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Oracle Developer Resume

Davidson, Nc


  • 10+ years of IT experience involving various aspects of Business Intelligence. Well versed with complete Life Cycle Development
  • 6+ years of strong experience in designing and implementing complex reporting solutions using COGNOS Suite 10.1 / 8.4 /
  • Expert level with developing metadata models in Framework Manager following best practices
  • Mid level knowledge with developing OLAP models, using Powerplay Transformer.
  • Strong skills developing DMR models in Framework Manager and dimensional reports in Report Studio
  • Skilled at training users to use Query Studio and Analysis Studio.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with various business groups to gather requirements and prepare functional and technical
  • Strong understanding of designing dimensional and relational models, star and snowflake schemas and different DW design
  • Strong proficiency in different SDLC methodologies including Agile and linear models.
  • Experience in PL/SQL and query optimization techniques
  • Solid experience in creating PL/SQL scripts and Stored Procedures to retrieve, load and manipulate data
  • Mid-level knowledge of Oracle and DB2 databases.
  • Mid-level knowledge of COGNOS administrative and security tasks
  • Exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts and technologies
  • Capable of working in groups as well as independently with excellent communication skills
  • Good in trouble shooting with quick turnaround in fixing the issues.
  • Strong functional and technical analysis skills
Data Warehousing : Cognos 10.1/8.4/8.3/8.2 Suite, ReportNet 1.1.MR3, Informatica,Cognos ReportNet 1.1
MR1 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio), Analysis Studio.
GUI : Oracle Forms 6i & Reports 6i
RDBMS : Oracle 8,9,10g, SqlServer,Teradata
Languages : SQL, PL/SQL
Utilities : VSS, SQL* Loader, TOAD 7.0, Mercury Test Director 7.0
Operating Systems : Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, UNIX

Oracle Developer
Confidential, Davidson, NC
Project Handled :
Tools: Cognos 10.1/8.4, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Transformer, (SQL, PL/SQL), Oracle Applications.
Description: Confidential Project is defined as Simple and standard processes that meet the needs of the Ingersoll Rand customers to achieve results through business transformation. The Confidential Transformation Program is a 5 year, 6 phase program that will transform Ingersoll Rand's back office business processes and systems. The overall vision of Confidential transformation is to achieve premier performance through greater integration, standardization and efficiency of our business processes. Confidential transformation will drive operational excellence by simplifying and standardizing our business processes, enabled by a common Oracle ERP solution. The intent is to drive productivity, improve customer experience and leverage resources across the Enterprise.
  • Created new models and modified existing models in Framework Manager.
  • Used Report Studio to build and validate complex multi-page, multi-query reports.
  • Building dynamic prompts for single master report.With dynamic prompts you ensure that all cross-functional users have access to the same data in a customized layout that fits their specific needs.
  • Developed, customized and burst reports using Report studio.
  • Tested and validated report outputs against Oracle database using TOAD.
  • Created and managed jobs and report schedules.
  • Actively participated in meetings to get a better understanding of the project scope and requirements.
  • Map business requirements to enterprise data and recommend analytical reporting strategies.
  • Cognos Connection and Cognos Viewer customization
  • Performance tuning of Cognos Reports, FM model
  • Documented high level business user requirements.
Tools: Cognos 8.4, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Transformer, Cognos Report Studio 8.4 BI (Framework Manager, Report Studio and Query Studio), (SQL, PL/SQL).
Sr. Cognos Developer
Confidential ,Atlanta, GA
Description: Confidential is the ERP / CRP implementation of INV, PO, OM, iReceivables, AR, AP, GL, Service Contracts, Tele Service, Field Service, iSupport, iSuite and HR modules (HCM). As a Sr. Cognos Developer my primary responsibility is to develop the cognos reports for the project.
  • Built the Model using Framework Manager.
  • Worked extensively on creating the Model and publishing the package for Reporting purposes.
  • Created Filters within the Model.
  • Developed various standard reports like list reports, cross tab reports and Drill through reports using report studio.
  • Developed Prompt pages and Conditional Variables.
  • Created Prompts like value, Text box, Date & time and cascading prompts.
  • Created New calculations according to the report specifications.
  • Involved in performance tuning of the Reports.
Tools: Cognos 8.4, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Transformer, Cognos Report Studio 8.4 BI (Framework Manager, Report Studio and Query Studio), (SQL, PL/SQL).
Sr. Cognos Developer
Description: Confidential is a largest toy manufacturing company in U.S., It manufactures many varieties of toys and sells all over the world and its toys are very popular and keep a good place in the market. This project involves developing the reports for Total toys sales and keeping track on which toy to manufacture for which region to improve the sales according, and determining the reason for low sale and forecasting the toy sales with previous track of records.
Responsibilities :
  • Developed models, and packages using Frame work manager.
  • Defined business rules (calculations, filters and prompts) in Framework manager model mode.
  • Created ad hoc reports and queries using Query studio and complex reports using Report Studio.
  • Created various prompts, filters, data items according to the report specifications
  • Generated various reports including List, Grouped, Cross tab, Chart and Drill - through Reports
  • Extensively used various features of Report Studio like Cascading prompts, Filters, Drill-Through, Conditional formatting to create efficient report
Environment: Cognos 8.4 (Query Studio, Reports Studio, and Framework Manager), Oracle 9i, Windows 2000

Sr. Cognos Developer
Confidential, India

Description: The main aim of the project is to prepare an Operational Data Store that will help other projects in GE Healthcare. They had employed CRN 1.1 and we're looking at ways to integrate it with the existing RDW to accommodate complex reporting needs. Cognos8 is implemented to design and develop Framework Manager Model and packages for different modules. The packages were published to the upfront so that other projects in GEHC can also deploy them.
  • Studied business flow of Install Base, Product, Customer, Service Request, Contracts modules.
  • Designed packages for different modules using Frame Work Manager; designed and developed Query Studio Reports and Report Studio reports.
  • Built Framework Manager Model and established cardinalities to suit business needs; implemented security for Data access, Object level access and Package access.
  • Created User Groups, Roles to implement Cognos Security.
  • Interacted with the Management and Development teams for creating Framework Model; designed the model as per business requirements by creating a Presentation Layer.
  • Worked extensively on creating the model and publishing the package of the Cognos connection for reporting purposes.
  • ested reports using review checklists for Quality Assurance before delivering to end users.
Environment: Cognos ReportNet 1.1 MR2, MR3 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio), Informatica power center 6.2, TOAD 7.0, Teradata, Cronacle.

Sr. Oracle Developer
Confidential, India
Projects Handled:
Description: Confidential is the leading financial institution in USA. Customer information systems hold customer, account, address, offer, service, statement related details in IMS and DB2 databases. CIS systems passes customer information to ATM, call centers , online banking , mobile banking systems in online and batch mode.
  • The major features of the system include: -
  • Incorporation of schemes & campaigns to avoid manual correction and error/omission possibility.
  • Facility for multiple modes of payment and cash management.
  • Overall detail and exceptions.
  • User-friendly interface, online help, tool tip, security check with password, minimal hard coding, popup menus.
Key Deliverables:
Involved in the study, design and SRS preparation for the finance module reports.

Oracle Developer

Confidential, is an automobile manufacturing unit located in Baramathi, Corporate office in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a collaboration of Italy’s Piaggio and Britain’s Greaves. The Integrated Information System provides detailed information about daily transactions to all modules. This resolves daily problems arising. All daily transactions are fed into the system so as to be available for other departments. The Integrated Information System has modules like Finance, Materials (Purchase & Inventory), QA / QC, HR, Sales, After Sales Services & Spares, Commercial, Excise & Exports, Production Shop Floor and Manufacturing Service.
Key Deliverables:
  • Studied business flow of Production Shop Floor and Manufacturing Services modules.
  • Prepared functional decomposition, data flow diagrams and entity relation diagrams for the above modules.
  • Participated in designing the proposed system and integrated with other modules .
  • Developed 4 Forms using Oracle Forms 6i, 6 Reports using Oracle Reports Designer 6i and 5 PL/SQL Packages to perform back-end operations.
  • Involved in technical code reviews, coding and unit testing; extensively used Test Director for defect tracking.
  • Entrusted as QCO (Quality Co-ordinator) .
Environment :Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, Developer 6i on Solaris, TOAD 7.0.

Oracle Developer
Confidential ,India
Description: The Insurance Application used by Personal lines department which involves in providing homeowners insurance application. This Product does not enable users to capture dwelling applications beyond creation of Reference number. In this release the product is enabled to capture dwelling new business applications through PIAS.
Key Deliverables:
  • Coordinates with all functional Head and participated in a case study of Materials Module including Purchase & Inventory Management.
  • Prepared functional decomposition, data flow diagrams, entity relation diagrams for Materials Module.
  • Identified gaps and prepared Gap Analysis to be incorporated in the proposed system.
  • Developed 3 Forms using Oracle Forms 6iTM, 8 Reports using Oracle Reports Designer 6iTM and 4 PL/SQL Packages to perform back-end operations.
Environment :Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, Developer 6i on Solaris, TOAD 7.0.

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