing B-Tree, Bitmap, Function based , stats gathering etc. for SQL query optimization.
  • Used Collection, Ref cursors, Oracle supplied packages, Dynamic SQL etc. in PL/SQL Programing.
  • Coordinating with DBA and Production support teams in resolving the Database related issues.
  • Created DDL and DML scripts for UAT and Production deployment.
  • Implemented table partitioning for very large tables for performance improvement.
  • Troubleshooting / debugging of Database objects using Toad and Sql developer.
  • Used global temp tables /local temp tables for reporting frame work
  • Used bulk binding, pipelined functions etc. for PL/SQL block optimization.
  • Used SQL Loader to load data from one table to another tables in Batch process and one environment to another.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts for job scheduling via Autosys.
  • To transfer different files from one UNIX environment to another UNIX environment through SSH tectie.
  • Work done on different UNIX commands like grep , diff , cut etc. for file manipulation / searching pattern.
  • Work done as Onsite coordinator and explain functionality or requirement to offshore team members, assigns task, work estimates and Provide development approach if required.
  • To attend daily meeting with BA and business users to discuss open issues and daily trackers issues.
  • Created
  • Modified / created batch jobs and created control files scripts for Data ware housing system feed.
  • To Assign QC bugs through HP quality center to team members and test upon completion and then reassign to BA's.
  • Used PVCS version manager for code labeling and create zip file for full Database full build and deploy code into integrated dev environment for more testing. Once it done then push it to UAT environment.

To open tickets for UAT and Prod deployment and coordinate with release management team during Prod and UAT deployment.


Role Tech Lead

Confidential is a Credit card project that enables Payment authorization for Supplier based on certain complex Business logic, Keep the status before and after transaction activities , Notify Buyer supplier at each Stage etc. As an Offshore Team Lead responsible for Analysis , Development, Testing , Modification and Creating test scripts for DB objects For BIP-SAAS Buyer Imitative Payments project . Work done on all releases and Critical CRs of BIP-Saas .

  • Involved in Project planning with BAs and estimation
  • Separated out Database part from FRD and provide estimation of each item.
  • Created new objects like table, views, function, Procedures, packages, triggers etc.
  • Debugging programing issue and delivered within dead line.
  • Created ER diagrams and DFD for different phase of project.
  • Used dynamic sql , refcursor , static cursors , Autonomous transaction , Collection Pl/sql tables and Nested tables in Programing .Implemented table portioning Range partition and list Partition on very large tables.
  • Performance tuning through explain plan , Gather stats , Hints , Indexing, join order , Join methods , restructuring of SQL etc .Used Bulk binding , Pipelined function , WITH clause etc. for performance improvement .
  • Created Ticket and Prepared release note for UAT and Prod deployment.
  • Created deployment scripts for UAT and Production deployment.
  • To coordinate with Prod control management team for DB deployment.
  • To Assign QC tickets to team members and review task upon completion.
  • Provide Daily status of outstanding items, new items to onshore team lead and Business analyst.
  • To understand CRs, Impact analysis and provide a feasible solution.
  • To create Database design document for future reference.
  • To create Bulk insert scripts for master data setup using MS xls.
  • To schedule new jobs using oracle supplied package Dbms scheduler , dbms application, dbms lob etc
  • Created Reusable Transformations Joiner, Sorter, Aggregator, Expression, Lookup, Router, Filter, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator, Normalizer and Rank and Mappings using Informatica Designer and processing tasks using Workflow Manager to move data from source into target.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in various levels like sources, targets and mappings in Informatica.
  • Created Reusable Tasks Sessions, Command and Non-Reusable Tasks Decision, Event Wait etc. in informatica powercenter.


Role Tech Lead

Confidential is a Oracle web Based ERP product owned By Omega cube Tech systems that has been customized for Various application like Supermarket, Pharmacy, Hotel etc. It covers all module like other ERP products. Confidential mostly focused on Medium and small scale Organization.

  • To create screen mock-up and report layout as per BA's FRD and submit to them.
  • Created customized forms and Reports for business application.
  • To create generic object library for DB objects and maintain industry standards.
  • Created customized different database objects. Like Procedure, Function, Triggers, Tables etc.
  • Responsible for QC tickets based on priorities and assigned it to team lead after proper testing.
  • Testing Creating test scripts for UAT and Prod release.
  • To provide release notes to On-shore team lead after each deployment.
  • To provide daily status to on-shore team leads.


Role Senior Programmer cum Analyst

Confidential is a Group of companies that manufacture iron steel related products. Company has four big manufacturing units that connects to each other through wireless system and has a centralized Database system. Company has own ERP application based on Oracle and it covers any tradition ERP package modules like Sales marketing, Purchase , Store etc .As a senior team member work done on ERP Design implementation In house development , co-ordinate with other members. To let them know ERP functionality and limitations and providing techno functional help.

  • Involve in each phase of SDLC and provide end to end solution.
  • To understand user requirement and create design document.
  • Created ER diagrams and Data flow Diagrams DFD for system .
  • Created Table, View, procedures, Functions, Triggers through Toad in Oracle 9i.
  • Used new features of Oracle-9i in PL/SQL programing like WITH clause feature for performance improvement, Pipelined table functions, Merge statements etc.
  • Used Case statements in Oracle 9i in complex queries to make it more readable.
  • To create test cases for each requirements which includes Quires, DML ect.
  • Assigning task to team members and co-ordinate with them.
  • To ensure the application as per the user specification and maintain industry standards.
  • To Create Forms and Report for application like sales, purchase, inventory.
  • Used different types of forms and reporting triggers.
  • Used PRAGMA Autonomous transaction and triggers for Auditing in Oracle 9i.
  • Customization in application and reports based on CRs .
  • To assign QC tickets to team members and review it upon completion.


Role Team Member

  • Management, Super market Automation, Roadways / Transport Online Booking.
  • As a software trainee work done on various projects that includes Hotel
  • Created and customized Forms and Report as per requirement.
  • Created /Modified Table, View, procedures, Packages etc. in Oracle 9i.
  • Used advanced programing technique in Oracle 9i which includes optimizer Hints, WITH clause, pipelined functions etc. for performance improvement.
  • Created different type of Indexes in Oracle 9i.
  • Created and customized different kind of triggers for Forms and Reports for application.
  • Involved in Table partitioning for performance improvement.
  • Created Test / Deployment scripts for Unit and integrated environment.

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