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Oracle Developer Resume

San Francisco, Ca


  • Over 8+ years of software development experience in Development and Implementation ofOracle,SQL,PL/SQL application
  • Worked in Client-Server applications using Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Forms, Crystal Reports with Oracle report builder
  • Experience in writing SQL stored procedures, functions, packages, database triggers, shell-scripts and SQL loader scripts
  • Expertise in performing Data import/export and misc. operations using TOAD
  • Experience on working with DBA skills like creating users, managing passwords, granting/revoking privileges on database objects and Disaster Recovery Drill
  • Exposure to process oriented s/w development with HLD/LLD, coding and unit testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Improve the performance of slow SQL queries by implementing proper Index, using FORALL and BULK COLLECT
  • Experience in ETL tools such as IBM DataStage and Informatica
  • Exposure to Object Oriented Programming (OOPS), HTML, XML and CSS,DB2, JCL and COBOL
  • Good communication skills and learning capability
Domain Expertise
  • RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i
  • Oracle tools: PL/SQL Developer, SQL Developer, SQL Tool, SQL Navigator, Crystal Reports, Forms and SQL* Plus, TOAD
  • ETL Tools: IBM DataStage, Informatica
  • Data analysis: Requirements/Business analysis, low level design and flow charting
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, DB2, JCL, PHP, JavaScript and Unix/Linux shell programming
  • Environment: Windows and Unix
Confidential , San Francisco, CA
Oracle Developer
Confidential is one of the leading partners in banking, Insurance, Investments, mortgage and financial activities in the global economy. They also have different kinds of ATM’s and provide various banking services. My role is to migrateATMdata from different operational data sources to the new integrated system to develop reports which improves decision making.
  • Interacting with end user to understand the business requirements and identifying the data from multiple sources.
  • Implementing the dimensional model.
  • Mapping the data from source to target.
  • Worked on Datastage manager for importing metadata from the repository.
  • Worked on Datastage designer client in creating a job to load data from Flat files and Oracle database to new oracle database.
  • Used stages like Sequential file, Transformer, Sort, Join, Lookup, Row Generator and other functions in accomplishing the code.
  • Developed job sequencer with job dependencies.
  • Used quality stage in improving the consistency of data.
  • Used DS Director for monitoring the jobs
  • Documented the test cases and validations for unit testing, system testing and Integrated testing.
  • Used Autosysjob scheduler for automating the jobs in UAT and production.
  • Validated the cognos reports that are being extracted from the database writing PL/SQL queries in SQLDeveloper
  • Participating in the project and status meetings.
Development environment:IBMDatastage 8.0, Oracle 10g, SQL Developer, AutosysandCognos 8.0
Confidential, Wilsonville, OR
Oracle Developer
Confidential and its partners offer software tools to help create, store, share and manage documents and maximize the functionality of the office equipment
  • Providing technical production support for the Application Development in Production using MKS software
  • Responding to user issues regarding their queries
  • Working in Development, Test and Production Database Environment
  • Working on Request-Services, Request- Incident, Request-Access, Request-Change for Level (1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Understanding the client’s requirement then programming the requirements and deploying it to Production
  • Emergency releases Code Changes, uploading it into PVCS
  • Working on FTH Migration from one Server to another Server
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Jobs on Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly basics
  • Using Oracle Forms, scheduling of Crystal Reports and PL/SQL for maintenance and enhancements
  • Working on Scheduling of Crystal reports in Oracle Report Builder
  • Writing complex queries to generate reports as per client requests as part of productionsupport
  • CoordinatingwithDBA during Disaster Recovery Drill, Password Change and Database refresh Activities
  • Working with UNIX, Extranet, ACC, Production Control, Disaster Recovery and DBA team
Development environment: Oracle 9i/8i, PL/SQL Developer, SQL* plus, Forms 6i/4i, Crystal reports, PVCS Web Client, UNIX and CAVA Job scheduler
Confidential, Baltimore, MD
Oracle Developer
Confidential a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services, requires the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence from our people.My role was to optimize the oracle 11g database, which was migrated from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g. I was Involved in tuning the SQL queries, used for loading data daily and monthly and creating efficient indices.
  • Requirements collection,documenting and reviewing
  • Creatingstored procedures, functions, Packages, Database triggers, constraints, indexes, grants and sequencesbased on business requirements.
  • Supporting developers for efficient SQL query and performance
  • Handling database server tuning, application tuning and Normalized the database for better performance
  • CreatingIndex’s, passing hints, analyzing the table statistics and Table partitioning. Improved performance of existing report views by using hints.The performance is increased by 100 percent in many of the reports
  • Solving day-to-day issues rose with the loading process
  • Usage of Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application
  • SQL Tuning by creation of indexes, rebuilding Indexes using Explain Plan, SQL Trace and TKProftools
  • Developing procedures and triggers for Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Writing complex queries to generate reports as per client requests as part of production support
  • Coordinating withDBA in improving Database Performance
  • Production support and troubleshooting data quality and integrity issues
Development environment: Oracle 10g/9i, SQL*Plus, TOAD and PVCS
Confidential, Milpitas,CA
Oracle Developer

Confidential is a leading provider of Intelligent Money Moving Services requiring support for multiple databases in development/production and testing environments for various types of databases, like OLTP, Data warehouses etc.
  • Requirements collection, documenting and reviewing
  • Creating stored procedures, functions, Packages, Database triggers, constraints, indexes, grants and sequencesbased on business requirements
  • Involving in Functional Design and Business Requirement Design(BRD)
  • Running production day deployment and implementing activities for multiple projects
  • Database server tuning, application tuning and Normalizing the database for better performance
  • Using SQL*Loader to upload data into the staging files from flat files
  • Creating PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Writing PL/SQL code for data migration
  • Developingreports using complex queries as per client request as a part of production support
  • Developing complex OracleForms10/11g providing extensive GUI features (multi-selects drag and drop, graphical charts, automated system alerts and notifications etc.)
  • Creating Test Plan for QA and implementation plan for Production implementation once the unit test is done
  • SQL performance tuning using Explain plan, Trace utility andTKProf
  • Documenting all Oracle Reports, Packages, Procedures and Functions
  • Providing production support solving Tickets created using the software CDP
Development environment: Oracle 10g, SQL Server, PL/SQL, Reports, Forms, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer and SQL*Loader
Confidential, MO
Oracle Developer
Confidential now Wells Fargo Advisors, is a financial service holding company helping investors through their brokerage business.
  • Gathering requirements from the client and translated the business details into technical design
  • Developing services like Insert, Update, Delete and Prepared dynamic procedures
  • Developing Stored Procedures, Materialized views, Functions, Packages, Exceptions and Cursors
  • Performance tuning, which included creating indexes and providing Hints using explain plan utility
  • Writing complex SQL queries and PL/SQL procedures to extract data from various source tables
  • Creating Database Objects like Tables, indexes, views, sequences, synonyms, tables, partitions, Global Temporary Tables, External Tables etc.
  • Developing ETL Data Extraction, Data Mapping and Data Conversion using SQL, PL/SQL and SQL*Loader various UNIX Shell Scripts
Development environment: SQL, Oracle 10g, SQL*Loader, Unix/Linux shell scripting, TOAD and CVS
Confidential, MN
Oracle Developer

Confidential is a global financial leader, being one of the top-10 providers of mutual funds, financial planning to people, annuities and insurance. This project is to maintain various production/development/testing databases and perform all database related activity to ensure maximum availability of databases.
  • Requirements collection for the new enhancements and participated in Database Design changes and prepared documentation of the application
  • Coordinating with Business and Data Analysts in reviewing the requirements, posing questions and translating business requirements to technical specifications
  • Working with a team which Upgraded Oracle DB 10g to Oracle 11g
  • Using various database administrative tools to maintain development and productions Oracle, SQL, Sybase Databases such as Oracle Grid Control, SQL Enterprise Manager, Erwin, Toad DBA Tools, and Data Migration Tools
  • Developing ER diagrams using TOAD Data Modeler
  • Creating and maintaining Partitioned Tables and Indexes
  • Exposure to the entire process of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Developing and coding data loading processes
  • Database design, tuning, triggers, functions, materialized views, Oracle Job Scheduler, Oracle Advanced Queuing
  • Strong understanding of medical malpractice insurance processes
  • Involving in Production Support
  • Experience with Oracle 11g Data Warehouse Star Schema to include fact/dimension tables and data marts
  • Designing Logical and Physical data models using ERWIN
  • Database development by creating Oracle PL/SQL Functions, Procedures, Triggers, Packages, Exception Handling, Records and Collections
  • Creating database objects like tables, views, Materialized views, sequences,Synonyms, database links and indexes
  • Fine-tuning of procedures for the maximum efficiency in various schemas across the database using Oracle Hints, Explain plan and Trace sessions for Cost based optimization
  • Fine tuning SQL using Explain Plan, TKProfand Stats pack for better performance
  • Transferring the data between databases using Export, Import and Datapump utilities
Development environment: Oracle 10g/11g, SQL, TOAD, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Forms 10g and Reports 10g
Confidential, India
Jr. PL/SQL Server Developer
Confidential is India’s second largest private telecom provider. It presently is operating cellular phone services all over India and is considered as one of the best service providers of mobile telephony in India. I was involved in maintaining database, handling performance issues, Query Optimization, Locking Issue, creating DTS Package and documentation.
  • Developing packages, procedures, functions, and triggers for the application.
  • Using UNIX environment for performing testing
  • Performing the tests on the newly coded procedures and documenting the same
  • Writing technical documents using the functional specifications
  • Writing PL/SQL code using the technical and functional specifications
  • Creating Oracle objects like tables, types, packages, procedures and functions
  • Automated data fetch using UNIX shell script
  • Optimized the queries to improve the performance of the application
Development Environment: Oracle 8.3, SQL * Plus, TOAD, SQL*Loader, Forms 4.5 and Reports3.0 and Windows 2000 professional and UNIX shell scripting.

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