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Senior Oracle Developer Resume Profile



  • Oracle Certified more than 11 years of experience in Design, Development, and Enhancement and Maintaining applications in Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g using SQL, PL/SQL in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP and UNIX environments. Detailed depth Knowledge in Oracle Architecture, Data Dictionary, and DBMS Packages.
  • Hands-on experience with Oracle Forms/Reports, SQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, Open Interfaces, and APIs.
  • Extensive experience in high availability OLTP, Data warehouse OLAP , DSS, and SAN environment.
  • Keen focus on performance tuning, testing, and quality assurance.
  • Extensively worked with Oracle development using Developer Client / Server and web forms, Reports , SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Events, Triggers, Functions, Packages, Views, Inline views, Indexes, Autonomous Transactions, Oracle Objects, etc.
  • Experienced in database extract and load large volume of data using SQL Loader, External tables, data migration and working with Export/Import utilities.
  • Experienced in developing forms and reports using Oracle tools, Forms and Reports and deploying in web, SQL/PL-SQL Programming.
  • Worked on advanced PL/SQL constructs like Oracle supplied packages, Nested tables, Varrays, Records, Objects, Types, Extensively
  • Worked with database packages like DBMS OUTPUT, UTL FILE, DBMS SQL, Dynamic SQL,
  • Experience in using SQL TRACE and TKPROF tools for Explain Plan, SQL tuning STATSPACK, AWR /ADDM/ASH.
  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts, Relational Database Management Systems and Dimensional modeling primarily Star schema using ERWIN and Toad Data Modular.
  • Experience in enhancing and maintaining PL/SQL code associated with load process, analytical functioning.
  • An expert in creating documentation for unit testing and requirement gathering.
  • Good experience in client/server technology, GUI design, Relational Database Management Systems RDBMS , and Rapid Application Development methodology using Oracle and Developer/2000.
  • Seasoned in writing PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages, sequences, and triggers. Extensively used Advanced PL/SQL concepts. Proficient in using TOAD, SQL Developer and Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Extensively used Oracle utilities like Export / Import and SQL LOADER. Used transportable table spaces feature for refresh.
  • Ability to work individually as well as in a team with excellent problem solving and trouble-shooting capabilities.
  • Worked and Perform Analysis of Data on VLDB Environment.
  • Knowledge of SED UNIX and Perl scripting, Window batch programming.

Oracle Application Domain

Experienced in the development and deployment of applications for Financial, Accounting system, Material Procurement and Inventory System, WIP work in Progress System , Lab Note book Inventory for ARC Ltd, Sales and Logistics Defined, designed developed applications by blending the business knowledge of the client with the available technical know-how.

Skill Set:

Operating Systems

Windows 9x/NT/2003/2000,XP/98, UNIX

Languages Scripting



Oracle7.3/8.0/8i/9i/10g/11g PL/SQL, MS-SQL Server6.5/7.0/2000/2005, MS-Access

Tuning Tools


GUI/ Dev /QA Tools others:

TOAD, SQL Developer ,SQL Navigator 4, Oracle Supplied Packages, SQL Developer ,SQL Navigator , Install shield Office Tools Project Management: MS-Office, Visual Basic6.0, SQL Loader Import / Export, Forms10 suite, 6i/5.0/4.5, Reports 6i/3.0/2.5, Erwin 4/3.5.2, Toad Data Modeler

Reporting Tools

Oracle Reports 9i/6i, Crystal Reports XI/8.5,Oracle 10g/9i Warehouse Builder , Oracle Discover 10g, Crystal Reports XI/8.5, Power Center 8.1/6.2,

Project Details:


Position: Senior Oracle Developer


  • Participated in the design discussions to refactor the entire application developed packages, functions, trigger adhering to the functional specification document.
  • Optimizing SQL Queries and Packages to set the Bench Mark, for better Performance.
  • Converting all Outbound Flat Files which was previously in WEB SPHERE Environment to Oracle environment through UTL File Generation Utility, Bulk collect, parallel hints, pipe function.
  • Refactored the existing system for better performance using the latest query tuning techniques With Clause, Merge Statement, joining statements
  • Worked with Application DBA to setup Materialized views, Table partitions, Cross tab DW tables, performed Peer code reviews to meet the coding standards.
  • Loading of Data through SQL Loader
  • Worked on Sanity and Validation check, before the data get inserted from CURAM tables to reporting tables interface tables .
  • Transformation of Data from Legacy program to existing environment.
  • Worked on Defect fixes in System test and UAT environments.
  • Mentored team members on Query writing and PL/SQL object creation.
  • Guiding and helping Junior in solving problem related to SQL Queries.
  • Understanding the Functional knowledge through referring Specification of Outbound files.
  • Write, update, Maintaining, debug repository, for code revision through SVN.
  • Attending Status meetings to exchange, update, correct design and programmatic issues
  • Worked on DBMS PROFILER, Explain plan for Query Optimization.
  • Monitoring Sessions from different Environment

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g, PL/SQL, HP UNIX, WINDOWS 2000/XP, MS Excel, HTM ,Java script, SVN, TOAD, HP Quality Control, Perl scripting ,Autosys


Position: Senior Oracle Developer

  • Focused towards Inmate Management System and Reporting as part of Project, to study the existing functionality of the system. Involved in understanding the Flexibility and capability of IMS.
  • Migration of Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g Database
  • Involved in Modifying the Procedures, Functions and Packages, Type, Objects, Indexes and migrate to Oracle repository.
  • Responsible and Maintain Database Objects in Oracle Repository for Version Control and Involved in Deployment, database objects to different Stages.
  • Involved in creating schema objects like DB-links, synonyms, sequences, views, database Triggers,
  • Use TOAD and PL-sql to run SQL and PL/SQL code to manipulate the databases in all environments.
  • Optimize and generate Explain plans for slow running Queries and modify them accordingly.
  • Work on Migrating Oracle Forms and Reports from Oracle 6i to Oracle 10g suite to Oracle 11g for Inmate Management System IMS .
  • Conversion of Oracle Reports to XML formats.
  • Design, develop, review, test and rewrite programs and databases.
  • Fixing the problems related to Oracle Forms, Reports and database Object Packages and Procedures, Functions .
  • Analyze user needs and develop software solutions.
  • Data Loading and validate data for Crime Lab daily and Crime lab Court through SQL Loader.
  • Maintaining and copying Oracle Forms and Report and Library in Oracle Repository for Version controls.
  • Developed Materialized views from archival tables for Report
  • Enhancement in the existing IMS System.
  • Understanding the IMS Process and its complexity and providing timely and desired solutions to the Management.
  • Understand and document different Application and redesign table structure to merge them INTEL Application through ERWIN Data modeling. Develop several sql scripts , Ctl files to loading the data in Database and develop Unix Kron Shell scripting and scheduler for the same.

Environment: Oracle 11g, Oracle Forms and Reports 11g FMW, Oracle 11g, SQL-PLUS, Toad, Pl-SQL developer MS-Access


Position: Sr DB Developer


  • Focused towards Margin ODS and Reporting as part of Project, to study the existing functionality and the Functionality going in Production in the Next few month, Involved in understanding the Flexibility and capability of Margin ODS and Reporting which can be leveraged for the prime brokerage margin system.
  • Involved in developing and maintaining the Margin ODS and Reporting Packages and Procedures
  • Involved in Creating SQL Script for Grants and Dropping Grants through Dynamic SQL
  • Developing Inline views for various Monitoring Purpose Active runs, summary reports, currently running tasks, finished task, failed reports .
  • Queries for Daily Checks for ODS and Reporting.
  • Fixing the problems related to Margin ODS and Reporting UI Packages and Procedures .
  • Maintaining and copying SQL scripts in Clear Case for Version controls.
  • Involved in Deployment process of the new versions in UNIX and Database.
  • Provide support to java developers to write complex sql and tuning.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL-PLUS, TOAD 9.7.2, SQL Developer, UNIX, Perl Scripting

LPL Financial


Position: Sr Oracle Developer


  • Involved in Nightly Cycle Process, maintaining the packages to handle the Calculation of Commission and fee generated by the reps. the process involves the sale of Product by Reps, receipt of commission for those sales and payment of commission to the rep.
  • Maintaining the Packages calculation include the Processing fees charges to reps as well as bonus paid at various production level.
  • Involved in ComReg System in combination of Batch Processing and interactive Transactional Processing.
  • Developed Crystal Report Advance commission Process Report based on SLA for Checks and Receipts, Payment details for all the Advisors etc.
  • Conversion of Oracle Forms older forms to Oracle 10g Suite, with LPL Standard Object class and LPL Library.
  • Developed the new forms Screen based on Views, and developed the Database trigger based on Views to update the Master table.
  • Developed Dynamic Reports Commission Process Report Depend on SLA for Checks and Receipts , Advisory Payment details Report etc
  • Performance Tuning of Database object Procedure and Packages and SQL Scripts.
  • Involved in Modifying the Procedures, Functions and Packages, Type, Objects, Sequences, Indexes.
  • Wrote the Various Scripts for Data base Objects loading from Local TFS to TFS Server through Microsoft Visio.
  • Loading the Oracle Forms and Database Objects from TFS Server to CMCS Server Oracle Apps Server .
  • Use TOAD and SQL Developer to run SQL and PL/SQL code to manipulate the databases in all environments.

Environment: Oracle 10g,Oracle Forms 10g suite, SQL, PLSQL, TOAD 9.1, Sql-Navigator, Unix


Position: System Analyst / Associate DBA

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provided 24 7 on call rotation support both technical as well as functional Support.
  • Involved in laying out database tables and database schema design
  • Responsible in developing forms using Forms for the above specified agents and deploying them on 9i application server.
  • Used ERWIN for conversion of logical data to Physical Data i.e. Database
  • Converting Data from PHP system to Oracle Database bifurcation to different table programmatically.
  • Conversion of Pro C Report to Oracle Reports for Financial Accounting System
  • Loading data from text and CSV file using SQL Loader to Oracle Data base.
  • Within applications using Explain Plan.
  • Space and percentage of free space on each file system. Proposed SQL Tuning
  • Monitoring alert. log file, trace file, checking free space on table
  • Development and testing of Database Triggers, Procedures, Functions, and Packages.
  • Toad Data Modular for Designing the Table and integrity Constraints and generation of html reports for reporting.
  • Co-coordinated with DBA in improving Database Performance through Performance Tuning.
  • Troubleshooting and Investigation of application Bugs, Oracle Bugs and Batch job failures. Raised multiple Service Requests with Oracle Support for different issues and implemented to suggestions.
  • Carrying out export/ import operations on Oracle Database, loading the data using SQL Loader
  • Recovery. Automate Backup using RMAN and Logical Backups Hot and Cold Backups writing shell scripting and implemented.
  • Involved in the Analysis, Design and Development of Forms 6i and Reports 6i.
  • Involved in the documentation of the forms and Reports.
  • Worked 24/7 Production support on rotation

Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i, Forms 6i, Reports 6i, LINUX Redhat , Toad.


Role: Sr Oracle Developer Forms, Reports, PL/SQL


  • Requirement analysis of Application Software like Inventory System ,Sales System, HRMS System, Material Procurement System
  • Conversion of Foxpro Programs to Developer 2000 Forms and Reports
  • Worked with Visual Basic VB for front end module development
  • Developed various Crystal Reports for Material procurement and Inventory domain.
  • Designed ER diagrams and normalization of database
  • Developer 2000 used to create forms and reports.
  • Developed scripts to create tables, views, procedures and functions and executed them using SQL Plus.
  • Wrote triggers to handle user generated events.
  • Modules like Inventory System, HRMS System, Sales System
  • Learned and developed a customized data modeling system.
  • Session management to provide security to web access.
  • Developer 2000 used to generate reports of statements for users

Environment: Developer 2000, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 7.x, Windows 2000

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